Dictionary: A – ABB

• A
adj. 1. 1945 US sl. – reserved for the best; the best
adj. 2. 1997 US sl. – anal
int. 1950s African-American sl. – absolutely! yes! certainly! 
n. 1. 1920s US sl. – a Model-A Ford automobile
n. 2. 1967 US sl. – amphetamine
n. 3. 1971 US sl. – LSD
n. 4. 1988 US sl. – in a deck of playing cards: an ace
n. 5. 1996 W. Indies sl. – a general term of dislike

• A1
adj. 1837 colloq. – excellent, first-class, of the best; orig. used of ships, then of persons and things
n. 1. c1866 obs. – a title for the commander of 900 men
n. 2. M19 sl. – a first-class person; the best; the favourite
n. 3. Bk1942 Amer. sl. – something excellent  

• A-1-1
adj. Bk1942 Amer. sl. – excellent; first-rate

phr. 1900 sl. – prime; first-class; of the best

phr. 1876 sl. – prime; first-class; of the best

• A-1-ER
n. 1. L19 sl. – an exceptional person; an aristocrat
n. 2. Bk1942 Amer. sl. – something excellent

n. Bk1942 Amer. sl. – something excellent  

n. 1430 obs. rare – a stream, a watercourse

n. 1943 W. Indies – codfish fritter

n. 20C Anglo-Indian – the penis

n. 1960s S. Afr. sl. – methylated spirits or absolute alcohol, as drunk by alcoholics

n. Bk1905 Sc. – a motherless lamb; a pet lamb

phr. 1966 US sl. – in the military: a leave for rest and recreation (Ass and Alcohol)

phr. 1920 US sl. – assault and battery

phr. 1835 Amer. dial. – the beginning and end, the epitome

n. 1946 S. Afr. – a cannabis cigarette

n. 1998 S. Asian – an older sister; also used as a term of respect or familiarity to an older woman

n. 1. 1963 US sl., Vietnam war usage – a F-111 combat aircraft or any aircraft that is awkward-looking or difficult to fly 
n. 2. 1968 Amer. sl. – a slow-witted person; a coarse or foolish person; an oaf; a fool, a simpleton
n. 3. 1980s UK students’ sl. – hard work, onerous tasks
n. 4. 2002 US sl. – an uncircumcised penis; a male with an uncircumcised penis
vb. 1990s US college sl. – to engage in sex 

n. 1990s US college sl. – sexual intercourse 

n. 1. 1565 rare – a person resembling the Jewish high priest Aaron, esp. a high priest, a leader
n. 2. 1607 sl. – a leader of the church
n. 3. 19C sl. – a cadger; a beggar
n. 4. Bk1909 sl. – a beggar mountain-guide

n. 1. 17C sl. – a cadger; a beggar
n. 2. 17C sl. – a criminal, esp. a gang leader

n. 1681 obs. – the testicles; sexual activity

n. 1. 1631 – a powerful force which devours or overwhelms everything around it
n. 2. 1891 sl. – the penis

n. 1732 rare – a powerful force which devours or overwhelms everything around it

n. 1958 W. Indies – a rough bed

n. 1995 W. Indies sl. – a disaster, a calamity

n. 1. 1875 sl. – an able-bodied seaman
n. 2. 1930s drugs sl. – an abscess that develops after injecting with an unsterile needle or an unsterile water/narcotic solution 
n. 3. 1973 US prison sl. – Aryan Brotherhood, the White supremacist organization that unites many White convicts during (and after) their time in jail 
n. 4. 1983 sl. – fools as a group (Asshole Brigade)
n. 5. 1988 NZ sl. – the menstrual period
n. 6. 1990s Aust. prison sl. – Aryan Breed, the Australian version of the “Aryan Brotherhood” 

n. 1. 1587 obs. rare – moisture within timber; sap
n. 2. 1862 US South – a Northern soldier in the US Civil War
n. 3. c1870 Aust. sl. – an Aborigine
n. 4. 1937 US sl. – an abscess, esp. as a result of injecting drugs
n. 5. 1956 colloq. – an abdominal muscle, usually in the context of a flat stomach
n. 6. 1990 US sl. – the Aryan Brotherhood, a White prison gang in the US
n. 7. 1996 NZ sl. – the bleed period of the menstrual cycle
n. 8. 2002 Aust. sl. – abalone

n. 1985 US sl. – a traveller’s cheque

adj. 1. 1889 sl. – bad; vile
adj. 2. 1909 sl. – silly
n. 1903 sl. – a non-unionist; a term of contempt

n. Bk1890 sl. – a bad man

n. Bk1890 sl. – a silly person

n. 1851 Sc. – alphabet; rudiments, beginning

n. 20C canalmen’s usage – loafing 

vb. 1855 rare – to blind by placing hot irons or metal plates, in front of the eyes

n. 1866 – blinding by means of red-hot irons held before the eyes

n. 1387 – one who uses an abacus in casting accounts; an arithmetician, an accountant, a calculator

n. Bk1708 – a term used by ancient writers for an arithmetician

adv. 1. 1768 Sc. – since, ago  
adv. 2. 1786 Sc. – aloof, away
adv. 3. 1786 Sc. – behind, in the rear
vb. 1735 Sc. obs. – to hold or keep back  

adj. Bk1898 Eng. dial. – far away, remote

adv. 1205 rare – backward

adv. a1477 obs. rare – in the opposite direction, so as to return to the place originally left

n. Bk2003 – divination by observing patterns of dust

n. 1538 obs. – a dishonest drover or shepherd who connives at the stealing of cattle they are guarding; a stealer of cattle by herds or great numbers

n. 1623 rare – a driving something away; a stealing of livestock, esp. cattle, by driving them away

n. 1541 Anglo-Indian obs. – a rhinoceros

n. 1961 Amer. sl. – dessert 

n. 1. c1350 – the Devil
n. 2. 1583 – a bottomless pit; abyss of hell
n. 3. 1810 criminals’ sl. – a treacherous thief; one who turns informer against his fellow-rogues 

vb. a1000 obs. – to anger, to offend; to provoke

adv. 1593 rare – from eternity; from the beginning of time; from the most remote antiquity

adj. 17C obs. – treated scornfully or indignantly

adv. c1275, chiefly nautical usage – of direction: to or towards the rear; backward 

adj. 1902 sl. – crazy
phr. 1909 US sl. – just below the small of the back; thus a euphemism for the buttocks 

vb. 1. 1450 obs. rare – to give bail for, to liberate on bail, or from bail; also, to pay bail to
vb. 2. 1513 obs. rare – to reach, to get to

n. a1486 rare – the bending of the body as a mark of respect; a bow

adj. a1000 – abashed; ashamed; discomfited; disconcerted

vb. 1. 1303 obs.- to excite, to stimulate sexual appetite
vb. 2. a1470 obs. – to incite, to urge on, to provoke
vb. 3. 1485 obs. – to set on (a dog); to hound on; to bait

vb. 1. 1554 rare – to remove; to estrange in feeling
vb. 2. 1585 obs. – to cause loss or aberration of intellect
vb. 3. 1646 obs. – to transfer or make over property to another  

n. 1. 1596 – removal or transference of feeling; estrangement
n. 2. 1615 obs. – loss or failure of the mental faculties
n. 3. 1656 rare – a transferring or making over property or rights to another

n. Bk1971 Boonville California jargon – a coast dweller, esp. of Albion, Mendocino County

vb. 1. a1000 obs. – to summon, esp. by proclamation; to call to arms
vb. 2. 1565 rare – to denounce, to curse, to anathematize  

vb. 1. 1559 obs. – to banish, to exile
vb. 2. 1587 obs. – to abandon, to forsake

n. 1930 criminals’ sl. obs. – a petty thief, esp. one who pickpockets bandannas 

n. 1864 thieves’ sl. – a handkerchief or bandanna thief; hence, a petty thief 

adj. 1941 Amer. dial. – abandoned

n. 1598 rare – a standard-bearer; a servant who carries the ensign for his master 

n. Bk2006 Amer. sl. – abandoned apartments or houses where addicts use drugs

adv. 1. a1250 obs. – under control or authority; at one’s disposal
adv. 2. c1330 – at one’s will or discretion; without interference or restraint; freely, recklessly; entirely, fully, without bounds
vb. 1. 1487 obs., chiefly Sc. – to bring under complete control or authority; to subject, to subdue 
vb. 2. 1548 obs. – to banish; to expel, to cast out, to reject  
vb. 3. 1582 obs. rare – to release, to set free, to liberate

vb. 1561 obs. – to abandon

n. c1870 sl. – the riding dress of the up-market courtesans who frequented Rotten Row in London’s Hyde Park 

n. 19C sl. – a woman who has been seduced, impregnated, and abandoned by a man 

adv. 1487 Sc. obs. – recklessly, impetuously, unguardedly

n. c1880 financiers’ and brokers’ usage – bankruptcy of a railway company

n. Bk1890 sl. – street prostitutes

n. 1729 obs. – in law: anything which is sequestered, proscribed, or abandoned

n. 1721 obs. rare – a banishment, usually for a year as a punishment for manslaughter

n. 1583 obs. rare – a banishment for one or two years for manslaughter

n. 19C sl. – a thief

vb. a1504 obs. – to bar, to debar

n. 1730 obs. rare – insatiableness

vb. a1000 obs. – to make bare, to uncover, to disclose

adj. Bk1972 US homosexual sl. – embarrassing 

adj. 1623 obs. rare – insatiable

adv. a1450 obs. – down, low; back

n. 1650 – he who abases; one who degrades or debases

n. c1430 obs. rare – abashment, dismay

n. c1480 – abashment

adj. 1868 rare, chiefly literary usage – unabashed, shameless 

n. c1430 – discomfiture, embarrassment

adj. 1845 Sc.– abashed, confounded

adj. 1601 rare – relating to Abyssinia, its inhabitants, or their language
n. 1613 – a native or inhabitant of Abyssinia

n. Bk1852 – an illegitimate child or bastard

vb. 1573 obs. – to make or declare bastard or illegitimate; hence, to make spurious or degenerate; to debase, to corrupt, to deteriorate

vb. 1580 rare – to render bastard, spurious, or degenerate; to debase, to deteriorate

adj. 1653 obs. rare – degenerate, debased, spurious

n. 1647 obs. – the quality of being abased; humiliation

vb. c1380 obs. rare – to embattle

n. c1325 obs. rare – battlement

n. 1. 1486 obs. – diminution, reduction of a quality, etc.
n. 2. c1500 rare – loss of vigour; weakness, faintness
n. 3. 1646 – deduction, subtraction
n. 4. Bk1883 – an abbot or abbé
vb. 1. c1300 obs. – to put an end to a condition, state of affairs, etc.
vb. 2. a1387 obs. – to become lower, to bow; hence, to become humbled
vb. 3. c1390 obs. – to bring down physically, socially, or mentally; to humble, to abase
vb. 4. c1400 obs. – to remove or take away a part or portion of a whole; to deduct, to subtract
vb. 5. a1425 – to knock or tear down a structure; to destroy, to demolish, to raze to the ground
vb. 6. a1475 obs. – in falconry: of a falcon, hawk, etc.: to beat or flap the wings, to flutter
vb. 7. 1575 obs. – in falconry: to cause a hawk, etc. to become lean
vb. 8. 1598 rare – to except, to omit from consideration

adj. 1866 Eng. dial. – grown weak

n. c1550 Sc. obs. – a recreation, relaxation

vb. a1350 obs. – to become dispirited or downcast  

vb. a1350 obs. – to become dispirited or downcast  

n. 1. 1583 – one who mitigates or moderates
n. 2. 1653 obs. rare – an abating, an abatement
n. 3. 1732 – one who abates, lessens, or lowers

n. 1. 1758 military usage – a defensive barricade or entanglement constructed using sharpened stakes or felled trees positioned with their branches pointing towards the enemy to delay or repel attackers 
n. 2. 1808 – a fence, hedge, or other barrier resembling a barricade as described in n.1.; an obstruction, a cause of entanglement or delay

n. 1829 – in Ancient Greece: a place to which access is restricted, esp. a sacred space or enclosure; a sanctuary

vb. 1. c1380 obs. rare – to fortify
vb. 2. c1400 obs. rare – to engage in battle

n. 1729 obs. rare – something which is or has been diminished

vb. 1303 obs. – to put to confusion, to discomfit; also, to be confounded, disconcerted, or upset

vb. 1897 Sc. – to suffer for

vb. a1400 obs. – to abash, daunt, astonish, lower 

adj. a1450 obs. – abashed; astonished; surprised; disconcerted; discomfited; upset

n. c1330 obs. – the barking or baying of hounds at a hunted animal, esp. when they have driven it into a position from which it is unable to flee further but must turn and face its pursuers
vb. c1400 obs. – of a dog: to bark or bay, esp. at prey it is pursuing or has caught

vb. 1430 obs. rare – to reach, to get to 

adj. 1991 US sl. – abnormal
n. Bk1994 surfing sl. – an abnormal person; a weirdo 

adj. Bk1921 sl. – vile; silly
n. 1. 1382 – a religious superior; father; the title of bishops, patriarchs, and heads of monasteries in some Eastern churches
n. 2. Bk1921 sl. – a non-unionist
n. 3. 1955 Anglo-Indian – one’s father; a father; often used as a form of address
vb. Bk1913 S. Afr. – to carry on the back as a mother does her child

n. 1922 Sc. – alphabet

n. 1469 Sc. obs. – an abbey

adj. 1975 US sl. – dark-skinned, esp. Arabic  
n. 1961 US sl. – chatter, gossip

n. c855 obs. – an abbess

n. 1611 – a bishop in the Syriac and Coptic Churches

n. 1550 – a religious or spiritual leader; an abbot

n. 1297 obs. – an abbess

n. c1130 obs. – the chief ruler of an abbey

n. 1750 – an Italian abbot; also, a priest or clergyman in minor orders; esp. one without an assigned ecclesiastical duty, formerly often acting as a professor, private tutor, etc.; also as a title

n. c855 obs. – an abbess

adj. 1445 – belonging to an abbey, abbot, or abbess

adj. 1655 – belonging to an abbey, abbot, or abbess

n. Bk1775 – a steward of the stables, a groom

n. 1530 – in French contexts: an abbot; also, a priest or clergyman in minor orders

adj. 2002 UK sl. – having well-defined abdominal muscles

n. 1. 1297 – the female superior of a nunnery or convent of women, having the same authority over nuns that an abbot has over monks
n. 2. 1594 colloq. – a woman in charge of a brothel; a bawd; a madame; a procuress 

n. 1863 obs. – a native or inhabitant of Abbeville, a commune in the Somme department of northern France

n. 1950 US sl. – a swindler who impersonates a priest

n. c1850 UK criminals’ sl. – chains or fetters worn by a criminal 

n. 1823 rare – a medal presented to a pilgrim on visiting a shrine

n. c1850 UK criminals’ sl. – the chaplain of Newgate 

n. 1655 obs. – an industrious monk, as opposed to an ‘abbey-lubber’

n. 1700 obs., chiefly Sc. – a jocular name for a bankrupt; a debtor who took sanctuary from his creditors in the precincts of Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, a privilege abolished in 1880 

n. 1509 sl. – an idler; a vagabond; orig. a lazy monk or hanger-on to a religious house

n. 1. 1509 – an idler, a vagabond; orig. (prior to the Reformation), a lazy monk or hanger-on to a religious house
n. 2. c1750 nautical sl. – a lazy, thriftless person 

adj. 1570 obs. – lazy, thriftless, ne’er-do-well

n. 1483 – a member of a monastery; a monk

n. 1679 derogatory – a person owing the property of a former abbey, after the dissolution of the monasteries

n. 1620 rare – the site or grounds of an abbey or former abbey

n. 20C US sl. & colloq. – a nickname for a Jewish male

adj. 1880 Sc. – weakly 

n. c880 obs. – an abbot

n. 1. c1123 – the head or superior of an abbey – after the dissolution of the monasteries, sometimes applied to the layman to whom the revenues of an abbacy were impropriated
n. 2. 1591 sl. – a bawd’s man; a brothel-keepers’ husband or lover; a ponce
n. 3. 1734 now hist. – in Italy: a high-ranking magistrate of a city or republic; spec., esp. in the Republic of Genoa: the chief magistrate
n. 4. 1835 UK criminals’ sl. – a prison warden 
n. 5. 20C US drugs sl. – Nembutal™, a barbiturate 

n. a1000 – an abbess

n. 1. 1890 Brit. sl. – a pimp or brothel owner who runs a brothel for the purpose of robbery or extortion more than for prostitution
n. 2. 19C Brit. sl. – the bully of a brothel; one employed by a brothel as a bodyguard for prostitutes; a brothel ‘bouncer’

n. 1971 US sl. – a capsule of pentobarbital sodium, a central nervous system depressant

n. M19 sl. – the King’s Bench prison

n. 1821 sl. – the King’s Bench prison

n. c1820 sl. – the King’s Bench Prison

n. 19C – the spikes that topped the prison wall at the King’s Bench prison

n. 1. 1846 obs. rare – an outline or draft of a speech or piece of writing
n. 2. 1849 – a preliminary sketch for a painting or other work of art; a rough drawing; a cartoon

n. 1679 obs. rare – one who makes an epitome or compendium

adj. c1425 – shortened, contracted
n. 1. 1531 chiefly Sc. – an abstract, an abridgement, a summary 
n. 2. 1607 – an abbreviation of a word, phrase, or name

n. 20C Amer. sl. – a worthless or insignificant person or thing

adv. 1599 – in an abbreviated manner or form; shortly, briefly, concisely

n. 1529 – one who abbreviates, abridges, or shortens; one who summarizes; also, a person given to the use of abbreviations

adj. 1765 rare – tending to abbreviate or shorten

n. 1. 1614 obs. – an abbreviated or shortened state, condition, or form; shortness
n. 2. c1630 – an abbreviated or contracted form of a word or phrase; a contraction, an abbreviation
n. 3. 1650 – an abbreviated or abridged copy
n. 4. 1659 obs. – the process of abbreviating; abbreviation, shortening

vb. 1483 obs. rare – to abbreviate, to abridge

n. 1882 Sc. – the alphabet

n. 20C colloq. – an Abyssinian cat

n. 1990 US sl. – in television and film-making: the next-to-last shot of the day

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