What’s Happening

September 7, 2022
There are now 1489 pages!
They are not all formatted yet, but I am getting there as I add more words.

I am happy to say that as of September 8, the Word of the Day is back!
Sorry it took so long, but the move has been a major learning curve for me. I ain’t no techy – and it shows! 🙂

There’s also another reason why I have been slow at getting it going. I’ve struggled with mentioning it, as it has nothing to do with the website as such.
But it will, and has, affected my response time to emails, etc., so I thought I should explain a wee bit!
I have an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) on my brain. Long story short, it’s inoperable. I had stereotactic radiosurgery , which was supposed to obliterate it, but it didn’t happen. It did however do damage to healthy cells. That resulted in a few problems, but I’ve learned to handle them. And life went on.
A couple of months ago, I lost some vision in my left eye. Long story short, again, after multiple tests and imaging, it seems a piece of calcium from the mitral valve (one of the heart valves), made it’s way to a blood vessel in my eye. Where it still sits today.
There’s a lot more to this, but I don’t want to bore anybody with it, so I’ll just say, I’ll be here off and on. I have no idea when or what, or anything. That’s our medical system! I’ll just leave that there! I have been told though that I have to have major surgery in the future, which will apparently knock me back for a while.So please bear with me, while something maybe happening!

Be well, and enjoy the site!

Every word that was at WORDS AND PHRASES FROM THE PAST has been moved to LEXICOPHILIA. Plus more have been added!

There are changes to both the Dictionary and the Reverse Dictionary:

The Dictionary
– • changed to obs.; * changed to rare
– US Black changed to African American
– UK Black changed to Black British
– The date now precedes the definition.

Only A – N (inclusive), & XYZ are fully formatted at the current time.
However the words are all listed, and all the letters are easy to access and read.

The Reverse Dictionary
– • changed to obs.
– * changed to rare
– US Black changed to African American
– UK Black changed to Black British
– The grouping of the key words has been updated.
– The definition (in alphabetical order) now precedes the word and date.

Only A – C (inclusive) have been completely formatted/changed.
D – Z are in various degrees of completion. But they will be done as I add/update words.

Word of the Day
Unfortunately, I have been unable to bring over the blog entries from the old site.
So I will have to do each one individually again.

There are other little bits and bobs that need to be done here and there. Those too will come with time.

If there are any other major changes, etc., I will note them here!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day!

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