Dictionary: AD – ADD

• A.D.
n. 1. L19 UK society sl. – a drink 
n. 2. 1938 US drugs sl. – a drug addict 
n. 3. 1970s sl. – phencyclidine
n. 4. 1985 sl. – a man who fathers a child by accident, usually after a casual sexual encounter; an accidental daddy
vb. 1990s US college sl. – to leave 

• AD
adj. 20C sl. – pert. to advertising
n. 1. a900 obs. – a fire, a blazing pile, a funeral pyre
n. 2. 1799 – an advertisement
n. 3. 1915 colloq. – in tennis: advantage
n. 4. 1970s US homosexual sl. – graffito offering sexual services, as found on a public lavatory wall 

n. 1. 2000s S. Afr. homosexual sl. – a German homosexual 
n. 2. 2000s S. Afr. homosexual sl. – a homosexual who cannot find a sexual partner 
n. 3. 2000s S. Afr. homosexual sl. – the buttocks 

adv. 1656 – to the point of absurdity; to an absurd or extreme degree

vb. 1615 obs. rare – to drive or compel to a course

adj. 1623 obs. – beaten or driven in by force

n. 1663 obs. – a driving in violently by force

int. 1663 obs. – an exclamation and a minced oath from “Afore God!” and “By God!”

n. 1837 – a person who denies the existence of the Devil

n. 1623 – a giving a monetary value to something

int. 2002 UK sl. – used in Black criminal society as an all-purpose protestation of innocence; have I?, I didn’t! (Have I Fuck, Man!)

n. 1918 US sl. – in a game of dice: a roll of eight

adj. 1647 –  of the nature of an adage; proverbial

n. 1534 obs. – an adage, saying, a proverb

n. 1952 US sl. – the advertising industry, esp. that located in New York and commonly known in the US as ‘Madison Avenue’ after the New York street where many advertising agencies had their offices

n. 1. L15 sl. – water
n. 2. 1553 – a person likened to Adam, esp. in being a forebear, progenitor, founder, etc.; also, the first type of a person or thing; a forerunner or prototype
n. 3. a1569 – sinful and unregenerate human nature
n. 4. c1591 sl. – a bailiff, a sergeant
n. 5. 1696 UK criminals’ sl. – a thief’s accomplice 
n. 6. 1797 UK criminals’ sl. – a fence, a criminal receiver; a partner in a criminal enterprise 
n. 7. 1903 sl. – a master man, foreman, a superintendent
n. 8. Bk1903 US criminals’ sl. – a prison warder 
n. 9. Bk1922 – a faithful, devoted old servant
n. 10. Bk1972 homosexual sl. – one’s first (paid) sexual partner 
n. 11. 1985 US sl. – MDMA, the recreational drug known as ecstasy
vb. 1. 1753 sl. – to marry
vb. 2. 1910s rhyming sl., (Adam and Eve) – to believe  
vb. 3. 1930s rhyming sl., (Adam and Eve) – to leave 

n. 1925 – a being firmly resolved on a course of action; refusal to be persuaded or to change one’s mind

n. 1898 – the state of being unpersuadable

n. 1. 1793 – a starting point, an origin; a set of progenitors, ancestors, or forebears
n. 2. 1891 sl., orig. US short order usage – two poached or fried eggs
n. 3. 1980s Aust. rhyming sl. – a sleeve 
n. 4. 1996 UK sl. – a pill of MDEA and MDMA, the recreational drugs best known as ecstasy
vb. 1. L17 sl. – to have sexual intercourse
vb. 2. 1925 rhyming sl. – to believe 
vb. 3. 1930s rhyming sl. – to leave 

n. 1920s sl. – an early dancing party to which the guests are invited until midnight only

vb. L19 Brit. sl. – to copulate

n. 1. 1894 sl., orig. US short order usage – two poached or fried eggs on toast 
n. 2. Bk1975 lunch counter usage – bacon and eggs

n. 1913 sl., orig. US short order usage – two scrambled eggs on toast 

n. E20 Brit. & US sl. – nakedness; nudity

n. L19 US sl. – nakedness, nudity

n. L19 Brit. & US sl. – nakedness; nudity

n. c1426 obs. – a person or thing which attracts people’s affection or attention; a centre of attraction

adj. 1607 obs. rare – that attracts, lures, or entices

n. 1980s Brit. rhyming sl. – pants 

vb. 1612 obs. rare – to love dearly 

adj. 17C sl.- naked; nude

n. Bk1922 – an accomplished archer

adj. Bk1921 sl. – married

adj. 1960s Brit. rhyming sl. – safe 

n. Bk1909 sl. – a thief

n. 1997 Amer. sl. – an A.H.; asshole; a worthless and annoying person

n. 1828 chiefly poetic usage – human nature; manhood, humanity 

adj. 1657 – resembling Adam in moral freedom, nakedness, fallen condition

adj. 1. 1642 rare – resembling Adam in moral freedom, nakedness, fallen condition; sinful; unregenerate
adj. 2. 1649 rare – having an original or pristine form; pure and undefiled

adv. 1860 – in a way resembling Adam in appearance or behaviour; nakedly

adj. 1569 obs. rare – resembling Adam in moral freedom, nakedness, fallen condition

n. 1. 1623 – a person who follows or imitates the behaviour of Adam in the Garden of Eden
n. 2. 1630 rare – one who tends a garden

adj. 1719 – descended from Adam; human
n. 1. 1542 – a member of a sect, in both the early church and later, who imitated the biblical Adam by going naked, typically as a symbol of purity; an unclothed man
n. 2. 1581 – a descendant or child of Adam; a human being
n. 3. 1833 rare – a person who goes naked; a nudist
n. 4. 1865 chiefly hist. usage – a White Caucasian  

adj. 1656 – naked, unclothed

adj. 1666 rare – naked, unclothed; pert. to or resembling Adam; hence, as applied to clothing, scanty

n. 1805 – nakedness; the practice of going naked as a sign of spiritual purity

v1b. 19C Brit. sl. – to copulate, from the male point of view

adj. 1876 – characterized by the absence of men; inhabited only by women

n. 1876 – a place, situation, or way of life from which men are absent or excluded and which is regarded as a type of paradise; also, an uninhabited region

n. 1643 humorous usage – water, as the only drink of our first parents 

n. 19C sl. – nudity

n. 1588 rare – a banana or plantain

n. 1602 sl. – a shovel, a spade

n. L19 Brit. sl. – the male genitals; the penis and testicles

n. L15 sl. – water

n. 1908 Amer. dial. – a person one does not know and cannot identify

n. 1. 1972 Amer. dial. – among loggers: an apple
n. 2. Bk1986 US lumberjacks’ usage – pregnant women 

n. 1967 Amer. dial. – a person one does not know and cannot identify

n. 1908 Amer. dial. – a person one does not know and cannot identify 

n. L15 sl. – water

n. 1586 obs. rare – the Adam’s apple

n. 1956 Amer. dial. – a person one does not know and cannot identify 

n. 1. 1894 Amer. dial. – a person one does not know and cannot identify 
n. 2. 1912 sl. – a slow, stubborn person; a headstrong person

n. 1965 Amer. dial. – a person one does not know and cannot identify

n. 1910 US theatre sl. – a sour-tempered pessimist 

n. 19C Brit. sl. – the female genitals

n. L19 sl. – the vagina

n. 1966 Amer. dial. – a person one does not know and cannot identify

• ADAM’S P.J.s
n. 1970s US homosexual sl. – nudity 

n. 1602 sl. – gardening

n. Bk1922 – disobedience

phr. 1900s US sl. – no shoes, i.e. barefoot

n. 1952 US sl. – the penis

n. 1747 colloq. – water as a beverage

n. 1665 UK sl. – a pickpocket’s confederate who receives the stolen article, and runs off with it; a receiver of stolen goods

n. 20C Amer. sl., World War usage – a married man; a cold, unresponsive man; a gloomy, dull man 

n. 20C Amer. sl., World War usage – a married man; a cold, unresponsive man; a gloomy, dull man 

n. 20C Amer. sl., World War usage – a married man; a cold, unresponsive man; a gloomy, dull man 

n. 20C Amer. sl., World War usage – a married man; a cold, unresponsive man; a gloomy, dull man 

n. 20C Amer. sl., World War usage – a married man; a cold, unresponsive man; a gloomy, dull man 

n. 20C Amer. sl., World War usage – a married man; a cold, unresponsive man; a gloomy, dull man 

adj. 1828 – dancing; moving in a quick and lively manner

adv. 1855 – in a dangling state or position

adj. 1731 obs. – easy to be opened

adj. 1658 rare – well adapted or suited; suitable, fit

vb. 1638 obs. rare – to adapt

adj. 1815 – characterize by or given to adapting things to a purpose, or oneself to circumstances; adaptive

n. 1615 – the act of adapting; adaptation

n. 1806 – adaptedness; aptitude specially produced

adj. 1734 obs. – fitting; well-suited to something or someone

adv. a1648 – in a fit or adapted manner; by being adapted or fitted; fittingly, aptly

n. 1739 obs. rare – adaptation; fitting condition

n. 1657 obs. rare – the quality of being adapted, suitability, adaptedness

adj. 1838 rare – characterized by adaptation; adaptive

adv. 1663 – at or according to one’s will or pleasure; as one pleases; arbitrarily

n. 1918 US sl. – the eight point in craps dice

n. 1940s US sl. – the 8 point in craps dice

n. 1918 US sl. – in a game of dice: a roll of eight

adj. c1450 obs. – stupefied, confused, dulled, dazzled

adj. Bk1898 Eng. dial. – put to shame

vb. 1657 obs. rare – to add to, to augment, to increase by addition

vb. 1297 obs. – to quell, to subdue, to suppress, to reduce to submission

phr. c1660 – ‘tell that to the Marines’; expression of disbelief (fashionable London catchphrase)

vb. 1. c1300 obs. – to wake up, to awake, from sleep, swoon, etc.
vb. 2. c1386 obs. – to awaken, to arouse, to recall to consciousness
vb. 3. c1425 obs. – to recover from sorrow or pain; to emerge from a particular mood or state of mind
vb. 4. c1425 obs. – to dawn; to shine
vb. 5. c1440 obs. – to put an end to; to defeat, to overcome
vb. 6. 1557 obs. – to subdue, to daunt; to terrify

adv. c1250 obs. – out of life, out of existence

adj. 1881 rare – dawning, gleaming with new light

adv. 1. a1250 obs. – in or on the day (in opposition to the night; by day
adv. 2. c1500 – on each day; daily

adv. 1377 obs. – by day, during the day, in the daytime

adj. 1832 – dazzling

vb. 1548 obs. rare – to abase

adv. 1623 – at one’s pleasure or discretion; at will

n. 1908 Sc. – odd or clumsy behaviour

vb. 1548 obs. rare – to impart an idea, impulse, etc. to; to exert an influence on; to inflate, to inspire

n. 1989 Can. – in anticorporate activism, the non-specific description for those involved in cultural subversion

n. 2000 US sl. – in anticorporate activism, the act of subverting brand advertising, usually by parody or mockery

vb. 1732 obs. rare – to unite, to incorporate

adj. Bk1612 obs. rare – married

n. 1938 US drugs sl. – a Drug Addict 

vb. M19 sl. – to drink heavily 

vb. M19 sl. – to drink heavily

adj. a1400 obs. – indebted; owed or due

vb. 1623 obs. rare – to subject a person to a tithe or tax of one-tenth

adj. 1513 Sc. obs. rare – decked, covered

adv. 1883 – additionally; particularly

adj. L19 sl. – castrated

vb. a1000 obs. – to judge; to try, to test

n. L19 nautical sl. – putrid drinking water  

n. 1. c950 obs. – a snake, a serpent
n. 2. c950 obs. – the ‘old serpent’, the devil
n. 3  c1000 – a treacherous, deceitful, malicious, or pernicious person or thing; also, a term of abuse
n. 4. c1300 obs. – a dragon, a supposed serpent with wings
n. 5. 1876 Eng. dial. – a dragonfly. formerly thought to be venomous; a large fly

n. 1824 Sc. – the dragonfly

n. 1483  – a dragonfly 

adj. 1587 obs. – engendered by the devil

n. 1. 1822 Sc. – an ill-natured person; one of a virulent or malignant disposition
n. 2. Bk1898 Eng. dial. – a dragonfly

n. 1870 obs. – an enclosure containing adders; a snake pit

adj. 1597 rare, poetic usage – deaf as an adder 

adj. a1000 obs. – variegated like a snake

n. 1761 obs. – a dragonfly

adj. 1565 obs., poetic usage – having a foot or feet like a dragon 

n. 1880 obs., poetic usage – virulent, deadly hate 

n. 1540 obs. – offspring of adders or the devil

adj. 1823 – spiteful; using malicious or offensive language

vb. 1483 rare – to give credence to; to believe or make believable

vb. 1611 – to make a bad or intense situation worse

vb. 1620 – to make a bad matter worse by adding to its cause; to spread trouble, to increase anger or other strong feelings by talk or action

n. Bk1898 – a Bengalee money-changer

n. 1880 obs. rare – in Roman Law: a person who hands over a thing or a person in accordance with a judicial decision

n. 1997 US sl. – an addict

adj. 1826 Sc. – addicted 

adj. 1529 obs. – that has been attached by compulsion or obligation to a person’ tied, bound; obligated
n. 1985 con artists’ sl. – a ‘mark’ who falls for the same scam over and over again 
vb. 1. 1534 rare – to dedicate or devote oneself to an occupation, activity, or object
vb. 2. 1542 obs. – to bind, to attach, or devote oneself as a servant, disciple, or adherent to any person or cause
vb. 3. 1604 obs. – to devote time to a particular object or activity; to focus one’s studies on a specific area

phr. 1998 US sl. – in twelve-step recovery programmes, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, used for describing the childhood of addicts of the future  

n. 1567 obs. – preparing, preparation

n. 1652 rare – something that is added, an addition; an additive

vb. 1748 – to aggravate an already difficult situation

int. 1577 – used as an expression of farewell; esp. Italian contexts

n. 1460 – anything added or appended; an addition

n. 1. 1472-3 obs. – something annexed to a man’s name to show his rank, occupation, or place of residence, or otherwise to distinguish him; ‘style’ of address
n. 2. c1690 society sl. – paint or rouge or powder for the face; make-up, cosmetics 
n. 3. 20C euphemism – sexual intercourse 
vb. 1659 obs. – to honour or embellish a person or person’s name by adding another name, title, etc.; to surname

adj. a1633 rare – additional, supplementary

adj. 1748 rare – characterized by having been added; due to or of the nature of an addition; additive

n. 1990s UK sl. – a confrontational manner

adj. 1659 obs. – tending to add something; additional

adj. 1. c1275 Eng. dial. – rotten, putrid; esp. applied to a decayed or barren egg
adj. 2. 1534 rare – empty, idle, vain, useless, futile
adj. 3. 1612 – muddled, confused
adj. 4. 1847 Eng. dial. – unsound, crazy
adj. 5. 1844 Eng. dial. – ailing, ill, unwell
adj. 6. Bk1898 Eng. dial. – stupid
adj. 7. Bk1898 Eng. dial. – tumbledown, loose, rickety, shaky
n. 1. a1000 – stinking urine, or other liquid filth; slime, mire
n. 2. 1679 obs. rare – the dry lees of wine
n. 3. 1825 Eng. dial. – an abscess containing pus; a swelling; a blister
n. 4. Bk1898 Sc. & Eng. dial. – putrid or stagnant water
n. 5. Bk1898 Eng. dial. – an adding or addition
vb. 1. c1175 obs. – to deserve punishment, etc.; to merit spiritual reward, etc.
vb. 2. c1200 obs. exc. Eng. dial. – to acquire or gain as one’s own; to earn money, etc.
vb. 3. 1652 – to muddle; to confuse; to spoil, to make abortive
vb. 4. 1654 – of an egg: to become rotten; to fail to produce a chick; to rot, to putrefy
vb. 5. 1860 Eng. dial. – to save; to lay by a portion of one’s earnings
vb. 6. Bk1898 Sc. – to water plants

n. 1799 – one whose head is addled; a stupid or half-witted fellow; a foolish bungler; a dullard

adj. 1619 – confused, muddled, stupid

n. Bk1877 Eng. dial. – a weak, silly person

n. 1580 – a stupid bungler, a dullard; a foolish man; an easy dupe 

adj. 1. L17 Brit. sl. – muddled and befuddled by alcohol; drunk
adj. 2. 1599 – confused, muddled; having lost the ability to think clearly or rationally
adj. 3. c1630 – of an egg: that has become rotten; that has failed to produce a chick

adj. Bk1942 Amer. sl. – bewildered; confused; muddled 

n. 1589 sl. – anything worthless

n. 1592 – one whose head is addled; a stupid bungler; an easy dupe; a dullard; a weak, silly person

adj. 1600 – confused, muddled, stupid

n. 1. 1835 – confusion, muddle-headedness; stupidity
n. 2. 1835 – fatuity, foolishness, folly

n. 1825 – confusion, muddle-headedness; mental confusion

n. 1601 – a stupid bungler; a dullard; a weak, silly person; a foolish person; an easy dupe

adj. 1614 – confused, muddled, stupid, doltish, thick-headed

n. L17 sl. – a spoilsport who ‘addles’ the ‘plots’ or plans of others

n. Bk1890 sl. – a spoilsport; a mar-all

vb. Bk1921 sl. – of a horse: to roll on the back from side to side

n. 1. c1175 obs. exc. Eng. dial. – an earning or deserving something; that which a person earns or merits
n. 2. 1843 – muddling of the wits

n. 1757 Eng. dial. – money that a person acquires by working, etc.; wages, earnings; savings

int. 1980 chiefly Hong Kong usage – expresses encouragement, incitement, or support; go on! go for it! 

vb. 1647 – to heighten or aggravate fury, passion, etc.

vb. a1548 – to heighten or aggravate fury, passion, etc.

vb. 1599 obs. rare – to adjudge, to award

n. 1. 1592 obs. – array, attire, dress
n. 2. 1598 obs. – that which is prepared; a device, a contrivance
n. 3. 1633 obs. – the act of making ready; the state of being ready, preparation
vb. 1. c1350 obs. – to give direction to a person, esp. in a helpful or corrective manner; to guide, to redirect
vb. 2. c1374 obs. – to make straight the course or aim of anything; to direct; to aim (a missile)
vb. 3. c1375 obs. – to straighten up, to erect; to raise, to set up; to raise oneself, to stand erect; to assume an upright position
vb. 4. 1375 obs. – to put things ‘straight’ or ‘to rights’; to set in order; to order, to arrange
vb. 5. 1393 obs. – to prepare or make ready with the proper attire; to accoutre, to array, to apparel, to attire for any special purpose or occasion;
later, (1513) to clothe
vb. 6. 1485 obs. – to order or arrange for any purpose; to prepare, to make ready; to prepare oneself
vb. 7. a1522 obs. – to arrange or style hair
vb. 8. 1525 obs. – to right what is wrong; to redress wrongs, to reform abuses
vb. 9. 1677 obs. – to court a person; esp. to pay court to a woman with a view to marriage, to woo
vb. 10. 1796 obs. – to consign or entrust the care of a ship to an agent, factor, etc.

adj. 1. 1387 obs. – made ready, prepared, ‘dressed’ as food
adj. 2. 1393 arch. – arrayed, attired, trimmed, dressed
adj. 3. 1475 obs. – well-ordered, having acquired skill, accomplished
adj. 4. 1595 obs. – erected, raised

n. 1633  obs. rare – the state of being prepared; preparedness

adj. 1915 military sl. – of a missile, esp. a shell: aimed at 

n. 1. 1643 – person who puts forward or supports a political declaration or petition; specifically, any of those who in 1680 presented addresses in support of Charles II, and against those demanding the summoning of Parliament
n. 2. 1665 – a person who directs words or a communication to a particular person, audience, or place
n. 3. 1683 obs. – a suitor

n. 1495 obs. rare – a female who directs or sets right

n. 1596 obs. rare – the direction of one’s course

adv. c1425 obs. rare – with good address, courteously; skilfully

n. 1481 rare – the act of addressing a person or thing

n. 1. 1658 – a person who puts forward or supports a political declaration or petition
n. 2. 1669 obs. – a person who pays addresses; a suitor
n. 3. 1897 – a person who directs words or a communication to a particular person, audience, or place

int. M18 euphemism – a mild oath, “God rot it!” 

int. 1812 obs. – a minced oath

n. 1588 obs. rare – the suggestion of a doubt; insinuated doubt

vb. a1425 – to bring forward verbally for consideration, esp. in support of a case or an argument; to produce a witness; to cite, to allege

adj. 1671 – adducible; capable of being produced in a statement

adj. 1649 – brought forward in a statement; cited, alleged

adj. 1766 – capable of being adduced

n. 1. a1398 rare – the act of conveying something, esp. towards another; the fact of being so conveyed
n. 2. 1615 obs. rare – the act of moving towards something
n. 3. 1687 – the bringing forward of facts or statements as evidence

vb. 1475 obs. – to make sweet; to render pleasant or palatable; to soothe or mollify a person

vb. 1. 1930s sl. – to amount to, to signify
vb. 2. 1930s sl. – to make sense; to work as expected

vb. 1930s sl. – to amount to, to signify

n. Bk2006 US sl. – address

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