Dictionary: DECK – DECZ

n. 1. 1466 obs. – a covering 
n. 2. 1625 obs. – a pile of things laid flat upon each other
n. 3. 1853 sl., orig. Anglo-Indian – a look, a glance
n. 4. M19 sl., orig. US – the floor, the ground
n. 5. M19 sl. – the roof of a train or stagecoach
n. 6. Bk1913 Amer. dial. – a pile of logs
n. 7. 1916 US sl. – a package containing narcotic drugs; a package of heroin
n. 8. 1920s US prison sl. – a pack of cigarettes
n. 9. 1950s African-American sl. – the street
n. 10. 1965 Amer. dial. – the upper balcony of a theatre
n. 11. 20C sl. – the roof of a building or its highest floor at a stage of building
vb. 1. a1500 obs. – to array, to fit out, to equip  
vb. 2. 1513 obs. – to cover; esp. to cover with garments, to clothe
vb. 3. 1781 Eng. dial. – to discard, to cast out
vb. 4. L19 US tramps’ sl. – to ride on the roof of a freight car
vb. 5. 1920s US criminals’ sl. – to drill through the top of a safe
vb. 6. 1945 sl., orig. US – to knock down
vb. 7. 1960s sl. – of a man: to have sexual intercourse
vb. 8. 1960s sl. – to press down the accelerator pedal of a car; hence, to go fast
vb. 9. 1990s sl., orig. US teen usage – to ride a skateboard
vb. 10. 20C sl. – to see, to look at
n. 1642 obs. rare – adornment, embellishment
n. World War II Amer. sl. – a sailor whose duties keep him on the deck
vb. B1900 Eng. dial. – to feel disgust at food
adj. 1. 1960s African-American sl. – well-dressed
adj. 2. 1960s US sl. – intoxicated by drink or drugs
adj. 1960s US sl. – intoxicated by drink or drugs
vb. 1883 Eng. dial. – to decorate, to bedeck with spangles
n. 1531 obs. – adornment, embellishment, ornament
n. 1894 Brit. sl., orig. army sl. – a look, a glance
n. 1. 1970 Amer. dial. – overalls
n. 2. 1970 Amer. dial. – sneakers, tennis shoes
adj. E20 US sl., orig. nautical usage – drunk  
vb. 1410-25 obs. rare – to discuss aloud; to debate
n. c1374 obs. – the act of making clear or clearing up anything obscure or not understood; elucidation, explanation, interpretation
adj. 1. a1536 obs. – making clear, manifest, or evident  
adj. 2. 1647 obs. – of a person: declaring oneself; declaring or uttering one’s opinion; communicative 
n. a1577 obs. – one who declares or makes manifest; an informer  
n. 1729 obs. rare – declaration
vb. 1. c1325 obs. – to make clear or plain anything that is obscure or imperfectly understood; to clear up, to explain, to elucidate, to interpret  
vb. 2. c1340 obs. – to manifest, to make known; to describe, to state in detail; to recount, to relate  
vb. 3. 1460 obs. – to clear a person of a charge or imputation
n. 1. 1633 obs. – declaration, express or formal statement; the act of declaring against anything 
n. 2. 1646 obs. – the act of showing or setting forth; exposition, explanation, manifestation, declaring 
n. 1527 obs. – one who explains or interprets 
adv. 1581 rare – in a manner that declares, manifests, or demonstrates
n. 1. 1594 – deviation or declining from a standard; falling away from one’s allegiance, apostasy
n. 2. 1602 – the state of declining or sinking into a lower of inferior condition; gradual diminution, deterioration, or decay; decline
n. 3. 1640-4 – the act of declining, or deviating from a vertical or horizontal position; slope, inclination; a declining or sinking into a lower position, as of the sun towards setting
n. 4. 1817 rare – the act of declining; courteous refusal
adj. 1509 obs. rare – capable of being declined
n. 1837 rare – the act of declining; courteous refusal 
adj. 1893 nonce use – declining
n. a1734 obs. – one who is declining, as in fortunes, etc.  
n. 1. 1503 obs. – a sinking into a lower position; descent towards setting 
n. 2. 1533 obs. – a turning aside, swerving, deviation from a standard; a falling away 
n. 3. 1533 obs. – the gradual falling off from a condition of prosperity or vigour; decline; decay 
n. 4. 1594 – a leaning, bending, or sloping downwards; slope, inclination from the vertical or horizontal position
n. 5. 1612-5 obs. exc. Sc. – the withholding of acceptance; non-acceptance, modest or courteous refusal
n. 1606 obs. – one who declines or refuses; a dissentient 
adj. 1673 – that declines; expressing refusal
n. 1842 – the act of declining or refusing; courteous refusal
n. 1. 1538 rare – a downward incline, a slope
n. 2. 1821 Sc. – the end
vb. 1. c1325 obs. – to turn or bend aside; to deviate; to turn away  
vb. 2. a1400-50 obs. – to lower, to bring down, to depress, to bring low, to degrade, to debase  
vb. 3. a1400-50 obs. – to come down, to fall, to descend, to sink  
vb. 4. a1400-50 obs. – to turn aside from to get or keep out of the way of; to avoid, to shun
vb. 5. 1509 obs. – to undervalue, to disparage, to depreciate
vb. 6. 1541 obs. – to incline or lean to 
vb. 7. 1544 obs. – to turn aside from the subject, in speaking or writing; to digress 
vb. 8. a1555 obs. – to turn a person aside from or to a course of conduct, from duty, etc.; to divert  
vb. 9. 1594 obs. – to say or recite formally or in definite order 
vb. 10. 1672 obs. – to abandon, to forsake, to give up a practice
adj. 1591 poetic usage – brought low, debased, decayed
n. 1680 obs. rare – the act of declining or refusing; courteous refusal 
n. 1601 obs. – one who deviates, or falls away from his duty or allegiance, or from an approved standard of conduct or belief 
n. 1607 obs. – avoidance 
adj. 1881 – descending; declining; inclining downward
adj. 1635 obs. – sloping downwards 
adj. 1799 – having a (considerable) declivity or slope; steep
n. 1. 1612 – downward slope or inclination of a hill, etc.
n. 2. 1695 – a downward slope
adj. 1684 – having a downward inclination; sloping, slanting
adj. 1609 obs. rare – sloping downwards
vb. a1400 obs. rare – to disclose
adj. 1. c1420 obs. – decocted; subjected to heat; digested  
adj. 2. 1529 obs. – bankrupt
n. 1551 obs. rare – a decoction
vb. 1. c1420 obs. – to prepare as food by the agency of fire; to boil, to cook  
vb. 2. 1533 obs. – to digest in the stomach 
vb. 3. 1538 obs. – to boil down or away; to concentrate by boiling 
vb. 4. 1599 obs. – to warm up, as in cooking 
vb. 5. 1602 obs. rare – to prepare, to devise, to concoct
vb. 6. 1629 obs. – to diminish, to consume, to waste 
adj. 1656 rare – capable of being decocted; easy to be boiled
n. 1. 1533 obs. – digestion 
n. 2. 1650 obs. – reduction by evaporation in boiling, boiling down; reduction 
adj. 1727 rare – pert. to decoction
n. 1615 obs. rare – one who wastes or squanders; a ruined spendthrift
vb. World War II Amer. sl. – to explain
vb. 1658-9 obs. nonce word – to cease or fail to recognize
adj. 1500-20 Sc. obs. – comely, beautiful 
vb. 1648 obs. – to behead 
adj. c1470 obs. or arch.- beheaded 
vb. 1599 – to sever at the neck; to behead 
adj. 1662 – severed at the neck; beheaded, decapitated 
n. 1387 – the act of beheading; the fact of being beheaded 
adj. 1882 – having lost its colour 
vb. 1. 1623 obs. – to discolour, to stain 
vb. 2. a1846 – to deprive of colour 
n. 1. 1623 obs. – discoloration, a staining 
n. 2. 1640 – deprivation or loss of colour 
n. 1871 – the act of depriving of its colour 
vb. 1. c1618 obs. – to discolour 
vb. 2. 1630 – to pollute, to defile 
vb. 3. 1831 – to deprive of colour 
adj. c1430 obs. rare – cut low in the neck; low-necked 
vb. 1836-9 – to deprive of colour 
vb. 1965 Amer. dial. – to disarrange; to put out of order; to confuse, to perplex, to disconcert 
n. 1584 Sc. obs. – account, reckoning 
vb. 1715 obs. rare – to disconcert, to disarrange, to disorder
vb. 1881 rare – to treat with too little consideration, to disrespect
n. 1656 obs. – comeliness, beauty, ornament
n. 1727 rare – decoration, ornament, an adorning
adj. 1460 obs. or arch. – adorned, decorated; ornate
vb. 1530 obs. or arch. – to adorn, to beautify, to embellish; to grace, to honour
vb. 20C teen & high school sl. – to vomit
vb. 1912 Amer. dial. – to put money on the table; hence, to pay out money or to gamble
vb. 1967 Amer. jocular usage – in playing cards: to put money in the pot
n. 1965 Amer. dial. – a peony
n. 1828 – a professional decorator
adj. 1889 rare – pert. to decoration; decorative
adj. 1500-20 Sc. obs. – comely, beautiful 
n. 1513 obs. – grace, honour, glory, beauty, adornment 
vb. 1490 obs. or arch. – to decorate, to adorn, to embellish
n. 1587 obs. – decoration, ornamentation; an ornament, an embellishment 
n. 1839 nonce word – an aesthete; one attached to artistic properties
adj. 1664 obs. – seemly, suitable, appropriate 
n. 1678 obs. – seemliness, fitness, suitability, appropriateness 
vb. 1660 obs. – to kill or make bodiless 
n. 1660 obs. – a making bodiless 
vb. 1377 obs. – to run or flow away; to pass or haste away; to end, to cease to exist 
vb. 1660 – to divest of what conceals, to expose, to disclose, to reveal
n. 1. 1601 obs. – a fitting or appropriate act 
n. 2. 1610 obs. – orderly condition; orderliness 
n. 3. 1613 obs. – beauty arising from fitness, or from absence of the incongruous; comeliness; grace; gracefulness 
vb. 1762 obs. – to set down in a reckoning or account; to reckon 
vb. 1602 obs. rare – to uncouple 
n. 1585 obs. – downward course; descent
vb. c1610 obs. – to expel or banish from court  
adj. 1658 obs. – uncovered 
n. 1. 1618 obs. – a swindler, a sharper; an impostor or ‘shark’ who lives by his wits at the expense of his dupes 
n. 2. 1638 – one who entices, allures, or inveigles another into some trap, deception or evil situation
n. 1625 – a person who entices another into danger or mischief
vb. 1855 rare – to divest of what is crass, gross, or material; to purify, to refine
n. 1626 obs. – the wane of the moon 
n. 1647 obs. – the undoing of creation; depriving of existence; annihilation, utter destruction 
n. 1678 obs. – one who uncreates, destroys, or annihilates 
vb. 1526 obs. or arch. – to determine, to resolve, to decide to do something
n. c1400 obs. rare – a decision, determination
vb. 1. 1563 obs. – to pronounce a decision or judgement 
vb. 2. 1582-8 obs. – to decide, to determine, to resolve to do something
n. 1. 1610 – the wane of the moon
n. 2. 1621 – the fact of decreasing or growing gradually less; decrease, diminution, lessening, waste, loss
n. 3. 1646 obs. – bodily decay; wasting away 
n. 1760 obs. rare – decrepitude, a state of feebleness and decay, esp. that due to old age; senility
adj. c1450 – wasted or worn out with old age, decayed and enfeebled with infirmities; old and feeble; senile
n. 1578 – an infirm old person
n. 1670 obs. – decrepitude; a state of feebleness and decay, esp. that due to old age; senility 
n. 1670 obs. – decrepitude; a state of feebleness and decay, esp. that due to old age; senility 
n. 1601 obs. – decrepitude; a state of feebleness and decay, esp. that due to old age; senility 
n. 1603 – the state or condition of being decrepit; a state of feebleness and decay, esp. that due to old age; senility
n. 1576 obs. – decrepitude; a state of feebleness and decay, esp. that due to old age; senility 
n. 1872 rare – a waning state or condition
adj. 1. 1610 – of the moon: waning
adj. 2. 1811 – decreasing, growing gradually less
n. 1616 – the waning moon
adj. 1608 obs. rare – decisive, definitive
n. 1656 obs. – the lord of decretals, the Pope 
n. 1635 obs. – decrease, diminution 
adj. 1679 obs. – decisive, conclusive 
adv. 1660 obs. – positively, decisively 
adj. 1674 obs. – such as to decide the question; decisive, determinative 
vb. 1596 obs. rare – to decrease, to wane
n. 1711 rare – open disparagement; depreciation
adj. 1655 – cried down, disparaged openly
n. B1900 Eng. dial. – decoration, ornament
vb. 1670 obs. rare – to denounce as a criminal, to accuse
n. 1887 Eng. dial. – a cripple, a lame person; one who is decrepit
vb. 1653 obs. nonce word – to clean from dirt, to remove dirt from
vb. 1. 1617 – to denounce, to condemn, to suppress, or to depreciate by proclamation; to reduce the value of money
vb. 2. 1641 – to cry out against; to disparage or condemn openly; to attack the credit or reputation of; to depreciate
n. 1664 obs. rare – the act of lying down
vb. 1623 obs. – to tread or trample upon 
vb. 1623 obs. – to hide privily 
adj. 1659 – very large, immense; usually of waves
adj. 1652 obs. rare – very large, immense: usually of waves
n. 1646 – a lying down, reclining
n. 1. 1646 – lying down, reclining
n. 2. 1651 – a taking to one’s bed
adj. 1. 1656 rare or obs. – lying down, reclining
adj. 2. 1689 obs. – lying in bed through illness; bedridden 
n. 1641 obs. – one lying ill in bed
n. 1. 1647 obs. – a taking to one’s bed through illness 
n. 2. 1670 obs. – lying down, reclining 
vb. L19 Brit. sl. – to withdraw the penis from the vagina
adj. 1690 obs. – multiplied by ten 
vb. 1690 – to increase or multiply by ten
n. 1690 obs. – multiplication by ten, increase tenfold 
adj. 1613 – ten times as much; tenfold
n. c1425 – a number or quantity ten times another; a tenfold amount
vb. 1674 – to increase or multiply by ten
n. 1382 – a cavalry officer in command of a ‘decuria’ or company of ten horse; also, a commander or captain of ten men
n. 1659 obs. – the act or state of running down; downward flow or course; lapse of time 
n. 1651 obs. – the act or state of running down; downward flow or course; lapse of time
adj. 1432-50 obs. – running or flowing down 
n. 1593 obs. – downward course, lapse of time 
n. 1. c1630 – the act of running, flowing, or passing downwards (obs.)
n. 2. 1664 – a course or passage of time (obs.)
adj. 1623 – short (obs.)
vb. 1550 – to cut down, to shorten, to dock, to curtail, to abridge; to summarize (obs.)
adj. a1638 – cut down, shortened, abridged, curtailed (rare)
vb. 1599 – to cut down, to shorten, to dock, to curtail, to abridge (obs.)
n. 1652 – shortening; abridging, cutting down (obs.)
n. 1881 – the condition of being bent downwards
n. 1887 – the condition of being bent downwards
vb. 1835 rare – to curve or bend down
n. 1688 sl. – a crown-piece, five shillings
vb. 1782 rare – to cross, to intersect, to lie across, so as to form a figure like the letter X
adj. 1685 obs. rare – intersecting
adj. 1825 – having the form of an X
vb. 1658 – to cross, to intersect, to lie across, so as to form a figure like the letter X
n. 1656 – the crossing of lines, rays, etc. so as to form a figure like the letter X; intersection
adj. 1658 obs. rare – crossed over each other, intersecting, cross-shaped 
n. 1664 obs. rare – a shaking down or off; a dislodging or removing by shaking 
vb. 1623 obs. – to cut off 
adj. 1656 – that shakes or beats down  

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