Dictionary: DEG – DEQ

n. 1. 1823 Sc. – a stroke or sharp blow
n. 2. 1897 Eng. dial. – damp, moisture; a drop of water
vb. 1. 1781 Eng. dial. – to sprinkle water upon anything; to bedew, to moisten, to soak
vb. 2. 1825 Sc. – to strike with a sharp-pointed weapon
vb. 3. 1859 Eng. dial. – of a sore: to run, to ooze; to fester
vb. 4. B1900 Eng. dial. – to drizzle with rain
adj. 1996 UK polari sl. – ten
n. M19 sl. – the number 10
n. B1900 Eng. dial. – digestion
n. 1897 Eng. dial. – damp, moisture; a drop of water
vb. 1. 1781 Eng. dial. – to sprinkle water upon anything; to bedew, to moisten, to soak
vb. 2. 1859 Eng. dial. – of a sore: to run, to ooze; to fester
vb. 3. B1900 Eng. dial. – to drizzle with rain
n. 1895 Eng. dial. – a man watering with a can
n. 1892 Eng. dial. – a watering-can
adj. B1900 Eng. dial. – drizzly, foggy
n. 1832 US sl., derogatory – orig. a Spaniard, Portuguese, or other Caucasian of southern Europe or Latin America; broadly, a foreigner
adj. 1965 Amer. dial. – plentiful, abundant
vb. 1623 obs. rare – to hail much 
n. 1962 Amer. dial. – an type or breed, as of a dog
vb. 1663 obs. rare – to dishonour, to disgrace, to disparage, to slander, to calumniate
n. 1. 1926 Amer. dial. – a hard drinker, a drunkard; one inclined to fight when drunk
n. 2. 1926 Amer. dial. – bootleg alcohol; any kind of liquor
vb. 1. 1958 Amer. dial. – to water down alcohol, particularly if it is bad
vb. 2. 20C Amer. dial. – to castrate
vb. 3. M20 US sl. – to copulate
adj. 1945 Amer. dial. – denied or deprived of position or authority; demoted or discharged 
n. 1958 Amer. dial. – a hard drinker, a drunkard; one inclined to fight when drunk 
n. 1970 Amer. dial. – a nonexistent substance used as the basis of a practical joke 
n. 1890 Sc. – a simpleton 
adj. c1330 obs. – disdainful, proud, haughty, scornful 
n. 1656 – a master of the art of dining
n. 1833 Sc. – breakfast
n. 1742 Amer. sl. – a deacon
n. 1853 sl., orig. Anglo-Indian – a look, a glance
int. 1970 Amer. dial. – a call to sheep; come!
n. M19 sl. – a look, a glance
vb. 20C sl. – to see, to look at
n. 1894 Brit. sl., orig. army sl. – a look, a glance
adj. 20C  – castrated; emasculated
vb. 1813 obs. rare – to dilapidate, to ruin
vb. 1623 obs. – to weep
n. 1792 Sc. – an accusation
n. 1616 Sc. – an informer, an accuser
adv. 1865 Sc. – continuously
adj. 1469 obs. rare – given to delay; dilatory; procrastinating
vb. 1821 Sc. – to intoxicate, to make drunk, to render ‘delirious’
adj. 1. 1824 Sc. – gone mad, out of one’s senses
adj. 2. 20C US colloq. – intoxicated with alcohol
adj. 1656 obs. rare – soothing, pacifying, mitigating; making gentle; assuaging pain
n. 1. 1790 Sc. & Eng. dial. – earthenware, crockery
n. 2. 1841 Eng. dial. – a pond
adj. 1897 Sc. – made of earthenware
n. 1874 Sc. & Eng. dial.-  earthenware, crockery 
n. 1944 sl. – diarrhoea suffered by visitors to India
n. c1954 sl., orig. & chiefly US – a delicatessen 
vb. 1. 1623 obs. – to take a little of; to taste, to sip 
vb. 2. 1655-60 obs. – to take away as a small part; to pluck, to cull
adj. E17 – able to be deleted or effaced
n. 20C US euphemism – pregnancy 
n. E19 Brit. euphemism – venereal disease, esp. gonorrhea 
n. 1727 obs. rare – delicateness; deliciousness 
vb. 1. 1633 obs. rare – to take one’s pleasure; to enjoy oneself; to indulge in delicacies; to feast; to revel; to luxuriate 
vb. 2. 1658 obs. rare – to fill with delight; to render delightful; to delight 
adj. Bk1942 Amer. sl. – excellent; first-rate 
n. 20C sl.-  semen
n. 1946 Amer. dial. – whisky; “…makes you speak the truth and gives you everlasting remembrance” 
adj. ME rare – causing delight; delightful 
adj. E16 now literary – delightful
n. L16 – a temptress; a seductive and treacherous woman
n. 1968 Amer. dial. – delirium tremens 
n. 1823 Sc. – madness 
n. 1968 Amer. dial. – delirium tremens 
n. 1968 Amer. dial. – delirium tremens 
adj. 1. Bk1942 Amer. sl. – excellent; first-rate 
adj. 2. E20 colloq. – delicious
adj. c1290 obs. – affording delight; delightful, pleasant, delectable 
adj. 1684 – lying hid, concealed, or obscured
vb. 1623 obs. rare – to scold or chide vehemently 
adj. c1400 obs. – delightful 
adv. 1825 Sc. – freely, continuously 
n. c1325 obs. exc. Eng. dial. – a hole, hollow, depression
n. 1790 Eng. dial. – a low place, overgrown with underwood 
n. 1. 1819 Eng. dial. – twilight, evening, dusk 
n. 2. 1895 Eng. dial. – daylight, daybreak 
n. Bk1903 back-slang  – money
n. L19 Brit. & US back-slang  – an old maid
n. M19 back-slang – an old woman
adj. 1965 Amer. dial. – plentiful, abundant 
adj. World War II Amer. sl. – unpleasant 
vb. 1959 Amer. dial. – to love someone 
int. B1900 Eng. dial. – an exclamation used to express pity; God help! 
n. 1790 Eng. dial. – earthenware, crockery 
n. 1810 Eng. dial. – a fir cone 
vb. 1890 Sc. – to treat with great care and attention; to caress, to fondle 
n. a1300 obs. – participation 
adj. 1804 Sc. – spoiling with kindness 
adj. B1900 Sc. – spoiled with kindness 
n. Bk1942 Amer. sl. – a heavy rain
vb. 1888 Eng. dial. – to work hard, to slave, to drudge 
int. 1. 1746 Eng. dial. obs. – an insulting expression used to a woman without any definite meaning 
int. 2. M18 Brit. – damn!
n. 1876 Eng. dial. – a dam, a weir 
vb. 1885 Eng. dial. – to command a view, to overlook, to watch 
n. B1900 Ireland – commands, commissions 
n. B1900 Sc. – a plunge, as in liquid 
vb. B1900 Sc. – to dip or plunge in liquid; to splash 
n. 1880 Eng. dial. – eccentricity 
adj. B1900 Sc. – hurt, injured, disordered 
n. B1900 Sc. – a hurt, injury of kind; the effects of a dispute or broil 
n. 17C – a woman’s genital area, her ‘domain’
adj. B1900 Sc. – quite full  
n. Bk1904 sl. – a would-be dandy 
n. 1897 Eng. dial. – an epidemic 
adj. 1879 Eng. dial. – suppurating; discharging pus 
n. M19 – a courtesan
vb. B1900 Eng. dial. – of clouds: to collect, to be obstructed 
n. E18 – a flighty woman; a woman of doubtful character
n. M20 US drug culture sl. – Demerol™ tablets or capsules
n. E18 euphemism – death
n. 1. 1554 obs. – ? order for release
n. 2. 1577-87 – the act of putting away or letting go from oneself, giving up, or laying down, especially a dignity or office; resignation, relinquishment, abdication
n. 3. a1638 rare – abasement, lowering, degradation
n. 4. 1656 obs. – dejection, depression, lowering of spirits or vitality
n. 5. a1664 obs. – a letting down
n. 6. 1708 obs. – a lowering, putting or bending down
n. 7. 1735 obs. – relinquishment of life; death
n. 8. 1811 rare – a sending away, dismissal
adj. 1630 obs. – downcast, humble, submissive
int. M18 Brit. – damn!
n. M19 euphemism – hell 
n. 1936 sl. – a demonstration
n. 1975 Amer. dial. – an otherwise intelligent dog who takes up the wrong scent, as when a rabbit hound chases a fox
n. 1. 1520 – a young lady, a maid, a girl
n. 2. 1687 – the Numidian Crane, Anthropoides virgo
n. 3. 1844 – a dragonfly
n. 4. 19C – the damsel-fish
n. 1. 1889 Aust. sl. – a police officer
n. 2. 1900 Aust. sl. – a detective
n. E20 US sl. – alcohol or liquor, esp. rum
n. Bk1892 Aust. prison sl. – police
n. 20C teen & high school sl. – someone who is unmotivated and not doing well in school
n. 1867 Eng. dial. – twilight, dusk
n. 1867 Eng. dial. – twilight, dusk
n. 1887 Sc. – a great quantity
n. 1950 Amer. dial. – a baked sweet potato
vb. 1530 obs. – to soothe, mollify, pacify, appease 
vb. 1837 obs. nonce word – to soothe or mollify a person
n. 1790 Sc. – plight 
vb. 1641 obs. – to murmur, to mutter 
n. E18 – a flighty woman; a woman of doubtful character
n. 1. 16C – the female genitals
n. 2. 1785 Sc. & Eng. dial. – a small wooded valley; a dell, glen, a deep hollow between hills 
n. M19 sl. – a shilling (5p)  
vb. 1968 Amer. dial. – to castrate an animal 
adj. 1828 Eng. dial. – dainty, fastidious, squeamish 
adj. 1684 Eng. dial. – squeamish as to food  
adj. 19C – tree-loving
n. 1888 – a lover of trees
n. 1691 Eng. dial. – a din, noise; a sound 
vb. B1900 Eng. dial. – to din, to make a noise 
n. 1839 chiefly Aust. & NZ usage – a shilling 
n. Bk1900 Sc. & Eng. dial. – a hard blow
vb. 1887 Sc. & Eng. dial. – to throw violently; to knock, to bang 
vb. B1900 Sc. – to swing, to vibrate, to quiver, to throb, to tingle; to shoot or quiver with pain 
n. 1895 Eng. dial. – a disadvantage, detriment, hindrance; loss, injury; a disappointment 
adj. 1721 Sc. – neat, nice, finely dressed 
adj. 1. 1828 Eng. dial. – dainty, fastidious, squeamish 
adj. 2. 1860 Eng. dial. – excellent 
adj. B1900 Eng. dial. – of a dainty fastidious taste or appetite; affected in speaking 
adj. B1900 Eng. dial. – of a dainty fastidious taste or appetite 
n. 1. 1866 Eng. dial. – a ‘stroke’ or clap of thunder 
n. 2. 1866 Eng. dial. – the time of greatest danger 
n. 1966 Amer. dial. – the mouth 
n. 1. Bk1942 Amer. sl. – teeth 
n. 2. 1966 Amer. dial. – false teeth 
adj. 1894 Eng. dial. – dainty, fastidious 
n. 1825 Sc. – a delicacy, a rarity; a luxury 
adv. Bk1900 Eng, dial. – well, properly, suitably
n. 1950s Amer. sl. – teeth
adj. 1. a1698 Sc. – pleasant, agreeable; worthy, excellent; fine, handsome; plump and thriving, as regarding a child 
adj. 2. 1862 Sc. – large, fair-sized; of time: considerable 
adj. Bk1900 Eng. dial. – beautiful
adj. Bk1900 Eng. dial. – handsome and conceited
adj. Bk1900 Eng. dial. – of superlative quality or manufacture
n. 1826 Sc. – the dandelion, Leontodon Taraxacum 
int. 1852 Sc. – confound you! 
vb. Bk1913-17 Amer. dial. – to retire; to hibernate 
vb. 1950 Amer. dial. – to castrate 
vb. 1623 obs. rare – to kiss eagerly or affectionately 
n. 1927 Amer. dial. – departure 
n. 20C US sl. – in a group of adolescent males: the removal of the trousers of one of their number, esp. in the presence of adolescent females
vb. 1891 Amer. dial. – to depart 
vb. E16 sl. – to die
vb. E16 – to die
vb. 1. 1726 Sc. – to testify, to asseverate, to affirm; to give evidence as a witness 
vb. 2. 1825 Sc. – to deposit 
n. 1880 Sc. – a witness 
n. 20C US sl. – an act of defecation; dung; faeces
vb. 20C sl. – to ejaculate semen
adj. B1900 Eng. dial. – weakly, ill
n. 1987 Amer. dial. – pullets’ eggs, because of their smaller size
n. 1967 Amer. dial. – deer shot illegally
n. Bk2004 Amer. World War I sl. – an egg
vb. 1646 obs. rare – to diminish the quantity or amount of; to lessen

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