– a catch phrase describing large male genitals BASKET FOR DAYS M20 US homosexual usage
– a man’s or woman’s underparts THE NETHERLANDS Bk1902 sl.
 an abnormal desire to be seen, especially genitally SCOPOPHILIA Bk1991
 an obsession with genitals EDEOMANIA Bk1991
– a phallic itch, as itching in the male genital area GALLOPING KNOB-ROT M20 Brit. military usage
– a playing with one’s genitals through a trouser pocket POCKET POOL 1940s sl.
– mutual oral stimulation of the genitals SIXTY-NINE 1888 sl.
– mutual oral stimulation of the genitals SOIXANTE-NEUF 1888 sl.
– privy parts OBSCENE PARTS 1725 obs.
– said of photographs of the female genitals that show the inner labia SPLIT BEAVER 1972 sl.
– smegma or other secretions that collect on and around the genitals DUCK BUTTER 1933 US sl.
– staring at other men’s genitals while wandering the streets BASKET PICNIC 1940s homosexual sl.
– the genital area DOWNSTAIRS 1990 Amer. sl.
– the genitals ARSENAL 1990s sl.
– the genitals ARTICLES L19 euphemism
– the genitals CREDENTIALS 1968 US sl.
– the genitals PARTS 16C euphemism
– the genitals PRIVATE PARTS 16C euphemism
– the genitals PRIVATE PROPERTY 19C colloq.
– the genitals PRIVATES 1602 sl.
– the genitals PRIVITIES 16C euphemism
– the genitals SHAME c1000 arch.
– the genitals TACKLE M16 sl.
– the genitals TEE-TEE 2004 Amer. dial.
– the genitals 1950s African-American sl.
– the genitals WHAT D’YE CALLUM 17C sl.
– the genitals, male or female FLESH 20C sl.
– the genitals of a Black person DARK MEAT 1920s US sl., usually derogatory
– the pubic or genital area AREA M20 US sl.
– the urino-genital area DOWNSTAIRS L19 sl.
– warm weather when clothing revealing the outline of the male genitals is likely to be worn  BASKET DAYS M20 US homosexual usage

– to feel a person’s genitals REEF 1962 sl.
– to fondle or attempt to fondle a person’s genitals or a woman’s breasts GROPE c1250 sl.
– to fondle someone’s genitals FEEL UP 1930 sl.
to grab by the genitals when fighting BALLOCK;  BOLLOCK;  BULLOCK M18 sl.

Updated: September 5, 2022