erect; said of the penis ANGRY1970 US sl.
– erect; said of the penis FULL 19C Brit. sl.
– erect; said of the penis HARD 17C
– erect; said of the penis HARD-ON 19C Brit. sl.
– erect; said of the penis HARD-UP 20C US sl.
– erect; said of the penis ON JACK L19 sl.
– erect; said of the penis UP 20C US sl.
– flaccid; said of the penis ON THE DANGLE 1910s sl.
– having a large penis HUNG 1600 UK sl.
– having a large penis PACKING 1990s African-American sl.
– having an impressively large penis HUNG LIKE A DONKEY 1984 UK sl.
– having an impressively large penis HUNG LIKE A JACK DONKEY 1984 UK sl.
– having a small penis HUNG LIKE A CASHEW 1998 UK sl.
– having a small penis HUNG LIKE A HAMSTER 2001 US sl.
– having a small penis HUNG LIKE A PIMPLE 1995 US sl.
– having big genitals HUNG LIKE A MALLEE BULL 20C Aust. sl.
– having large male genitals WELL-BUILT 19C Brit. & US euphemism
– having large male genitals WELL-FAVOURED BY NATURE L19 Brit. euphemism
– not circumcised UNCUT 1957 US sl.
– pert. to a man with a notably long penis DONKEY-RIGGED 19C Brit. sl.
– pert. to a man with fully developed or large genitals, slim hips, broad shoulders, and a muscular  body WELL-DEVELOPED 1769
– pert. to a man with large or very large genitals WELL-HUNG E19 colloq.
– pert. to a man with large or very large genitals or some other significant sexual characteristic WELL-ENDOWED 20C Brit. & US sl.
– pert. to a very hard erection of the penis EVERHARD M20 US sl.
– pert. to large male genitals MEAT FOR DAYS 20C US homosexual sl.
– pert. to large male genitals MEAT FOR THE POOR 20C US homosexual sl.
– semi-erect; said of the penis HALF-HARD 20C sl.
– semi-erect; said of the penis HALF-MAST 20C sl.
– with an erect penis IN ONE’S BEST CLOTHES 19C Brit. sl.
– with an erect penis IN ONE’S SUNDAY BEST 19C Brit. sl.

 a baby’s penis BUTTON 19C sl.
– a big penis YARDAGE 1970s US sl.
– a blow to the testicles MISSOURI MULE 1990s US sl.
– a boy’s penis ASPARAGUS 2003 US pornography usage
– a boy’s penis LAVEROCK c1850 Sc.
– a child’s penis TIMOTHY Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a circumcised penis ONE-EYED BOY WITH HIS SHIRTSLEEVES ROLLED UP 1960s sl.
– a circumcised penis as an object of oral sex CUT LUNCH 1985 Aust. sl.
– a flaccid penis DEAD MEAT 1960s sl.
– a flaccid penis DEAD RABBIT 1964 US sl.
– a flaccid penis DEADWOOD 1995 US sl.
– a flaccid penis FLAT TIRE 20C sl.
– a large penis STRETCHER M18 Brit. sl.
– a large penis WELT 20C Brit. military sl.
– a (long) foreskin LACE CURTAIN 1940s homosexual sl.
– a long foreskin OPERA CAPE 1960s US homosexual sl.
– a male child’s genitals TOODLES 19C US colloq.
– a malfunctioning penis BROKEN ARROW 1940s US sl.
– a man’s genitals as seen through trousers PACKAGE 1997 US sl.
– a man’s own penis CHUM 19C Brit. sl.
– an artificial penis DINGUS 1957 US sl.
– an artificial penis POTATO-FINGER 20C sl.
– an erect penis ALL FORLORN  20C British rhyming sl. for ‘horn’
– an erect penis ANTEATER 1980s US homosexual sl.
– an erect penis BARNEY Bk2006 US sl.
– an erect penis BAT E20 US sl.
– an erect penis BONE 1916 US sl.
– an erect penis BONER E20 sl., orig. US
– an erect penis BROOM-HANDLE L19 sl.
– an erect penis BUGLE 1991 Irish sl.
– an erect penis CAPTAIN STANDISH 19C Brit. sl.
– an erect penis CLOTHES PROP 19C Brit. sl.
– an erect penis DAGGER OF DESIRE 2003 UK jocular usage
– an erect penis EARLY MORN 1992 UK rhyming sl. for ‘horn’
– an erect penis ENOB 20C US back-slang for ‘bone’
– an erect penis GUIDED MISSILE 1970s African-American sl.
– an erect penis HAIL SMILING MORN 1980 UK rhyming sl. for ‘horn’
– an erect penis HARD BIT 19C Brit. sl.
– an erect penis HARD-ON L19 Brit. & US colloq.
– an erect penis HEAD 1954-60 Amer. sl.
– an erect penis ITHYPHALLUS 1889
– an erect penis JACK 19C sl.
– an erect penis JACKHAMMER 1970s US homosexual sl.
– an erect penis JACKHANDLE 1960s US sl.
– an erect penis LANCE IN REST 19C Brit. sl.
– an erect penis LANCE OF LOVE 19C Brit. sl.
– an erect penis LENGTH 2002 NZ sl.
– an erect penis LOB M20 US sl.
– an erect penis LOVE BONE 1962 US jocular usage
– an erect penis NAUGHTY NAZI SALUTE 2003 Brit. sl.
– an erect penis PANHANDLE 1990s sl.
– an erect penis PIKE sl.
– an erect penis PILE-DRIVER 19C sl.
– an erect penis PILLOCK 16C
– an erect penis POCKET ROCKET 1990s UK juvenile sl.
– an erect penis POKER 1969 US sl.
– an erect penis PULSE 19C sl.
– an erect penis ROD 1902 sl.
– an erect penis SAUSAGE M17 sl.
– an erect penis SILENT FLUTE OF LOVE 2003 UK sl.
– an erect penis SPIKE M19 sl.
– an erect penis STALK 1961 sl.
– an erect penis SUGAR-STICK E19 Brit. sl.
– an erect penis THE HORN 18C colloq.
– an erect penis WOOD 18C colloq.
– an erect penis WOODY 1985 US sl.
– an itching of the male genitals or of the groin JOCK-ITCH M20 US colloq.
 an obsession with testicles ORCHIDOMANIA Bk1991
 an obsession with the penis MENTULOMANIA Bk1991
– an uncircumcised penis AARDVARK 2002 US sl.
– an uncircumcised penis BALD-HEADED CHAMP L19 sl.
– an uncircumcised penis BALD-HEADED FRIAR L19 sl.
– an uncircumcised penis BALDHEADED HERMIT a1890 sl.
– an uncircumcised penis BALD-HEADED SAILOR L19 sl.
– an uncircumcised penis BALDPATE FRIAR L19 sl.
– an uncircumcised penis CANADIAN BACON 1970s US homosexual sl.
– an uncircumcised penis SHORT-SLEEVES 1981 US homosexual sl.
– any nasty, smelly substance (real or imagined) that accumulates around the genitals, esp. in athletes COCK-CHEESE Bk2006 US sl.
– any nasty, smelly substance (real or imagined) that accumulates around the genitals, esp. in athletes CROTCH-CHEESE Bk2006 US sl.
– a pair of testicles PAIR 1960s US sl.
– a penis that is substantially larger then expected when erect ACCORDION 1960s US homosexual sl.
– a relaxation of the scrotum WHIFFLES L18 Brit. sl.
– a sailor’s penis as an object for fellatio SALT-WATER TAFFY 1970s US homosexual sl.
– a semi-erect penis BACCHUS MARSH 1990s Aust. sl.
– a semi-erect penis HALF A MONGREL 1990s Aust. sl.
– a small penis AGATE 1967 US sl.
– a small penis BUDION 20C Ulster sl.
– a small penis BUG-FUCKER Bk2006 US sl.
– a small penis I.B.M. 1960s US sl. (Itty Bitty Meat)
– a testicle BAGSTANE 1590 Sc.
– a testicle BALLICK;  BALLOK;  BALLUK;  BALOK c1000 
– a testicle BLOB Bk1970 UK sl.
– a testicle CASTER L19 US sl.
– a testicle CULLION c1386 obs.
– a testicle DINGLEBERRY 1952 Amer. euphemism
– a testicle NARD Bk1970 US sl.
– a testicle NOBBY HALL 1992 Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘ball’
– a testicle NUT 1865 sl., orig. US
– a testicle SAMMY HALL 1992 UK rhyming sl. for ‘ball’
– itching, uncomfortable testicles SANDRA BULLOCKS 1990s sl.
– naked male genitals MALE BEAVER 1969 US sl.
– padding inserted in the trousers to resemble large genitals FALSIES 1950s sl.
– padding worn by males to project the image of a large penis FALSIE BASKET 1957 US sl.
– pain in the testicles HOT NUTS M20 sl.
– pain in the testicles HOT ROCKS M20 US sl.
– skin irritation or disease characterized by itching in the genital area, usually said of males CROTCH-ROT Bk2006 US sl.
– sunburned testicles SCALLOPED POTATOES 1970s US homosexual sl.
– the bulge of the genitals through the trousers LUNCHMEAT 1970s US homosexual sl.
– the bulge of the genitals under trousers LAUNDRY 1960s homosexual sl.
 the foreskin COLISEUM CURTAINS 2002 UK sl.
– the foreskin GUTTA-PERCHA 1920s US sl.
– the foreskin LACE 1960s US homosexual sl.
– the foreskin SKIN 19C Brit.
– the foreskin SNAPPER 1941 US sl.
– the foreskin WHICKERBILL;  WICKERBILL 1939 Amer. dial.
– the foreskin YARD-FELL 1382 obs.
– the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis LACE CARD 1941 US sl.
– the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis TOWN HALL DRAPES 2002 UK sl.
– the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis; generally plural LACE CURTAINS 1966 US homosexual sl.
– the foreskin of the penis JEWISH NIGHTCAP 20C sl.
– the glans penis BISHOP 20C sl.
– the glans penis CLEAT 19C Brit. sl.
– the glans penis POLICEMAN’S HELMET 1930s sl.
– the head of the penis ACORN 20C homosexual usage
– the head of the penis FLANGE 1960s sl.
– the male genitals ACCOUTREMENTS 19C sl.
– the male genitals ACORN IN A BIRD’S NEST Brit. sl.
– the male genitals AFFAIR 1749 sl. rare
– the male genitals APPARATUS 20C US sl.
 the male genitals ASSETS 1998 UK sl.
– the male genitals AUXILIARY 1970s US homosexual sl.
– the male genitals BAGGAGE 1970s US homosexual sl.
– the male genitals BALLS AND BAT E20 US euphemism
– the male genitals BITS 1976 UK sl.
– the male genitals BUTTONS 1691 sl. obs.
– the male genitals CADULIX 1930 Amer. dial.
– the male genitals CANASTA 1950s sl.
– the male genitals CARNAL PARTS E18
– the male genitals CARTS;  CARTZ 1992 UK sl.
– the male genitals CREDENTIALS L19 Brit. sl.
– the male genitals CROWN JEWELS 1970 sl.
– the male genitals DANGLING BITS 1979 Aust. sl.
– the male genitals DANGLY-BITS 1990s sl.
– the male genitals DEEZ 1990s African-American sl.
– the male genitals DINGBATS E20 US sl.
– the male genitals EQUIPMENT 20C US colloq.
– the male genitals FAMILY JEWELS 1916 sl., orig. US
– the male genitals GADGETS 1940s US sl.
– the male genitals GEAR 1675
– the male genitals GROIN M20 US euphemism
– the male genitals HAIRY WHEEL 19C Brit. sl.
– the male genitals JEWELRY 1910s sl.
– the male genitals JOCK L18 sl.
– the male genitals JUNK 1983 sl., orig. & chiefly US
– the male genitals KEEGRELS 1698 Sc. obs., juvenile usage
– the male genitals LADY WARE 1592 obs.
– the male genitals LADY’S WARE 1608 obs.
– the male genitals LEMON 1930s African-American sl.
– the male genitals LUGGAGE 19C Brit. colloq.
– the male genitals MACHINERY 1980s sl.
– the male genitals MATE L19 Amer. dial.
– the male genitals MEAT AND TWO VEG UK playground sl.
– the male genitals MY LOT 19C Brit. sl.
– the male genitals NAKEDNESS E17 euphemism
– the male genitals NATURAL PARTS 1601 obs.
– the male genitals NATURAL PLACES 1569 obs.
– the male genitals NATURALS 1650 obs.
– the male genitals NATURE Bk1902 sl.
– the male genitals NECESSARIES 1940s sl.
– the male genitals OKRA AND PRUNES 1980s US sl.
– the male genitals OUTFIT 20C euphemism
– the male genitals PACKAGE 1970s US sl.
– the male genitals PARTS 20C US colloq.
– the male genitals PARTS BELOW 17C euphemism
– the male genitals PEACHES 1920s African-American sl.
– the male genitals PRIDES 19C colloq.
– the male genitals PRIGGUMS B1900 Eng. dial.
– the male genitals SCEPTRE AND JEWELS M17 sl.
– the male genitals SECRETS 19C colloq.
– the male genitals SECRET WORKS M20 US sl.
– the male genitals TACKLE 18C Brit.
– the male genitals TALLYWAGS 18C sl.
– the male genitals TARRYWAGS 18C sl.
– the male genitals TIDDLYPUSH1934 Irish sl.
– the male genitals TOOLS E17 sl.
– the male genitals TWO DOTS AND A DASH 1960s US homosexual sl.
– the male genitals UNDER-RIGGING E19 sl.
– the male genitals UNDER-WORKS E19 sl.
– the male genitals VITALS 20C euphemism
– the male genitals WALLIES 1698 Sc.
– the male genitals WARE 1561 obs.
– the male genitals WITCH’S CACKLE 2003 UK rhyming sl. for ‘wedding tackle’
– the male genitals WORKS 20C sl.
– the male genitals and public hair FANCY WORK 1966 sl.
– the male genitals as seen in a jock strap or tight, skimpy underwear SNACKPACK 1988 US sl.
– the male genitals as visible through tight clothing BOB Bk2007 UK sl.
– the male genitals considered as a package; the bulging of the genitals when contained in any garment constructed like an athletic supporter BASKET M20 US homosexual sl.
– the male genitals, esp. as may be hinted at or imagined when dressed BULGE 2002 UK sl.
– the male genitals, esp. the scrotum BAG OF TRICKS 19C Brit. sl.
– the male genitals, esp. the scrotum PRACK L19 Amer. dial.
– the male genitals, esp. when large and prominent beneath tight shorts or trousers LUNCHBOX 1980s sl.
– the male genitals, esp. when large and prominent beneath tight shorts or trousers LUNCHPACK 1980s sl.
– the male genitals; the penis and testicles ADAM’S ARSENAL L19 Brit. sl.
– the male genitals;  usually a reference to the bulge in a man’s trousers PACKET Brit. homosexual sl.
– the penis AAGEY-WALA 20C Anglo-Indian
– the penis AARON’S ROD 19C sl.
– the penis ABRAHAM 19C sl.
– the penis ACE 17C sl.
– the penis ACE OF HEARTS 17C sl.
– the penis ADAM’S WHIP 1950s US sl.
– the penis AFFAIR 1749 sl. rare
– the penis ALMOND (ROCK) 1969 rhyming sl. for ‘cock’
– the penis AMBASSADOR 1927 Amer. jocular usage
– the penis ANGLE 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis ARBOR VITAE L18 sl.
– the penis ARM 20C sl.
– the penis ARROW a1382 obs.
– the penis ARROW OF DESIRE 2003 UK sl.
– the penis ARSE-OPENER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis ARSE-WEDGE 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis ARTFUL DODGER 2003 UK rhyming sl. for ‘todger’
– the penis ARTICLE M19 sl.
 the penis ASS-BREAKER 2000s sl.
– the penis ATHENEUM L19 sl.
– the penis AUGER c1910 Amer. jocular usage
 the penis AWL17C sl.
– the penis AX;  AXE 1915 Amer. sl.
– the penis BABY-FETCHER 1910s sl.
– the penis BABY-MAKER 19C sl.
– the penis BACON 1916 Amer. sl.
– the penis BACON BAZOOKA 1990s sl.
– the penis BAGADGA 1963 sl.
– the penis BAGAGA 1963 Amer. sl.
– the penis BAGPIPE 20C sl.
– the penis BALD-HEADED BANDIT 1960s sl.
 the penis BALD-HEADED BASTARD1920s sl.
– the penis BALD-HEADED MOUSE M20 US sl.
– the penis BALONEY 20C US sl.
– the penis BALONEY PONY Bk2006 US sl.
– the penis BANANA 19C sl.
– the penis BASEBALL BAT 1999 Aust. sl.
– the penis BAT E20 US sl.
– the penis BEAN-TOSSER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis BEARD-SPLITTER 19C cant
– the penis BEAVER-CLEAVER Bk2006 US sl.
– the penis BED-FELLOW L19 sl.
– the penis BEEF BAYONET 1960s sl.
– the penis BICHO 1967 US sl. (Spanish)
– the penis BIG BROTHER 1960s US homosexual sl.
– the penis BIG DADDY Bk1998 sl.
– the penis BILBO 17C obs.
– the penis BILL 2000 UK sl.
– the penis BIT OF SNUG 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis BLUE VEIN 1980s sl.
– the penis BLUE-VEINED CUSTARD CHUCKER 1990s sl.
– the penis BLUE-VEINED HAVANA 1990s sl.
– the penis BLUE-VEINED JUNKET PUMP 1980s sl.
– the penis BLUE-VEINED PICCOLO 1990s sl.
– the penis BLUE-VEINED PORRIDGE GUN 1980s sl.
– the penis BLUE-VEINED STEAK 1980s sl.
– the penis BLUE-VEINED TRUMPET 1980s sl.
– the penis BLUE-VEINED YOGHURT GUN 1980s sl.
– the penis BLUE VEINER 1980s sl.
– the penis BOLOGNA 20C US sl.
– the penis BOLONEY 20C US sl.
– the penis BORER Urquhart usage
– the penis BOWSPRIT 1741 Amer. nautical sl.
– the penis BOZACK 1987 African-American sl.
– the penis BRANCH OF CORAL Urquhart usage
– the penis BRIGHTON ROCK 1992 UK rhyming sl. for ‘cock’
– the penis BROOMSTICK 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis BUDDY 1980s US sl.
– the penis BUNGPEG Urquhart usage
– the penis BUNGUETEE Urquhart usage
– the penis BUSH BLASTER 2001 US sl.
– the penis BUSHERUSHER Urquhart usage
 the penis BUTTER-KNIFE 19C sl.
– the penis BUTTON 1785 sl. obs.
 the penis BUTTONHOLE WORKER 19C sl.
 the penis BUTT-PLUNGER 2000s US homosexual sl.
 the penis B.V.H. 1990s sl. (Blue Veined Hooligan)
– the penis CABLE M18 US sl.
– the penis CANDLE 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis CANE 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis CARK M20 US sl.
– the penis CARNAL STUMP 1694 sl.
– the penis CARTES 1702 UK sl.
– the penis CARTZO 1702 UK sl.
– the penis CATSO;  CATZO 1702 sl. obs.
– the penis CHAMPION 1900s sl.
– the penis CHERRY PICKER 2003 UK sl.
– the penis CHINGUS 1953 Amer. sl.
– the penis CHINK-STOPPER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis CHOAD;  CHODE 1968 US sl.
– the penis CHOD 2001 UK sl.
– the penis CHOPPER 1973 sl.
– the penis CLUB 17C
– the penis CLYSTER-PIPE L17 sl.
– the penis COCK c1450 sl.
– the penis COCKIE 2001 UK sl.
– the penis COD M17 sl.
– the penis COD-PIECE 17C euphemism
– the penis CODSHEAD 17C sl.
– the penis CONEY-BOROW-FERRET Urquhart usage
– the penis COPPER-STICK 19C sl.
– the penis CORAL BRANCH Urquhart usage
– the penis CORKING-PIN Urquhart usage
– the penis CRACK-HAUNTER;  CRACK-HUNTER 19C sl.
– the penis CRANK 1968 US sl.
– the penis CREAMSTICK 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis CRIMSON-CHITTERLING Urquhart usage
– the penis CRUPPER L16 sl.
– the penis CUNT-RAMMER L17 sl.
– the penis CUSTOM’S-HOUSE OFFICER Bk1903 sl.
– the penis CUTTY-GUN 19C sl.
– the penis CYCLOPS SAUSAGE DOG 2003 UK sl.
– the penis CYPRIAN SCEPTRE Urquhart usage
– the penis 1990s African-American sl.
– the penis DADGER 1997 UK sl.
– the penis DAGGER M19 sl.
– the penis DANDILOLLIE Urquhart usage
– the penis DANG 1910s sl.
– the penis DANGE 1910s sl.
– the penis DANGLE 1910s sl.
– the penis DANGLEPORK 2000s sl.
– the penis DANGLER 1927 US sl.
– the penis DANGLING HANGERS Urquhart usage
– the penis DANGUS 1930 Amer. euphemism
– the penis DARD 17C Brit. sl.
– the penis DARLING FAUCET Urquhart usage
– the penis DART 16C sl. obs.
– the penis DART OF LOVE 16C sl. obs.
– the penis DEAREST MEMBER 18C Sc.
– the penis DIBBLE 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis DICK c1888 sl.
– the penis DICKEY;  DICKIE;  DICKY c1815 sl.
– the penis DICKORY DOCK 20C Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘cock’
– the penis DIDDLE L19 Brit. sl.
– the penis DILDO(E) 1597
– the penis DILL 1988 US sl.
– the penis DILL-PIECE 2001 US sl.
– the penis DILLZY 1999 US sl.
– the penis DING 1965 US sl.
– the penis DING-A-LING 1952 US sl.
– the penis DINGBAT 20C US sl.
– the penis DING-DONG 1944 US sl.
– the penis DINGHY 1982 Bahamas sl.
– the penis DINGLE Bk2006 US sl.
– the penis DINGLE-DANGLE L19 sl.
– the penis DINGUS 1888 US sl.
– the penis DINGY Bk2006 US sl.
– the penis DINK 1888 US sl.
– the penis DINKUS 1930 Amer. euphemism
– the penis DIPSTICK 1973 sl.
– the penis DIRK 1700s sl.
– the penis DIVER 20C sl.
– the penis DOJE Bk2006 US sl.
– the penis DONG a1900 sl.
– the penis DONGA;  DONGER Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– the penis DOOB 20C Aust. juvenile sl.
– the penis DOOFLICKER 20C US sl.
– the penis DOOLITTLE M18 euphemism
– the penis DORK 1961 US sl.
– the penis DOWN THERE 20C euphemism
– the penis DRAGON Bk2006 US sl.
– the penis DRESSER Urquhart usage
– the penis DUCY 20C US colloq.
– the penis DUMMY M20 US sl.
– the penis EARTHWORM 1990s sl.
– the penis EEL 17C sl.
– the penis EGG-WHITE CANNON 1910s sl.
– the penis ELECTRIC MACHINE 1940s sl.
– the penis ENCHILADA 1970s US sl.
– the penis END L16 sl.
– the penis ENEMY 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis EVESDROPPER M17 sl.
– the penis EYE-OPENER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis FAG 20C US sl.
– the penis FAGAN;  FAGIN 1958 sl.
– the penis FAMILY ORGAN 1920s US sl.
– the penis FANG 1950 sl.
– the penis FANNY RAT 1990s sl.
– the penis FATBOY 2001 US sl.
– the penis FATHER ABRAHAM 1890 sl.
– the penis FATHER CONFESSOR 1890 sl.
– the penis FATHER-OF-ALL 19C sl.
– the penis FAUCET 1759 US sl.
– the penis FAUCETIN Urquhart usage
– the penis FIREBRAND 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis FISH L19 sl.
– the penis FISHING ROD 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis FLAPDOODLE Bk1893 sl.
– the penis FLAPPER Bk1893 sl.
– the penis FLIP-FLAP M17 sl.
– the penis FLOATER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis FLUTE 18C sl.
– the penis FOOL-STICKER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis FORK L19 sl.
– the penis FRIGGER L17 sl.
– the penis FUCKER 20C sl.
– the penis FUTILLETIE Urquhart usage
– the penis GADGET 1940s US sl.
– the penis GADSO 17C sl.
– the penis GAFF 1960s US sl.
– the penis GALBA 2003 Trinidad and Tobago
– the penis GALLANT WIMBLE Urquhart usage
– the penis GAP-STOPPER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis GARDEN Urquhart usage
– the penis GARDEN-ENGINE 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis GARDENER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis GAYING INSTRUMENT E19 Brit. sl.
– the penis GEAR-LEVER 1973 UK sl.
– the penis GENERATION TOOL 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis GIDGET 1940s US sl.
– the penis GIRL-CATCHER 19C sl.
– the penis GLISTER-PIPE L17 sl.
– the penis GLORY POLE 1950s US sl.
– the penis GOBSTOPPER 1992 UK rhyming sl. for ‘chopper’
– the penis GOOBER 1920s sl.
– the penis GRAVY-GIVER 19C sl.
– the penis GRAVY-MAKER 19C sl.
– the penis GRINDING GEAR 1970s sl.
– the penis GRINDING TOOL 19C sl.
– the penis GRUESOME AND GORY 20C rhyming sl. for ‘corie’
– the penis GUN M20 sl.
– the penis GUTHAMMER 2000s sl.
– the penis GUT-STICK 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis GUT-WRENCH 1943 Amer. jocular usage
– the penis HACHI 1954 Amer. sl., orig. military usage
– the penis HACKNEY WICK 1998 UK rhyming sl. for ‘prick’
– the penis HAIR-DIVIDER E19 Brit. sl.
– the penis HAIR-SPLITTER E19 Brit. sl.
– the penis HAIRY SAUSAGE 1990s sl.
– the penis HAMBONE 1927 Amer. dial.
– the penis HAMMER 20C Aust. & Can. sl.
– the penis HAMPTON (WICK) 1960 UK rhyming sl. for ‘prick’
– the penis HANDLE 20C US sl.
– the penis HANDSTAFF M19 Brit. sl.
– the penis HANG-DOWN 1970s sl.
– the penis HARPOON 1960 Amer. dial.
– the penis HE 1970 UK sl.
– the penis HEAT-SEEKING MISSILE 1980s US college sl.
– the penis HEAT-SEEKING MOISTURE MISSILE 1980s US college sl.
– the penis HIM 1970 UK sl.
– the penis HOBO 1910s US sl.
– the penis HODGY 1954 US sl.
– the penis HONKER 1968 US sl.
– the penis HOOTCHEE;  HOOTCHIE M20 US sl.
– the penis HORNY PIPE Urquhart usage
– the penis HOSE E20 US sl.
– the penis HOTCHEE;  HOTCHIE 1950s sl., orig. US military
– the penis HOT-ROD M20 US sl.
– the penis I.D. 1950s US sl.
– the penis ICE-CREAM MACHINE 1960s sl.
– the penis INSTRUMENT E17 Brit. euphemism
– the penis INTROMITTENT ORGAN 1870
– the penis IRISH-ROOT Bk1896 sl.
– the penis IT old euphemism
– the penis JACK 19C sl.
– the penis JACKIE ROBINSON 1950s sl.
– the penis JACK-IN-A-BOX Bk1896 sl.
– the penis JACK-IN-THE-BOX 19C sl.
– the penis JACK ROBINSON Bk1896 sl.
– the penis JACOB 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis JACQUE’S 19C sl.
– the penis JANG M20 US sl.
– the penis JAQUES 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis JARGONELLE Bk1896 sl.
– the penis JEMMISON 1953 Amer. dial.
– the penis JEMSON 1939 Amer. dial.
– the penis JEWEL FOR THE LADIES Urquhart usage
– the penis JEZEBEL Bk1896 sl.
– the penis JIGGER Bk1896 sl.
– the penis JIGGLING-BONE Bk1896 sl.
– the penis JIM JOHNSON 1934 sl.
– the penis JOCKAM M16 cant.
– the penis JOCKEY L17 cant
– the penis JOCKIE;  JOCKY L17 cant
– the penis JOCKUM;  JOCUM M16 cant.
– the penis JOHN 1934 sl.
– the penis JOHNSON M19 sl.
– the penis JOHN THOMAS 1879 sl.
– the penis JOINT 20C sl.
– the penis JOJO 1960s African-American sl.
– the penis JOLLY KYLE Urquhart usage
– the penis JOLLY MEMBER 19C sl.
– the penis JOLSON STORY 1970s rhyming sl. for ‘corie’ (the penis)
– the penis JOYSTICK 1916  US sl.
– the penis JT 1923 UK sl. (John Thomas)
– the penis KAZOO.1960s sl.
– the penis KEY L18 Brit. sl.
– the penis KIELBASA 1978 US sl.
– the penis KING-MEMBER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis KNACK 19C sl.
– the penis KNICK-KNACK 19C Brit. & US sl.
– the penis KNOB 19C colloq.
– the penis KNOCK 18C Brit. sl.
– the penis KOJAK’S MONEYBOX 2003 UK sl.
– the penis LABOURER OF NATURE 17C sl.
– the penis LADIES’ DELIGHT 19C sl.
– the penis LADIES’ LOLLIPOP;  LADIES’ LOLLYPOP 19C Brit. jocular euphemism
– the penis LADIES’ PLAYTHING 19C sl.
– the penis LADIES’ TREASURE 19C sl.
– the penis LAKA 1960s US homosexual sl.
– the penis LAMB CANNON 1990s sl.
– the penis LAMP OF LIFE 19C Brit. euphemism
– the penis LAMP OF LIGHT 19C sl.
– the penis LANCE 1622 sl.
– the penis LANGOLEE 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis LARGE LAD 20C Irish sl.
– the penis LARYDOODLE 19C Brit. colloq.
– the penis LEATHER-STRETCHER 18C sl.
– the penis LEVER Urquhart usage
– the penis LIFE-PRESERVER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis LINGY 1982 Bahamas sl.
– the penis LINKIE PINKIE Urquhart usage
– the penis LITTLE DILLE Urquhart usage
– the penis LITTLE GUY WITH THE HELMET 2001 US sl.
– the penis LITTLE MAN 1998 UK sl.
– the penis LITTLE PIERCER Urquhart usage
– the penis LIVING FLUTE 18C sl.
– the penis LIZARD 1962 Amer. sl.
– the penis LONG DONG SILVER 1980s US sl.
– the penis LOVE GUN 1970s US sl.
– the penis LOVE MUSCLE 1958 Amer. jocular usage
– the penis LUCY 20C Amer. dial.
– the penis LUNG-DISTURBER 20C sl.
– the penis LUSTY ANDOUILLE Urquhart usage
– the penis LUTE 17C sl.
– the penis MACHINE 1749 sl.
– the penis MAD MICK 20C Aust. rhyming sl. for ‘prick’
– the penis MAGGOT 20C sl.
– the penis MAGIC WAND 1950s sl.
– the penis MAN M18 sl.
– the penis MAN MUSCLE 1970s African-American sl.
– the penis MAN-ROOT 19C sl.
– the penis MAN THOMAS E17 sl.
– the penis MARQUIS (OF LORNE) M19 rhyming sl. for ‘horn’
– the penis MARROWBONE 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis MARROWBONE-AND-CLEAVER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis MARROW-PUDDING 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis MASTER OF CEREMONIES 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis MASTERPIECE 19C Brit. sl. & jocular usage
– the penis MATCH L19 Amer. dial.
– the penis MATRIMONIAL PEACEMAKER L18 Brit. colloq.
– the penis MEAT 1595 sl.
– the penis MEATHOOK 1978 Amer. sl.
– the penis MEAT TOOL 1965 Amer. jocular usage
– the penis MEAT WHISTLE 1965 US sl.
– the penis MEMBRETOON Urquhart usage
– the penis MERRYMAKER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis MICKEY;  MICKY 1922 sl.
– the penis MIDDLE FINGER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis MIDDLE LEG 1922 sl.
– the penis MIDDLE STUMP 20C Brit. cricketers’ sl.
– the penis MISTER HAPPY;  MR. HAPPY 1984 sl., orig. US
– the penis MISTER WINKY 2001 US sl.
– the penis MOBY (DICK) L19 rhyming sl. for ‘dick’
– the penis MODIEWART 18C Sc.
– the penis MODIGGER Bk1971 US students’ sl.
– the penis MONKEY 1978 Amer. sl.
– the penis MOUSE 19C sl.
– the penis MOWDIEWARK;  MOWDIWORT 18C Sc.
– the penis MR. COOL 2000s rhyming sl. for ‘tool’
– the penis MR. HAPPY HELMET 1990s sl.
– the penis MR. HORNER L19 sl.
– the penis MR. TOM 1970s African-American sl.
– the penis MR. WINKY 2001 US sl.
– the penis MUTTON M19 sl.
– the penis MUTTON DAGGER 20C sl.
– the penis MY MAN THOMAS 17C Brit. colloq.
– the penis NAG 1675 sl.
– the penis NATURAL MEMBER 17C
– the penis NATURE 2002 US sl.
– the penis NATURE’S SCYTHE 1766 sl.
– the penis NEBUCHADNEZZAR B1900 sl.
– the penis NEEDLE 1632 sl.
– the penis NERVE 1662 obs. rare
– the penis NERVOUS-CANE M17 sl.
– the penis NIGHT CRAWLER 1970s US sl.
– the penis NIMROD 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis NINE-INCH KNOCKER 17C sl.
– the penis NOB E19 sl.
– the penis NOODLE 1975 US sl.
– the penis NOONEY M20 US homosexual sl.
– the penis NOSE Shakespeare usage
– the penis NUDGER M20 Brit. sl.
– the penis OBELISK 19C sl.
– the penis OBOE 1990s sl.
– the penis OKLAHOMA TOOTHBRUSH 1994 US sl.
– the penis OKRA 1920s US sl.
– the penis OLD BILL 1998 UK sl.
– the penis OLD BLIND BOB 18C sl.
– the penis OLD BLOKE 1992 Aust. sl.
– the penis (THE) OLD BOY 1943 US sl.
– the penis OLD CHAP 1992 UK sl.
– the penis OLD DAD 1969 Amer. dial.
– the penis OLD GENT 2000 UK sl.
– the penis OLD HORNEY;  OLD HORNIE;  OLD HORNY 18C sl.
– the penis OLD MAN 1902 sl.
– the penis OLD ROWLEY M17 sl.
– the penis OLD SLIMEY M17 sl.
– the penis OLD SMOKY 1953 US sl.
– the penis (THE) OLD SOLDIER 1977 US sl.
– the penis OLD THING 1960s US euphemism
– the penis ONE L19 sl.
– the penis ONE-ARMED TROUSER WORM 1980s sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED BOB 1910s sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED BROTHER 1990s African-American sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED CYCLOPS 1990s sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED GUARDSMAN 1910s sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED MILKMAN 20C Brit. sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED MONSTER 1960s US sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED PANTS MOUSE Bk2006 US sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED PANTS PYTHON 1930s sl., orig. Aust.
– the penis ONE-EYED ROCKET 1910s sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED STAG L18 sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED TROUSER MOUSE 1930s sl., orig. Aust.
– the penis ONE-EYED TROUSER-SNAKE 1968 sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED WONDER WORM 1980s sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED WORM 1980s sl.
– the penis ONE-EYED ZIPPER FISH 1990s sl.
– the penis ONE-HOLED FLUTE 18C sl.
– the penis ON THE HOB 2003 UK rhyming sl for ‘knob’
– the penis ORGAN 1903 UK euphemism
– the penis ORGAN GRINDER 1920s US sl.
– the penis PADLOCK 1960s UK rhyming sl. for ‘cock’
– the penis PAJAWONK 1940s US sl.
– the penis PAJONK 1940s US sl.
– the penis PANT-WORM 1990s US prison sl.
– the penis PARTNER 19C sl.
– the penis PASSION 1950s Aust. sl.
– the penis PASSION STICK 1950s Aust. sl.
– the penis PAT AND MICK 19C Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘prick’
– the penis PATOOTIE 1920s US sl.
– the penis PECKER 19C sl., chiefly US
– the penis PECNOSTER 19C sl.
– the penis PEE-WEE 19C nursery sl.
– the penis PEGO 1680 sl.
– the penis PENCIL 1937 sl.
– the penis PERCY 20C Aust. sl.
– the penis PETER 1902 sl.
– the penis PIKESTAFF 18C Brit. sl.
– the penis PILGRIM’S STAFF 18C Brit. sl.
– the penis PILLICOCK 1300-25 obs.
– the penis PIPE 1727 US
– the penis PISSER 19C colloq.
– the penis PLACKET-RACKET Urquhart usage
– the penis PLONKER 1947 sl.
– the penis POKER 1811 sl.
– the penis POLE 17C sl.
– the penis POLL-AXE Shakespeare usage
– the penis POLYPHEMUS 19C obs.
– the penis POPSICLE 1980s US homosexual sl.
– the penis PORK M19 sl.
– the penis PORK-CHOPPER 1960s US sl.
– the penis PORK LEG 1970s US sl.
– the penis PORK SWORD 1940s sl.
– the penis POST colloq.
– the penis POTATO-FINGER Shakespeare usage
– the penis POUTING STICK Urquhart usage
– the penis PRETTY BOARER Urquhart usage
– the penis PRETTY PILLICOCK Urquhart usage
– the penis PRETTY ROGUE Urquhart usage
– the penis PRICK 1592 sl.
– the penis PRIVATE HARDWARE Urquhart usage
– the penis PRIVY MEMBER 17C Brit. euphemism
– the penis PRONG 1969 sl.
– the penis PUD 1939 sl.
– the penis PUDDING 1719 sl.
– the penis PULSE 19C sl.
– the penis PUMP 17C sl.
– the penis PUMP-HANDLE E18 Brit. sl.
– the penis PUP M20 sl.
– the penis PURPLE PORK M19 sl.
– the penis PURPLE-HELMETED JUNKET GUN 1980s sl.
– the penis PUSHER Urquhart usage
– the penis PUTZ 1934 sl., chiefly US
– the penis QUICKSET IMP Urquhart usage
– the penis QUILL 17C sl.
– the penis QUILLETY Urquhart usage
– the penis QUIMSTAKE 19C sl.
– the penis QUIM-STICK 19C sl.
– the penis QUIMWEDGE 19C sl.
– the penis RADISH L19 sl.
– the penis RALPH 1980s US students’ sl.
– the penis RAM E17 sl.
– the penis RAMMER L17 sl.
– the penis RAMROD 1768 sl.
– the penis RANGER 17C sl.
– the penis REBELLIOUS HENCHMAN 2003 Brit. sl.
– the penis RECTOR OF THE FEMALES 1647-80 sl.
– the penis RIFLE 17C Brit.
– the penis RIG 1964 sl.
– the penis RODNEY 1960s sl.
– the penis ROGER M17 Brit. sl.
– the penis ROLLING-PIN 19C colloq.
– the penis ROLY-POLY M19 sl.
– the penis ROMAN CANDLE M19 homosexual sl.
– the penis ROOSTER 19C US euphemism for ‘cock’
– the penis ROOT L16 sl.
– the penis RUDDER E17 Brit. sl.
– the penis RUDDY SAUSAGE Urquhart usage
– the penis RUFFIAN 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis RUPERT 1960s sl.
– the penis SAINT PETER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis SALAMI 2000 US sl.
– the penis SALTY YOGURT SLINGER 1990s sl.
– the penis SAUCEPAN HANDLE 2000s sl.
– the penis SAUSAGE M17 sl.
– the penis SAZEECH 1960s US sl.
– the penis SCALLYWAG 1990s US sl.
– the penis SCEPTER;  SCEPTRE  M17 sl.
– the penis SCHLONG;  SHLONG 1967 Brit. sl.
– the penis SCHMEKEL 20C sl.
– the penis SCHMENDRICH;  SHMENDRICK  20C US sl., used derisively by women
– the penis SCHMOCK 20C US sl.
– the penis SCHMUCK;  SHMUCK 20C Brit. sl.
– the penis SCONCE;  SKONCE L18 sl.
– the penis SHAFT OF DELIGHT M18 sl.
– the penis SHAFT L18 sl.
– the penis SHISHKEBOB 1999 US rhyming sl. for ‘knob’
– the penis SHORT ARM World War II sl.
– the penis SHUTTLE L17 euphemism
– the penis SHVANCE 20C sl.
– the penis SHVONTZ 1965 US sl.
– the penis SHWANTZ 1965 US sl.
– the penis SILENT FLUTE 1788 UK
– the penis SIR MARTIN WAGSTAFFE 1653 sl.
– the penis SKIN-DIVER M20 US sl.
– the penis SKIN FLUTE 1941 US sl.
– the penis SNAKE 19C sl.
– the penis SNAPPER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis SNORKER 1971 Aust. sl.
– the penis SOSS 1998 NZ sl.
– the penis SOSSY 1998 NZ sl.
– the penis SPICY PORK ROLL M19 sl.
– the penis SPIGOT M17 sl.
– the penis SPIKEBIT Urquhart usage
– the penis SPIT-FIRE MACHINE 1940s sl.
– the penis SPLINKY 1999 US sl.
– the penis SPLIT MUTTON 17C sl.
– the penis SPOUT 19C sl.
– the penis ST. PETER 19C sl.
– the penis STAFF OF LOVE 1694
– the penis STOP-GAP Urquhart usage
– the penis STOPPLE Urquhart usage
– the penis STORMY DICK 20C US rhyming sl. for ‘prick’
– the penis STRAP M20 US sl.
– the penis STRUNT 1608 cant
– the penis STUFF M20 US sl.
– the penis STUMP 17C Brit.
– the penis SUCKER 1730 sl.
– the penis SWAGDANGLE Urquhart usage
– the penis SWIPE 1967 African-American sl.
– the penis TACKET Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– the penis TACO 1990s US teen sl.
– the penis TACO BELL 1990s US teen sl.
– the penis TADDLER 1900s sl.
– the penis TADGER 1951 sl.
– the penis TAIL 1362
– the penis TAIL-PIKE M14 sl.
– the penis TAIL-PIN M14 sl.
– the penis TAIL-PIPE 19C sl.
– the penis TAIL-TACKLE 19C US sl.
– the penis TAIL-TREE 18C Sc.
– the penis TAIL-TRIMMER M14 sl.
– the penis TAILY 1982 US sl.
– the penis TALLEYWHACKER 1941 Amer. dial.;  TALLIWHACKER 1956 Amer. dial.;  TALLYWACKER 1966 US sl.;  TALLYWHACKER L19 US colloq.
– the penis TALLOW WHACKER 1981 Amer. dial.
– the penis TALLYWAG L18 sl.
– the penis TALLYWAGGER 20C sl.
– the penis TALLYWOCK L18 sl.
– the penis TAMBOO BAMBOO 1980 Trinidad and Tobago
– the penis TAN TROUSER SNAKE 1930s sl., orig. Aust.
– the penis TANTRUM L17 sl.
– the penis TARSE c1000 obs.
– the penis TAW 1972 Sc., juvenile usage
– the penis TELESCOPE Bk1968 US students’ euphemism
– the penis TERSE c1000 obs.
– the penis THE BALDY MAN Bk2007 Sc. sl.
– the penis THE LAD 20C Irish sl.
– the penis THE OLD ADAM 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis THE OLD FELLOW c1888 US sl.
– the penis THING c1386 sl.
– the penis THOMAS 18C Brit. sl.
– the penis THORN Bk1982 euphemism
– the penis THORN-IN-THE-FLESH 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis THREE-CARD TRICK 2000s rhyming sl. for ‘prick’
– the penis TICKLE-TAIL B1900 sl.
– the penis TICKLE-TOBY L17 sl.
– the penis TILLYWHACKER 20C sl.
– the penis TOCKLEY 1990s Aust. sl.
– the penis TODGER 1951 sl.
– the penis TOGGER L19 sl.
– the penis TOM M19 sl.
– the penis TOMMIE;  TOMMY 1886 Amer. dial.
– the penis TOMMYHAWK 1938 Amer. dial.
– the penis TOM-TOM M19 sl.
– the penis TONGE E20 Brit. military sl.
– the penis TONK 1970 sl.
– the penis TOOL 1553
– the penis TOOLEYWAG L18 sl.
– the penis TOUCH-TRAP 1653 sl. obs.
– the penis TOWER DOCK 2000s sl.
– the penis TOY 19C Brit. colloq.
– the penis TRAPSTICK 17C sl.
– the penis TREE OF LIFE 19C euphemism
– the penis TREE OF LOVE 19C euphemism
– the penis TROUSER SNAKE 1976 sl.
– the penis TRUNNION Urquhart usage
– the penis TUBE 1922 sl.
– the penis TUBE STEAK 1980s US sl.
– the penis TUBESTEAK OF LOVE 1980s US sl.
– the penis TUMMY BANANA Bk2007 sl.
– the penis TURKEY NECK 1950s sl.
– the penis UNCLE BOB 1992 UK rhyming sl. for ‘knob’
– the penis UNCLE DICK 1960 UK rhyming sl. for ‘prick’
– the penis UNCLE JOHN 2000s sl.
– the penis UNCLE THOMAS 1920s US sl.
– the penis UNDERCARRIAGE 1990s sl.
– the penis UNEMPLOYED 1971 Aust. sl.
– the penis UNIT 1970s sl.
– the penis UNRULY MEMBER 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis VEINY BANG-STICK 1990s sl.
– the penis VEINY LOVE-STALK 1990s sl.
– the penis VERGE a1400 obs.
– the penis VESTRY-MAN 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis VINEGAR STICK 2000s sl.
– the penis VIRGA 19C euphemism
– the penis VIRILE MEMBER 18C
– the penis WACKER 1990s sl.
– the penis WALLIE;  WALLY 1990s students’ sl.
– the penis WALLOPER 1980s Aust. sl.
– the penis WAND 17C Brit. sl.
– the penis WANG;  WHANG 1935 sl., orig. & chiefly US
– the penis WANGDOODLE;  WHANGDOODLE 1970s US sl.
– the penis WANGER;  WHANGER 1939 sl., orig. & chiefly US
– the penis WANG-WANG 1930s sl., orig. US
– the penis WANKER 1940s sl.
– the penis WATER-BOTTLE M17 sl.
– the penis WEAPON a1000 sl.
– the penis WEE MAN 1990s Irish sl.
 the penis WEENIE; WEENY 1911 sl.
– the penis WEE-WEE 1964 sl.
– the penis WHACKER 20C US sl.
– the penis WHAMMER 20C sl.
– the penis WHANGBONE 20C sl.
– the penis WHAT 19C Brit. euphemism
– the penis WHICKERBILL;  WICKERBILL 1939 Amer. dial.
– the penis WHIP M20 sl.
– the penis WICK 1960 UK rhyming sl. for ‘prick’ (Hampton Wick)
– the penis WIGGA-WAGGA E20 Brit. sl.
– the penis WILLIE;  WILLY 1905 sl.
– the penis WIMBLE 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis WINGDOODLE 1970s US sl.
– the penis WING-WANG 1930s sl., orig. US
– the penis WINKIE 1970s sl.
– the penis WINKLE 1970s sl.
– the penis WIRE 20C Brit. & US sl.
– the penis WOLVER 1967 UK rhyming sl. formed from Midlands’ town Wolverhampton as an elaboration of ‘hampton’, the shortened form of ‘hampton wick’ (prick)
– the penis WOMB BROOM 1973 US sl.
– the penis WOMB DUSTER 1977 US sl.
– the penis WOMB SWEEPER 1978 US sl.
– the penis WONDER WAND 2001 US sl.
– the penis WONG M20 US sl.
– the penis WOOTER 1981 US sl.
– the penis WORM 17C sl.
– the penis WRIGGLING POLE L17 sl.
– the penis WRIGGLING STICK E18 sl.
– the penis WYATT EARP 1970s UK rhyming sl. for ‘curp’
– the penis YANG 1983 US sl.
– the penis YANG-YANG 1970s US sl.
– the penis YARD 1379 obs.
– the penis YARD MEASURE L19 Brit. sl.
– the penis YARDSTICK 1975 US sl.
– the penis YEARD 19C sl.
– the penis YING-YANG 1950s sl.
– the penis YOGHURT TRUCK 1990s sl.
– the penis YUTZ 1980s sl.
– the penis ZIPPERFISH 1990s sl.
– the penis ZUBRIC;  ZUBRICK E20 services’ sl.
– the penis and testicles MARRIAGE GEAR M19 sl.
– the penis and the pubic hair SNAKE IN THE GRASS 20C sl.
– the penis and the scrotum containing the testicles VIRILIA 1962
– the penis; a personification of the penis MASTER JOHN THURSDAY 17C
– the penis; a personification of the penis MISTER TOM M20 African-American sl.
– the penis, esp. a child’s penis NIPPY 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis, esp. a small one SHRIMP 20C sl.
– the penis, esp. if small, or that of a child WEENIE 20C US sl.
– the penis, esp. that of a child DOODLE 18C colloq.
– the penis, esp. that of a child DUDDLE 18C colloq.
– the penis, esp. that of a child WAG 20C US
– the penis, esp. that of a child WHISTLE 19C Brit. colloq.
– the penis, esp. that of a child WIGGLE 20C US
– the penis, esp. when flaccid or diseased HANGING JOHNNY 19C Brit. sl.
– the penis, esp. when large BABY’S ARM 1960s sl.
– the penis; generally said of a penis of heroic dimensions KIDNEY-SCRAPER 1888 US sl.
– the penis; generally said of a penis of heroic dimensions KIDNEY-WIPER 1888 US sl.
– the penis in the context of fellatio HAIR PIE 1970s US sl.
– the penis in the context of fellatio HAIRY PIE 1970s US sl.
– the penis of a Black man JUNGLE MEAT 1960s homosexual usage
– the penis of a child CARROT 17C sl.
– the penis of a child WINKLE 19C Brit. juvenile usage
– the penis of a Japanese homosexual man SAMURAI SWORD 1980s US homosexual sl.
– the penis that has become flaccid when an erection is to be preferred FLOP ON 2003 UK sl.
– the penis, usually in the context of fellatio BLUE-VEIN SALAMI 1990s sl.
– the penis, with reference to copulation with prostitutes WHORE-PIPE 1791 Brit. sl.
– the posterior ridge of the glans penis KNOT 19C Brit. sl.
– the scrotum BAG 1921 Amer. sl.
– the scrotum BAG OF TRICKS 19C Brit. sl.
– the scrotum BALL-BAG L19 sl.
– the scrotum BALLOCK-COD c1450 obs.
– the scrotum JELLY-BAG Bk1896 sl.
– the scrotum NADBAG 1990s sl.
– the scrotum NUTBAG 1971 Amer. sl.
– the scrotum NUTSACK 1971 Amer. sl.
– the scrotum PRACK L19 Amer. dial.
– the scrotum RAISIN BAG 1990s Can. sl.
– the scrotum SACK L19 sl.
– the scrotum SACK O’ NUTS 1970s African-American sl.
– the scrotum SADDLE BAGS 1990s sl.
– the scrotum SATCHEL 2000s sl.
– the scrotum TADPOLE CARRIER 1990s sl.
– the scrotum TOOL BAG colloq.
– the scrotum and its contents; the testicles; that which a man needs to father his descendants FUTURE M20 US sl.
– the scrotum and penis BOX 1965 Amer. homosexual sl.
 the testicles AARON’S BELLS1681 obs.
– the testicles ACHER 1960s sl.
– the testicles ACORNS 1975 Amer. euphemism
– the testicles ACRE 1990s sl.
– the testicles AGATES 1941 US sl.
– the testicles AGGOTS 1940s US sl.
– the testicles ALA-ALA’S 1981 Hawaiian youth sl.
– the testicles ALLS-BAY Bk2007 US sl.
– the testicles APPLES 19C sl.
 the testicles APRICOTS1960s Aust. sl.
– the testicles BAGS 1954 US sl.
– the testicles BALLS a1325 sl.
 the testicles BALLYX L17 sl.
– the testicles BANGERS 20C sl.
– the testicles BANGLES Bk2007 sl.
– the testicles BUTTONS 1691 sl. obs.
– the testicles CANNON-BALLS Bk1891 sl.
– the testicles CHESTNUTS 20C US sl.
– the testicles CHIMES 1960 US jocular usage
– the testicles CHONES Bk2006 US sl.
– the testicles CHOOMS Bk2006 US sl.
– the testicles CLANGERS 20C Brit. sl.
– the testicles CLAPPERS E20 Brit. sl.
– the testicles CLINKERS 20C Ulster sl.
– the testicles CLOCK-WEIGHTS 19C Brit. sl.
– the testicles COBBLER’S (AWLS) 1936 rhyming sl. for ‘balls’
– the testicles COBBLER’S STALLS 20C rhyming sl. on ‘balls’
– the testicles COCONUTS 1990s sl.
– the testicles CODS L18 sl.
– the testicles COGS L18 sl.
– the testicles COJONES 20C US sl. (the ‘j’ is pronounced as an ‘h’)
– the testicles CREAM CRACKERS 20C Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘knackers’
– the testicles CROAGIES 1985 US sl.
– the testicles CROWN JEWELS 1970 sl.
– the testicles CRYSTALS Bk2006 US sl.
– the testicles CUTS 20C US sl.
– the testicles DAMSONS 16C sl. obs.
– the testicles DANGLERS M19 sl.
– the testicles DANGLY-BITS 1990s sl.
– the testicles DEEZ NUTS 1990s African-American sl.
– the testicles DIAMONDS 20C US sl.
– the testicles DINGDONGS 1957 US sl.
– the testicles DUSTERS 1950s sl., orig. military sl.
– the testicles EGGS 20C jocular usage
– the testicles EGGS IN THE BASKET 1940s US homosexual sl.
– the testicles FAMILY JEWELS 1916 sl., orig. US
– the testicles FLOWERS AND FROLICS 1940s rhyming sl. for ‘ballocks’
– the testicles FRICK AND FRACK 1980s African-American sl.
– the testicles FUN AND FROLICS 19C Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘ballocks’
– the testicles GEARS 1952 US sl.
– the testicles GINGAMBOBS B1900 obs.
– the testicles GNERTS 20C US sl.
– the testicles GOBSTOPPERS 2002 UK sl.
– the testicles GONIES 1970 US sl.
– the testicles GOOBER 1940s sl.
– the testicles GOOLEYS;  GOOLIES  L18 sl.
– the testicles GOONS L18 sl.
– the testicles HANGERS L16 sl.
– the testicles HAW MAWS 1988 Sc. rhyming sl. for ‘baws’
– the testicles JEWELS E20 US sl.
– the testicles JIGGAMBOBS;  JIGGUMBOBS 1785 sl.
– the testicles JIGGLY BITS 1990s sl.
– the testicles KAKS 20C Irish sl.
– the testicles KANAKAS 20C Aust. sl.
– the testicles KELKS 19C Eng. dial.
– the testicles KNACKERS 1866 sl.
– the testicles KNICK-KNACKS 19C Brit. & US sl.
– the testicles KNOCKERS 20C Brit. & US sl.
– the testicles LADY’S JEWELS M18 sl.
– the testicles LOVE GRENADES 2000s sl.
– the testicles LOVE-APPLES 19C Brit. sl.
– the testicles MARBLES 19C Brit. & US sl.
– the testicles MAX WALLS 1992 Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘balls’
– the testicles MAXIES 1992 Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘balls’ (Max Walls)
– the testicles MOTHER NATURE’S MARACAS 2003 UK sl.
– the testicles NACKERS 1880 sl.
– the testicles NADGERS 1998 Brit. sl.
– the testicles NADS 1964 US sl.
– the testicles NAGS 19C Brit. sl.
– the testicles NAKERS M19 sl.
– the testicles NARDS M20 US sl.
– the testicles NECESSARIES E20 Brit. sl.
– the testicles NERTS 1930s sl.
– the testicles NIAGARA FALLS 1943 Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘balls’
– the testicles NIAGARAS 1943 Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘balls’ (Niagara Falls)
– the testicles NICK-NACKS 18C sl.
– the testicles NUGGETS 20C US colloq.
– the testicles NUGGIES 20C US colloq.
– the testicles NUGS 20C US colloq.
– the testicles NURTS 20C US sl.
– the testicles NUTCRACKERS 1998 Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘knackers’
– the testicles OLLIES 1970s sl.
– the testicles ORCHESTRAS 19C Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘balls’ (Orchestra Stalls)
– the testicles ORCHESTRA STALLS 19C Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘balls’
– the testicles ORKS E19 Brit. rhyming sl. (orks = orchestra stalls, rhyming sl. for ‘balls’)
– the testicles PEBBLES 19C Brit. sl.
– the testicles PILLS 1937 sl.
– the testicles PIPS 1965 Sc.
– the testicles QUONGS 2002 UK sl.
– the testicles ROCKS 1948 sl.
– the testicles ROLLIES E20 Brit rhyming sl. for bollocks (Tommy Rollocks)
– the testicles ROLLOCKS 20C Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘bollocks’
– the testicles SALADA CRACKERS 1980s Aust. prison rhyming sl. for ‘knackers’
– the testicles SEALS 19C Brit. sl.
– the testicles SEEDS 1927 Amer. dial.
– the testicles SLABS 20C back-slang for ‘balls’
– the testicles STONES 1154 sl.
– the testicles TADPOLE FACTORY 2003 UK sl.
– the testicles TALLYWAGS 18C sl.
– the testicles TARRYWAGS 18C sl.
– the testicles TOWNS 2001 UK rhyming sl. on ‘town hall’ for ‘ball(s)’
– the testicles TOY DOLLS 1988 Sc. sl.
– the testicles TWINS 20C US sl.
– the testicles VESTIBULES 2003 UK sl.
– the testicles WHENNYMEGS 19C Eng. dial.
– the testicles WHIRLYGIGS 17C Brit. sl.
– the testicles YARBLES 1970s sl.
– the testicles and the scrotum DADDY-BAG 1990s African-American sl.
– the testicles hanging in the scrotum SADDLES 2004 UK sl.
– very small testicles AUNT POLLYS 2000s African-American sl.

– a homosexual male or a woman who is attracted to men with large penises SIZE QUEEN 1963 sl.
– a male who exposes his genitals WEENIE-WAGGER;  WIENIE-WAGGER 1980s police sl.
– a male with an uncircumcised penis AARDVARK 2002 US sl.
– a man having a small penis NEEDLEDICK 1969 Amer. sl.
– a man known to be ‘well-hung’ WHOPPER-CHOPPER M20 services’ sl., nickname
– a man who wears clothes that deliberately emphasize the penis, or who exposes the genitals DANGLE QUEEN 1980s US homosexual sl.
– a man with a large penis BATMAN 1983 US sl.
– a man with a large penis BATTER 1972 US sl.
– a man with large genitals BASKET PARTY 1972 US homosexual sl.
– a man without genitals RASCAL L18 sl.
– an exhibitionist of the penis; a flasher DANGLER 1927 US sl.
– an exhibitionist; one who brags about his size WANDA WANDWAVER Bk1972 homosexual sl. 
– a person who isn’t very secretive about eyeing others; one who ogles male crotches BASKET-WATCHER Bk1972 homosexual sl.
– a person who wears tight trousers for sexual display BASKET WEAVER 1965 US sl.
– a well-endowed man TAURUS Bk1972 homosexual sl.
– ‘one whose scrotum is relaxed as to be longer than his penis’ RANTALLION L18 sl.
– the possessor of a larger-than-average penis HEAVYWEIGHT Bk1972 US homosexual sl.

– he smells of genital sweat or semen THE GLUE-POT HAS COME UNSTUCK 1890 sl.
– pert. to extremely large male genitals TONS OF BASKET 20C US homosexual usage
– pert. to extremely large male genitals, esp. a large penis TONS OF MEAT M20 US homosexual usage
– referring to a man’s genitals, less than averagely endowed NADA TO VADA IN THE LARDER 2002 Brit. sl.
– said before exposing one’s penis EXCUSE ME WHILE I WHIP THIS OUT 2000s African-American teen sl.
– used of the penis when erect IN HIS SUNDAY BEST L19 sl.
– used of the penis when erect THE OLD MAN HAS HIS SUNDAY CLOTHES ON L19 sl.
– used to describe an extra-large penis LIKE A BABY’S ARM WITH AN APPLE IN ITS FIST 1930s sl.

– to cut off a penis BOBBITT 1990s sl.
– to expose one’s genitals as a means of sexual gratification FLASH 1846 sl.
– to feel a person’s genitals REEF 1962 sl.
– to fondle someone’s genitals TAKE SOMEONE’S PULSE 1970s homosexual sl.
– to grope someone’s genitals through their clothing READ BRAILLE 1960s US homosexual sl.
– to have a semi-erect penis BACCHUS MARSH 1990s Aust. sl.
– to play with one’s genitals through a trouser pocket PLAY POCKET BILLIARDS 1940s sl.
– to play with one’s genitals through a trouser pocket PLAY POCKET PINBALL 1940s sl.
– to play with one’s genitals through a trouser pocket PLAY POCKET POOL 1940s sl.
– to pull back the foreskin of the penis for inspection or as part of masturbating PEEL YOUR BANANA 2002 US sl.
– to receive an accidental blow to the scrotum SACK IT 2000 UK sl.
– to release the penis from the confines of the trousers WHIP IT OUT 1997 US sl.
– to reveal one’s genitals to another man TAKE ONE’S MEAT OUT OF THE BASKET 1940s homosexual sl.
– to scratch or rearrange one’s genitals visibly (through one’s clothes) DIG ONESELF M20 US colloq.
– to tuck the male genitals into the left or right trouser leg PACK 1972 US sl.
– to undo clothing and liberate the penis UNBUTTON THE MUTTON 1971 Aust. sl.
– to withdraw the foreskin from the penis, either as a part of a medical inspection or masturbation SKIN IT BACK 2002 US sl.

Updated: September 5, 2022