Reverse Dictionary: ACH – ACTN

– aching, hurt; also, sad, heart-rending ACHY-BREAKY 1992 colloq. 
– aching; painful MISERISH Bk1942 Amer. sl. 
– aching, quivering, tingling DIRLING 1853 Sc. 
– aching with a dull pain NAGGY Bk1903 Eng. dial. 
– suffering from aches ACHEY;  ACHY 1878 
– aches and pains; twisting or contorting of the body, induced by pain CRINKS AND CRANKS 1865 Eng. dial.
– a muscular ache or pain; a feeling of stiffness in the muscles CRICKLE 1680 obs. rare
– a muscular ache or pain; a feeling of stiffness in the muscles CRICKLING a1644 obs. rare
– an ache, a pain WARCH c900 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– an ache, a pain WARK c900 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– an ache or pain MISERY 1827 Amer. dial. 
– an ache or pain THE MISERY 1832 Amer. dial. 
– an aching state ACHAGE 1878 rare, humorous usage  
– to ache YAIK Bk1905 Sc. 
– to ache YAUK 1898 Sc. 
– to ache YAW 1887 Sc. 
– to ache continuously, to gnaw ​NIRL 1947 Sc.
– to ache or tingle with cold GEAL a1600 Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 
– to ache or tingle with cold GELL a1600 Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 
– to ache persistently; of a pain: to gnaw NANG 1882 Eng. dial. 
– to ache persistently; to keep up a dull gnawing pain NAG 1836 
– to ache, to be painful TAKE ON 1893 Eng. dial. 
– to ache, to pain, to hurt; to pierce or penetrate with acute physical or mental pain; PANG c1502 rare 
– to ache, to smart, to tingle with cold NIP 1736 Sc. 
– to ache, to suffer pain; to throb painfully ​WARCH a1000 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– to ache, to suffer pain; to throb painfully WARK a1000 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– to ache, to throb FARE 1781 Eng. dial. 
– to ache, to throb; said of the head in a headache, of a wound, etc. GILVER 1830 Eng. dial. 
– to ache violently; said of a tooth or sore RAGE 1567 
– to ache with pain NIGG 1928 Sc. 

– achieved, as good as secured SACKED 1940s US sl. 
– achieving with ease; in a good position, esp. when embarking on a new venture AWAY LAUGHING 1965 NZ sl. 

– an exclamation of achievement, triumph, etc. TIMBER! 1912 US sl.
– having qualities to do with achievement, success, intensity ​LIKE A BIG DOG 1980s US college sl. 
– having qualities to do with achievement, success, intensity LIKE A MOOSE 1980s US college sl. 
– used as a humorous comment on a high achiever YOU CAN’T STOP HIM, YOU CAN ONLY HOPE TO CONTAIN HIM 1997 US
– achievement, performance ACHIEVANCE 1531 obs. 
– achieving, accomplishment ACHEVISAUNCE c1430 obs. 
– a mighty achievement, a great deed DIRD Bk1900 Sc. 
– a mighty achievement, a great deed DIRDUM Bk1900 Sc. 
– an achievement; a feat; a performance DAGS c1850 colloq. 
– an achievement, an activity LAYOUT M19 sl. 
– an achievement or accomplishment CREDIT 1992 US sl. 
– a person’s achievement or invention BABY 1890 
– a person’s greatest achievement; an action of masterly ability MASTERPIECE 1605 
– the greatest achievement; the best or most notable feature of something CROWNING GLORY 1780
– high achievement is not possible without suffering NO CROSS, NO CROWN 1621

– to achieve NOTCH UP 1837 UK sl. 
– to achieve a given standard PACK THE GEAR 1970s US sl. 
– to achieve or accomplish or achieve two ends at once STOP TWO GAPS WITH ONE BUSH 1546 obs. 
– to achieve or get by trickery, craftiness, or persuasion; to wangle FINAGLE 1926 colloq., orig. US 
– to achieve something almost impossible GET BLOOD FROM A TURNIP Bk1898 N. Ireland
– to achieve something easily, esp. in sporting use WALTZ 1960s sl. 
– to achieve something, not necessarily though usually dishonest, or, at best, dubious ​WORK THINGS L19 colloq. 
– to achieve, to accomplish something, to succeed in a task HACK IT 1952 Amer. sl. 
– to achieve, to accomplish something, to succeed in a task HACK THE JIMSON 1952 Amer. sl. 
– to achieve, to accomplish something, to succeed in a task HACK UP 1952 Amer. sl. 
– to achieve; to accumulate things; to score points RACK BACK 1961 US sl. 
– to achieve; to accumulate things; to score points RACK UP 1961 US sl. 
– to achieve, to conquer, to manage BANT 1875 Eng. dial. 
– to achieve, to gain, to secure, or win for oneself, esp. after repeated attempts BAG 1911 Amer. sl. 
– to achieve, to pull off PULL c1920 Army sl. 
– to achieve, to succeed or be lucky MAKE A STRIKE Bk1904 colloq. 
– to achieve two aims at once WHITE TWO WALLS WITH ONE BRUSH 1596 obs. 
– to achieve with ease DO IT STANDING ON YOUR HEAD 1896 UK sl. 
– to achieve with ease DO ON ONE’S NAPPER 1896 UK sl. 
– to achieve with ease DO ON ONE’S NOB 1896 UK sl. 
– to achieve with ease DO ON YOUR HEAD 1896 UK sl. 
– to have already achieved all that you have the power, ability, or strength to do and be unable to do more HAVE SHOT ONE’S BOLT a1100 

– an Achilles heel; something that can weaken or damage a particular person or thing KRYPTONITE 1943 
– the Achilles tendon ​​HEEL STRING 1938 Amer. dial. 

– acid and sweet EAGER-DULCE 1548 obs. 
– acid and sweet EAGER-SWEET 1616 obs. 
– acid, sour; harsh or strong of taste YARRISH 1841 Eng. dial. 
– acid, sour; harsh or strong of taste YARRY 1841 Eng. dial. 
– acid, sour, tart ​EAGER c1350 obs. 

– acidity, sourness; pungency of taste EAGERNESS 1490 obs. 

– acknowledged, recognized AGNIZED 1834 obs. rare 
– acknowledgement KNOWLEDGEMENT 1574 obs. 
– acknowledgement ​KNOWNESS a1200 obs. rare 
– acknowledgement, confession BEKNOWLEDGING 1340 obs. 
– acknowledgement, confession; formal acknowledgement KNOWLEDGING c1225 obs. 
– acknowledgement, credit, respect, self-awareness DAP 1970s African-American sl. 
– acknowledgement, thanks, indebtedness BETHANK 1826 Sc. 
– an acknowledgement; the act of acknowledging or recognizing something; a recognition AGNITION a1425 
– a person who acknowledges or recognizes someone or something KNOWLEDGER a1382 obs. 
– to acknowledge BEKNOWLEDGE 1340 obs. 
– to acknowledge a letter, etc. ACK 1984 Brit. clerical usage, orig. Civil Service 
– to acknowledge one’s error SHELL DOWN THE CORN 1869 Amer. dial. 
– to acknowledge or acknowledge in some capacity AGNIZE 1535 obs. 
– to acknowledge or recognize in some capacity AGNITE 1694 obs. rare 
– to acknowledge, to admit one’s knowledge of; to confess; to understand BEKNOW c1325 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– to acknowledge, to admit or show one’s knowledge, to confess ACKNOW c1000 obs. 
– to acknowledge, to admit or show one’s knowledge, to confess AKNOW c1000 obs. 
– to acknowledge, to admit to knowledge of; to accept or admit the existence or truth of KNOWLEDGE c1225 obs. 
– to acknowledge; to answer for the truth of anything; to stand to a bargain TAKE TO 1790 Eng. dial. 
– to acknowledge, to confess YATE c1200 obs. 
– to acknowledge, to make known, to declare, to confess ​KEN c975 obs. 
– to acknowledge, to profess FESS 1953 Amer. dial. 
– to fail to acknowledge or appreciate; to misunderstand MISCOGNIZE 1603 obs. rare 

– a bad case of acne PIZZA FACE Bk1971 US students’ sl.
– acne GUBERS Bk1971 US students’ sl.
– acne JERK BUMPS 1936 Amer. dial. 
– acne, allegedly caused by masturbation JACK BUMPS 1960s US sl. 
– acne; facial pimples GUBERS M20 US sl. 
– acne; pimples ROSY-DROP E19 
– acne, pimples ZENTS Bk1970 US high school sl.
– acne spots ACCA;  ACKER 1980s Aust. sl. 
– acne spots ACK 1980s Aust. sl. 
– adolescent acne WHORE PIMPLE 1949 Amer. dial. 
– adolescent acne; small infected pimples on the face WHORE BOIL 1967 Amer. dial. 
– a face that is covered in severe acne A FACE LIKE A FESTERING PICKLE 2000s NZ sl. 
– an acne scar CRATER  Bk2006 US sl. 
– an acne spot, pimple, or other facial blemish BLOSSOM 1942 Amer. dial. 
– a person with acne JACK BUMPS 1960s US sl. 
– a person with acne or many acne scars CRATER-FACE Bk2006 US sl., derogatory 
– a person with acne or many acne scars PIZZA-FACE Bk2006 US sl., derogatory 
– a person with acne or many acne scars PIZZA-PUSS Bk2006 US sl., derogatory 
– a person with acne or many acne scars ZIT-FACE Bk2006 US sl., derogatory 
– a term of abuse to one who has acne ZIT-FEATURES 1990s sl. 

– acorns ACERS Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– acorns and nuts that have fallen to the ground SHACK 1828 Amer. dial. 
– acorns and the cups that hold them CUPS AND SAUCERS 1899 Amer. dial.
– an acorn NACKEREL Bk1903 Eng. dial. 
– an acorn OAK-ATCHERN Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– an acorn OAK-BERRY Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– an acorn OAK-MASS 1842 Eng. dial. 
– an acorn OAK-MAST 1842 Eng. dial. 
– an acorn YACCORN;  YACKRAN;  YAKRON 1790 Eng. dial. 
– an acorn YACKER;  YAKKER 1885 Eng. dial. 
– an acorn, the fruit of the oak, Quercus robur  MASTICK Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– the cup of an acorn LADLE 1599 obs. 

– acquainted, familiar, intimate, friendly FAMILARY c1450 
– acquainted, known BAKONT 1939 Amer. dial. 
– acquainted, known, familiar BEKNOWN 1429 arch. 
– acquainted; personally known; mutually known; having personal knowledge of ACQUAINT 1297 arch. 
– acquainted with, knowing, aware of, or knowing what is going on AWAKE Bk1890 sl. 
– easy to be acquainted with, affable, familiar ACQUAINTABLE c1400 obs. 
– acquaintance ACQUAINTATION 1468 obs. rare 
– acquaintance QUAINTANCE c1300 obs. 
– acquaintance, recognition KENNING 1826 Sc. 
– personal acquaintance; friendship, intimacy KNOWLEDGE 1389 obs. 
– the state or position of having acquaintance or personal knowledge ACQUAINTANCY 1859 rare 
– an acquaintance ACQUAINT c1386 obs. 
– an acquaintance, a friend BUDDY M19 orig. US 
– an acquaintance, an associate; a person with whom one is familiar HABITUDE 1676 obs. rare 
– an acquaintance; a person with whom one is acquainted ACQUAINTED c1566 obs. 
– an acquaintance; a person with whom one is acquainted ACQUAINTANT 1611 obs. 
– a nickname for a close acquaintance MISS GOOCH Bk1972 homosexual sl. 
– a nickname for a close acquaintance MISS GUNCH Bk1972 homosexual sl. 
– an intimate acquaintance; a friend EME 1674 Eng. dial. 
– an intimate acquaintance; an uncle by the mother’s side; a familiar friend or neighbour EAM 1681 Sc. & Eng. dial. obs. 
– a person with whom one is acquainted closely; a friend or companion ACQUAINTANCE c1405 
– to acquaint QUAINT a1300 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– to be acquainted with; to know a thing; to have knowledge of or about KEN a1300 now chiefly Sc. 
– to be fully acquainted with a subject KNOW ONE’S ONIONS 1908 Brit. sl. 

– acquired ACQUISITED 1613 obs. 
– acquired ACQUISTED 1613 obs. 
– acquired YCONQUEST 1513 obs. 
– acquired; brought, carried, fetched YFET c893 obs. 
– acquired, gained ADEPTED c1595 obs. 
– acquired; gained, gotten, obtained for oneself ACQUISITE 1532 obs. 
– acquisitive; desirous of having or possessing; greedy, covetous, grasping HAVING 1591 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– ill-acquired GAIR-GATHERED 1870 Sc. 
– of the nature of an acquisition; gained by exertion; acquired, as opposed to ‘native’ or ‘innate’ ACQUISITITIOUS 1653 
– that has been acquired ACQUISITIVE 1637 obs. 
– acquirement or gain ACQUIRE 1592 obs. rare 
– acquirement, acquisition; the process of acquiring ACQUIRY 1549 obs. 
– acquisition, gain  something which is acquired or attained by an action EFFECT 1602 obs. 
– acquisition, gain; the thing acquired; proceeds; spoils of war BEGET c1200 obs. 
– acquisition; the act of acquiring; gaining; gain, profit, advantage BEGET c1175 obs. 
– an acquirement LEARNING 1602 obs. 
– an acquisition COP 1950s US sl. 
– an acquisition, a thing acquired ACQUEST 1622 
– an acquisition, a thing acquired ACQUIST 1635 obs. 
– the act of acquiring ACQUIST 1613 
– the act of acquiring ACQUEST 1613 obs. 
– an acquisitive, greedy person SCRAPER Bk1904 Eng. dial. 
– an acquisitive, greedy woman GIMME 1930 Aust. sl. 
– an acquisitive person; a person who accumulates things, esp. wealth or possessions ACCUMULATOR 1611 
– a person who acquires ACQUISTER 1613 obs. rare 
– a person who acquires ACQUISITOR Bk1888 rare 
– to acquire by chance or without effort FALL INTO 1946 US sl. 
– to acquire by labour, to earn ETTLE 1851 Eng. dial. 
– to acquire or gain as one’s own; to earn ADDLE c1200 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– to acquire something for your own SNAFFLE 1902 UK sl. 
– to acquire, to draw to oneself; to catch, to attract ACCROACH c1325 
– to acquire; to earn. to ‘rack up’ CLOCK 1990 US sl., esp. African-American usage 
– to acquire, to gain for oneself ACQUIST 1598 obs. rare 
– to acquire, to get COFF 1559 Sc. obs. 
– to acquire, to get, usually by effort BEGET a1000 obs. 
– to acquire; to obtain, to purchase COP M19 sl. 
– to acquire, to purchase, to get COUGH 1550 obs. 
– to be excessively acquisitive in small things; to accumulate in a penurious, niggardly way SCART 1887 Sc.

– acquitted, cleared, set free ACQUIT 1393 arch.
– belonging to an acquittal or discharge; pardoning, forgiving ABSOLVATORY Bk1611 
– acquittal QUITTANCE a1225 obs. 
– acquittal QUITTAL 1592 obs. 
– an acquittance; a discharge; a receipt QUITMENT Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– the act of acquitting; discharge; acquittance, acquittal ACQUIT 1475 obs. 
– to acquit one of a penalty or charge, to clear, to exculpate SKERE a1225 obs. 
– to be acquitted on trial; to be exonerated COME CLEAR 1927 Amer. dial.

– of an acre; per acre ACREABLE 1792 rare 

– 2.1 acres HOLLANDS ACRE 1645 US
– a land measure equal to 2.1 acres MORGEN 1626 US
– an acre YACKER 1825 Sc. obs. 
– a unit of area equivalent to ten thousand acres (one hundred hectares) MYRIARE 1810 obs. rare
– a unit of land area equal to ten acres ACREME 1675 obs. 
– half an acre FARREN Bk1900 Eng. dial. 
– the eighth part of an acre FURLONG 1617 obs. 
– the fourth part of an acre FARDINGALE 1865 Eng. dial. obs. 
– the fourth part of an acre; a rood FARTHINGDEAL 1542 obs. 

– acrid ACRIOUS 1675 obs. 
– acrid, bitter, ungrateful or irritating to the senses BASK c1200 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– acrid, coarse, harsh; rough in manner TARF 1880 Sc. 
– acrid, pungent, keen to the taste or other senses EAGER 1574 obs. 
– acrid, rank, rancid, pungent, strong, stinking; said of smell, taste, etc. RAMMISH c1386 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 

– acrimony; bitter feelings or sentiments; resentment AMARITUDE 1490 rare, chiefly poetic usage

– acrobatic manoeuvres ​ACRO 1967 Amer. aviation usage 
– acrobatics; an acrobatic feat ACROBACY 1867 
– the art or profession of the acrobat; the performance of gymnastic feats ACROBATISM 1864 
– an acrobat, a contortionist BENDER 1873 circus sl. 
– an acrobat, a person who balances himself in difficult positions; a tumbler BALANCER c1510 
– an acrobat, a tumbler TOPPLER a1825 Eng. dial. 
– an acrobat or entertainer who performs feats whilst balancing on his or her hands HAND BALANCER 1886 
– a street acrobat and juggler who eats fire SALAMANDER 1859 sl. 

– relating to or designated by an acronym ACRONYMIC 1948 
– relating to or designated by an acronym ACRONYMOUS 1955 

– acronyms and initialisms in general ​ALPHABET SOUP 20C Amer. sl. 
– a fervent or excessive enthusiasm for the use of acronyms or initialisms ACRONYMANIA 1968 

– a person having an excessive enthusiasm for using acronyms ACRONYMANIAC 1968 

– to convert into an acronym; to call by an acronym ACRONYMIZE 1955 

– across QUART Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– across, crosswise ATHART;  ATHIRT;  ATHORT;  ATHURT 1785 Sc. & Eng. dial. 
– across, athwart AQUART Bk1898 Eng. dial. 
– across, athwart ATHURTENS Bk1898 Eng. dial. 
– across, athwart TWARTOUR Bk1905 Sc. 
– across ASKLENT 1808 Sc. 
– across, over; said of position or motion ATHART;  ATHIRT;  ATHORT,  ATHURT 1806 Eng. dial. 
– across, over; said of position or motion AT-OWER 1724 Sc. & Eng. dial. 

– a mere physical act ACTURE 1598 obs.
– desire to act ​ ACTURIENCE a1880 

– to act, to behave or conduct oneself FARE a1300 obs. 
– to act, to pretend, to feign MAKE 1848 Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 

– action-packed, hectic, chaotic; extremely eventful, exciting HELL’S-A-POPPIN’;  HELLZAPOPPIN‘ 1945 colloq., orig. US 
– having the function of impelling to action PARASTATIC 1656 obs. 
– an exhortation to action; get with it! WAKE IT! 1980s US college sl.
– when action, war, etc. begins WHEN THE BALLOON GOES UP World War I British army usage
where the action is most immediate WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD 1980s US Army usage
– you must act or give up the attempt; do something or give somebody else the opportunity SHOOT, LUKE, OR GIVE UP THE GUN 1903 Amer. dial. 
– you must act or give up the attempt; do something or give somebody else the opportunity SHOOT, OR GIVE YOUR GUN 1903 Amer. dial.
– action, a proceeding; ‘doings’; hence, fighting FARE 1340-70 obs. 
– action, doing, performance AFFAIR c1500 obs. rare 
– action, doing; the process of acting ​ACTURE 1593 obs. rare 
– action in general; overt action; deeds, as opposed to words FEAT 1362 obs. 
– action, operation; the act of operating OPERANCE  a1625 rare 
– action, performance, work, deed OPERATION c1386 obs. 
– actions, gestures, ‘ways’ FASHIONS 1569 rare 
– actions, goings-on LATES c1205 obs. 
– an action, deed, course of conduct FEAT c1420 obs. 
– any action or problem FAKEMENT L19 sl. 
– the program or plan of action; that which is to be done TICKET 1842 
– to adopt a course of action and thought and to continue with it to the end FIGHT IT OUT OF THIS LINE 19C US Civil War usage 
– to dictate a course of action; to say what should happen CALL THE PLAYS 1930s sl. 
– to dictate a course of action; to say what should happen CALL THE SHOTS 1930s sl. 
– to go into action PUT ONESELF ABOUT 1970s sl. 
– to launch oneself headlong on a course of action SAIL INTO M19 sl. 
– to rouse to action; to make cheerful and lively; to excite; to encourage; to embolden ALACRIATE 1657 obs. rare 
– to take action of any sort GO FOR THE DOCTOR Bk1999 Aust. sl.

– active DARTER 1851 Eng. dial. 
– active GAINFUL Bk1900 Eng. dial. 
– active WACKER Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– active, able to accomplish much REDD 1866 Sc. 
– active, abounding in action; energetic ACTUAL 1470-85 obs. 
– active, agile SPRINGE 1859 obs. rare
– active, alert ALIVEO L19 sl. 
– active, alert ALL ALIVE-O;  ALL ALIVO M19 sl. 
– active, alert, nimble, brisk, quick YARE a1300 arch. & Eng. dial. 
– active, alert, sprightly; nimble; able-bodied; strong, powerful YELD 1816 Eng. dial. 
– active and energetic in pursuing one’s affairs; thrusting, enterprising PUSHFUL 1871
– active and healthy; flourishing in respect of health and vigour VEGETE 1639 rare 
– active, bouncing BOOSIN Bk1911 Sc. 
– active, brisk DEEDFUL 1834 
– active, brisk, alert, smart; in good health and spirits SPRACK 1747 chiefly Eng. dial.
– active, brisk, alert, spry SPRIG 1675 obs.
– active, brisk, energetic YASP 1898 Sc. 
– active, brisk; full of deeds or activity DEEDIE;  DEEDY 1615 chiefly Eng. dial. 
– active, brisk, in good spirits YEPPER 1893 Eng. dial. 
– active, brisk, in good spirits YIPPER 1893 Eng. dial. 
– active, brisk, lively KEDGE 1790 Sc. & Eng. dial. 
– active, brisk, lively KIDGE 1790 Eng. dial. 
– active, brisk, lively, cheerful, gay, joyful ALACRIOUS 1602 obs. 
– active, brisk, lively, energetic BRISKY 1590 
– active, brisk; smart, alert SPRACKISH 1882 chiefly Eng. dial.
– active, brisk; smart, spruce SPRUNT 1631 obs.
– active, brisk, sprightly KIDGY 1812 Eng. dial. 
– active, brisk, sprightly, lively; cheerful, happy KEDGY 1719 Eng. dial. 
– active, capable of lively activity ACTABLE 1966 Amer. dial. 
– active, cheerful, lively, brisk, gladsome CANTY a1724 Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 
– active, cheerful, lively, nimble TAIT c1300 obs. 
– active, chipper, spry, lively SMART 1788 Amer. dial. 
– active, clever, nimble FEERIE 1810 Sc.
– active, eager, keen, ready YAPE 1739 Sc. 
– active, energetic, able to get through much work THRODDY 1884 Eng. dial. 
– active, energetic, brisk; abounding in or giving rise to action ACTIOUS 1592 obs. 
– active, energetic, esp. at an early hour of the day, early rising  VERTY 1804 Sc.
– active, energetic, nimble OLIGHT;  OLITE 1721 Sc. obs. 
– active, energetic; persevering THROUGH-GOING 1822 Sc. 
– active, energetic; persevering THROUGH-PUTTING Bk1905 Sc. 
– active, energetic; strong, strenuous TEARING 1825 Sc. & Eng. dial. 
– active, expeditious THROUGH Bk1905 Sc. 
– active, forward, pushing YANKING 1824 Sc. 
– active, frisky, lively, spry ANTIC 1903 Amer. dial. 
– active, gay, gallant; brisk, lively, cheerful GALLIARD c1386 arch. 
– active, handy HAFTY Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– active, handy HEFTY Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– active, having a great deal of action THROUGH-GANGING 1814 Sc. 
– active in all things or everywhere; working in all places OMNIACTIVE 1846 
– active, keen, eager; brisk, strong, lusty VOGEROUS 1892 Sc. 
– active, light TIMBERSOME Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– active, light BIGHTSOM 1790 Sc. 
– active, light-footed, nimble of foot LIGHTFOOT c1440 poetic usage 
– active, lithe, muscular LEATHERING  1865 Eng. dial.
– active, lively; easily distracted; flighty, changeable RUNNING c1449 obs. 
– active, lively, energetic; the reverse of lazy OLIVED 1892 Ireland 
– active, lively, energetic, vigorous, full of energy or animation SPRIGHTFUL 1550 rare
– active, lively, exciting; busy, popular BUZZING 1882 colloq. 
– active, lively, over-stimulated; excited, euphoric, experiencing a buzz BUZZY 1978 
– active, lively; quick in action or response SMART c1380
– actively, lively, spry, healthy, chipper CLEVER 1775 Amer. dial.
– active, lively, spry, in good health CURRENT 1918 Amer. dial.
– active, lively, vivacious, in good spirits; full of fun or mischief QUERTY;  QUIRTY 1790 Sc. obs. 
– active, moving about, bustling ASTEER 1794 Sc. 
– active, neat RED-HANDED 1820 Sc. 
– active, nimble NIMBER 1849 obs. 
– active, nimble, agile FLINK 1866 Sc. & Eng. dial. 
– active, nimble, agile YANKY 1870 Sc. 
– active, nimble, brisk, alert, bold, daring YEPE c1205 obs
– active, nimble; clever, cunning; shrewd YAP;  YAUP a1300 chiefly Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 
– active, nimble, quick SWIPPER a1387 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– active, nimble; quick, rapid QUIVER c960 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– active, nimble, strong and muscular, athletic, supple LEISH 1818 Sc.
– active, on the go ON THE SHACK 1969 Amer. dial. 
– active, painstaking, hardworking PAINFUL 1641 Sc. & Eng. dial
– active, potent, energetic, effective, forceful DYNAMIC 1856 
– active, prompt, ready, dexterous RAD a700 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– active, quick BRASH 1887 US 
– active, quick, both mentally and physically; sharp, smart, clever EDGIE;  EDGY 1825 Sc
– active, quick, prompt, ready TALL 1530-1600 obs. rare 
– active, ready HAND-RACKLE 1822 Sc. 
– active, ready, deft, skilful with one’s hands; dexterous, handy TALL OF HIS HANDS 1530 obs. 
– active, sharp, quick DARTY 1869 Eng. dial. 
– active, skilled, clever; smart QUEME adj. c1400 obs. rare 
– active, smart, clever BOBBISH 19C 
– active, smart, nimble; graceful GAIN 1896 Eng. dial. 
– active, spirited; capable of enduring fatigue  METTLE 1806 Sc.
– active, spirited, lively; frolicsome SKITTISH a1592 
– active, sprightly, nimble; strong, vigorous YALD;  YAULD 1786 Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 
– active, sprightly, nimble; strong, vigorous YAUL;  YAWL 1786 Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 
– active, sprightly; said of a small person, esp. a man DAPPER E17 
– active, spry, agile, lively CADDY 1938 Amer. dial. 
– active, spry, agile, lively CATTY 1939 Amer. dial. 
– active, strong RESOLUTE Bk1904 Eng. dial. 
– active, strong, able-bodied, hale, hearty FERDY 1742 Sc. 
– active, swift SKEET c1400 obs. 
– active, swift, rapid; brisk, lively; nimble YERN a1300 obs. 
– active, valiant, courageous LUSTY c1374 obs. 
– active, vigorous KASK c1300 obs. 
– active, vigorous YANK 1790 Sc. 
– active, vigorous; brisk, hale, hearty, nimble, quick; eager, impetuous RASH a1300 Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 
– active, wild, dangerous; outrageous, quarrelsome, passionate RAMPTIOUS 1953 Amer. dial. 
– active, young and vigorous, alert, active WADDEN;  WADDIN;  WADEN a1838 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– excitingly active; wonderfully alive BALLING 1952 US sl. 
– extraordinarily active, energetic, or highly strung HYPER 1942 sl., orig. & chiefly US 
– extremely active without actually achieving anything IN AND OUT LIKE A FIDDLER’S ELBOW 20C Aust. sl. 
– flying actively or wildly about, energetic CALEEVERING Bk1898 Eng. dial. 
– full of activity, health, and strength ​FRESH AS A NEW-BORN TURD B1900 sl. 
– full of activity, vigour, or energy QUICK a1300 rare 
– having active or nimble heels TICKLE-HEELED 1737 obs. 
– highly active or emotional; glowing with excitement or intense eagerness AFLAME 1632 
– in a state of activity UPON TICK Bk1905 Sc. 
– of extraordinary activity, intensity or magnitude; vigorous, striking HUMMING M17 colloq. 
– physically active, athletic GYMNASTIC 1785 rare 
– very active, excited, or anxious; frenetically active; ready for anything; psyched up AMPED 1972 Amer. sl. 
– very active; full of activity; abounding in action ACTUOSE 1677 obs. 
– very active; full of activity; abounding in action ACTUOUS 1626 obs. 
– very active or lively PLUMB PERT 1965 Amer. dial. 
– very active; very enjoyable, exciting LARGE-SIZED 1628 obs. 
– actively, busily DEEDILY 1813 Eng. dial. 
– actively, carefully, diligently, earnestly VREACH 1746 Eng. dial. 
– actively, cleverly, nimbly FEERILIE 1825 Sc.
– actively, effectively DEEDFULLY 1615 
– actively, energetically ACTUALLY 1470-85 obs. 
– actively, energetically WIGHT a1400 obs. exc. Sc. 
– actively, nimbly, readily, eagerly YAPLY;  YAPPELY a1400 chiefly Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 
– actively, promptly, quickly; smartly TIGHTLY 1873 Sc. 
– actively, quickly, smartly QUIVERLY c960 obs. 
– actively, smartly SPRACKLY 1393 rare
– a big, active, hustling person TARGER 1860 Sc. 
– a big, active person REEVER Bk1904 Sc. 
– an active, agile child; a young rascal SCOPPERIL;  SKOPERIL 1874 Eng. dial. 
– an active and tall young person; SPANKER 1751 colloq. & Sc. & Eng. dial. 
– an active, dashing person RIP-SNORTER 1842 colloq., orig. US 
– an active, jovial, lusty person who enjoys life GAY-CAT Bk1975 Amer. sl. 
– an active, light-footed person DIRLER Bk1900 Eng. dial. 
– an active, little, dapper fellow DAPPERLING E17 
– an active, lively, spruce little man DAPPERWIT Bk1900 Eng. dial. 
– an active person, a go-getter ZOONER 1887 Amer. dial.
– an active person; a lively, smart young fellow BIRKIE;  BIRKY 1742 Sc. 
– an active person; a person devoted to the active life, esp. a member of an active religious order ACTIVE a1425 
– an active, stirring man WALDING-MAN Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– an active, sturdy man WIGHT MAN 1828 Sc. 
– an active, sturdy old man GISTRA Bk1910 Ireland 
– an active, tall person LEISHER 1825 Sc.
– an active, tall, well-made person SPANKY B1900 Sc. 
– a person characterized by extreme activity, energy, etc. HUMMER L17 colloq. 
– a person one would consider stout, but who is active and well-made WANDY BODY Bk1876 
– a person who has the appearance of activity and lightness PEANERFLEE 1824 Sc. obs.
– a person who is active and alive IZZER Bk1913-17 Amer. dial. 
– a person who is active with hands, feet, or tongue; an expert NATTLER Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– a person who prefers to be active during the daytime DAY PERSON 20C Amer. sl. 
– a physically active child; a nickname for such a child YARD APE 1974 Amer. dial
– a quick, active person DARTER 1808 Eng. dial. 
– a very active, busy person TEAR-ARSE;  TEAR-ASS 1923 sl. 
– a very active, lively old person JIGGER 1967 Amer. dial. 
– to apply yourself into an activity; to stop idling; to start doing something useful GET YOUR A INTO G 2002 NZ sl. 
– to be active about something; to busy oneself WALK a1300 obs
– to be active, agile, or nimble FLINK 1895 Eng. dial. 
– to be active, alert, stirring, vigilant; also, to be diligent, to exert oneself to do something WAKE 1352 obs
– to be active or brisk BEAR A BOB 1890 Eng. dial. 
– to be active; to stir about ​FLY AROUND Bk1905 Amer. dial. 
– to be full of activity and excitement COOK 20C sl. 
– to be suddenly very active or successful TAKE OFF 1930s US sl. 
– to be violently active BOOSE Bk1911 Sc. 
– to become active, lively, or cheerful; to hasten PEARTEN 1851 Amer. dial. 
– to make active, to put in action, to stir into activity INACTUATE 1651 arch. 

– a cultural activist and skilled computer-user who invades a corporate website to leave subversive messages  HACKTIVIST n. 2001 UK sl. 
– an anti-establishment activist POT-STIRRER n. Bk1998 NZ sl. 

– abounding activity ACTUOSITY 1660 obs. 
– a brief or brisk stroke of activity or energy LICK 1835 Amer. dial. 
– a bringing into activity; the condition of activity INACTUATION 1662 
– a communal activity MUCK IN 1910s sl. 
– activity FAKEMENT L19 sl. 
– activity QUIVERNESS 1538 obs
– activity, ability, agility FEEROCHRIE Bk1900 Sc. 
– activity, active working or operation ACTUALNESS 1398 obs. 
– activity, bodily energy MEETHS Bk1905 Sc. 
– activity, briskness, motion BUSINESS a1398 obs. 
– activity, capacity of action ACTUALITY 1398 obs. 
– activity, energy LUSTINESS c1325 obs. 
– activity, energy DACITY 1636 Eng. dial. 
– activity, esp. of the kind or arouse interest or excitement ACTION 1951 US sl. 
– activity, expedition in doing anything THROUGH-PUT 1845 Sc. 
– activity, liveliness, alertness; vigour, force; speed, briskness SMARTNESS 1644
– activity, vigour, energy, briskness, gusto, force, impetuosity VIR 1738 Sc. 
– a line of activity, a program, a project TAB 1930s US sl. 
– a mania for activity ERGASIOMANIA Bk1991
– an activity, an achievement LAYOUT M19 sl. 
– an activity or experience RIFF 1975 US sl. 
– an insatiable appetite for all activities or pursuits OMNIVOROUSNESS 1727 
– an insatiable appetite for all activities or pursuits OMNIVORACITY 1889 
– an insatiable appetite for all activities or pursuits OMNIVOROSITY 1896 
– any continuing activity or catalogue of details CARRY-ON n. 2001 UK sl. 
– any form of activity DOIN’S Bk1913-17 Amer. dial. 
– any form of activity RACKET 1920s US sl. 
– a thing characterized by extreme activity, energy, etc. HUMMER L17 colloq. 
– a turn, spell of activity; an indefinite interval of time WHET 1834 Amer. dial.
– one’s favourite activity MAIN KICK 1930s African-American sl
– the centre of activity or decision-making, the front line SHARP END 20C colloq. 
– the time of activity, youth LEAPING TIME 1611 
– indication that you have overdone the physical activity I’VE NEARLY BUST MY FOOFER Bk1998 NZ sl. 
– indication that you have overdone the physical activity I’VE NEARLY BUST MY FOOFOO VALVE Bk1998 NZ sl. 
​- used for humorously suggesting an activity ANYONE FOR TENNIS? 1951 US sl. 
– to engage in enthusiastic and energetic, if meaningless and aimless, activity ARC AROUND 1986 US naval aviation usage