Reverse Dictionary: ACTO – ADDR

– of an actor: absolutely certain of your lines DEAD LETTER PERFECT adj. 1952 UK sl. 
– a Broadway actor; one who participates in big time activity BIG TIMER Bk1980 Amer. sl. 
– a contemptuous epithet applied to an actor RAG-AND-STICK Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– a dramatic actress TEAR BUCKET Bk1945 jive usage 
– a glamorous, attractive young woman, esp. a model or film star GLAMOUR GIRL 1935 colloq. 
– a low-class actor; a charlatan CABOTIN 1903 
– a male theatrical actor ACTOR-MAN 1774 obs. 
– an actor BARNSTORMER 19C theatrical usage 
– an actor CACKLE-FAKER Bk1891 theatrical usage 
– an actor CACKLING-COVE c1830 theatrical usage 
– an actor COMEDY MERCHANT 19C theatrical usage 
– an actor FAKIR L19 US sl. 
– an actor GAMESTER 1596 obs. rare 
– an actor HISTRIONIAN 1607 rare 
– an actor MUG-FAKER 19C theatrical usage 
– an actor MUMMER 19C theatrical usage 
– an actor MUMMERY-COVE 19C theatrical usage 
– an actor PRO 19C theatrical usage 
– an actor RUMPOT HAM 1930 Amer. dial. 
– an actor STROLLER 19C theatrical usage 
– an actor SURF 19C theatrical usage 
– an actor TAG M19 sl. 
– an actor TRAGEDY MERCHANT 19C theatrical usage 
– an actor, a movie star GLAM TOAST FROM GOLD COAST Bk1945 jive usage 
– an actor, a player GAGGER 1823 UK sl. 
– an actor, a player LAKER 1808 Eng. dial. 
– an actor, artist, musician, writer, etc., as the performer or originator of a work HAND 1587 
– an actor, a stage-player HISTRIO 1589 
– an actor, a stage-player HISTRION 1566 now usually contemptuous usage 
– an actor, a stage-player HISTRIONIC 1647 obs. 
– an actor, esp. a bad one MUMMER 1773 theatrical sl.
– an actor in a monologue MONOLOGIST 1858 
– an actor in a scaffold-play (mystery play) SCAFFOLD-PLAYER 1559 obs. 
– an actor of either sex, esp. one given to public extravagance or theatrical gesture; an actor who is considered intensely serious about theatre work LUVVIE;  LUVVY;  LUVVIE-DARLING 1988 UK colloq., gently derogatory 
– an actor of utility parts CACKLE-FAKER 1895 theatrical usage 
– an actor, one who gestures GESTURER 1576 
– an actor, one who uses gestures or gesticulations GESTICULATOR 1693
– an actor or actress cut out of a picture because, after the picture has been completed, it is found that the role is superfluous THE FACE ON THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR c1920 film industry usage 
– an actor or athlete GAME-PLAYER adj. 1952 UK sl. 
– an actor or showman who has a talking part CACKLER c1840 circus and showmen’s usage 
– an actor or speaker able to elicit sympathy from his audience TEAR-JERKER 1935 Amer. sl. 
– an actor playing a part requiring gentlemanlike appearance, but with little or nothing to say WALKING GENTLEMAN 1831 theatrical usage 
– an actor playing a serious or tragic part in a melodrama HEAVY MAN 1859 US sl. 
– an actor playing a serious or tragic part in a melodrama HEAVY MERCHANT Bk1909 sl. 
– an actor playing a serious or tragic part in a melodrama; occasionally used of an actress HEAVY 1877 US sl. 
– an actor who appears in the background or only plays minor roles SPEAR-CARRIER 1984 UK sl. 
– an actor who is called for a single day’s work on a television program or film set DAY PLAYER 1988 US sl. 
– an actor who makes free play with his face MUGGER 19C theatrical usage 
– an actor who overacts HAM 1882 sl. 
– an actor who performs in mime MUTE 1579 theatre usage, obs.
– an actor who steals more bows than the applause warranted at the finish MILK MAN 1926 US sl., Vaudeville usage
– an actor with a very small acting role with few lines to speak; a person with a very small part in something BIT PLAYER 1936 
– an actress ACTORINE 1896 Amer. sl. 
– an actress ACTRICE 1589 obs. 
– an actress playing a part requiring gentlemanlike appearance, but with little or nothing to say WALKING LADY 1860 theatrical usage 
– an incapable or inferior actress ACTING LADY 1883 theatrical usage 
– an ineffective actor or performer HAMFATTER 1880 US sl. 
– an ineffective actor or performer HAMFATTO 1911 US sl. 
– an ineffective or over-emphatic actor; one who rants or overacts HAM ACTOR 1911 sl. 
– an ineffective or over-emphatic actress; one who rants or overacts HAM ACTRESS 1911 sl. 
– an inferior or amateur actor, esp. one who speaks in a spurious Black accent HAMBONE 1949 US sl. 
– an untalented actor or variety performer, esp. one given to overacting HAMBO 1926 US sl. 
– an untalented actor or variety performer, esp. one given to overacting HAMOLA 1941 US theatrical sl. 
– a politically involved actor ACTORVIST 1995 Amer. political sl. 
– a poor actor; an amateur JAY Bk1896 theatrical sl. 
– a pseudonym used to hide the identity of an actor GEORGE SPELVIN 1908 chiefly US 
– a ranting actor TEAR-MOUTH 1601 obs. 
– a ranting actor TEAR-THROAT 1654 obs. 
– a second-rate actor HAM-SLINGER 1930 US sl. 
– a successful or glamorous film actress MOVIE QUEEN 1914 
– a veteran actor ARK-FLOATER L19 sl. 
– a young actor CHEST-PLASTER 1883 theatrical usage 
– a young girl with a sentimental admiration for actors PASH FLAP Bk1934 US theatrical sl. 
– people involved in acting; esp. itinerant players POMPING FOLK 1968
– the actors; the performers THE TALENT 1991 US sl., entertainment industry
addressed to an actor or actress with a tendency to self-inflation over a minor success COME DOWN FROM THE FLIES 20C theatrical usage
– working as an actor ON THE ACT phr. L19 sl. 
– of an actor: to amplify or expand the text of a part; to speak loudly, to project, to declaim PONG 1893 theatre sl., rare
– of an actor: to be hissed by the audience; hence, to be dismissed GET THE (BIG) BIRD vb. 1865 sl. 

– actual, real DEEDY1781 obs. rare
– actual, real FAIR DINKUM 1937 Aust. sl. 
– actual, real, important SUBSTANTIVE 1787
– actual, true, genuine, real, exact, accurate LEAL a1300 obs. exc. Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 

– actuality, reality, real existence VERITY a1633 
– actuality, reality, truth VERINESS 1574 obs. 
– actuality, that which is actual or real; reality THE ACTUAL 1832 
– actuality, the quality of existing ​ BEINGNESS 1662 obs. 

– actually ​ ACKWALLY 1877 Sc. 
– actually, certainly, completely, truly, undoubtedly HAILUMLY;  HALUMLIE;  HELIMLY 1768 Sc. obs. 
– actually, truly, really LEALLY c1350 obs. 
– actually, truly, really; used as an intensifier FAIR 1870 Eng. dial. 

– capability of being actuated or acted upon ​ ACTUABILITY 1689 obs. rare 

– acumen, cleverness, wits THE SMARTS 1964 colloq., orig. & chiefly US
– good sense; acumen; judgement ​ COCUM;  COKUM;  KOCUM;  KOKUM 1848 sl. rare 

– acupuncture ​ACUPUNCTUATION  1832 
– acupuncture ACUPUNCTURATION 1743 

– acute, clever, shrewd; bold, dashing PARLISH 1785 Eng. dial. 
– acute, clever, shrewd; bold, dashing PARLOUS 1785 Eng. dial. 
– extreme, acute  FILTHY 1966 Amer. dial. 

– with acuteness or perspicacity SUBTILELY c1400 rare or obs. 

– acuteness; penetration; perspicacity SUBTILTY c1386 obs. 
– acuteness, perspicacity, subtlety SUBTILITY 1388 

– tough, adamant ​ HARD DOWN 1851 Amer. dial. 

– to be adamant; to insist PUT ONE’S FOOT DOWN vb. M19 sl. 

– the Adam’s apple ADAM’S MORSEL 1586 obs. 
– the Adam’s apple APPLE 1942 Amer. sl. 
– the Adam’s apple EVE’S SCORK Bk1900 Eng. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple GO-FETCH-‘ER c1940 Amer. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple GO-FETCH-IT 1968 Amer. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple GOOGLE 1859 Amer. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple GOOGLE BONE; GOOGLE PIPE; GOOGLE VEIN 1981 Amer. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple GOOZEM PIPE 1965 Amer. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple GOOZLEM 1942 Amer. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple GOOZLE PIPE; GOOZLER 1965 Amer. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple GOZZLE; GUZZLE 1906 Amer. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple JOOGLE 1981 Amer. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple THROPPLE-NOB Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– the Adam’s apple; hence, the larynx THROAT-BOLL a700 obs. 
– the Adam’s apple; of an animal: the windpipe GOOZLE 1883 Amer. dial. 

– adaptable, versatile; capable of taking various courses of action POLYTROPIC 1838
– adapted, or prepared; made fit MEETEN’D Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– adapted, suited, fitted; hence, suitable, fitting, fit ACCOMMODATE 1525 obs. 
– adaptive ADAPTORIAL Bk1888 obs. rare 
– adaptive; characterize by or given to adapting things to a purpose, or oneself to circumstances ADAPTATIVE 1857 
– exactly adapted QUEEMLY 1902 Sc. 
– marked by adaptability or variety VERSATIVE 1846 
– well-adapted, suitable, likely to fit properly PANNABLE 1889 Eng. dial. 
– in an adaptable manner ADJUSTLY 1681 obs. rare 
– in an adapted or fit manner; by being adapted or fitted ADAPTLY 1709 obs. rare 
– adaptation; fitting condition ADAPTMENT 1739 obs. rare 
– adaptation; the act of adapting ADAPTION 1704 
– adaptedness; aptitude specially produced ADAPTITUDE 1842 
– adaptedness; the quality of being adapted, suitability ADAPTNESS 1749 obs. rare 
– perfect adaptation; an exact fit QUEEMNESS 1902 Sc. 
– to adapt ADAPTATE 1659 obs. rare 
– to adapt means to ends, to make things fit FADGE 1674 Eng. dial. obs
– to adapt oneself to circumstances STRETCH ONE’S LEGS ACCORDING TO THE COVERLET Bk1904 sl. 
– to adapt oneself to circumstances, to keep within the limits of one’s means CUT THE COAT ACCORDING TO THE CLOTH 1546 
– to adapt oneself to circumstances, to keep within the limits of one’s means CUT ONE’S CLOTH ACCORDING TO ONE’S CALLING a1640 
– to adapt oneself to one’s company, though one disapproves of it HOWL AMONG (THE) WOLVES 1578 obs. 
– to adapt or fit one thing to another VAND 1914 Sc. 
– to adapt or prepare to or for a purposeto bring into any shape AFAITE c1230 obs. 
– to adapt, to fit or adjust AGENCE 1633 obs. rare 
– to adapt, to fit, or join; to put together, add, compose; to fix or fasten in position FAY a1000 obs. 
– to adapt, to fit; to make seemly or becoming; to bring to a proper condition HANDSOME 1555 obs. 
– to adapt, to fit; to prepare, to make ready ABLE a1400 obs. 
– to become adapted to; to fit comfortably BED 1890 Eng. dial. 
– to be well adapted or convenient to; to suit, to accommodate OPPORTUNE a1637 obs. rare 

– added as an ingredient; mingled with ADMIXT c1420 
– added on, annexed, appended to ADJECTED 1538 
– added to something naturally existing ADNATE 1677 obs. 
– characterized by having been added; due to or of the nature of an addition; additive ADDITITIOUS 1748 
– not worth adding or counting in UNADDITIONABLE 1716 obs. 
– operating by means of addition; additive SUMMATIVE 1881 rare 
– tending to add something ADDITORY 1659 obs. 
ADD etc. – NOUNS
– adding ADJECTING 1639 obs. 
– addition as an ingredient ADMISTION 1660 obs. 
– addition; the act of adding, adding on, annexing or appending ADJECTION c1374 
– an adding as an ingredient ADMIXTURE 1605 
– an adding or addition ADDLE Bk1898 Eng. dial. 
– an addition ADJOINT 1597 obs. 
– an addition ANNEXION 17C obs.
– an addition; added qualification ADJECT 1672 obs. 
– an addition; anything added or appended ADDITAMENT 1460 
– an addition; anything thrown in by way of addition ADJECTAMENT 1630 obs. rare 
– an addition, increase; a piece added on; a supplement EKE 894 obs. exc. Eng. dial
– an addition or appendix; something joined to ADJOINDER 1604 obs. rare 
– an addition, something that is added; an additive ADDIMENT 1652 rare 
– an addition; the act of increasing, enlarging, supplementing ECHING 1382 
– an addition; the result of adding on; that which is added ADJECTION 1556 obs
– a non-essential addition ADVENTION c1400 obs. rare 
– something in addition BETTER PENNY Bk1898 Eng. dial. 
– the addition of an ingredient; the mingling of one thing with another ADMIXTION 1432-50 
ADD etc. – VERBS
– to add ADJUTE 1524 obs. 
– to add EKE c1200 obs. 
– to add as an ingredient ADMIX 1533 rare 
– to add as an ingredient ADMIXT 1570 obs. rare 
– to add hastily CLAP ON Bk1905 Sc. 
– to add or jointo annex ADJECT 1432-50 
– to add something to ECHE c1000 obs. 
– to add, to make addition TO-CAST a1340 obs. 
– to add; to put one thing to another ADJOUST 1474 obs. 
– to add to, to augment, to increase by addition ADAUGE 1657 obs. rare 
– to add to, to increase OCKER Bk1905 Sc. 

– addicted ADDICKIT ​1826 Sc. 
– addicted HUNG UP 1950 US sl. 
– addicted UPTIGHT 1970s sl. 
– addicted, inclined INDICTED 1896 Sc. 
– addicted to, attached to, having a preference for DICTED 1896 Eng. dial. 
– an addiction; an intense craving, esp. for a drug YEN 1876 UK sl.
– any addiction HABIT 20C sl. 
– any form of addiction or long-term problem MONKEY ON ONE’S BACK 1950s sl. 
– a homeless person with addiction problems; a derelict DERRO 20C Aust. sl.
– an addict ADDICK 1997 US sl. 
– an addict LUSH 2000s sl. 
– an addict LUSHO 2000s sl. 
– an addict who specializes in cheating other addicts BACKDOOR ARTIST Bk1970 US drug culture sl.
– an addict who specializes in cheating other addicts BURN ARTIST Bk1970 US sl.
– an obsessive, an addict MONSTER 1998 sl. 
– a person pre-eminently addicted to or expert at something ONE-ER;  ONER1840 colloq. 
– a person who is not addicted to anything (used in twelve-step recovery programs) NORMIE 1998 US sl. 
– used in twelve-step recovery programs, such as Alcoholic Anonymous, as a judgement on those who stop to wonder if they might be an addict IF YA WANDERS, THEN YA IS 1998 US sl. 
– to be addicted to or obsessed with, usually a person GOOF 1940s US sl. 
– to break an addiction; to stop using KICK 1927 US sl. 

– additional ADDITIONARY 1682 obs. rare 
– additional; assumed, adopted from without; supplemental ASCITITIOUS 1620 
– additional; assumed, adopted from without; supplemental ADSCITITIOUS 1620 
– additional; of the nature of addition ADJECTITIOUS 1652 
– additional; of the nature of an increase or augmentation; supplementary ACCESSIONAL 1646 
– additional, superadded ADVENIENT 1594 obs. 
– additional, supplementary, also, of a person, appointed in a supplementary or subordinate role ADJOINED 1622 
– additionally; particularly ADDEDLY 1883 
– in addition; also, too, moreover EKE a700 arch. 
– in addition; moreover ASIDES 1890 Eng. dial. 
– in addition; over and above; ‘to boot’ TO THE MENDS 1660 Sc. 
– something additional and of small value given into the bargain, as a gift or bonus TILLY 1867 Ireland 
– something additional or extra AFTER-CROP 1666 

ADDRESS,  ADDRESS BOOK (as on an envelope) – NOUNS
– address ​ADDY Bk2006 US sl. 
– an address book SCORE-CARD 1970s US homosexual sl. 
– the address or return address on an envelope or letter; the act of writing an address BACKING 1871 Sc. & Amer. dial. 
– written on an envelope, or at the foot of a lover’s letter as lover’s code for ‘Be Undressed (or Upstairs) and Ready My Angel) BURMA 1960 UK sl. 
– to address a letter or other communication to DEDICATE 1688 obs. rare  
– to address an envelope or letter BACK 1859 Sc. & Amer. dial.