Reverse Dictionary: BOD – BOL

attracted to another’s body IN LUST 1963 Amer. sl.
big-bodied, burly MASTIFF 1668 obs.
big-bodied, burly MASTY 1665 obs.
characterized by a tendency to store fat around the abdomen, rather than on the hips or thighs APPLE-SHAPED 1779
hairless; said of a man’s body SMOOTH 1997 US sl.
having a good body; looking good naked CUT-UP WELL 19C Brit. sl.
having an attractive body; generously built CONSTRUCTED 1950s Amer. sl.
long-bodied LONG-GEARED 1894 Amer. dial.
of a neat compact build, well-made, shapely TIGHT 1697 arch. or Eng. dial.
soft and flabby, out of shape; said of a person’s body SLAMMOCKY;  SLAWMECKY;  SLOMMACHY;  SLOMMACKY;  SLUMMACKY;  SLUMMOCKY;  SLUMMUCKY 1861 colloq. & Eng. dial.
soft, yielding, flabby; said of the body or flesh QUAGGY 1600
well-built; usually said of a woman PUT-TOGETHER 1960s Amer. sl.

a body BOD 1788 sl.
a body, i.e. a corpse TOM NODDY 20C US rhyming sl.
a body not necessarily dead but maimed or reduced to a pitiable condition ABLACH 1875 Sc.
a curvaceous figure COKE FRAME 1930s African-American sl.
a dead body; a corpse WORM-FOOD 20C sl.
a female’s figure ARMOR 1997 US sl.
an attractive figure CLASSY CHASSIS 1930s sl.
an expanse of exposed female flesh HOT BEEF M20 US sl.
an expanse of exposed female flesh HOT MEAT M20 US sl.
an expanse of exposed female flesh HOT MUTTON M20 US sl.
a peek at a woman’s breasts, thighs, or pelvic area allowed on purpose or by accidental circumstances FREE SHOW 20C US colloq.
a shapely female figure ARTILLERY 1929 Amer. sl.
a shapely female figure FIELD ARTILLERY 1929 Amer. sl.
a strange body ODD BOD 20C US sl.
a tapered body with jutting buttocks EUROPEAN ACCENTUATION 1950s homosexual sl.
a woman’s body PAN 20C US sl.
a woman’s body considered as a source of pleasure for men PARK 20C
down or soft hair growing on the body COTTON 1615 obs. rare
one’s body BONE WAGON 1937 Amer. dial.
one’s body BUTT 1954
one’s body, esp. the parts which are not visible in public; the buttocks ANATOMY 20C US
one’s body, exterior, appearance OUTWARD ADAM 1837 Amer. dial.
one’s body; one’s buttocks CARCASS 1957 Amer. dial.
one’s body, person, or self ARSE;  ASS 1698
one’s body, person, or self ASSHOLE 1973 Amer. sl.
one’s body, self, or flesh MUTTON L18 US sl.
the body BELLY c1275 obs.
the body BUDDY 1990s W. Indies & Black British usage
the body CAGE 1973 US sl.
the body CASE 1547-64
the body EARTH a1600
the body SOUL-CASE 1699 sl.
the body; physique MAN-CASE 1655 obs. nonce word
the body; the female figure CHASSIS 1930s sl.
the body; the skeleton; the mortal remains BONES a1000
the body; the trunk CARCASE 1899 Amer. dial.
the female body BOODY 1970 Amer. dial.
the flesh between the genitals region and the anus CHOAD;  CHODE Bk2006 US sl.
the front of the body from chest to loins BOSS Bk1911 Sc.
the hinder part of the body BACKWARD 1627 obs.
the human body APPLE-CART B1790 sl.
the human body BONE-HOUSE 1870
the human body LUMP OF CLAY a1425
the human body, living or dead CARRION 19C Brit. sl.
the outer part, surface, or external appearance of the body HABIT 1652 obs.
the upper body; the breast or the chest EAST AND WEST 1923 UK rhyming sl.
the visible outer part of the body; skin and complexion HIDE AND HUE c1330 obs.

a female whose body is very attractive, but who has an unattractive face  BUTTERFACE 2000s African-American sl.
a person with an odd body ODD BOD 20C US sl.
a person with a physically toned body, typically as the result of exercise; a physically trim, muscular, sexually attractive person  HARDBODY 1980 colloq., orig. US
a young woman with a plump, well-rounded figure FATTY CAKE 20C sl.
the human body; a person stigmatized as soulless LUMP OF CLAY a1425

the oral stimulation of all parts of a partner’s body AROUND THE WORLD 1951 US sl.

to move the body or any part of it; to stir QUETCH;  QUITCH c1205 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
to show off one’s body STRUT ONE’S STUFF Bk1995 US sl.

a body bag BAGGIE 1973 Amer. military sl.

without fat; said of a bodybuilder CARVED UP 1984 US sl.

a body-building gymnasium MEAT-MARKET M20 US sl.
a body-building gymnasium MEAT-RACK M20 US sl.

a Body-Builder BB 2005 US homosexual sl.
a female bodybuilder in excellent shape, with very good muscle tone HARDBODY Bk2006
a homosexual man devoted to body-building and the resultant musculature MUSCLE MARY 1980s homosexual sl.
a massive bodybuilder BIG BOY Bk1997 weightlifters’ usage
an unusually large bodybuilder HULK 1980 US sl.

to achieve definition, or well-developed and sculpted muscles GET VEINS 1984 US bodybuilders’ sl.
to eat food that is not in your regular diet GARBAGE UP 1984 US bodybuilders’ sl.
to use muscles others than those designed for use in a particular exercise CHEAT 1984 US bodybuilders’ sl

a bodyguard BACK 1995 African-American sl.
a bodyguard HACK 1989 UK sl.
a bodyguard, a hired thug; an athletic or muscular man ANIMAL 1921 Amer. sl.
a bodyguard; an armed personal attendant WARDECORPS a1330 obs.
a bodyguard; a publicity agent; a person employed to advise or protect a politician, celebrity, etc. usually used in the plural HANDLER 1909 orig. US
a bodyguard; a thug; a bully ENFORCER Bk2006 US sl.
a bodyguard; a thug; a gangster HAMMER 1928 sl.
a bodyguard, esp. of a witness, under police or federal protection BABYSITTER Bk2002 criminals’ sl.
a bodyguard hired to protect a criminal MINDER 1924 sl.
a bodyguard, often for a witness under police protection BABYSISTER Bk1992 police usage
a gangster’s bodyguard SIDEWINDER 1940s sl.
a hired bodyguard or thug; a gunman TRIGGER MAN 1930 sl., chiefly US
an armed bodyguard or guard HEAVY MAN 1933 US criminals’ sl.
a trusty bodyguard or follower; a personal attendant or ‘right-hand man’ of a Highland chief HANCHMAN c1730 Sc. obs.
bodyguards; people employed for their strength; bouncers, strong-arm men; men with authority employed to keep the peace, such as police, or to use violence if necessary, such as a criminal’s hench-men HEAVIES Bk1988 Aust. sl.

body-snatching RESURRECTON-RIG Bk1903 sl.

a body-snatcher PATCHMAN 1890 Eng. dial.
a body-snatcher RESURRECTION-COVE Bk1903 sl.
a body-snatcher RESURRECTIONIST 1862 sl.
a body-snatcher RESURRECTION-MAN 1821 sl.
a body-snatcher RESURRECTION-WOMAN 1814 sl.
a body-snatcher; a resurrectionist ALL-NIGHT MAN E19 sl.
a body-snatcher, a resurrectionist  RESURRECTOR 1863 Sc.

boggy MIZZICKY Bk1905 Eng. dial.
boggy; having the characteristics of a marsh BUTTERMILK 1843 Amer. dial.
boggy; marshy QUOBBY 1881 Eng. dial.
boggy; marshy, swampy, muddy SLUMPY 1823 orig. Eng. dial.
boggy, miry, swampy LAIRY 1700s
boggy, miry, swampy SUMPY 1829 Eng. dial.
boggy, spongy SANKY 1841 Eng. dial.
boggy; swampy QUEACHY 1593 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
boggy, swampy VOGGY B1900 Sc.
boggy; swampy WAUCHIE 1825 Sc. obs.
boggy; that shakes under foot; full of quags; soft QUAGGY 1610
boggy; wet, marshy QUEECHY Bk1905 Eng. dial.

BOG etc. – NOUNS
a bog MIMMAM 1790 Eng. dial.
a bog; a marsh MUSKEG 1890 Amer. dial.
a bog; a marsh, a fen; an area of wetland CURRAGH 1780 Ireland
a bog; a marsh, a pool WAGGLEWUGGLE 1762 Sc.
a bog; a marsh, a swamp SUG 1578 obs.
a bog; a marsh, a swamp SUMPT c1425 obs.
a bog; a marsh, a swamp, a morass SUMP c1425
a bog; a marshy spot QUAB 1627 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
a bog; a marshy spot; a quagmire; a quicksand QUOB 1876 Eng. dial.
a bog; a muddy ditch or hole; a stream flowing through boggy land LETCH 1138 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
a bog; a quagmire QUAMIRE 1555 obs.
a bog; a quagmire; a flat, spongy piece of ground SANCOME 1841 Eng. dial.
a bog, a quagmire, a marsh QUAW 1535 Sc.
a bog; a swamp VOG Bk1905 Eng. dial.
a boggy or marshy spot QUAG 1589
a boggy or muddy place; a marsh; a swamp SLUMP E19 Eng. dial.
a boggy or quaggy condition QUAGGINESS 1653
a boggy place MIZZICK Bk1847 Eng. dial.
a boggy spot; a muddy hole LAIR-HOLE 1889 Eng. dial.
a bog or fen; wet boggy ground CARR c1330 Eng. dial.
a peat-bog, a swamp YARF 1897 Sc.
a piece of boggy land SOG 19C Eng. dial.
a quaking bog BOBBINQUA Bk1911 Sc.
a quaking bog, a quagmire BABANQUA 1837 Sc.
a soft boggy place; a quagmire MIZZEYMIZZY 1679 Eng. dial.
a wet, boggy or muddy spot; a mire LAIR;  LARE a1976 Sc.
boggy land LOON SHIT 1987 Can. sl.
bog land SANCOMMY 1841 Eng. dial. obs.
wet, boggy land which requires draining QUEACHY Bk1905 Eng. dial.

BOG etc.  – VERBS
to engulf as in a bog IMBOG 1812 Sc. obs.
to stick or sink in bog or mire; to become bogged LAIR;  LARE a1572
to tremble under foot; said of wet, boggy land QUAIL 1777 Eng. dial.

a bogey, a hobgoblin BOLLY 1724 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
a bogeyman; a fictitious animal WALLOPA-WILLIPUSWILLIPUS-WALLIPUS 1892 Amer. dial.
a bogeyman; a fictitious animal WILLIPUS-WAMPUS 1921 Amer. dial.
a bogeyman; an object of terror HAG 1611 obs.
a bogey or hobgoblin SCRATTY Bk1904 Eng. dial.
a bogey used to frighten children RAW-HEAD B1900 Eng. dial.
a bogey used to frighten children; a spectre, a hobgoblin; a nursery bugbear RAWHEAD AND BLOODY BONES 1637 Eng. & Amer. dial.
a bogie BUGGER Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
a boogeyman or hobgoblin OLD BILLY 1894
a boogeyman or hobgoblin OLD BILLY HELL 1969 Amer. dial.
a nursery bogy BLACK BOGGLE 1856 Eng. dial.
a nursery bogy BLACK BOGY 1856 Eng. dial.

bogus, false, counterfeit, sham SHNIDE;  SNIDE;  SNIDEY 1859 UK
bogus; false; phony CRANK Bk2006 US sl.
bogus, phony, fake BOGUE 1953 Amer. dial.
bogus, phony, fake BOGUISH 1935 Amer. dial.
bogus, sham, falsified, false MARGARINE 1891

bohemian, unconventional BOHO 1958 US sl.

a Bohemian BOCK 1967 Amer. dial., derogatory
a Bohemian BOHEMIE 1968 Amer. dial.
a Bohemian CARP 1968 Amer. dial., derogatory
a Bohemian; a foreigner; an eastern or southeastern European, esp. of the working class BOHUNKUS 1924 Amer. dial., often derogatory
a Bohemian; a foreigner; an immigrant from central or southeastern Europe, esp. one of inferior class, and often specifically applied to a Hungarian BOHUNK 1903 Amer. dial., often derogatory
a Bohemian, in the sense of an unconventional person BOHO 1958 US sl.
a Bohemian; one who acts without regard for conventions LARIKIN L19 sl., orig. Aust.
a Bohemian; one who acts without regard for conventions LARRY L19 sl., orig. Aust.
a Bohemian, one who acts without regard for conventions TALENT 1880 Aust. sl.
a Bohemian; one who acts without regard for social convention LURCHER 20C Aust. sl.
a Bohemian or Czech CHESKY 1945 Amer. dial.
a Bohemian or Czech CZEZSKI 1964 Amer. dial.
a Bohemian or Czech HEEGAN;  HEGAN 1916 Amer. dial.
a member of the Bohemian counterculture BOHAWK 1952 US sl.
members of any fast or high-class Bohemian set HAUTE BOHÈME 1925

BOIL (swelling) – NOUNS
a boil BOGAN;  BOGGAN Bk1911 Sc.
a boil BUMP c1960 Amer. dial.
a boil CAN OF OIL 20C rhyming sl.
a boil CONAN (DOYLE) 1932 UK rhyming sl.
a boil MRS DOYLE 1998 UK rhyming sl.
a boil; a blister BLUSH Bk1911 Sc.
a boil, a carbuncle ALLER 1790 Eng. dial.
a boil, a carbuncle; an old sore ALLERNBATCH 1746 Eng. dial.
a boil, an abscess BEALING a1605 obs. exc. Eng. & Amer. dial.
a boil, an abscess, or other swelling RAISING 1966 Amer. dial.
a boil; a furuncle BOILER c1960 Amer. dial.
a boil; an abscess, esp. in the ear BEEAL 1942 Amer. dial.
a boil; a pimple BURBLE 1555 obs.
a boil, a pimple, a mole, or a wart PET 1902 Amer. dial.
a boil; a pustule; an abscess BEAL c1400 obs. exc. Eng. & Amer. dial.
a boil; a small blister; a pimple QUILT Bk1905 Eng. dial.
a boil; a sore, an ulcer KYLE 1340 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
a boil or blister on hands or feet; a pustule full of matter BLUSHINBLUSHION Bk1911 Sc.
a little boil BLAID 1790 Eng. dial. obs.
a small boil; a pimple or pustule; a stye QUAT 1579 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
a small boil or blister; a pimple; a stye in the eye QUOT 1691 Eng. dial.
a small boil or pimple NESSCOCK Bk1905 Eng. dial.
a small boil or pimple NESSCOCKLE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
a small suppurating boil or pimple NISTIE-COCK 1866 Sc. obs.
a swelling that becomes a boil or pimple BOLGAN Bk1911 Sc.
boils or pimples VOLCANOES Bk1999 Aust. sl.
the head of a boil DOT a1000 Eng. dial. rare
the head of a boil MOMMA 1966 Amer. dial.
the root of a boil, corn, etc. TANNER Bk1905 Sc. & Eng. dial.

boiled YBOYLID c1430 obs.
boiled to shreds TAIVEREDTAIVERT 1825 Sc.
boiling; agitated, as if boiling EBULLIENT 1599
boiling, bubbling BULLIENT 1669 obs. rare
boiling; heaving with heat AESTUANT 1633 obs. rare
boiling; heaving with heat AESTUATING 1674 obs.
boiling; said of liquids, molten metal, etc. WALLING c1000 obs.
easy to be boiled; capable of being decocted DECOCTIBLE 1656 rare

BOIL (liquids) etc. – ADVERBS
in a boiling state ABOIL 1858

BOIL (liquids) etc. – NOUNS
a boiling or bubbling over DEBULLITION 1727 obs.
a boiling up, feverish disturbance, ebullition AESTUATIONESTUATION 1605 obs.
an act of seething or bubbling up when brought to boiling-point WAMBLE 1620 obs.
a sudden boiling or bubbling over EBULLITION 1534
reduction by evaporation in boiling, boiling down; reduction DECOCTION 1650 obs.
the boiling-point BINNER Bk1911 Sc.
the bubbling and heaving of water, etc. in a process of boiling WALM a1000 obs.
the process of boiling, or keeping a liquid at the boiling point by the application of heat EBULLITION 1594
the series of noisy bubbling motions made by water, etc. rapidly boiling, or approaching boiling point WALLOP 1565 obs.

BOIL (liquids) etc. – VERBS
to boil BILEBOWL Bk1911 Sc.
to boil CORROBOREE Bk1892 Aust. sl.
to boil DANCE Bk1900 Eng. dial.
to boil GALLOP a1605 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
to boil QUADLE 1633 obs.
to boil SIEDE 1481 obs.
to boil and bubble, as water or broth QUADDLE 1892 Eng. dial.
to boil down or away; to concentrate by boiling DECOCT 1538 obs.
to boil or bubble over DEBULLIATE 1656 obs.
to boil; said of a liquid WALL c1000 obs.
to boil, to be in a state of ebullition EBULLATE 1623 obs. rare
to boil; to bubble as in boiling WALM 1610 obs.
to boil, to bubble out EBULLIATE 1599 rare
to boil; to cook; to prepare as food by the agency of fire DECOCT c1420 obs.
to boil, to heave like a boiling fluid; to throb BELK 1648 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
to boil; to heave; to surge up like the tide AESTUATEESTUATE 1620 obs.
to boil; to seethe; said of water, the blood WAMBLE 1636 obs.
to boil vigorously RAMP 1901 Sc.
to boil violently and with a noisy bubbling WALLOP 1579
to boil with a rapid noisy bubbling BOIL A WALLOP 1565 obs.
to boil with a rapid noisy bubbling SEETHE A WALLOP 1565 obs.
to bring to a hard, rolling boil for a short time, as water for a pot of tea BOIL A FEW WALLOPS 1975 Amer. dial.
to check water at boiling point by dashing cold water into it SCLENCH Bk1904 Eng. dial.
to drain the water off potatoes, etc., when boiled TEEM 1890 Eng. dial.
to make a noise in boiling; said of water QUOBBLEQUODDLE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
to make a sound like that of boiling liquid PABBLE 1832 Sc.
to pour water on articles of food to be boiled; to drain solids that have been boiled BREE Bk1911 Sc.
to puff in the act of boiling WAFF Bk1905 Eng. dial.

 boisterous BOASTEROUS 1968 Amer. dial.
 boisterous BOISTART Bk1911 Sc.
 boisterous BOUSTEROUS Bk1911 Sc.
 boisterous LALEEKING;  LALLOCKING Bk1902 Eng. dial.
 boisterous and rough in manner; uncouth, unpolished RAMBASKIOUS;  RAMBASKISH;  RAMBUSTEOUS 1825 Sc.
 boisterous, blustering; noisy; bustling TEARING 1891 Sc. & Eng. dial.
 boisterous, energetic, vigorous, lively RAMBUNCTIOUS; RUMBUNCTIOUS 1830 colloq., orig. & chiefly US
 boisterous, esp. when lightly intoxicated; thoughtless; funny RAPSICAL Bk1905 Eng. dial.
 boisterous; fierce BOUSTEOUS Bk1911 Sc.
 boisterous, forward, rash, bold, quarrelsome, out of humour RUMGUMPTIOUS 1790 Eng. dial.
 boisterous, happy, jolly; bantering CHAFFEY;  CHAFFY 1859 Amer. dial.
 boisterous, in high spirits, elated  MALEDDY 1923 Sc.
 boisterous in manner; rough and strong RAMSTUGIOUS Bk1905 Sc. obs.
 boisterous, lively, spirited; wild, unruly, outrageous; rampageous RAMPACIOUS 1837 rare
 boisterous, noisy RORY-CUM-TORY 1893 obs. rare
 boisterous, noisy and unruly; forward; obstreperous RAMBUMPTIOUS 1911 Amer. dial.
 boisterous, noisy and unruly; forward; obstreperous RAMBUNKSHUS 1866 Amer. dial.
 boisterous, noisy and unruly; forward; obstreperous RAMBUNKSIOUS 1904 Amer. dial.
 boisterous, noisy; careless of the comfort of others; turbulent, unruly, rough, uproarious RUMBUSTIOUS  1778 colloq.
 boisterous, noisy, discordant CALLITHUMPIAN 1851 Amer. dial.
 boisterous, noisy, disorderly RAMPAGEROUS 1890 Eng. dial.
 boisterous, noisy; furious, angry, violent, wild, unruly, obstreperous, disorderly, outrageous RAMPAGINOUS 1822 Sc.
 boisterous, noisy, harsh-sounding, loud STREPEROUS 1637 obs.
 boisterous, noisy, loud ​RORY-TORY1683 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
 boisterous, noisy, obstreperous BALLAHOO 20C W. Indies sl.
 boisterous, noisy, obstreperous RAKUSSING 1879 Eng. dial.
 boisterous; noisy; quarrelsome JANGLESOME B1900 Eng. dial.
 boisterous, noisy, raving RANTY-MAD Bk1905 Eng. dial.
 boisterous, noisy, reckless RACKETING 1893 obs. rare
 boisterous, noisy, reckless RACKETTY 1893 obs. rare
 boisterous, noisy, reckless RACKLESOME 1893 obs. rare
 boisterous, noisy; rip-roaring; lively ROOTIN’ TOOTIN’ 1913 colloq., chiefly N. Amer.
 boisterous, noisy, rough, loud, or violent in sound BOISTOUS c1430 obs.
 boisterous, noisy, rowdy; coarse or earthy; crudely comic RORTY 1882 sl.
 boisterous, noisy, strongly self-assertive, pompous ROBUSTIOUS a1548
 boisterous, noisy, unruly; disorderly RAMPAGEOUS;  RAMPAGIOUS 1822
 boisterous, noisy, unruly; fond of rough play; careless of the comfort of others; uproarious, obstreperous RUMBUSTICAL 1795 Eng. dial. & colloq.
 boisterous, noisy, uproarious RORITORIOUS 1821
 boisterous, riotous RANTIPOLING 1876 Eng. dial.
 boisterous, riotous, disorderly, dissipated; wild, unruly, unmanageable RANDIE;  RANDY 1785 Sc. & Eng. dial.
 boisterous, riotous, disorderly, violent RAMP 1715 Sc.
 boisterous, rollicking, rip-roaring TEARING-DOWN 1845 Amer. dial.
 boisterous, romping GAMSIN’ 1908 Sc.
 boisterous, romping; said of children RAMMISH 1825 Sc.
 boisterous, rough RAGGLISH;  RAGLISH Bk1905 Sc.
 boisterous, rough in manner, riotous, disorderly; quarrelsome RAMSTOUGAR;  RAMSTOUGEROUS;  RAMSTUGEROUS 1864 Sc.
 boisterous, rowdy TEAR-BRASS 1880 Eng. dial.
 boisterous, rude RUFFATORY B1900 Eng. dial.
 boisterous, rude, rough; impudent RUFTY-TUFTY 1606 obs.
 boisterous, spirited, lively; unruly, riotous RAMBUSTIOUS 1853
 boisterous, stormy GALEY;  GALY Bk1900 Eng. dial.
 boisterous, stormy, rough GURLIE;  GURLY 1718 Sc.
 boisterous, teasing, bullying; rough, rude HALLOCKING Bk1905 Eng. dial.
 boisterous, uproarious ROISTERING 1575
 boisterous, uproarious ROISTEROUS 1575
 boisterous, uproarious, roaring, roistering, swaggering, wild TORY-RORY 1678 obs.
 boisterous, vigorous, full of spirit; wildly noisy RIP-ROARING 1834 colloq., orig. US
 boisterous, vigorous, full of spirit; wildly noisy RIP-SNORTING 1846 colloq., orig. US
 boisterous, vigorous; violent RIPROARIOUS;  RIPRORIOUS 1830 colloq., orig. US
 boisterous, violent, headstrong, impetuous OVERITIOUS B1900 Sc.
 boisterous, wild SHANDY L17 Eng. dial.
 boisterous, wild, unmanageable HELLICAT 1819 Sc.
 boisterously, wildly; in a roaring, wild, or uproarious manner TORY-RORY 1664 obs.
 a boisterous celebration, a party SHIVOO M19 Aust. & NZ colloq.
 a boisterous good time; a spree RAMP L19 sl.
 a boisterousness, roving disposition RAMPLOSITY 1887 Sc.
 a boisterous noise AMMERGAG;  HAMMERGAG Bk1905 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous noise; a disturbance; an uproar, a hubbub; a bitter quarrel ROWDY-DOW 1872
 a boisterous occasion, not necessarily a wake PADDY FUNERAL;  PADDY’S FUNERAL 20C sl.
 a boisterous or rowdy social gathering FANDANGO 1848 Amer. dial.
 boisterous, noisy jollification; loud mirth GALLAFER 1898 Sc.
 boisterous, noisy play; romping TEARATION B1900 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous brawling person GLUFFIS;  GLUFFUS Bk1866 Sc.
 a boisterous child; a romp RAMMACKS 19C Eng. dial.
 a boisterous, furious, or quarrelsome fellow RAMPADGEON Bk1905 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous, merry, dissolute person; a roisterer; a person of loose habits GAY GREEK 1536 rare
 a boisterous, noisy girl, a romp MOLLY-HAWN Bk1905 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous, noisy girl or woman; a romp or rude girl; a hoyden HEIGHTY TOITY 1785 sl. obs.
 a boisterous, noisy girl or woman; a romp or rude girl; a hoyden HIGHTY-TIGHTY 1699 cant obs.
 a boisterous, noisy, merry fellow; a reckless, dissipated person RAMPS Bk1905 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous, noisy person BALAHU 1943 W. Indies 
 a boisterous or dissolute person MAD GREEK M16 rare
 a boisterous or dissolute person MERRY GREEK M16 rare
 a boisterous or jovial young Cockney man ‘ARRY 1874 UK colloq.
 a boisterous or jovial young Cockney woman, typically the notional wife or girlfriend of ‘Arry ‘ARRIET 1879 UK colloq.
 a boisterous or mischievous boy; a giddy, wild, romping girl HEMPY 1818
 a boisterous or mischievous boy; a rough, troublesome fellow; one fit for the gallows HEMP Bk1893 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous or quarrelsome person; a restless, romping person; one who prances about furiously RAMPAGER 1879 Sc.
 a boisterous, passionate, imperious woman; a cantankerous, argumentative woman; a scold BARGE 1880 Sc. & Ireland
 a boisterous person RUMPULLION B1900 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous person; a noisy simpleton; a staring, gaping fellow GAPESORMAN;  GAPESAWMAN;  GAPE-SIMON Bk1862 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous, romping child; a harum-scarum or rough person RIPSTICK Bk1898 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous, romping child; a termagant; a clumsy person RANTIPOLE 18C
 a boisterous, romping child; a termagant; a clumsy person RANTIPOW 1807 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous, romping, irrepressible child who is always ‘ripping his stitches,’ i.e., tearing his clothes; a wild, reckless person RIPSTITCH Bk1875 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous, rough person RUGGY-DUGGY B1900 Sc.
 a boisterous, rude boy; one who is fond of horseplay, knocking and shoving his playfellows about at all risks RUFFATORY 1830 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous, rude child; a romp; one always getting into mischief and tearing his clothes TEAR-RAG B1900 Eng. dial.
 a boisterous, rude, or forward boy TOMBOY a1553 obs.
 a boisterous, uncontrollable person; one who tears or rushes away, or acts with great impetuosity; one who behaves in a wild, uncontrolled, or reckless manner; a rebellious and unruly young person TEAR-AWAY 1891
 a person who causes trouble or creates chaos, esp. by boisterous, wild, or outrageous behaviour; a spirited, outspoken, fast-acting person; esp. such a person who does not observe common propriety HELL-RAISER 1882 colloq.
 to abound with boisterous good spirits; to be full of mirth or fun RAFF 1824 Sc.
 to act boisterously HAWBUCK 1896 Amer. dial.
 to act boisterously; to rough-house MALAHACK 1901 Amer. dial.
 to be boisterous, jovial, uproariously gay or merry; to frolic, to romp; to lead a gay or dissolute life RANT 1598
 to be boisterously convivial BREAK DOWN c1870 colloq.
 to be boisterous or noisy TEAR OFF THE SHINGLES 1966 Amer. dial.
 to behave boisterously BIRTLE 1952 Amer. dial.
 to behave boisterously, aggressively, or violently ROUGH IT UP 1897
 to behave in a boisterous, agitated, or noisy manner ROUNCE a1500 rare
 to behave in a boisterous, comic, or unruly manner; to play tricks on someone; to make a conspicuous display of oneself CUT A SHINE 1830 Amer. dial.
 to behave in a boisterous, comic, or unruly manner; to play tricks on someone; to make a conspicuous display of oneself CUT SHINES 1848 Amer. dial.
 to behave in a boisterous manner RAISE CAIN 1840 colloq.
 to behave in a boisterous, noisy, or swaggering fashion; to frolic and romp; to brag or boast; also, to laugh noisily GAUSTER;  GOWSTER;  GOYSTER 1674 Eng. dial.
 to enjoy oneself boisterously or noisily; to behave uproariously; to revel ROIST 1563 obs.
 to enjoy oneself in a boisterous, wild manner, usually with much noise and whisky; to be drunk and boisterous RAISE HELL 20C Amer. colloq.
 to enjoy oneself in a boisterous, wild manner, usually with much noise and whisky; to be drunk and boisterous RAISE SAND 20C Amer. colloq.
 to move in a boisterous manner RANK 1870 Eng. dial.
 to run around boisterously; to gad about, to go out in search of pleasure RAM AROUND 1939 Amer. dial.
 to talk or sing boisterously or noisily GALDER Bk1900 Sc. & Eng. dial.

897  KEEN bold, brave, valiant, daring (obs.)
1000  DEAR • DERE bold, brave, strenuous, hardy (obs.)
1000  DOUGHTY bold, brave, fearless and resolute; stout-hearted 
1000  ORPED bold, brave, valiant, stout, strenuous (obs.)
1175  DERF bold, daring, courageous, brave, hardy (obs.)
1205  KEENLY bold, courageous (obs.)
1205  YEPE bold, daring, alert, active, nimble, brisk (obs.)
1225  STALWORTH bold, brave, daring, courageous, valiant, mighty (obs.)
1297  KEEN bold, proud, forward, insolent, heinous (obs.)
1300  CANT bold, brisk, courageous, hearty, lusty, lively, merry, hale 
1380  HEARTY bold, courageous (obs.)
1400  AWELESS bold, fearless, courageous 
1400  DERF bold, audacious, daringly wicked (obs.)
1400  TALL bold, brave, valiant; stout or strong in combat (obs.)
1420  MALAPERT bold or forward from lack of proper respect or modesty (obs.)
1450  HAUTAIN bold, courageous; of exalted courage (obs.)
1532  TEMERARIOUS bold, rash, careless; unreasonably adventurous
1566  FACING bold, audacious (obs.)
1567  HEARTSOME bold, courageous, spirited (obs.)
1578  BASHLESS bold, unabashed, shameless, unblushing (obs.)
1603  AUDACULOUS a little bold or daring  (obs.)
1620  ANIMOUS  bold, spirited, courageous (obs.)
1640  VENTORIOUS bold, daring, adventurous; characterized by venturesomeness (obs.)
1713  RAMP bold, wild, wanton, unrestrained, rompish; full of rude health and spirits 
1750  BOBBERSOME bold, in high spirits, forward, venturesome; impatient
1788  BARDIE • BARDY bold, fierce, turbulent 
1789  BOLD AS BRASS very bold or impudent; brazen-faced 
1789  GALLOWS bold, brave, tough, daring, ostentatious, nonchalant 
1790  DAIROUS  DAROUS  bold, daring (obs.)
1790  RUMGUMPTIOUS bold, rash, forward; violent and obstinate in opinion
E19  ASPERANT bold, proud, haughty 
1801  PAUKY • PAWKY bold, proud, conceited, impudent, precocious, forward, inquisitive; esp. used of children 
1808  MAKINT bold, confident, assured, brazen 
1816  BRASS-VISAGED bold; impudent; shameless; brazen-faced 
1825  FACIE • FACY bold, ready to face danger 
1833  SASSY bold, impudent, cheeky; lively; stylish 
1838  RAMSTOUGAR bold, masculine; said of a woman 
1845  FRESH bold, forward; amorously over-free or cheeky; pert; impudent 
1847  OWDACIOUS bold, impudent, shameless, audacious, incorrigible 
1853  CHUNKED bold, impudent (obs.)
1864  BOBBER bold, venturesome; in high spirits, saucy, pert 
1864  DOUGHTY-HEARTED bold, brave, courageous 
1882  CAMPIE • CAMPY bold, brave, heroic 
1885  OUTDACIOUS bold, impudent, shameless, audacious, incorrigible 
1891  OUDACIOUS bold, audacious 
1898Bk  AUNTERSOME bold, venturesome, high-spirited 
1898Bk  AUNTY bold, venturesome, high-spirited 
1898Bk  BEAZEN bold 
1900  RAMGUMPTIOUS bold, shrewd, rash 
1900  RUDAS bold, masculine 
1905Bk  TAUNTRIL bold, impudent (obs.)
1911Bk  BEND bold 
1911Bk  BRAISANT bold, brazened; impudent, hardened, shameless 
1929  OBERFU bold, forward 
1930  MANNISH bold, forward; said of both sexes and of children 
1970  FUNKY-ASS bold, lively; sassy 
1000  EYELESSLY boldly and presumptuously; without fear or reverence (obs.)
1000  KEENLY boldly, fiercely (obs.)
1225  HARDLY boldly, daringly, hardily (obs.)
1352  CANTLY boldly, briskly, eagerly, energetically, cheerily (obs.)
1375  UNABASEDLY boldly, dauntlessly (obs.)
1400  LARGE  boldly, freely, unrestrainedly (obs.)
1513  HAUTAINLY boldly, courageously (obs.)
1788  DAUNTINGLY boldly, bravely; defiantly (obs.)
1809  DERFLY boldly, fiercely, vigorously 
1857  LIKE A HATTER boldly, vigorously 
1884  BODIACIOUSLY boldly, unceremoniously 
1896  BODACIOUSLY boldly, unceremoniously 
1175  DOUGHTINESS boldness, valour, might, strength 
1205  KEENSHIP boldness, fierceness (obs.)
1340  HARDIESSE boldness, hardihood 
1374  HARDIMENT boldness, courage, daring, hardihood 
1375  HARDIMENT a bold exploit; a deed of daring (obs.)
1460  AFFIANCE boldness, assurance; confidence in oneself, one’s abilities, etc. (obs.)
1537  FACE insolent boldness; great confidence; effrontery, nerve 
1579  HARDIHEAD boldness, hardiness; audacity 
1595  DARE boldness, daring (obs.)
L18  IRISH-ASSURANCE  bold forward behaviour; shamelessness 
1874  DAREDNESS boldness, audacity 
1893  INSURANCE great boldness, assurance, impudence 
1898Bk  AFFORCE boldness, force 
1958  ARSE boldness, gall, gumption. impudence; hence, luck as a result of this
1966  BRASH boldness, audacity, forwardness 
1966  ENERGY boldness, assertiveness, forwardness; bravery 
1968  BILLY GOAT boldness, effrontery, nerve, pushiness 
1970  OATS boldness, assertiveness 
1000  QUEAN a bold, impudent, or ill-behaved woman; a jade; a hussy
1400  DOUGHTY a bold, brave, resolute person 
1450  RAMP a bold, vulgar, ill-behaved woman or girl; a high-spirited, independent woman, usually synonymous with a prostitute (obs.)
1515  FACER a person who puts on a bold face; one who boasts or swaggers; a braggart; a bully (obs.)
1579  TOMBOY a bold or immodest woman (obs.)
1671  RAMPANT a bold, vulgar, ill-behaved woman or girl; an impudent female obs.)
1720  GILKIE a bold, lively, mischievous, saucy, or forward girl ; a tomboy 
1720  GILPEY • GILPIE • GILPY a bold, lively, mischievous, saucy, or forward girl ; a tomboy
1720  QUINE a bold, impudent, shameless, or malevolent woman; a hussy; a slut
1786  LIMMER a bold, impudent girl or woman; a wild, undisciplined girl; a jade; a hussy 
1822  KEMPIE • KEMPY a bold or pugnacious person; an energetic, lively child 
1825  BARD a bold, noisy woman; a scolding woman 
1825  RANNIGAL • RANNYGILL a bold, impudent, unruly person 
1868Bk  HARDY a bold or saucy young scamp 
1873  GLOWBASON a bold, impudent person 
1905Bk  HARDEN-FACE a bold, brazen-faced person 
1700  YOUR SAUCE-PAN RUNS OVER you are exceeding bold 
1225  HARDY to make bold or hardy; to encourage (obs.)
1297  HARDISS to make bold or hardy, to embolden (obs.)
1542  BRAG IT OUT WITH A CARD OF TEN to put on a bold front, to brag (obs.)
1542  FACE IT OUT WITH A CARD OF TEN to put on a bold front, to brag (obs.)
L17  BE IN ARMOUR  to be pot-valiant (bold or courageous under the influence of alcohol) 
1725  GAB to speak boldly or impertinently; to assail or answer with impertinent language; to jeer at 
1758  PUSH A FACE to exhibit a bold front (obs.)
1823  HARDY to become bold (obs.)
1827  SHOW A FACE to exhibit a bold front (obs.)
1889  PIPE UP to start speaking boldly 
1899  IMPER to be bold or impudent 
20C  HAVE BRASS BALLS to be over-bold or foolhardy 
20C  HAVE CAST-IRON BALLS to be over-bold or foolhardy 
1966  HAVE BRASS ON ONE’S FACE to be bold, forward, or over-confident 
1970  BOGART to act in a bold, aggressive way; to tease or bully; to take advantage of 

1942  HORSECOCK bologna or salami (US sl., esp. navy usage)
1987  NORTH END ROUND bologna (Can. sl.)

1658  OBSERATION a bolting, locking up (obs.)

1623 • OBSERATE to bolt, to lock up, to shut with bolt and key (obs.)

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