Reverse Dictionary: BUT – BZ

– butcher-like • LANIARIOUS 1651 obs. rare
– pert. to a butcher • LANIONIOUS 1656 obs. rare
– pert. to the butchers row or shambles • MACELLARIOUS 1656 obs.
– a butcher’s slaughter-house; a ‘shambles’ • LANIARY 1623 obs.
– a parcel of scraps from the butcher • WRAP-UP 1960s Irish sl.
– a scrounging for meat from a butcher’s shop by a tramp • GUT PLUNGE ON BUTCH 1920s US sl.
– a small piece of meat placed for sale on the butcher’s block, as opposed to the ‘joints’ hung on hooks • BLOCKER 1848 colloq.
– a tearing like a butcher • LANIATION 1623 obs.
– butchers collectively; also, the state of being a butcher; the craft of a butcher • BUTCHERDOM 1857
– butchers collectively; the community of butchers • BUTCHERY c1425 obs.
– butcher’s oddments or ‘stickings’ • FAGGOT FAGOT 1859 colloq.
– stalls, in which butchers formerly prepared and sold meat • BUTCHER ROW a1425 rare
– the off-cuts from a butcher’s preparing of meat for sale • SHACKLES 1910s sl.
– a butcher • BROTHER BLADE Bk1890 sl.
– a butcher • BUTCHER MAN 1481
– a butcher BUTCHY 1867 colloq. obs. rare
– a butcher • HACK-MEAT 19C Eng. dial.
– a butcher • HAGGARD 1813 Sc., opprobrious
– a butcher • KNIGHT OF THE CLEAVER 1830 sl.
– a butcher • TANKY 20C US World War II Navy usage
– a butcher; a seller of mutton • MUTTON-MONGER 1649 sl. obs.
– a butcher or retailer of meat • MEAT MAN 1907 Amer. dial.
– a butcher who dresses in blue to conceal blood-stains • ADMIRAL OF THE BLUE Bk1894
– a female butcher; also, a butcher’s wife or daughter BUTCHERESS 1802
– a female butcher; a woman who cuts or prepares meat • HAGWIFE 1779 Sc. obs.
– a journeyman butcher, shoemaker, or bricklayer • CAD 1876 Eng. dial.
– a ‘ket-butcher’; one who deals in unwholesome meat, or carrion • CAD-BUTCHER • KAD-BUTCHER Bk1877 Eng. dial.
– a pork butcher • PIG-STICKER 1886 sl. & Eng. dial.
– a pork butcher PORKY L19 sl.
– wholesale butchers, who monopolize and forestall the markets • CARCASE LORDS Bk1890 sl.
– to butcher, to massacre, to kill; to destroy life by accident • MASSACREE 1891 Eng. dial.
– to work as a butcher; to carry on the trade of a butcher • BUTCH 1846

– butcherly • CARNIFICINE 1681 obs. rare
– butcherly; longing to an executioner, or to a butchery; butcherly • CARNIFICIAL 1632

– a scene of butchery or slaughter; the name given to the field in the vicinity of Jerusalem, purchased with the blood-money received and relinquished by Judas Iscariot • ACELDAMA 1382
– butchery, murder, torture • CARNIFICE 1657 obs. rare


– a head-butt • BYKER TEA-CAKE 1990s sl.
– a head-butt • DANDRUFF 1950s sl.
– a head-butt • NOSE KISS 1999 UK sl.
– a butt for everyone to throw at; a figure of a man set up to be pelted; an ancient form of the sport of ‘Aunt Sally’, practised during Lent • JACK-A-LENT 1598 arch.
– a person who butts with his head • BUCKER 1939 Amer. dial.
– to butt, as an animal; to push; to sidle • VAGE VEDGE VEGE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to butt someone with the head • PUT THE NUT ON STICK THE NUT ON SOMEONE 20C Brit. sl.
– to butt; to push or thrust, as with horns • BURT c1440 obs.
– to butt; to push with the head or horns • BOOK 1930 Amer. dial.
– to butt, to strike, to knock, to push • BUNT 1825 chiefly Eng. dial.
– to butt with the head, or hit someone on the head • NUT 1937 sl.
– to butt with the head; to push • BUSH a1387 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– to butt with the horns DISH 1822 Sc.
– to butt with the horns or head; to beat, batter, drive or knock out of one’s way • HAKE 1878 Sc.

– yellow, of a golden colour, generally applied to butter and cheese, etc. BLAKE 1747 Eng. dial.
– a portion of butter in which there are no hairs (used during the pre-industrial era of butter manufacture) BALD-HEADED BUTTER L19 sl.
– bad butter CART-GREASE c1875 sl.
– butter CALCUTTA 1998 UK rhyming sl.
– butter COW-GREASE;  COW-OIL Bk1892 Chinese Pidgin
– butter DAN TUCKER 1859 rhyming sl.
– butter DANNY RUCKER 1930s rhyming sl.
– butter DRAG World War I Amer. sl.
– butter GREASE World War I Amer. sl.
– butter HARD OIL World War I Amer. sl.
– butter JOHNNY RUTTER 1930s rhyming sl.
– butter LAY ME IN THE GUTTER 1923 rhyming sl.
– butter LUBRICANT Bk1934 college sl.
– butter MUTTER AND STUTTER 20C rhyming sl.
– butter OINTMENT M19 sl.
– butter PIN-GREASE L19 sl.
– butter PULL World War I Amer. sl.
– butter PULL DOWN THE SHUTTER L19 rhyming sl.
– butter SALVE L19 US tramps’ sl.
– butter SKID GREASE 1921 Amer. dial., chiefly logging usage
– butter SMEAR 1891 Amer. dial.
– butter SPREAD 1812 sl.
– butter or margarine AXLE GREASE 1883 Amer. sl., esp. military usage
– butter or margarine LARD 1942 Amer. jocular usage
– butter or margarine VASELINE 1910s Aust. & US sl.
– three pounds of butter QUART 1796 Eng. dial.
– an itinerant trader who buys butter from farmers to sell wholesale BUTTER BADGER 1739 orig. Eng. dial.
– a tradesman who buys butter from farmers to sell wholesale BUTTER FACTOR 1696
– a woman who makes or sells butter BUTTER WIFE 1542
– a woman who makes or sells butter BUTTER WOMAN 1612
– a woman who makes or sells butter, characterized as garrulous, argumentative, and bad-tempered BUTTER-QUEAN 1613 obs., derogatory
– a woman who makes or sells butter, characterized as garrulous, argumentative, and bad-tempered BUTTER WHORE 1592 obs.
– of butter, etc.: to spread thickly LAGGER 1950 Sc.

– a buttercup BEGGAR’S BUTTON 1959 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup BLISTER-PLANT 1888 Eng. dial.
– a buttercup BUTTER DAISY 1900 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup BUTTER ROSE 1935 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup BUTTERFLOWER 1910 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup CHICKEN PEPPER 1900 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup DEVIL’S CLAW 1900 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup DEVIL’S-GUTS 1900 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup GOLD BUTTONS 1959 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup GOLDCUP 1914 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup GRANNY THREADS 1900 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup HELL-WEED 1900 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup KINGCUP 1896 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup LANTERN LEAVES 1900 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup MEADOW CUP 1959 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup PISSABED 1640 obs. rare
– a buttercup QUEEN’S BUTTON 1896 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup RAM’S CLAWS 1900 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup YELLOW-CUP 1824
– a buttercup YELLOW DAISY 1829 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup YELLOWWEED 1790 Amer. dial.
– a buttercup, Ranunculus bulbosus FAIR-GRASS Bk1900 Sc.

– allied to the butterfly PAPILIOUS 1733 obs. rare
– a butterfly; a large moth MEGGY-OWLER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a coloured butterfly QUEEN ANNE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– any large butterfly or moth, the colours of which are variegated with white and not brilliant PADGE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a white butterfly MILLER 1851 Eng. dial.
– butterflies FLEE-FLOWERS 19C Eng. dial.
– coloured butterflies or snail-shells, as distinguished from those that are white ENGLISH Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– the chrysalis of the butterfly, from the jerking motion of its head TAMMY-NID-NOD 1923 Sc.
– the condition of being a butterfly; also, frivolous behaviour; giddiness BUTTERFLYISM 1833 obs.
– one who studies butterflies and moths LEPIDOPTERIST 1826

– buttermilk ARIZONA 1946 US sl.
– buttermilk BLEDDOCH Bk1911 Sc.

– to butt in, to interfere BACK THE BARBER 1950s Aust. sl.
– to butt in, to interfere BACK THE BARROW 1910s Aust. sl.

– having a big backside BEAMY 1974 Amer. dial.
– having a large bottom TALLOW-BREECHED B1900 sl.
– having fat buttocks BAZZIL-ARSED Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– having fat buttocks STEATOPYGOUS 1871
– having fat buttocks; fat LARD-ASSED 1946 Amer. sl.
– having flat buttocks SHINGLE-BUTTED 1942 Amer. dial.
– having hairy buttocks, as an ape DASYPYGAL 1875
– having large buttocks BUTT-ENDED 1893
– having large buttocks HOPPER-ARSED E16 sl.
– having large buttocks HOPPER-HIPPED 1672
– having large buttocks HOPPER-RUMPED E16 sl.
– having large buttocks HOPPER-TAILED E16 sl.
– having large buttocks; fat; also, of objects: large FAT-ARSE 18C sl.
– having large buttocks; fat; also, of objects: large FAT-ARSED 18C sl.
– having large buttocks or hips BROAD ACROSS THE BEAM;  BROAD IN THE BEAM 1929 sl., euphemism
– having large or fat buttocks FAT-ASSED 19C sl.
– having large, well-developed, or prominently displayed buttocks BUTTOCKY 1598
– having skinny buttocks RIBEY-ASSED 2000 Amer. dial.
– having small buttocks BUTTLESS 1997
– having well-shaped buttocks CALLIPYGOUS E20
– having well-shaped or finely developed buttocks CALLIPYGIAN a1800
– pert. to a young male whose buttocks are not hairy BARE-ASSED 20C US sl.
– pert. to magazines or any publicly available material showing exposed or prominent breasts and buttocks T. AND A. M20 US sl. (‘tits and ass’)
– pert. to the buttocks or nates NATAL 1870
– resembling or having the form of buttocks NATIFORM 1681
– said of a short person very broad in the beam SHORT AND THICK, LIKE A WELSHMAN’S PRICK M19 sl.
– wide in the posteriors DOUBLE-ASSED Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– wide in the posteriors HIPPY Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– with bare buttocks ARSE-BARE Bk1911 Sc.
– a broad bottom ASS LIKE THE BACK OF A HACK 1916 Amer. sl.
– a child’s buttocks NALLY Bk1905 Eng. dial., nursery usage
– a child’s seat or fundament TEA-CAKE B1900 Eng. dial.
– a crease at the top of the buttocks, the upper part of the gluteal furrow CLEAVAGE 20C US colloq.
– an act of exposing one’s buttocks, esp. from the window of an automobile, as an obscene prank; mooning (Bare Ass) B.A. 1970s US homosexual sl.
– an imprecise unit of measurement, esp. when applied to the breadth of woman’s buttocks or of a man’s shoulders AXE HANDLE 1947 US sl.
– a pinch on the buttocks APOSTLE’S PINCH 20C sl.
– a tapered body with jutting buttocks EUROPEAN ACCENTUATION 1950s homosexual sl.
– a very large pair of buttocks DUCK-BUTT Bk2006 US sl.
– false buttocks or other body padding designed to make one’s body more sexually attractive FALSIES E20 US colloq.
– large buttocks HOPPER ARSE;  HOPPER BREECH;  HOPPER HIPS E16 sl.
– large buttocks which hang over the chair HANGOVER 20C US sl.
– markedly protruding buttocks BARGE-ARSE 19C Brit. sl.
– parts of the body regarded sexually or as being sexually attractive, esp. the buttocks or breasts of a woman ASSET 1947 colloq.
– protruding buttocks BALCONY 20C US sl.
– the buttocks ADA 2000s S. Afr. homosexual sl.
– the buttocks AMPUS-END;  AM-PUSSY-AND;  AND-PUSSY-AND 19C sl.
– the buttocks ANTIPODES E19 sl.
– the buttocks ARSE c1000
– the buttocks ARSE CHEEKS 1865
– the buttocks ARSE-ENDS a1000 obs.
– the buttocks ASH CAN 1930s sl., euphemism
– the buttocks ASK-NO-QUESTIONS 1950s Aust. euphemism
– the buttocks ASS CHEEKS 1951
– the buttocks ASSTERIORS 20C US sl.
– the buttocks ASTRONAUT 2003 US sl.
– the buttocks AZZ 2002 US sl.
– the buttocks BAANA 20C W. Indies sl.
– the buttocks BACK OF THE LAP 1950 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BACK-LAND 17C
– the buttocks BACK-PARTS 19C US euphemism
– the buttocks BACK PORCH 1950 Amer. dial., jocular usage
– the buttocks BACKS 1960s US sl.
– the buttocks BACKSIDE c1500 sl.
– the buttocks BAIN 1910s W. Indies
– the buttocks BAKERY GOODS 1960s US homosexual sl.
– the buttocks BATI;  BATTY 1935 Jamaica sl.
– the buttocks BAZOO 1969 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BAZOOKAS 1950 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BAZOON 1969 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BEAM 1929 sl.
– the buttocks BEER AND SARSE 1980s Aust. rhyming sl. for ‘arse’
– the buttocks BEHIND 1786 colloq.
– the buttocks BEHINTEN 1950 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BERUMPUS 1970 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BESETTER 1967 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BEWSCHERS a1400 obs.
– the buttocks BIM 1935 sl.
– the buttocks BINKY 1968 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BIRD DOG c1950 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BISCUIT;  BISCUITS 1965 Amer. jocular usage
– the buttocks BOHIND 1967 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BOHUNK 1965 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BOMBOSITY 1932 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BOO-DOCK 1966 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BOODY 1967 Amer. jocular usage
– the buttocks BOOMPIE 1966 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BOTTOM 1794 colloq.
– the buttocks BOUNKY;  BUNKY 1982 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BOX 1965 African-American sl.
– the buttocks BRONZA;  BRONZE;  BRONZO 1959 Aust. sl.
– the buttocks B.T. EMPTEM;  B.T.M. 1966 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUCKET 1942 Amer. sl.
– the buttocks BUM 1387 sl., chiefly Brit.
– the buttocks BUMBA 1968 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUMBASTO 1969 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUMBOSITY 1950 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUMP 1966 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUMPA 1984 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUMPER 1950 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUMPITY 1968 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUMPY 1966 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUN 1960 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUNG 1691 obs. rare
– the buttocks BUNGHOLE 1960s US sl.
– the buttocks BUNGKAJEENIS 1969 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUNK;  BUNKUM 1966 Amer. euphemism
– the buttocks BUNS 1877 US sl.
– the buttocks BUNT 1967 US sl.
– the buttocks BUSKY 1967 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUTT c1450 sl., chiefly US
– the buttocks BUTT CHEEKS 1987 US colloq.
– the buttocks BUTTINSKI;  BUTTINSKY 1972 Amer. jocular usage 
– the buttocks BUTTONHOLE 1965 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUTTRICKS 1966 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks BUTTY 1967 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks CABOOSE 1919 US sl.
– the buttocks CAMERA OBSCURA L19 sl.
– the buttocks CAN 1914 US & Can. sl.
– the buttocks CARCASS 1957 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks CHEEKS a1600 sl.
– the buttocks CHUFF 1945 sl.
– the buttocks COIT 1941 Aust. sl.
– the buttocks DANIEL 1930s US sl.
– the buttocks DANIELS 1973 US sl.
– the buttocks DATE 1919 Aust. sl.
– the buttocks DIASTICURIOUS 1966 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks DIASTICUTIS 1937 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks DING 1957 Aust. sl.
– the buttocks DINGER 1943 Aust. sl.
– the buttocks DOCKSY 19C Eng. dial.
– the buttocks DOUBLE JUGGS 1621 sl.
– the buttocks DOUP M17 Sc.
– the buttocks DRIDDLES 19C Sc.
– the buttocks DUFF c1835 US sl.
– the buttocks DUMMOCK 19C Eng. dial.
– the buttocks EARS 1920s euphemism
– the buttocks FANNIE;  FANNY 1919 sl., orig. and chiefly US
– the buttocks FAT CAN 1965 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks FESSES 1969 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks FUNKEY 1960s African-American sl.
– the buttocks GAAR 1987 Trinidad and Tobago
– the buttocks GOGO 1941 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks GRUMPER 1972 US sl.
– the buttocks HAMS E18 colloq.
– the buttocks HEINIE;  HINEY 1982 US sl.
– the buttocks HOCKEY BOX 1970s US sl.
– the buttocks INTEN Bk1992 sl., Yiddish
– the buttocks JACKSIE;  JACKSY;  JAXEY;  JAXIE 1896 sl.
– the buttocks JIBS 1972 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks JUBILEE 1967 US sl.
– the buttocks KAZOO 1960s sl.
– the buttocks KEESTER;  KEISTER;  KEYSTER 1931 US sl.
– the buttocks KHYBER (PASS) 1943 Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘arse’
– the buttocks LABONZA 1954 US sl.
– the buttocks LALA 1974 US sl.
– the buttocks LENDS c975 obs.
– the buttocks LOOKING GLASS 1966 Amer. rhyming sl. for ‘ass’
– the buttocks LUDDOCK a1475 obs.
– the buttocks LUDS a1568 Sc. obs.
– the buttocks MOON 1756 sl.
– the buttocks NAF;  NAFF M19 sl.
– the buttocks NAGE c1320 obs. rare
– the buttocks OIL BAGS 1960s African-American sl.
– the buttocks ORT 1952 Aust. sl.
– the buttocks PADDIES;  PATTIES 1970s US homosexual sl.
– the buttocks PANTS 1920s sl.
– the buttocks PARTS BEHIND 19C Brit.
– the buttocks PATOOT 1920s sl.
– the buttocks PATOOTIE 1967 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks PEACHES 1980s US homosexual sl.
– the buttocks POPO 1950s US sl.
– the buttocks PORCH 1967 US sl.
– the buttocks POSTERIOR 1936 sl.
– the buttocks PRAT 1567 sl., orig. criminals’ usage
– the buttocks QUEEN MUM 2000s rhyming sl. for ‘bum’
– the buttocks QUINCE 1990s Aust. sl.
– the buttocks RAAS;  RARSE;  RASS 1950s W. Indies & UK sl.
– the buttocks RAASHOLE;  RASSHOLE 1950s W. Indies & UK sl.
– the buttocks REAR 1796 sl.
– the buttocks RUSTY DUSTY 1942 US sl.
– the buttocks SATCHEL 1940s US sl.
– the buttocks SEATER 1950 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks SETTER 1950 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks SITTER(S) 1942 Amer. sl.
– the buttocks SLATS 1935 sl., orig. and chiefly US
– the buttocks SWITCH 1949 US sl.
– the buttocks TAILBONE 20C US sl.
– the buttocks TEE-HIND;  TEE-HINDER 1967 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks TEE-HINEY 1970 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks TEE-HINEY-HOO 2009 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks TE-HINDER 1942 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks THE PONES 1984 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks THUNDER BOX 1966 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks TOOTIE 1920s sl.
– the buttocks TUSH;  TUSHIE;  TUSHY 1962 sl., chiefly N. Amer.
– the buttocks WAZOO Bk2006 US sl.
– the buttocks ZATCH 1950 sl.
– the buttocks after a beating OILED BEHIND 1930s African-American sl.
– the buttocks, esp. female buttocks CAKES 1960s US sl.
– the buttocks; esp. in the context of anal intercourse BACKYARD 1960s US sl.
– the buttocks, esp. of children NATTY Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– the buttocks, esp. when large and female AFTERNOON 1990s W. Indies & Barbados sl.
– the buttocks formed into a single mass by a garment MONO-RUMP 1974 US sl.
– the buttocks, haunches NATES 1706
– the buttocks, one’s body, esp. the parts which are not visible in public ANATOMY 20C US 
– the buttocks, rectum, and anus AXLE 1934 Amer. euphemism
– the buttocks, the anus or rectum FART-BOX 1966 Amer. sl.
– the buttocks, the back end ASS END 1942 Amer. sl.
– the buttocks, the backside ASS a1672 sl.
– the buttocks, the backside ACHER;  ACRE 1938 Aust. sl.
– the buttocks, the backside ARIS;  ‘ARRIS;  HARRIS 1979 UK rhyming sl. for Aristotle – Bottle – Bottle and Glass – arse
– the buttocks, the backside ARSE-END 1937 sl.
– the buttocks, the backside BOTTLE AND GLASS 1930 UK rhyming sl. for ‘arse’
– the buttocks, the backside CLACKER 1960 Aust. sl.
– the buttocks, the backside CRACKER M17 cant 
– the buttocks, the backside DEAF AND DUMB 1992 rhyming sl. for ‘bum’
– the buttocks, the backside NOOK AND CRANNY 1979 UK rhyming sl. for ‘fanny’
– the buttocks, the backside POLEY 1992 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks, the backside QUOIT 1919 Aust. sl.
– the buttocks, the backside TAIL 1303
– the buttocks, the behind ALA 1990s sl.
– the buttocks, the behind ARI;  ARRY 1950s rhyming sl./abbreviation for ‘Aristotle’
– the buttocks, the behind ARISTOTLE 1950s rhyming sl. for ‘bottle and glass’ = ‘arse’
– the buttocks, the behind BAHAKAS 1950s US sl.
– the buttocks, the behind BAHOOKEY 1990s US sl.
– the buttocks; the bottom BODDOM Bk1911 Sc.
– the buttocks, the bottom BOT;  BOTT 1922 colloq.
– the buttocks; the bottom, the backside BOHUNKUS 1941
– the buttocks, the bottom, the backside KEEL 1720 Sc. sl.
– the buttocks; the bowels DUNG GATE 1619 obs.
– the buttocks, the breech NANCY 1823 sl.
– the buttocks, the bum WRIGLEY’S GUM 20C Brit. rhyming sl.
– the buttocks, the bum; the anus DATE AND PLUM 1998 UK rhyming sl.
– the buttocks, the fundament; the anus TIB B1900 Eng. dial.
– the buttocks, the hinder parts ULTIMATUM 1823 sl. obs.
– the buttocks, the hind parts, the posterior GAIVLE;  GAIVLE-END Bk1900 Sc.
– the buttocks; the hips and adjoining parts HURDIES 1535 Sc.
– the buttocks, the human bottom BOTTIE;  BOTTY 1874 UK sl.
– the buttocks, the posterior ANKER OF RUM 1920s rhyming sl. for ‘bum’
– the buttocks, the posterior BACK 1993 African-American teen sl.
– the buttocks, the posterior CHORUS (AND VERSE) 2000 Sc. rhyming slang for ‘arse; reliant on the local accent
– the buttocks; the posterior CROOPER L16 sl.
– the buttocks; the posterior CRUPPER L16 sl.
– the buttocks, the posterior DOKUS L19 sl.
– the buttocks, the posterior DRODDUM M19 Sc.
– the buttocks, the posterior DUSTER 1940s African-American sl.
– the buttocks, the posterior DUSTY BEHIND 1980s African-American sl.
– the buttocks, the posterior END L18 sl.
– the buttocks, the posterior KEECHTER 1990s sl.
– the buttocks, the posterior SIT-DOWN 1915 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks, the posterior SIT-DOWN PIECE;  SIT-DOWN PLACE;  SITDOWNSKI; SITTING-DOWN PLACE 1965 Amer. dial.
– the buttocks; the posterior SIT-UPON;  SIT-UPONS 1942 Amer. sl.
– the buttocks, the posterior UNDERPASS 2003 UK rhyming sl. for ‘arse’
– the buttocks, the posterior WESTPHALIA L19 sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors A-S M18 Brit. sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors ASSEROONIE M20 US sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors BACKBODY Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– the buttocks, the posteriors BEHINDS Bk1911 Sc.
– the buttocks, the posteriors BLIND-CHEEKS 1687 sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors CATASTROPHE 1597 obs., humorous usage
– the buttocks, the posteriors CORYBUNGUS 1860 boxing sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors DERRIÈRE 20C US colloq.
– the buttocks, the posteriors FLANKEY 1848 sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors FLESHY PART OF THE THIGH L19 Brit. & US euphemism
– the buttocks, the posteriors FUN 17C Brit. sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors FUNDAMENT 13C
– the buttocks, the posteriors FUNDAMENTAL FEATURES 1818 colloq.
– the buttocks, the posteriors JACKSY-PARDO;  JACKSY-PARDY Bk1896 sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors KIESTER;  KISTER M20 US sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors LATTER-END 19C Brit. colloq.
– the buttocks, the posteriors NETHER-END 1789 Sc.
– the buttocks, the posteriors NOCK 16C colloq.
– the buttocks, the posteriors PART THAT WENT OVER THE FENCE LAST 20C US colloq.
– the buttocks, the posteriors POSTERN 18C Brit. sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors SITTING-PLACE 1545 obs.
– the buttocks, the posteriors SNATCH 20C sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors TETHER-END 1746 Eng. dial.
– the buttocks, the posteriors TOBY 1681 sl.
– the buttocks, the posteriors UNDER-SIDE 19C colloq.
– the buttocks, the posteriors; the naked posteriors SUNDAY FACE M19 colloq.
– the buttocks, the posteriors; the rear end DIFFERENTIAL M20 US sl.
– the buttocks, the rear end OKOLE 1938 Hawaii
– the buttocks, the rectum DAILY (MAIL) 1956 UK rhyming sl. for ‘tail’
– the buttocks, the rump AFTSHEETS 1942 US nautical sl.
– the buttocks, the rump AMPERSAND 1838 Amer. jocular usage
– the buttocks, the rump ASSBONE 1972 Amer. sl.
– the buttocks, the rump BUSTLE 1928 US sl.
– the buttocks, the rump or posterior BACK BOTTOM 2001 Aust. sl.
– the buttocks, the seat NOCKANDRO 1611 obs. rare
– the buttocks, the seated rump DEAD ASS 1950 Amer. sl.
– the buttocks, the seated rump DEAD BUTT 1959 Amer. sl.
– the buttocks, the seat of the body SIT 1903
– the buttocks, usually of a woman MONEY-MAKER a1972 Amer. sl., usually offensive
– the cleft between the buttocks BUTT CRACK 1975 US colloq.
– the cleft between the buttocks when partially displayed above a slipped-down trouser waistband ARSE CLEAVAGE;  ARSEHOLE CLEAVAGE 2002 Brit. sl.
– the crease between one’s buttocks ASS-FAULT 1990s US students’ sl.
– the female buttocks COOLER E19 sl.
– the female posterior PACKAGE 2001 US sl.
– the inner side of the buttocks GUSSET OF THE ARSE L18 sl.
– the red, sore buttocks of someone riding as a passenger on a motorcycle BABOON BUTT 1988 US sl.
– the rump, posteriors CURPLE a1796 Sc.
– a fat woman with large buttocks FATTY BUM-BUM 1950s W. Indies & Trinidad
– a female with extremely large posteriors SHUTTLE-BUTT M20 US sl.
– a male who esteems and enjoys a female’s bottom as her most attractive physical characteristic; a man who is sexually aroused by shapely feminine buttocks ARSE MAN;  ASS-MAN c1955 sl.
– a person who exposes his or her buttocks MOONER 1974 sl.
– a person who has fat buttocks BARGE-ARSE 1842 sl.
– a person whose primary area of sexual interest is the buttocks ASS QUEEN 1980s US homosexual sl.
– a person with a broad backside SATCHED ARSED Bk1916 sl.
– a person with a broad backside WIDE LOAD 1990 US sl.
– a person with fat buttocks; a grossly fat person LARD-ASS 1935 Amer. sl.
– a person with fat buttocks; a grossly fat person LARD BLOSSOM 1976 US sl., derisive usage
– a person with fat buttocks; a grossly fat person LARD-BUTT 1968 Amer. sl.
– a person with fat buttocks; a grossly fat person LARD-CAN 1928 Amer. sl.
– a person with protuberant posteriors BELLUS-ERSE 1933 Sc.
– a short person with large buttocks DUCK-BUTT 1939 US sl.
– a short person with large buttocks DUSTY-BUTT Bk2006 US sl., derogatory
– a very corpulent man or woman of large posterior development BARGEY Bk1890 sl., term of ridicule
– a woman with large buttocks and large breasts (a Total Package) TP 2000 US sl.
– addressed to a broad-beamed woman YOU’RE GETTING A TV BEHIND c1956
– having the outline of one’s buttocks showing through one’s trousers, or revealing the top of one’s buttocks due to wearing one’s trousers lower than the waist (Visible Butt Crack) V.B.C. 1980s US students’ sl.
– just below the small of the back; thus the buttocks ABAFT THE WHEEL-HOUSE L19 US euphemism
– pert. to a large posterior ALL BEHIND IN MELBOURNE Bk1999 Western Aust. sl.
– said of a woman with flat buttocks NO MORE ASS THAN A SODA CRACKER 1916 Amer. sl.
– used to remark favourably on a woman’s posterior BABY’S GOT BACK 1990s African-American teen sl.
– to caress the buttocks; to goose, i.e. to stick a thumb or finger into someone’s anus DATE 1910s Aust. & NZ sl.
– to expose the buttocks for shock or insult; to moon; to hang a ‘bare ass’ HANG A B.A. 1970 US sl.
– to expose the buttocks for the purpose of evoking shock and/or amusement (Bare Ass) B.A. 1970s US college sl.
– to expose the buttocks, usually in the window of a car, as an insult to someone; to moon GAUCHO M20 US sl.
– to move one’s buttocks in an exaggerated manner with the deliberate intention of attracting one’s audience sexually; usually used of homosexuals FAN ONE’S ASS 1960s African-American sl.
– to poke someone between the buttocks BACKHAND DRIVE 1940s US homosexual sl.
– to possess large buttocks PULL A TRAILER 1988 US sl.
– to slide or move along on one’s buttocks PODICATE 1853 nonce word
– to spank or beat on the buttocks TICKLE ONE’S TOBY 1858 sl.

– a substitute for a button; a wooden peg used as a button; a gripper, a fastener BACHELOR’S BUTTON 1908 Amer. dial.

– buxom, big and strong, plump, thriving, sturdy WALLIE;  WALLY 1722 Sc.
– buxom, portly; strongly-built THROUGHLY Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– buxom, sexy ZAFTIG;  ZOFTIG 1932 US sl.
– a buxom and beautiful woman GLAMOURLOVELY 1949
– a buxom, good-looking girl ALL JELLY;  JELLY Bk1896 sl.
– a buxom young woman, a term of endearment BLOSS Bk1911 Sc.

– actively buying ON THE BUY 1929 US
BUY etc. – NOUNS
– a buying and selling VENUNDATION 1623 obs.
– a buying or selling goods on commission FACTORAGE 1670
– a fondness or desire for buying EMACITY 1656 rare
– buying and selling; traffic; bargaining; also, a bargain MART 1568 obs.
– buying, purchase BUNE c1175 obs.
– buying; purchase BUYAL 1612 obs. rare
– buying, purchasing, purchase ACATE;  ACHATE c1374 obs.
– a buyer BIGGERE Bk1888 obs.
– a buyer; a purchaser; a customer MERCHANT 1831 Sc.
– a buyer who lowers the amount of an offer made to the seller for a property, esp. just before exchange of contracts GAZUNDERER 1988 Brit. sl.
– a potential buyer for something; one who accepts an offer TAKER Bk1988 sl.
BUY etc. – VERBS
– to buy BIDGE 1388 Eng. dial.
– to buy an article without first inspecting it BUY A CAT IN THE SACK c1380 obs.
– to buy and sell VENUNDATE 1613 obs.
– to buy and sell at fairs or markets NUNDINATE 1623 obs.
– to buy and sell, to trade MAKE MARKET 1340 obs.
– to buy back, to redeem GAIN-BUY 1435 obs.
– to buy in small quantities at retail prices BUY AT DEAR HAND B1900 Eng. dial.
– to buy on credit BUY ON THE NEVER TICK 1920s sl.
– to buy part of something FADE 2004 US sl.
– to buy something without prior inspection BUY A PIG IN A POKE 1555
– to buy, to purchase COFF c1425 Sc. arch.
– to buy, to purchase, to pay for ABY;  ABYE c1175 obs.
– to buy up provisions for the purpose of selling again elsewhere; to dead as a ‘badger’ BADGE 1552 obs.
– to go out to buy a commodity, esp. drugs, but also groceries, liquor, etc. MAKE A RUN 1950s sl.
– to make a purchase (of fast food, drugs, prostitutes, etc.) and then leave COP AND BLOW 1970s US teen sl.

– buzzing, humming, like a large bee BOMBYLIOUS 1713 obs.
– buzzing, murmuring, full of muttering sound MUTTEROUS 1582 obs. rare
– a buzzing noise in the ear DING Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– a buzzing noise in the ears DINGING 1842 Eng. dial.
 a buzzing or humming BIM Bk1911 Sc.
– a buzzing or humming sound VUNG Bk1905 Sc. obs.
– anything that buzzes or hums BIMMER Bk1911 Sc.
– noisy buzzing BEMING1513 obs.
– to buzz FUZZ 1676 obs.
– to buzz HUSS 1530 obs.
– to buzz HUZZ 1555
– to buzz or hum like a bee, or a top when spinning BOMBILATE 1854 rare
– to buzz; said of bees TEE B1900 Eng. dial.
– to buzz, to hiss, to sizzle SIZZ 1845 Amer. dial.
– to buzz, to hum BIM Bk1911 Sc.
– to buzz, to keep buzzing REAM 1890 Sc.
– to buzz, to whirr; to strike so as to produce a humming or buzzing sound BINNER Bk1898 Sc.
– to make a buzzing or humming sound; to cause to make such a sound ZOON 1880 Amer. dial.
– to move swiftly with a buzzing sound VUNG 1790 Sc. obs.

– the buzzard BONE-PICKER Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– the buzzard CHARLESTON EAGLE 1870 Amer. dial.

– by-and-by BIMEBY 1825 Eng. dial.
– by-and-by BINE-BINE;  BINNE-BINNE Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– by-and-by, immediately, soon; presently BELIVE 1684 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– by and by, presently BUMBY 1786 Amer. dial.
– by-and-by, presently BY-AM-BY 1825 Amer. dial.
– by-and-by, presently BYMEBY 1825 Amer. dial.
– by-and-by, presently, soon BAMBY 1790 Eng. dial.
– by-and-by, shortly, very soon, in a moment, presently ENOW 1790 Sc. & Eng. dial.

– bygone, past BYWENT a1522 Sc. obs.

– to bypass something; to exclude something BACK-DOOR 1993 Can. sl.

– a bypath; a short-cut NIGH CUT 1848 Amer. dial.
– a bypath; a short-cut NIGH WAY 1939 Amer. dial.

– a byword, a proverb BEQUEATH c1000 obs.
– a byword, a proverb NAYWORD 1601

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