Reverse Dictionary: CARDS – CARDZ

– in card-playing: without trumps SICK c1870 Aust. sl.
– in cards: with one’s cards visible above the level of the playing table, so as to avoid suspicion of cheating ABOVE-BOARD 1594 obs.
– of a betting style in poker: conservative, even when winning BEHIND THE LOG 1971 US sl.
– of a pack of cards: stacked or marked ICED 1925 US sl.
– of cards: valueless, worthless; not a trump BAFF Bk1898 Sc.
– of playing cards: in disorder LOCKERED 1824 Eng. dial.
– of playing cards: tampered with FUNNY 20C sl.
– partaking in a game of cards or pool IN 20C sl.
– a bent corner used by a cheat to identify the card EAR 1950 US sl.
– a bump placed on a playing card by pressing it against a small sharp object; used by card cheats to identify the value of the card BLISTER 1991 US sl.
– a card game for one player OLD SOL 1966 Amer. dial.
– a card in a crooked deck SLICK ACE 1920s US criminals’ sl.
– a card not belonging to the deck in play ALIEN CARD 20C sl.
– a card that is slightly longer than the rest of the pack and thus identifiable by cheats OLD GENT 1935 US gambling sl.
– a card that is slightly wider than the rest of the pack and thus identifiable by cheats OLD LADY;  OLD GENTLEMAN 1828 card-sharpers’ sl.
– a crooked deck of cards that a cheat can read from the backs READERS L19 gambling sl.
– a cut made to a deck of cards by pushing out the middle section with a finger and placing those cards on top PADDY’S POKE 20C Aust. sl.
– a deck of cards BATCH Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– a deck of cards BOOK OF FOUR KINGS Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– a deck of cards BUNCH 1563 obs.
– a deck of cards CALIFORNIA BIBLE M19 US sl.
– a deck of cards CHILD’S (BEST) GUIDE TO THE GALLOWS Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– a deck of cards DEVIL’S BIBLE Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– a deck of cards DEVIL’S BOOK Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– a deck of cards DEVIL’S PICTURE BOOK Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– a deck of cards DEVIL’S PLAY BOOK Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– a deck of cards KING’S BOOKS M17 sl.
– a deck of cards PAIR OF CARDS 1530 obs.
– a deck of cards PRAYER BOOK Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– a deck of cards RAILROAD BIBLE L19 US sl.
– a deck of cards THE HISTORY OF THE FOUR KINGS Bk1903 Amer. sl.
– a deck of cards, esp. as used during the ‘gold rush’ days in California CALIFORNIA(N) PRAYERBOOK 1851 Amer. dial. jocular usage
– a discarded playing card DISBAND 1970 Amer. dial.
– a face card or a ten PAINT 1920s US tramps’ sl.
– a good hand at cards POWER HOUSE Bk1934 college sl.
– a hand of cards MITT 1896 US sl.
– a kitty in a card game PUGGY 1985 Sc. sl.
– a low playing card in a suit RAG 1930s NZ sl.
– a luminous daub used by card cheats to mark cards GOLDEN GLOW 1988 US sl.
– a marked card READER L19 sl.
– an amount of money that must be contributed before playing certain card games such as poker ANTE 1814 orig US
– an exciting venture at cards or betting OAK-WUCK 1873 Eng. dial.
– an object that reflects the image of cards, small enough to be held in the user’s hand PALM SHINER 1997 US gambling sl.
– an unbeatable hand THE NUTS 1917 US sl.
– any alteration of playing cards as part of a cheating scheme PAPERWORK 1962 US sl.
– any cheating device used in a card game GADGET 1988 US sl.
– a playing-card CARTE 1497 Sc.
– a playing card, an upward face of a die, or a domino half bearing three pips THREE-SPOT 1960s
– a refusal to follow suit at a game of cards RENEAGUE Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– a ring worn on the forefinger of the dealer, and used in order to deal specific cards to this or that person GAFF c1830 US card-sharpers’ sl.
– a round of cards TRICK 20C US, Civil War usage
– a small pile or set of cards PACKET 1887 rare
– a small rubber suction-cap to make a card stick to the underside of a table BUTTON 1926 criminals’ sl.
– a spot of grease used to mark a card DAUB 1960s sl.
– a stacked deck of cards COLD DECK 1857 US sl.
– a trick at cards TAKE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– applied to the small cards 2 to 10 BEGGAR Bk1888
– card-playing CARTING 1535 Sc. obs.
– cards LONGS AND BROADS 1823 Brit. sl.
– cards manufactured so that all above the eight are a trifle longer than those below it LONGS AND SHORTS c1860 cardsharpers’ sl.
– high cards cut wedge-shape, a little wider than the rest, so as to be easily drawn in a crooked game STRIPPERS Bk1904 gaming sl.
– in card games: a hand (of cards) DUKE 1967 US sl.
– in card games: cards that have been discarded DEAD 1973 US sl.
– in cards: a club BASTON 1593 obs.
– in cards: a club OAK-WUCK 1873 Eng. dial.
– in cards: a diamond SIMPLE SIMON 1910s sl.
– in cards: a jack BABY 19C sl.
– in cards: a jack LADDIE 1988 US sl.
– in cards: a jack PALM 1824 Sc.
– in cards: a jack PAWMIE 1825 Sc.
– in cards: a jack VALET 1988 US sl.
– in cards: a jack VARLET 1508 obs.
– in cards: a king BULL-DOG Bk1904 Amer. college sl.
– in cards: a king GOLD RING 1992 UK rhyming sl.
– in cards: a king HIGHLAND FLING 1960s rhyming sl.
– in cards, a king THE OLD MAN L19 sl.
– in cards: an ace A 1988 US sl.
– in cards; an ace BULLET Bk1904 college sl.
– in cards: an ace OIL WELL 1988 US sl.
– in cards: any jack, queen, or king COURT CARD 1961 US sl.
– in cards: any king THIRTEEN 1996 US sl.
– in cards; a queen BITCH Bk1904 Amer. college sl.
– in cards: a queen DAME 1996 US sl.
– in cards: a queen LADY 1900 US sl.
– in cards: a queen MADAM 1988 US sl.
– in cards: a queen MICK 1910s Aust. sl.
– in cards: a queen MOP-SQUEEZER 1949 US sl.
– in cards, a queen NAG 1987 Amer. sl.
– in cards: a queen OLD WOMAN 1878 US sl.
– in cards: a queen Q 1991 US sl.
– in cards, a queen TYPEWRITER 1897 Amer. dial.
– in cards: a queen WHORE 20C
– in cards: a three VICAR OF BRAY 20C rhyming sl. for ‘tray’
– in cards: a two DUCK 1988 US sl.
– in cards: a two JUICE 1951 US sl.
– in cards: clubs 20C
– in cards: the ace of diamonds EARL OF CORK M19 Anglo-Irish
– in cards: the ace of spades MOSSYFACE;  OLD MOSSYFACE L19 Brit. sl.
– in cards: the ace of spades OLD FRIZZLE 18C sl.
– in cards: the ace of spades OLD RUFFLER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– in cards: the ace or queen of hearts MAGGIE 20C Irish sl.
– in cards: the four of clubs DEVIL’S BEDSTEAD;  DEVIL’S POST Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– in cards: the four of clubs, considered an unlucky card OLD GENTLEMAN’S BED-POSTS;  OLD GENTLEMAN’S FOUR-POSTER M19 sl.
– in cards: the four of spades NED STOKES 1791 Eng. dial.
– in cards: the jack of clubs JACK OF OAKS 1888 Eng. dial.
– in cards: the jack of clubs PAM 1685
– in cards: the jack of clubs PAMPHIE 1825 Sc.
– in cards: the jack of clubs PAWMIE 1825 Sc.
– in cards: the joker BEST BOWER Bk1942 Amer. sl.
 in cards: the joker BIG ONE Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– in cards: the joker CUTOR Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– in cards: the joker FUZZY 1988 US sl.
– in cards: the joker JESTER Bk1896 sl.
– in cards: the joker NAB;  NABE 1990s Irish sl.
– in cards: the joker OLD NICK L19 Anglo-Irish
– in cards: the joker THE NAILER L19 Anglo-Irish
– in cards: the joker WILD ONE Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– in cards: the nine of diamonds CURSE OF SCOTLAND 1715
– in cards: the queen of clubs QUEEN BESS 1791 Eng. dial.
– in cards: the queen of spades CALAMITY JANE 1968 US sl.
– in cards: the queen of spades SLIPPERY ANNE 1950 US sl.
– in cards: the six of hearts GRACE-CARD Bk1913 Irish sl.
– in cards: the suit of clubs OAK 1847-78 Eng. dial.
– in cards: the suit of clubs OAKS 1825 Eng. dial.
– in cards: the suit of spades DIGGUMS L19 gamesters’ sl.
– in cards: the ten of a card-suit SINGLE-TEN 1829
– in cards: the two of spades LITTLE CASINO 1988 US sl.
– in card-sharping: a minute dot on a card SIGHTER 1894 criminals’ sl.
– in card trickery: a cut of the deck that leaves the cards in the same order as before the cut GREEK SHUFFLE 2003 US sl.
– in card trickery: a method of holding the deck that favours cheating MECHANIC’S GRIP 2003 US sl.
– marked cards CHEATERS 1968 Amer. dial.
– marked cards CHEATS 20C Amer. sl.
– marked cards for sharpers PAPER 1894 US sl.
– picture or court cards BABBY-CARDS Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– playing cards BROADS 1812 sl.
– playing cards COLDSTREAM GUARDS;  COLDSTREAMS 1992 UK rhyming sl.
– playing cards DARBS L19 sl.
– playing cards DEVIL’S BOOKS 1790 Sc.
– playing cards DEVIL’S PAINTED BOOKS 1812 Sc.
– playing cards DEVIL’S PASTEBOARDS 1986 Amer. dial.
– playing cards DEVIL’S PICTURE BOOKS 1786 Sc.
– playing cards DEVIL’S PICTURES 1930 Amer. dial.
– playing cards MULLIGANS 20C Aust. sl.
– playing cards PAINTED MISCHIEF 1879 sl.
– playing cards PAPER M19 US sl.
– playing cards of the second quality HARRYS;  KING HARRYS 1842
– playing cards that have been altered for cheating by a minute sanding of the edges SANDPAPER 1962 US sl.
– the act of turning a card face upwards FACING 1674
– the disguise and staged personality assumed by an expert card counter playing blackjack in a casino in the hope of avoiding detection and ejection ACT 1991 US sl.
– the remainder of the pack after the hands have been dealt TALON 1891
– the smallest or least valuable playing-cards in a game SCADDIN 1921 Sc.
– a bad card-player BAND-HOUSE PLAYER Bk1997 Irish sl.
– a big-money card player HEAVY 1938 US gambling sl.
– a card cheat PHILOSOPHER 1967 US sl.
– a card cheat who marks cards for identification in another player’s hand PAINTER 1993 US sl.
– a card cheat who works alone ALONE PLAYER 1961 US sl.
– a card player CARDER c1530 obs.
– a card-player CARTER 1566 Sc. obs.
– a card-sharp BITER 1674 UK sl.
– a card-sharp GENTLEMAN OF THE GREEN BAIZE ROAD 1889 UK sl.
– a card-sharp; a cheat at cards OPERATOR 1731 obs.
– a card-sharp, a gambler, a professional swindler SPIELER 1859 sl., orig. US
– a card-sharp; a person who is skilled at manipulating playing cards CARD MECHANIC 1906 US sl.
– a card-sharp; a scoundrel TOWN SHIFT M17 sl.
– a card-sharp, a trickster, a swindler WHEADLE 1675 criminals’ sl.
– a card-sharp; a well-dressed sharper on the lookout for raw country visitors and the like BEAU-TRAP a1674 sl.
– a card-sharp or other cheating gamester MAGSMAN M19 sl.
– a cheat at cards or billiards BISMARCKER;  BISMARQUER c1866
– a cheat at cards or billiards BLACKLEG Bk1891 sl.
– a cheater at cards BIG MITT MAN 1936 gambling sl.
– a cheater at playing cards, who reaches into his own supply of good and bad cards during a game HAND MUCKER 1979 US gambling sl.
– a cheating card-player or dice-player GAMBLER 1796 sl.
– a cheating gambler who deals from the bottom of the deck BASEMENT DEALER Bk1997 gambling cheats’ sl.
– a cheat who marks cards by nicking them with his fingernails NAIL NICKER 1997 US sl.
 a cheat who switches cards MITT MAN 1997 US sl.
– a decoy-duck at cards who induces strangers to play with sharpers by persuasion or by seeing him win BEARER-UP 1873 UK sl.
– a fraudulent card player; a person who habitually cheats, swindles, or tricks another SHARPER 1681 colloq.
– a fraudulent card player or other gambler SHARP 1797 colloq.
– a fraudulent card player or other gambler TUG 1896 Aust. sl.
– a person who cheats at cards or checkers DUKE PLAYER 1937 US criminals’ sl.
– a person who deals from the bottom of a deck of cards BASE DEALER Bk1992 gambling sl.
– a person who habitually cheats at card games; one who swindles or tricks another SHARPSTER 1942
– a person who lures a victim into a crooked game of cards or dice BEATER 1592 UK criminals’ sl.
– a person who uses sleigh-of-hand to cheat at cards MUCKER 1996 US sl.
– a professional card-sharper; a card cheat TAME-CHEATER 1890 criminals’ sl. obs.
– a skilled card cheat adept at dealing the second card instead of the top card in a deck NUMBER TWO MAN 1979 US sl.
– a street card-sharp FAKIR 1900s sl.
– in cards: a person who actually takes part in a game, as distinct from one who stands by and bets on it SITTER 1748  obs. rare
– in cards: a person who makes a bid BIDDER 1880
– in cards: a person who makes false bids in order to encourage a genuine player CAPPER 1871 Amer. thieves’ sl.
– in cards: the first player ELDER HAND 1589
– in cards: the last player, or the last except the dealer YOUNGEST HAND 1674 rare
– in cards: the person holding the cards; the player holding a particular hand HAND 1589
– in cards: the player to the dealer’s immediate left, who receives cards first AGE 19C sl.
– in cards: the second player in a two-handed game YOUNGER HAND 1744
– said of one who has lost heavily at cards BACKED AND BREASTED 1912 Sc.
– of a hand at cards: to be strong HAVE HEADS ON THEM LIKE BOILS;  HAVE HEADS ON THEM LIKE MICE 1940s Aust. sl.
– to add to, or substitute, cards in a pack surreptitiously RING IN Bk1903 Amer. sl.
– to arrange or shuffle cards so as to cheat or secure a fraudulent advantage PACK CARDS 1599
– to bend a playing card so that it can be identified later in another player’s hand DEBONE 1968 US sl.
– to charge card players for the privilege of playing RAKE A GAME 1977 US sl.
– to cheat at cards GREEK 1817 sl.
– to cheat at cards SNAKE a1861
– to cheat, swindle or trick a person at cards SHARP L17 colloq.
– to comment while others play a game KIBITZ 1927 US sl.
– to conceal in the palm of the hand, as in cheating at cards or dice PALM 1673
– to cut at cards PART 1892 Eng. dial.
– to deal the cards CRANK 1988 US sl.
– to discard a playing card DISBAND 1970 Amer. dial.
– to fold one’s cards` FLUNK M19 US sl.
– to increase a stake at cards FAT UP 1892 Amer. dial.
– to inveigle someone into a cheating card-game MITT SOMEONE IN 1900s US criminals’ sl.
– to lead, to begin a game of cards LAKE IN Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– to make a bluff with the intention of being exposed ADVERTISE 20C sl.
– to make a bluff with the intention of being exposed for later strategic advantage BAIT 20C sl.
– to mark the edges of playing cards with sandpaper or another abrasive for the purpose of cheating SAND 1979 US sl.
– to play a card HEAVE Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– to play cards for a small amount of money SPUD 1920s African-American sl.
– to play cards; to gamble BUCK THE TIGER 1851 US sl.
– to play cards; to play against a gambling establishment, esp. at faro; to gamble FIGHT THE TIGER 1837 Amer. dial.
– to prepare cards for cheating purposes PACK THE CARDS;  PUT UP THE CARDS;  STOCK THE CARDS Bk1891 Amer. sl.
– to put money in the pot DECORATE THE POT 1967 Amer. jocular usage
– to raise the bet of (someone) LIFT 1859 Amer. sl.
– to refuse to follow suit at a game of cards RENEAGUE 1891 Eng. dial.
– to revoke at cards FAINAIGUE;  FINAGUE 1888 Eng. dial.
– to revoke at cards NIG;  RE-NIG Bk1902 Amer sl.
– to shuffle a deck of playing cards by simultaneously drawing cards from the bottom and top of the deck FUZZ 1967 US sl.
– to shuffle cards MAKE 1876
– to shuffle cards MUSHLE 1952 Amer. dial.
– to shuffle cards PAUCHLE 1930 Sc.
– to shuffle cards RAMJOLLOCK B1900 Eng. dial.
– to ‘stack’ the cards; to cheat, to work a three-card trick FAKE THE BROADS;  WORK THE BROADS c1840 criminals’ sl.
– to substitute a prepared pack of cards RING IN A COLD DECK 1887 sl.
– to win at cards RING IN Bk1903 Amer. sl.

– a hand composed of two face cards COLD TURKEY 1980 US sl.
– an ace and a nine, which produce a score of 20, not 21 CALIFORNIA BLACKJACK 1982 US sl.
– an ace and ten-point card dealt as the first two cards to a player SNAPPER 1980s US sl.
– any card worth ten points X 1991 US sl.
– a private game of blackjack CADDY BLACKJACK 1981 US sl.
– the card game blackjack JACK 1930s US sl.
– the game of blackjack BURN AND TURN 20C Amer. sl., World War II usage
– to draw more cards than you normally would in a given hand in order to learn more about what cards are remaining unplayed; the card-eater takes a short-term loss in hope of long-term big win EAT CARDS 1991 US sl.

a superlative hand ROCK-CRUSHER 1952
a variety of bridge for two players in which two hands are kept face down until the end of the bidding when both hands are exposed DOUBLE DUMMY 1900
the only card of a suit in a hand SINGLETON 1876

– describing an unexpected hand produced by drawing BACK-DOOR 1979 US sl.
 formed by many bets and raised bets; of the collective bets in a hand of poker JAMMED 1996 US sl.
– formed with help from the communal face-up cards; used of a pair UP IN THE AIR 1992 US sl.
– in the form of a raised bet UPSTAIRS 1996 US sl.
– owing chips to a collective bet on a hand LIGHT 1967 US sl.
– said of a hand that is unplayable WOODEN 1951 US.
– said of a very poor hand or series of very poor hands ARCTIC 1996 US sl.
– used of the king or jack, esp. as wild cards ONE-EYED 1960s US sl.
– without further funds SICK 1988 US sl.
– a bet equal to the last bet made in a hesitating fashion CYRING CALL 1982 US sl.
– a bet involving a red chip (the bay) and white chip (the gray) BAY AND A GRAY 1951 US sl.
– a bet made without putting up the funds, binding among friends MOUTH BET 1889 US sl.
– a betting chip in a poker game CLAM 1988 US sl.
– a card drawn to make a strong hand in a heavily bet situation FANTASTIC BUY 1988 US sl.
– a deceptive bet TRAP 1979 US sl.
– a draw in the hope of completing a hand that is extremely unlikely FANCY BOY 1967 US sl.
– a drawn card that completes an inside straight GUT SHOT 1951 US sl.
– a game of poker in which the ante or basic bet is one cent PENNY ANTE 1850 Amer.
– a good hand drawn after a poor dealt hand GARDENA MIRACLE 1982 US sl.
– a great hand or large amount of money bet MONSTER 1982 US sl.
– a group of friends who play poker at card-rooms, taking advantage of unskilled strangers WOLF PACK 1996 US sl.
– a hand of cards MITT 1896 US sl.
– a high-value hand HOLY CITY 1988 US sl.
– a jack or a seven HOOK 1949 Amer. sl.
– a jack or knave J-BIRD 1951 Amer. sl.
– a joker played as an ace or wild card to complete a flush or straight BUG 1967 US sl.
– a large bet on a poor hand designed to mislead other players COLD BLUFF 1980 US sl.
– a large pot MOOSE 1996 US sl.
– a nonstandard hand consisting of a 9, a 5, a 2, and one cards between 5 and 9, and one card between two and five SKEET 1963 US sl.
– an unexpectedly strong hand held by another player whose betting has successfully masked its strength TROJAN HORSE 1996 US sl.
– any card ranked ten or lower WHITESKIN 1943 US sl.
– any card that improves a hand FRIEND 1988 US sl.
– any special rule applied to a game using wild cards GADGET 1967 US sl.
– a pair of fives FIVEZIES 1988 US sl.
– a pair of tens or lower SHORT PAIR 1963 US sl.
– a pair of twos JUICES 1951 US sl.
– a player’s cash reserved for household expenses pressed into action after he has lost his betting money FOOD STAMPS 1996 US sl.
– a player’s mannerisms, which may provide clues as to the relative strength of his hand TABLE MANNERS 1981 US sl.
– a play or a bet made strictly for the purpose of creating an impression YELLOW PAGES 1996 US sl.
– a poker game being played by a group of poor players, ripe for the taking by a good professional CHERRY PATCH 1982 US sl.
– a poker hand consisting of a pair of aces ACES 1987 US sl.
– a poker hand consisting of a pair of aces (the highest card) and a pair of twos (the lowest card) TOPS AND BOTTOMS 1951 US sl.
– a poker hand consisting of a pair of threes and a pair of twos MITES AND LICE 1967 US sl.
– a poker hand consisting of five cards between three and eight and no pairs among them LITTLE CAT 1963 US sl.
– a poker hand consisting of five cards between two and seven and no pairs among them LITTLE DOG 1963 US sl.
– a poker hand consisting of four sequenced cards which can be converted into a five-card sequence with the correct draw at either end of the sequence COUNTRY STRAIGHT 1978 US sl.
– a poker hand consisting of three cards of the same rank and a pair; a ‘full house’ SALOON 1988 US sl.
– a poker hand consisting of three sevens TWENTY-ONE DAYS IN THE COUNTY JAIL 1988 US sl.
– a poker hand consisting of three sixes and a pair UNION PACIFIC 1988 US sl.
– a poker hand consisting of three threes and a pair (‘treys full’) WAITER’S DELIGHT 1988 US sl.
– a poker hand held by a player who has bet all of his chips or money on the hand DEAD HAND 1947 US sl.
– a poker hand in which most of the players are still betting at the end of the hand FAMILY POT 1990 US sl.
– a poker hand of mixed aces and 8s, or jacks and (red) 7s or 8s DEAD MAN’S HAND 1888 US sl.
– a poker hand that entitles the player to special payment from all other players LALAPALOOZE 1988 US sl.
– a poker hand that is certain to win; the best possible hand IMMORTAL 1947 US sl.
– a poker hand that warrants staying in the game but not raising the bet STAYER 1949 US sl.
– a poker hand which consists of five court cards, and which, when player, beats two pairs BLAZE 1889 US
– a poker hand which consists of the lowest possible combination of five cards – these are two, three, four, five, and seven TIGER 1889
– a poker hand which resembles a straight but has a card or cards missing, hence a worthless hand KANGAROO STRAIGHT 1950s US sl.
– a poker hand with all cards of the same suit and an ace as the high card NUT FLUSH 1973 US sl.
– a poker hand with all four cards of the same rank QUADS 1996 US sl.
– a poker hand with cards of all four suits RAINBOW HAND 1950 US sl.
– a poker hand with three tens THIRTY DAYS 1963 US sl.
– a poor hand as used to bluff other players MEXICAN FLUSH 1928 Amer. sl.
– a poor hand that a player holds into high betting in the hope that other players are bluffing and have even worse hands HAIL MARY 1996 US sl.
– a poor hand that fails to make a flush or a straight BUST 1932 sl.
– a poor hand that wins a pot, esp. a pair of twos DUCK BUCKET 1996 US sl.
– a queen and a ten Q TIP 1996 US sl.
– a sequenced hand comprised of all red or all black suits, but not a flush BOUQUET STRAIGHT 1996 US
– a sequence from five down to ace BIKE 1978 US sl.
– a sequence of five cards, same suit, ending with the face cards QUINT MAJOR 1988 US sl.
– a spade-flush ALL VANILLA 1948 US sl.
– a special hand or game usually employed to deceive an inexperienced player LOOLOO 1896 Amer.  dial.
– a special hand or game usually employed to deceive an inexperienced player LALAPALOOZA;  LALLAPALOOSA 1934 Amer. dial.
– a stacked deck ICE 1967 US sl.
– a stake put up by a player before seeing his cards BLIND 1872
– a three-dollar bet TRIVET 1996 US sl.
– a trap play ZIPPER 1988 US sl.
– a two, three, four, or fiver BABY 1979 US sl.
– a useless card in the dealt hand or a drawn card that does not improve the hand RAG 1978 US sl.
– a very poor hand JUICES 1951 US sl.
– a white betting chip in private poker games BONE 1866 US sl.
– a wild card, which may be played as a card of any value FREAK 1949 US sl.
– a worthless hand consisting of four cards of a single suit and one indifferent card ARKANSAS FLUSH 1950 US sl., jocular usage
– a worthless hand that is not quite a flush BUSTED FLUSH 1927 US sl.
– a worthless three-card flush BOBTAILED FLUSH 1873 Amer. dial.
– a worthless three-card flush BOBTAILED STRAIGHT 1944 Amer. dial.
– a worthless three-card flush BOBTAIL FLUSH 1875 Amer. dial.
– a worthless three-card flush BOBTAIL STRAIGHT 1968 Amer. dial.
– five cards of the same suit in sequence QUINT 1979 US sl.
– four cards of the same rank QUADRUPLETS 1979 US sl.
– four cards of the same suit in sequence QUART 1979 US sl.
– four cards retained in the hope of making a straight GUTSER c1920 Aust. sl.
– idle chatter that does not rise to the level of intentionally distracting talk TABLE TALK 1979 US sl.
– in hold ’em poker: a five and ten, as the first two cards dealt to a player BARBARA HUTTON 1981 US sl.
– in hold ’em poker: a hand consisting of a four and a nine GOLD RUSH 1996 US sl.
– in hold ’em poker: an ace and a jack as the first two cards dealt to a particular player AJAX 1981 US sl.
– in hold ’em poker: the ace of diamonds and ace of hearts as the first two cards dealt to a player AMERICAN AIRLINES 1981 US sl.
– in hold ’em poker: the first three cards dealt face-up in the centre of the table FLOP 1990 US sl.
– low-stakes betting ZLOTY 1996 US sl.
– money bet by a player who has withdrawn from a hand DEAD MONEY 1992 US sl.
– pairs of 9s ad 5s, or a straight from 9 to 5 OFFICE HOURS 1963 US sl.
– poker chips IVORY a1890 sl.
– poker played for very small stakes PEANUT POKER 1988 US sl.
– poor cards DISH RAGS 1996 US sl.
– the ace, two, and three ABC 1988 US sl.
– the agreed-upon minimum number of players to continue a game QUORUM 1979 US sl.
– the cards that have been discarded GARBAGE 1967 US sl.
– the ‘eldest hand’ in the game of poker AGE 1882
– the final card received by a player RIVER 2003 UK sl.
– the four diamonds ZIRCONIA FLUSH 1996 US sl.
– the game of poker ANTE-UP L19 Aust. sl.
– the joker SNOOZER 1950 US sl.
– the low card in a five-card sequence FAMILY POT 1990 US sl.
– the lower value pair in a hand consisting of two pairs SIDE ARMS 1988 US sl.
– the minimum number of chips that a player can buy from the bank at once TAKE-OUT 1967 US sl.
– the moment when betting is completed and the players show their hands SHOWDOWN 1982 US sl.
– the pile of discarded cards MUCK 1990 US sl.
– the poker game with the highest stakes A-GAME 1949 US sl.
– the sense of intuition of poker player who can ascertain the hands held by other players X-RAY EYES 1988 US sl.
– three cards of the same suit, unpaired and without value MONKEY FLUSH 1963 US sl.
– three kings KU KLUX KLAN 1967 US sl.
– three queens SIX TITS 1948 US sl.
– three tens JUDGE DEAN;  JUDGE DUFFY 1963 US sl.
– two consecutive winning hands DAILY DOUBLE 1996 US sl.
– two kings dealt consecutively COLD TURKEY 1988 US sl.
– used for describing what player on a very good streak of luck needs ASBESTOS PANTS 1988 US sl.
– a female poker player in a low-stakes game of poker HENNY PENNY 1988 US sl.
– a low-betting poker player who tries to eke out meagre winnings against unskilled players BOTTOM FEEDER 1996 US sl.
– an expert poker player who shows no emotion, no matter how good or bad his hand ZOMBIE 1979 US sl.
– an unskilled poker player who calls bets prematurely CALLING STATION 1979 US sl.
– a person who physically transports players to an illegal poker game LUGGER 1979 US sl.
– a poker player skilled at assessing the hands of other players CALCULATOR 1988 US sl.
– a poker player wearing headphones during play HERMIT 1996 US sl.
– a poker player who berates the other players when he wins a hand SNORKER 1988 US sl.
– a poker player who bets and plays in an extremely predictable manner AUTOMATON 1996 US sl.
– a poker player who bets heavily ARCHITECT 1988 US sl.
– a poker player who bets only on a very good hand or with very good odds MILKER 1988 US sl.
– a poker player who complains loudly when losing QUACK 1979 US sl.
– a poker player who contemplates long and hard before every bet or play ZEPPELIN 1996 US sl.
– a poker player who controls the betting BUS DRIVER 1996 US sl.
– a poker player who does not talk or display emotion WOODEN INDIAN 1996 US sl.
– a poker player who engages in excessive needless table talk YOO-HOO 1996 US sl.
– a poker player who exploits other players by bending the rules of the game ANGLE SHOOTER 1982 US sl.
– a poker player who frequently absents himself from the table GHOST 1996 US sl.
– a poker player who joins a no-stakes game without sufficient funds MINNOW 1978 US sl.
– a poker player who methodically if undramatically drains money from the game by conservative, steady play BLEEDER 1988 US sl.
– a poker player who plays only with good hands or good odds favouring his hand DRUMMER 1988 US sl.
– a poker player who tells stories while playing AESOP 1996 US sl.
– a poker player with a strong grasp of the mathematics and probabilities associated with the game, but  a poor set of playing skills DILBERT 1996 US sl.
– a poker player with a strong intuitive sense of other players’ hands RADAR CHARLIE 1988 US sl.
– a poker player with the annoying habit of coaching other players YOGI 1996 US sl.
– a poker player, usually short, who is inclined to complain ANDY ROONEY 1996 US sl.
– a poor poker player MONKEY 1988 US sl.
– a poor poker player RABBIT 1967 US sl.
– a professional women poker player YENTA 1935 US criminals’ sl.
– a skilled and experienced poker player DEAN 1979 US sl.
– a stud poker player who stays in a hand until his last card, improbably hoping for the one card that can produce a winning hand LAST-CARD LOUIE 1951 US sl.
– cautious players in casino poker who fold early; ‘rocks’ typically don’t play unless they have a pair of aces or ace and king as their beginning cards ROCKS Bk2006 Amer. casino sl.
– the fifth player to the left of the dealer E;  EASY 1988 US sl.
– the fourth player to the left of the dealer D 1988 US sl.
– the poker player holding the winning hand in poker HIGH HAND Bk1992 gambling sl.
– the poker player with the best hand or who plays his hand as if it were the best hand GUNNER 1951 US sl.
– the poker player with the second best hand VICE PRESIDENT 1988 US sl.
– the sixth player to the left of the dealer F 1988 US sl.
– the third player to the left of the dealer C 1988 US sl.
 said of a sequence of five cards, conventionally known as a ‘straight’ LIKE AN ARROW 1988 US sl.
 said of the first player to act in a given situation IN THE MOUTH 1979 US sl.
– to bet aggressively early in a hand, driving out other players and leaving a post consisting mostly of the buy-in antes STEAL THE ANTE 1975 US sl.
– to bet, to wager CHIP 1876 Amer. sl.
– to bet your entire bankroll MOVE IN 1979 US sl.
– to decline to raise a bet while holding a good hand in the hope of driving up the bet later in the play SANDBAG 1947 US sl.
– to draw a face card to a hand of four low cards PAINT 1967 US sl.
– to draw the card(s) needed to complete a full house, flush, straight, etc.; to complete a full house, etc. by drawing the necessary cards FILL 1875 Amer. dial.
– to fold holding a hand that would have won had the player stayed in the game GACK 1996 US sl.
– to fold, to discard your hand MUCK 2003 UK sl.
– to go through the cards that were not played after a hand is finished in search of what might have been HUNT RABBITS 1951 US sl.
– to increase a bet made by another player PUMP 1983 US sl.
– to look through undealt cards after a hand is completed to see what might have been RABBIT HUNT 1967 US sl.
– to make a bet equal to the previous bet MEET 1990 US sl.
– to match another player’s increased bet MAKE GOOD 1967 US sl.
– to match the previous bet FADE L19 gambling sl.
– to play less than ruthlessly against a friend SOFTPLAY 1990 UK sl.
– to raise the maximum bet allowed HUMP IT 1988 US sl.
– to stay in a hand with a large amount of money bet, hoping for a particular card to be drawn to improve your hand STAY AND PRAY 1988 US sl.
– to surround a player with two confederates whose collusive betting tactics relieve the middle player of his bankroll and drive him from the game SANDWICH 1973 US sl.
– to take the house percentage out of a pot DRAG 1988 US sl.
– to win a hand by bluffing while holding a relatively low-value hand ACE OUT 1983 US sl.
– to win a hand with an inferior hand either through superior bluffing skills or poor estimation by other players STEAL 1979 US sl.

– a card game similar to rummy: it is played with from five to eight combined Spanish decks (i.e. without the eights, nines, and tens) by six to fifteen players; the object is to meld groupings of cards, with certain melds being more valuable; it became popular in the US West in the late 19th century PANGINGI;  PANGINKY;  PANGINNY;  PANGUINGUE 1905 Amer. dial.
– an old-fashioned game of cards; any number of players; the first player throws a card; next player, if he can, throws the same number in any other suit; if he cannot he pays one into pool; and so on till the fourth card of equal value is thrown, on which trick is taken by its player; if the player of the third has the fourth of equal value in his hand all the others pay, the holder of the most tricks takes the pool RANTER-GO-ROUND 1886 Eng. dial.
– in gin: a card discarded to lure a desired card from an opponent SALESMAN 1965 US sl.
– in gin: a card that completes a broken sequence GUT CARD 1965 US sl.
– in gin: a win without the opponent scoring TAILOR 1950 US sl.
– in pinochle: one ace from each of the four suits ACES AROUND 20C sl.
– the game of pontoon or 21 VAN JOHN M19 sl.
– in hearts: to play a heart on a non-heart trick PAINT 1987 US sl.

a card-table VELVET-PLAIN 1780 poetic usage