Reverse Dictionary: COMPLE – COMPN

– complete, absolute UP-AND-DOWN M19 sl.
– complete, absolute UP-AND-DOWN-STAIRS M19 sl.
– complete, absolute, unequivocal DEADWOOD M19 US sl.
– complete, certain, total, utter DEAD-BANG 1985 Amer. sl.
– complete, clean QUIT 1583 obs. rare
– complete, entire, genuine GUNGOO 20C Royal Navy usage
– complete, entire, partial or fragmentary IMPARTIAL a1716 obs. rare
– complete, entire; perfect TEETOTAL 1884
– complete, entire, whole HALE a1300
– complete, filled up ACCOMPLETE a1450 obs. rare
– complete, full, entire, esp. of time SOLID M19
– complete, fully developed FULL-BLOWN 1602
– complete, maximum, absolute, very FULL-ON 1970 US
– complete or thorough PROPER c1430 colloq., chiefly Brit.
– complete, outright; very great; enormous; considerable ALMIGHTY 1824 colloq.
– complete, perfect QUADRATE 1608 obs.
– complete, perfect SATURATE 1682 obs.
– complete, thorough HANDSOME B1900 Eng. dial.
– complete, thorough NEAT Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– complete, thorough, downright THICK 1900 Eng. dial.
– complete, thorough, full; characterized by fullness or completeness PLENITUDINARY 1647 rare
– complete, thoroughgoing, unqualified OUT-AND-OUT E19
– complete, thorough, real REGULAR 1836 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– complete, thorough, utter, absolute, arrant BODACIOUS 1887 Amer. dial.
– complete, unassailable AIRTIGHT L19 US colloq.
– complete, undoubted, thorough, absolute FAIR 1872
– complete, utter DEAD E17
– complete, utter DEAD-SET 1965 Aust. sl.
– completed, finished APAST 1941 Amer. dial.
– completed, finished IN THE CAN 1934 US sl., orig. film jargon
– completed successfully MADE 1950s US sl.
– having completed a task HOME FREE 1960s Amer. sl.
– having completed the longest, most difficult, or crucial part of a task AROUND THE BEND 20C Amer. sl.
– used to signify that something is successfully completed KENO! 1890 Amer. dial.
– a being complete or finished; completeness; perfection ABSOLUTENESS 1551 obs.
– a completion; a final treatment, a summary; the end, the conclusion WRAP-UP 1950s Amer. sl.
– a completion; a finishing stroke END-ALL Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– a finishing stroke IRKER Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– anything complete and thorough of its kind; a convincing argument THROUGHER;  THRUFFER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– anything that completes or perfects, that adds grace or ornament to body or mind ACCOMPLEMENT 1587 obs.
 completeness IMPARTIALITY a1716 obs. rare
– completing, bringing to perfection TOPPING UP 1890
– completion, fulfilment ADIMPLETION 1650 obs. rare
– the finishing stroke or touch LAST HAND 1614 obs.
– to bring to completion or perfection through discipline, hard work, etc. LICK INTO SHAPE 19C colloq., orig. US
– to bring to completion or perfection; to consummate SUM c1592 obs.
– to complete a task before a stated time BEAT THE CLOCK 1885
– to complete a task, etc. MOP UP 20C colloq.
– to complete or conclude something, esp. a business transaction, satisfactorily or successfully; to finish, to finalize BUTTON UP 1906 colloq.
– to complete, to accomplish, to fulfil FURNISH 1477 obs.
– to complete, to bring to a conclusion; to put and end to, to cause to cease; to terminate TERMINE c1390 obs.
– to complete, to finish WRAP 1970s Amer. movies & television usage; WRAP UP 1926 Amer. sl.
– to complete, to round off ICE (OFF) 1980s sl.
– to have completed a task or arrived at your destination CALL FOR THE BUTTER 1975 US sl.
– to make complete or perfect, to bring to perfection PERFECTIONATE 1570

– completely ACROSS LOTS 1848 sl.
– completely ALL THE WAY 1910s
– completely BACK AND FACE 1820 Sc.
– completely FROM ASS TO APPETITE 1952 Amer. sl.
– completely HEAD AND CROP 1854 Eng. dial.
– completely JAMB-KE-DAB;  JAM-KE-DAB 1944 Amer. dial.
– completely PARALYTIC 1900s Aust. sl.
– completely SANDBAG AND JEMMY 1900s Aust. sl.
– completely STOCK AND BLOCK B1900
– completely STUMP AND RUMP Bk1904 sl.
– completely TO THE BALLS 1935 US sl.
– completely, absolutely, exactly, simply POINT-BLANK 1851 Amer. dial.
– completely, absolutely, intensely FULL OUT 1918 US
– completely, absolutely, keenly for or against something DEAD-NUTS 1887 US sl.
– completely, absolutely, utterly OUT-AND-OUT L18
– completely, all over ALL AROUND MY HAT M19 sl.
– completely, all over BACK AND BELLY Bk1903
– completely, all over BACK AND SIDE c1400 obs.
– completely, altogether ALL BEDENE c1200 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– completely, altogether IN ALL SORTS 1559 obs.
– completely, altogether NECK AND CROP 1816
– completely, altogether NECK AND HEELS a1734 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– completely, altogether QUITELY a1300 obs.
– completely, altogether QUITEMENT a1300 obs. rare
– completely, altogether; certainly, without doubt FOR FAIR 1893 US
– completely, altogether, without reserve; with great earnestness HEAD AND HEELS Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– completely, altogether, without reserve; with great earnestness HEAD AND HIDE 1868 Sc.
– completely, altogether, without reserve; with great earnestness HEAD AND TAIL 1853 Sc.
– completely, certainly, actually, truly, undoubtedly HAILUMLY;  HALUMLIE;  HELIMLY 1768 Sc. obs.
– completely, comprehensively ALL TO THUNDER L19 US sl.
– completely, deeply HEAD AND EARS 1824 Amer. dial.
– completely, deeply HEAD OVER EARS 1822 Amer. dial.
– completely, directly SLAP M19 sl.
– completely, directly, properly, regularly ABOUT EAST 1856 Amer. dial.
– completely; directly, straight, all the way SMACK-SMOOTH 1871 Amer. dial.
– completely, downright, thoroughly, utterly, absolutely EVEN-DOWN 1856 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– completely, effectively, entirely CLEAN AS A MACKEREL 1885 Sc.
– completely, entirely BALLS AND ALL 1952 US sl.
– completely, entirely BODILY Bk1911 Sc.
– completely, entirely BODY AND BREECHES 1901 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely BUTTONS AND BUTTONHOLES 1889 Sc.
– completely, entirely HOUSE AND HALL 1827 Sc.
– completely, entirely KIT AND BILIN’ 1967 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely KIT AND KILLYBANG 1966 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely SMOOTH 1984 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely TIDDY UMPTY 1930s African-American sl.
– completely, entirely TO A FARE-THEE-WELL 1942 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely UMPTY 1930s African-American sl.
– completely, entirely, absolutely, very PLUM 1858 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely, fully; all the way JAM 1905 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely, fully; all the way JAM UP 1835 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely, wholly LOCK AND BARREL 1966 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely, wholly LOCK AND CABOODLE 1966 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely, wholly LOCK, BARREL, AND STOCK 1966 Amer. dial.
– completely, entirely, wholly LOCK, STOCK, AND FIRING PIN 1948 Amer. dial.
– completely, everything, entirely HAIR HOOF AND HIDE M19 sl.
– completely, everything, entirely HIDE AND HAIR M19 sl.
– completely, everything, entirely HIDE AND TALLOW M19 sl.
– completely, everything, entirely HILT AND HAIR M19 sl.
– completely, everything, entirely, wholly, totally HAIR AND HIDE c1450 obs.
– completely, exactly SMACK 1859 Amer. dial.
– completely, exactly, precisely SMACK-DAB 1902 Amer. dial.
– completely, extensively TO THE EYEBALLS 1886 colloq.
– completely, extensively UP TO THE EYEBALLS 1933 colloq.
– completely, extremely BODACIOUS 1845 Amer. dial.
– completely, extremely DAD-BURNED 20C US sl.
– completely, extremely RANK 1607
– completely, from beginning to end FROM SOUP TO NUTS 1910 US colloq.
– completely, from top to toe NEB AND FEATHER 1825 Sc.
– completely, fully ALL-OUT 1885
– completely, fully, all EVERY BIT AND GRAIN 1907 Amer. dial.
– completely, fully, out-and-out UP-HEAPED AND DOWN-THRUSTEN Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– completely, fully, quite FAIR c1330 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– completely, fully, quite TO THE FULL 1340
– completely, in every way; at every opportunity ALL DOWN THE LINE 1976 UK sl.
– completely, out-and-out; used as an intensifier FATAL 1927 Amer. dial.
– completely, perfectly PARFITLY 1825 Eng. dial.
– completely, perfectly, entirely CLEAN AS A LEEK 1725 Sc.
– completely, perfectly, thoroughly DOWN TO THE BRICKS M19
– completely, perfectly, thoroughly, DOWN TO THE MUCK M19
– completely, properly, absolutely FAIRLINS 1891 Sc.
– completely, quite DAMNLY 1968 Amer. dial.
– completely, quite, altogether ALL TO NAUGHT Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– completely, quite, altogether ALL TO NOTHING Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– completely, really, very much BACK 1942 African-American sl.
– completely, root and branch, entirely RAP AND STOW 1824 Sc.
– completely, surpassingly HALLOW Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– completely, thoroughly ALL HOLLER;  ALL HOLLOW 1815 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly ALL OVER 1844 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly ALL TO 1950 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly BARE c1340 obs.
– completely, thoroughly FEXATIALLY;  FEXATIOUSLY 1931 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly FINATIALLY 1931 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly FROM HEAD TO FOOT a1300
– completely, thoroughly FURTHERLY c1175 obs.
– completely, thoroughly HEAD AND FOOT 1784
– completely, thoroughly PROPER 1508 colloq.
– completely, thoroughly THROUGHWAYS 1819 Eng. dial.
– completely, thoroughly TO THE BACKBONE 1864
– completely, thoroughly TO THE SKIN 1605
– completely, thoroughly TO THE EARS 1877 Amer. sl.
– completely, thoroughly, absolutely, extremely; wholeheartedly DEAD 1589
– completely, thoroughly, altogether ALL-TO-PIECES 1875 Eng. dial.
– completely, thoroughly; clearly FAIRLINGS Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– completely, thoroughly, exactly BANG 1885 Eng. & Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly, extremely BARDACIOUSLY 1901 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly, extremely BIDACIOUSLY 1915 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly, extremely BODACIOUSLY 1843 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly, extremely BODIACIOUSLY 1972 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly, extremely BODYACIOUSLY 1832 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly, from head to toe ASS UP TO TEACUP 1967 Amer. dial.
– completely, thoroughly, fully; usually in phrase, ‘to go thorough-stitch’, to perform something thoroughly, carry it out completely and effectually THOROUGH-STITCH 1579 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– completely, thoroughly; very GAINLY c1350 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– completely, through everything, fully, wholly, thoroughly BACK AND EDGE 1641
– completely, throughout, all over ALOW AND ALOFT 1827 Amer. dial.
– completely, to a great extent; thoroughly; having a large amount of UP TO ONE’S ARMPITS 1958 Amer. sl.
– completely, to the end AFINE c1325 obs.
– completely, to the greatest degree GOOD AND PROPER 1928 UK sl.
– completely; totally DEADASS 1971 Amer. sl.
– completely; totally FLAT OUT 1930
– completely, totally FULL SESH Bk1990 Amer. sl.
– completely, unconditionally; wholly; absolutely, positively BARELY c1340 obs.
– completely, unreservedly SOLID L19
– completely, utterly BLOOD 1990s Aust. & US sl.
– completely, utterly CATAWAMPIOUSLY 1836 Amer. dial. obs.
– completely, utterly CATAWAMPOUS 1940 Amer. dial. obs.
– completely, utterly DEAD-SET 1947 Aust. sl.
– completely, utterly, comprehensively DEAD TO THE CURB 1950s African-American sl.
– completely, utterly, thoroughly, decisively, violently FROM HELL TO BREAKFAST 1928 Amer. dial.
– completely, utterly, thoroughly, decisively, violently FROM HELL TO BUSH 1928 Amer. dial.
– completely, utterly, totally, absolutely DEAD-BANG 1919 Amer. police usage
– completely, utterly, to the furthest extent ALL TO MUCK L18 sl.
– completely, utterly, vigorously; fiercely, eagerly, violently CATAWAMPOUSLY 1834 Amer. sl.
– completely, utterly, vigorously; fiercely, eagerly, violently CATAWAMPTIOUSLY 1857 Amer. sl.
– completely, very much, exactly BEDAMNED L16
– completely, very much, exactly DAMN M19
– completely, very much, exactly DAMNED L16
– completely, wholly ALL-UTTERLY Bk1898 Sc. obs.
– completely, wholly HAILILIE 1827 Sc. obs.;  HAILLY 1827 Sc.
– completely, wholly, altogether NECK AND SCRAG Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– completely, wholly, entirely HALE c1375 obs. exc. Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– completely, with all one’s strength, with great energy, in earnest TOOTH AND TOENAIL 1828 Amer. dial.
– completely, within and without INGATE AND OUTGATE 1898 Sc.
– to do a thing completely or thoroughly GO THE ENTIRE ANIMAL 1864 rare
– to do a thing completely or thoroughly GO THE EXTREME ANIMAL 1839 rare
– to do a thing completely or thoroughly GO THE GUNTZ 1958 UK sl. rare
– to do a thing completely or thoroughly GO THE WHOLE ANIMAL 1833 rare

complex, intricate; roundabout SINUOUS 1853
extremely complex NONTRIVIAL 1997 US sl.

a complex, confused, and distasteful state of affairs; a complicated enigma CANFUL OF ANGLE-WORMS 1927-28 US
a complex, confused, and distasteful state of affairs; a complicated enigma CAN OF WORMS 1927-28 US
a complexity or intricacy SINUOSITY 1827
an annoying or troublesome complexity FUSS AND PALAVER 1892
anything that is over-complex or over-expensive to achieve its essentially simple purpose CAMAC 19C Irish sl.
– complexity, abstruseness, intricacy SUBTLETY a1300 obs.

– coarse in complexion, with pimples SPLODGY B1900 sl.
– colourless in complexion, very pale, deathly DEATHLY-LIKE B1900 Eng. dial.
– complexioned; featured AVISED 1877 Eng. dial.
– complexioned; visaged VIZ’D Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– dark-complexioned DARK-AVISED 1918 Sc.
– dark-complexioned DARK-LOOKING Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– dark-complexioned, swarthy OOZLIE;  OOZLY 1808 Sc.
– dark-complexioned, swarthy OZELLY B1900 Sc.
– fair-complexioned FAIR-AVISED 1929 Sc.
 having a dark complexion, swarthy BLACK-AVISED 1856 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– having a healthy glow; fair and rosy-cheeked; said of the complexion, skin BRIGHT c1250 obs.
– having a light complexion FAIR-SKINNED 1546
– having an olive complexion OLIVASTER 1626 obs.
– having a pale complexion DOUGH-FACED 1773
– having a pale sickly complexion GREEN a1275
– having a ruddy complexion, high-coloured, florid, fiery-faced RANCIE;  RANCY;  RANSIE 1805 Sc.
– having a sickly yellow or brownish yellow colour; said of the complexion SALLOW a1000
– having a spotty, inflamed complexion MEASLE-FACED 1790 Eng. dial.
– having a yellow complexion TANSY-FACED 1614
– having the freshness of life; said of the complexion QUICK a1225 obs. rare
– of a swarthy complexion DACKLIE 1825 Sc. obs.
 of dark or grimy complexion BLACK-FAVOURED 1843 Ireland
– of olive complexion OLIVART 1885 rare
– of swarthy complexion BLACK-FYSE Bk1911 Sc.
– pale; said of the complexion UNDERDONE L19 sl.
– pale, sickly; said of the complexion SALVY 1897 Eng. dial.
– pallid, pasty; pale and somewhat flabby or bloated; said of the complexion or face DOUGHY 1763
– a pale complexion NIGHTCLUB TAN 1973 Brit. sl.
– a pallid complexion FRESH-WHITES L19 sl.
– complexion and skin; the visible outer part of the body HIDE AND HUE c1330 obs.
– complexion; colour of the face BLEE a1225 arch.
– complexion, hue, look or appearance of the face and skin LEER a700 obs.
– a dark-complexioned person TAWNEY;  TAWNY 1660 arch.
– a dark-complexioned (tawny) person TANNY Bk1880 Eng. dial.
– a fair-complexioned wench BLEACHED MORT 1785 cant
– a light-complexioned person FAIRSKIN 1842
– a nickname for those with dark complexion or hair DARK 1910s Aust. sl.
– an old man who retains a high complexion RANSIE-LUGGED CARLE 1825 Sc.
– a notably dark-complexioned person NAGO 1940s W. Indies sl.
– any dark-complexioned person, esp. if belonging to a group traditionally considered to be somewhat excitable or primitive in emotional matters; a Jew or a Turk ARAB 20C Amer. sl.
– a person of dark complexion, small stature, and with a profusion of hair MOTHIEWORT Bk1866 Sc.
– a person of dark complexion, small stature, and with a profusion of hair MOULDYWARP 1899 Sc.
– a person with a fair complexion FAIR 1771 obs.
– a very African-looking person, with a dark complexion, short of stature, and broad features ZOMBIE 1983 African-American sl.
– a woman or girl of olive complexion OLIVE 1713
– a woman with a dark complexion; esp. in South and Central America, a woman of mixed descent or of African origin MORENA 1868
– to grow pale; said of the complexion FALL c1369 obs.
– to hide defects and improve the complexion; to paint the face with ‘fard’ FARD a1450 obs.

compliant, obedient, dutiful, submissive MORIGEROUS c1600
compliant, obedient; ready to hear; dutiful, devout HEARSUM;  HERSUM c900 obs.
compliant, obedient; susceptible to persuasion; accommodating, gracious ABLE c1384 obs.
compliant, submissive, yielding; capable of obedience; obedient, docile OBEDIBLE 1622 obs. rare
compliant, subservient; bland, soothing, insinuating, fawning OLEAGINOUS 1859
compliant, tractable, obedient; pliant BUXOM c1175 obs.
compliant, unwilling to make a fuss or cause trouble NICE 1950s W. Indies sl.
compliant with the will or wishes of another, esp. of a superior; prompt to serve, please, or follow directions; obedient, dutiful OBSEQUIOUS a1450 rare
compliant, yielding, obedient, submissive OBSEQUENT 1520 obs.
unduly or servilely compliant; ignobly submissive; manifesting or characterized by servile complaisance; fawning, cringing, sycophantic OBSEQUIOUS 1602

compliance, complaisance, obsequiousness OBSEQUENCE 1603 rare
compliance, obedience BIDDABLENESS Bk1898 Eng. dial.
compliance of manner, deportment OBEISANCE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
ready compliance or obedience; eagerness to serve or please; dutiful service OBSEQUIOUSNESS 1447 now rare or obs.
ready compliance with the will or pleasure of another, esp. of a superior; deferential service OBSEQUY 1432-50 obs.

– complicated, entangled MISRED 1789 Sc. obs.
– complicated, intricate, entangled, involved INTRINSE 1605 obs.
– complicated, intricate, involved, inextricable LABYRINTHINE 1840
– complicated, intricate, twisted QUIRKIE;  QUIRKY 1896 Sc.
– complicated, involved NETWORK 1675 obs. rare
– complicated, labyrinthine LABYRINTHAL 1669 rare
– complicated, labyrinthine LABYRINTHIAL a1550 obs.
– complicated, labyrinthine LABYRINTHIAN a1550 obs.
– complicated, labyrinthine LABYRINTHIC 1641
– complicated, labyrinthine LABYRINTHICAL 1641 rare
– complicated, weird HAIRY 1960s sl.
– full of complications LABYRINTHED 1650 obs. rare
– having a complicated plot; involved IMPLEX 1710 obs. rare
– involved, complicated IMPLEXED a1619 obs.
– a complicated, bothersome situation PARANGLES 1940s W. Indies sl.
– a complicated enigma; a confused, complex, and distasteful state of affairs CANFUL OF ANGLE-WORMS 1927-28 US
– a complicated enigma; a confused, complex, and distasteful state of affairs CAN OF WORMS 1927-28 US
– a complicated or difficult situation (esp. political or dramatic); a confused misunderstanding or disagreement EMBROGLIO;  IMBROGLIO 1818
– a complicated state of things TATHER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– any complicated or puzzling thing MOLLY-HOGAN 1960 Amer. dial.
– something complicated; an intricate movement, a tangle INVOLUTION 1611
– something overly complicated PAKAPOO TICKET 1951 Aust. sl.
– to do something in a complicated and indirect way GO AROUND THE MUSHROOM 1968 Amer. dial.

complication, entanglement, involution IMPLICITY 1602 obs. rare
complication, intertwining IMPLEXION 1678 obs. rare
complications, harassment, trouble STATIC 1926 US sl.

– a back-handed compliment IRISH COMPLIMENT M19 sl.
– a compliment given or reported on condition of receiving one in exchange ALASKAN TRADE 1966 Amer. dial.
– a compliment given or reported on condition of receiving one in exchange BID 1968 Amer. dial.
– a compliment given or reported on condition of receiving one in exchange LASSO TRADE 1968 Amer. dial.
– a compliment given or reported on condition of receiving one in exchange LAST-GO-SWAP 1965 Amer. dial.
– a compliment given or reported on condition of receiving one in exchange LAST-GO-TRADE 1930 Amer. dial.
 a compliment given or reported on condition of receiving one in exchange TRADE-LAST 1891 Amer. dial.
– a compliment or commendation; enthusiastic approval; praise WRAP;  WRAP-UP 1939 Aust. sl.
– a compliment or commendation; praise RAP;  RAP-UP 1939 Aust. sl.
– a congratulatory compliment, congratulation PARABIEN 1622 obs.
– a left-handed compliment; innuendo LEFTY 1968 US entertainment industry usage
– an insincere or back-handed compliment LEFT-HANDED COMPLIMENT 1881 colloq.
– a valueless, worthless compliment FARTHING-COMPLIMENT 1893 Sc.
– compliments and fair words SPANISH MONEY L17 sl.
– compliments, respects BAISEMAINS 1707
– compliments, respects BAISEMENTS c1654 obs. rare
– effusive compliments MAD PROPS 1994 US sl.
 meaningless compliments; trivial or superficial remarks AIRY NOTHINGS c1330
 a person who compliments another grossly and to his face; a backbiter FACE-FLATTERER 1859
 a petty complimenter COMPLEMENTASTER 1635 obs.
– said when someone wants to pass on a compliment about you, in exchange for one about himself EAT A FILIPINO WITH ONE 1968 Amer. dial.
 to compliment ACCOMPLIMENT 1601 obs. rare
– to compliment or praise a person STROKE M20 US colloq.
– to compliment, to praise TAKE ONE’S HAT OFF TO M19 sl.
 to compliment, to praise, to extol BRAG ON 1860 Amer. dial.
– to compliment unduly; to flatter; to praise fulsomely LOSENGE 1422 obs.
– to exchange compliments TRADE LASTS 1900 Amer. dial.
– to pay compliments THROW BOUQUETS 1904 US colloq.
– to pay compliments; to make flattering speeches OIL ONE’S LUG 1843 Sc.

– complying, obedient MORIGERATE a1533 rare
– complying, obedient, willing, docile; ready to do what is bidden BIDDABLE 1826
– to comply with a person’s will, to follow another’s advice or one’s own inclinations or devices SUE 1362 obs.
– to comply with requirements; to get on the ball GET IN THE BUGGY 1966 Amer. dial.
– to comply with requirements; to get on the ball STAY IN THE BUGGY 1927 Amer. college sl.
– to comply with the conditions of SUE a1300 obs.
– to comply with, to concede; to agree, esp. tacitly; to concur in; to raise no objections to ACQUIESCE 1613
– to comply with, to yield, to submit to KNUCKLE DOWN 1735
– to comply with, to yield to, to obey OBSEQUE 1720 obs. rare
– to comply with, to yield to, to obey OBTEMPER c1489 obs.
– to comply with, to yield to, to submit to, obey; to be obedient OBTEMPERATE 1432-50
– to comply, to obey; to do as commanded MORIGERATE 1623 obs.