Reverse Dictionary: DECEN – DECQ

– decent, clean, orderly; comely, good-looking FARRINKLY 1860 Eng. dial.
– decent, good OKEY L19 sl.
– decent, meet, becoming, seemly, proper TALL c1400 obs.
– decent, of good or estimable character O.K.;  OKAY 1839 colloq.
– decent, proper, becoming GANELIE 1825 Sc. & Eng. dial. obs.
– decent, proper, fitting, seemly, becoming HANDSOME 1597 obs.
– decent, respectable; clean, tidy, neat MENSE 1879 Eng. dial.
– decent, respectable, creditable to a man; becoming, proper, seemly, modest MENSEFUL 1790 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– decent, respectable; neat, tidy FARRANTLY 1790 Eng. dial.
– decent, respectable; neat, tidy; comely, handsome, good-looking FARRANDLY 1790 Eng. dial.
– decent, respectable, of pleasing appearance or manner FEASIBLE 1820 Sc.
– decent, seemly, respectable, modest MANNERLY a1300 obs.
– decent, trustworthy ALL RIGHT 1841
– decent, well-behaved, becoming FARRAND; FARRANT a1300 Sc. & N. Eng. obs.
– decently, becomingly, suitably, fittingly MENSEFULLY 1891 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– decently, in a seemly manner, becomingly, properly MANNERLY a1300 obs.
– decently, pleasantly FARRANTLY c1325 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– decency DECENCE 1678 obs.
– decency, goodness, sense EESKYIE 1929 Sc.
– decency, propriety DECENTNESS 1561 obs.
– decency, propriety, becomingness, HANDSOMENESS 1555 obs.
– decency, propriety, decorum; sense, discretion, tact; good manners, politeness MENSE 1737 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– deceptive, apt to deceive, deluding, illusory DECEPTORY c1430 obs.
– deceptive, ‘catchy’ CATCHING 1603
– deceptive, deceitful DECEIVABLE 1303 obs.
– deceptive, deceiving ILLUDENT a1550 obs. rare
– deceptive, deceiving, deceitful DECEIVANT 1393 obs. rare
– deceptive, deluding, illusory DECEPTIONAL 1830 rare
– deceptive, deluding, illusory; that tends to deceive, cheat, or mislead DECEPTIOUS 1606 obs. rare
– deceptive, delusive; practising ‘prestigiation’ PRESTIGIATORY 1588 obs.
– deceptive, dishonest, unethical FUNNY 1903 colloq.
– deceptive, false FALSELY a1310 obs. rare
– deceptive, guileful, deceiving BEGUILEFUL 1530
– deceptive, guileful, deceiving BEGUILOUS 1483 obs. rare
– deceptive, misleading FALLACIOUS 1651
– deceptive, misleading; fallacious; deceitful FALLACE 1393 obs. rare
– deceptive, shrewd, elusive SLEEK AS AN EEL 1952 Amer. dial.
– deceptive, shrewd, elusive SLICK AS AN EEL 1906 Amer. dial.
– deceptive, sly, double-faced; underhand, mean, treacherous UNDERMINDED 1902 Eng. & Amer. dial.
– deceptive, swindling TAKE-IN 1819
– deceptive, that catches or entraps CATCHY 1885 colloq.
– engaged in deception ON THE FIDDLE 1874 sl.
– of a deceptive kind or character; deluding, illusory DECEPTITIOUS 1827 rare
– smooth-spoken but deceptive SMOOLY B1900 obs. exc. Eng. dial.

– ABETMENT deception …1586 obs.
– ABUSION perversion of the truth; deceit, deception, imposture; also, an instance of such perversion or deception …c1386 obs.
– ANGLE a scheme; a workable method of deception or exploitation …1920 Amer. sl.
– BAMBOSH deceptive humbug; a hoax, hoaxing; deception …1865 sl.
– BARRAT deception, fraud, fraudulent dealing …1340 obs.
– BEGINK a befooling or deluding trick; a piece of deception …1725 Sc.
– BEGUILE a deception, a trick; disappointment …1637 Sc.
– BEGUNK a befooling or deluding trick; a piece of deception; a disappointment, misfortune …1725 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– BESWIKING cheating, deception …1340 obs.
– BITE an imposition, a deception; what is now called a ‘sell’; passing from the notion of playful imposition or hoax, to that of swindle or fraud …1711 sl. obs.
– BLADRY foolishness, deception …Bk1911 Sc.
– BLAWFLUM a flattering delusion; a gewgaw; a mere deception …Bk1911 Sc.
– BLETHERIE foolishness; deception …Bk1911 Sc.
– BLUFF deception …L19
– BULL misrepresentation; a lie; deception …Bk1914 criminals’ sl. 
– BULL CON a concerted attempt at flattery, deception, or persuasion …1896 US sl.
– BULLSHIT insincere or exaggerated talk intended to flatter or deceive; humbug or flattery; nonsense, lies, deception …1914 sl., orig. US
– BUNCO deceit, deception, swindling, fraud …1904 US sl.
– BUNKO deception, swindling, fraud …1904 US sl.
– BURN a deception; an instance of being cheated …Bk1990 Amer. sl.
– CARVE-UP deception, swindling, fraud, often implying an unfair distribution …1935 Brit. sl.
– COD deception, deceit; a lie …20C sl., orig. Irish
– CON deception; an act intended to trick or deceive; a tale intended to deceive …1896 US sl.
– CON GAME deception, swindling, fraud …1899 sl., orig. US
– CON JOB deception, swindling, fraud …1942 sl., orig. US
– CROCK OF SHIT a mass of lies and deception worth no more than dung …Bk2006 US sl.
– DEADBEAT a fraudulent or worthless item; also, a deception or disappointment …1866 Amer. sl.
– DEAD GIVEAWAY a swindle, a deception …L19 sl., orig. US
– DECEIVANCE deceit, deception …c1330 obs.
– DEREGLES loose habits, irregularities; deceptions, fraudulent informations …B1900 Sc.
– DIPLOMACY deception …1938 Trinidad and Tobago
– DODGE a swindle; a scam; a deception …Bk2006 US sl.
– EYEWASH intentionally deceptive words or actions …1917 US sl.
– FACRERE the art of ‘make-believe’, deception …1393 obs.
– FAITERY fraud, deception, hypocrisy …1377 obs.
– FAKE-OUT a feint or bluff; deception; broadly, an unpleasant surprise …1959 Amer. sl.
– FALLACE deception, trickery, falsehood; deceitfulness …a1300 obs.
– FALLAX deception; guile, trickery; fallacy …1530 obs.
– FALLAXITY deception, guile, trickery; fallacy …c1640 obs.
– FALSEHOOD deception, falsification, imposture; a forgery, counterfeit …1340 obs. or arch.
– FALSERY deception, falsification, falsehood …1594 obs.
– FIDDLE deception, swindling, fraud …1874 sl., orig. US
– FLAM a falsehood, deception, or sham …1632 chiefly Eng. dial.
– FLIMFLAM nonsense; deception …Bk2006 US sl.
– FRATCH a lie; a petty deception or theft …19C Eng. dial.
– FUBBERY the act of cheating; deception, deceit …1604 obs. rare
– FUNNY BUSINESS nonsense; fooling around; later, action or behaviour that is deceptive, dishonest, or otherwise suspect …1882 colloq.
– FUNNY DOPE deceptive, dishonest, or unethical actions or behaviour …1911 obs.
– GAB mockery, derisive deception; a lie, deceit …a1300 obs.
– GAG cheating, fraud, deception, a hoax …1805 sl.
– GAGGERY a deception, hoax; the act of deceiving or hoaxing …1819 Sc.
– GAGGING a deception, hoax; the act of deceiving or hoaxing …1819 Sc.
– GAME any form of negative activity, as deception, fooling around …19C sl.
– THE GAME deception, trickery …1950s African-American sl.
– GASUMPH deception, swindling, fraud …1932 Brit. sl.
– GAZOOMPH deception, swindling, fraud …1932 Brit. sl.
– GAZUMP deception, swindling, fraud …1932 Brit. sl.
– GAZUMPH deception, swindling, fraud …1932 Brit. sl.
– GEZUMPH deception, swindling, fraud …1932 Brit. sl.
– GYP an act of deception; a hoax; a purchase made at an exorbitant price or the item so purchased; broadly, an unfair action; a swindle, a con …1898 colloq.
– HAVE-ON a playful deception …1931 sl.
– HEAD deception …1993 Trinidad & Tobago
– HOAX a deception, a fraud …L18 sl.
– HOSING a cheating; a deception …20C US sl.
– HUSTLE a swindle, a racket; a means of deception or fraud; a source of income; a paid job …1963 sl., orig. US
– HYPE deception, cheating; a confidence trick, a racket, a swindle, a publicity stunt …1955 sl., orig. US
– INTAKE a cheat, deception, fraud, swindle …1865 Sc.
– JAPE something used to deceive; a means of deception; a deception, fraud …c1400 obs. rare
– JAPERY trickery, deception …1496 obs.
– JOLLY a deception or hoax …L19 US
– LARRY cunning or deception; also, a deceptive remark …1859 Amer. criminals’ sl.
– LEGERDEMAIN trickery, deception, hocus-pocus …1532
– LEG-PULL the act of deceiving or fooling someone …1915 Amer. sl.
– MISBEGOWK a deception, disappointment …1896 Sc.  
– a fraud, a deception NICKEL PLATE L19 US sl.
– a swindle, trick or deception; a confidence trick  OKEY-DOKE 1967 sl., esp. African-American usage
– any form of trickery, deception, or evasion THE OLD ARMY GAME 1910 Amer. sl.
–  a deceiving with fair words; deception PELLICULATION B1900
– a deception, fraud, cheat PUT-ON 20C sl.
– a swindle or a means of deception; criminal trickery; hoaxing; a trick, dodge, scheme, game, line of business or action RACKET 1812 sl.
– something which is hard to swallow or difficult to believe; an act of deception, a swindle THE RAW PRAWN 1940 Aust. colloq.
– deception, swindling, fraud RIP-OFF 1970 sl.
– a bluff, a deception, a trick, a joke SANDY 1916 Amer. dial.
– a pretext; an apology, an excuse; a trick; deception SCONCE Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– SELL a deception that leaves the victim feeling disappointed …1838 sl.
– SINONISM a trick, deception; a treacherous act …1864
– SKIN GAME deception, swindling, fraud …1868 US sl.
– SNOW JOB an act of deception; a lie; an excuse; strong and persistent persuasion, esp. in a dubious cause …1943 US sl.
– SUCK a deception; a disappointing event or result …1856 sl.
– SUCK-IN a deception; a disappointing event or result; cheat, a trick …1856 sl.
– TAKE-DOWN a swindle; a deception …L19 sl.
– TAKE-IN a cheat, swindle, deception; a hoax, a fraud …1778 colloq.
– DECEIVABLENESS deceitfulness, deceit; deceptiveness …1526 obs.
– DECEPTIVITY deceptiveness; a thing of deceptive character …1843
– FANTASTRY visionary delusion; illusory character; deceptiveness …a1677 obs.
– FAST SHUFFLE a swindle; a deceptive act …1930 US sl.
– GYVO humbug; flattery; insincerity, pretense; deceptive talk or behaviour …c1935 Aust. sl.
– MADAME DE LUCE deceptive talk …20C rhyming sl. for ‘spruce’ vb.
– RANICKY a deceptive story or scheme; a prank, a racket, a scam …1916 Amer. dial.
– RANI-CUM-BOOGERIE a deceptive story or scheme; a prank, a racket, a scam …1945 Amer. dial.
– RANIKABOO, RANNIKABOO a deceptive story or scheme; a caper, a prank; ‘monkeyshine’; nonsense; irrelevant, irritating activity …1916 Amer. dial.
– RANNYGAZOO a deceptive story or scheme; a caper; a prank; a trick; horseplay; nonsense; irrelevant, irritating activity …L19 Amer. sl.
– REINIKABOO a deceptive story or scheme; a prank, a racket, a scam …1901 Amer. dial.
– RENICKY a deceptive story or scheme; a prank, a racket, a scam …1916 Amer. dial.
– RENICKY-BOO a deceptive story or scheme; a prank, a racket, a scam …1916 Amer. dial.
– SUBREPTION a fallacious or deceptive representation …1865
– GAGGER one who practices a hoax or deception …Bk1900 Sc.
– BAD SHIT a bad or extremely unpleasant person, usually male; a dangerous or deceptive person …Bk1975 Amer sl.
– BALLHOPPER one who is deliberately deceptive or tells fabrications’ a rumour-monger  …1972 Irish sl. 
– EEL (usually derogatory) an elusive, shrewd, sly, or deceptive person; a treacherous person …1933 Amer. dial.
– GIPSIE;  GIPSY;  GYPSY a person who acts in a disreputable, unscrupulous, or deceptive manner …1616 obs.
– MAC a deceptive and convincing speaker …1973 US sl., chiefly Black usage 
– PAIK a low character; a deceptive fellow …1825 Sc.
– PAKE a low character; a deceptive fellow …1899 Sc.
– SLIPPERY EEL (usually derogatory) an elusive, shrewd, sly, or deceptive person …1966 Amer. dial.
– WILL O’ THE WISP an elusive or deceptive person …Bk2004 
– ACE to manipulate someone, esp. through flattery or deception …1920s US sl.
– CLIP to obtain (money) by deception or cheating …sl.
– HOOK to snare, to entice, or to swindle a victim; to persuade with deception or flattery; to trick; to defraud …c1730 Amer. sl.
– PLAY THE OLD SOLDIER to malinger; to feign illness; to practice deception …1713 military sl.
– PULL A FAST ONE to execute or attempt a deception; to achieve a clever fraud or swindle …1933 Amer. sl.
– PULL A SWIFTIE to execute or attempt a deception; to achieve a clever fraud or swindle; to play a deceptive trick …1945 Aust. sl.
– PULL A SWIFTY to execute or attempt a deception; to achieve a clever fraud or swindle …1960s Amer. & Aust. sl.
– PUT ACROSS to perpetrate a deception …1913-15 Amer. sl.
– RACKETEER to practise any form of criminal deception, trickery, extortion, etc. …1920s sl.
– SKANK to use deception to get one’s way …1980s US students’ sl.
– THROW THE HOOKS to persuade victims with deception or flattery …1887 Amer. criminals’ sl.
– TOSS ACROSS to perpetrate a deception …1912 Amer. sl.
– MACK to lie or exaggerate in order to deceive, exploit, or influence someone; to convince or persuade in a deceptive way …1975 African-American sl.
– to be deceptive or evasive; to tell tall tales or lies; to fool around, to tease SHUCK 1968 Amer. dial.
– to put forward deceptively SIMULATE 1652 obs. rare
– badly decided ILL-KESSEN Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– decidedly; most certainly CERTAIN AND DECLARE 1970 Amer. dial.
– a person who decides causes or controversies; a decider, an arbitrator DECISOR 1563 obs.
– to come to a decision; to take a firm or positive position on any subject SET ONE’S BUDGET DOWN 1933 Amer. dial.
– to come to a decision; to take a firm or positive position on any subject SET THE BUCKET DOWN 1966 Amer. dial.
– to decide DECISE 1538 obs.
– to decide or determine in a specified way; to settle, to arrange, to fix a matter TAIL c1315 obs.
– to decide, to conclude SETTLE DOWN 1851 Amer. dial.
– to decide, to determine a matter disputed or doubtful DECERN c1425 obs.
– to decide, to determine, to resolve to do something DECREET 1582-8 obs.
– to decide, to determine, to settle TERMINE a1325 obs.
– to decide to do something, to determine, to resolve DECREE 1526 obs. or arch.
– to decide, to firmly make up one’s mind SET UP ONE’S EBENEZER c1840 Amer. dial.
– to decide, to intend LAY BY 1887 Amer. dial.
– to decide, to resolve TAKE ADVISEMENT 1375 obs.
– DECIDUARY deciduous …1871 rare
– DECIDUITY deciduousness …1846 rare
– DECIPHERAGE deciphering …1851 nonce word
– DECIPHERATION deciphering …1838 nonce word
– DECIPHERESS a female who deciphers …a1763 rare
– UNCIPHER to decipher …1598 obs.
– CALL a decision …1980s Amer. sl.
– DECERNMENT decision; discernment, discrimination …1586 obs.
– DECIDEMENT decision …a1625 obs. rare
– DECREET a decision, determination …c1400 obs. rare
– HASTY-PUDDING a quick or unwise decision …1984 Amer. dial.
– LAUD decision, judgement …c1465 obs.
– LICKING POST the moment of contention or decision; a decision, a pledge …M19 US sl.
– LICK-LOG a point of contention or decision; a decision, a pledge …1887 Amer. dial.
– SAY-SO the power of decision, permission …M18 sl.
– SHARP END the centre of activity or decision-making, the front line …colloq.
– BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE facing a hard decision; in a very difficult position …Bk2006 US sl.
– SEE WHICH WAY THE CAT JUMPS see what direction events are taking before making a decision …1827
– BAFFLE AROUND to take too long about coming to a decision …1970 Amer. dial.
– BITE ONE’S BAIT to hold off on a decision to see what develops, not to push a point too fast …1970 Amer. dial.
– COME TO THE LICK-LOG to face facts, to make a difficult decision …1942 Amer. dial.
– PUT ONE’S FOOT DOWN to make a firm decision, usually against something …1833 colloq.
– SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT to take action or make a decision one way or another, or else give another the opportunity to do so …1939 sl.
– CONCLUDENT that ‘concludes’ a question or an opponent; conclusive, decisive, convincing; final, certain …1571 obs.
– DECISIONAL of the nature of a decision; decisive, conclusive …1883 rare
– DECISORY decisive …1611 obs. rare
– DECRETAL decisive, definitive …1608 obs. rare
– DECRETORIAN decisive, conclusive …1679 obs.
– DECRETORY such as to decide the question; decisive, determinative …1674 obs.
– DECRETORILY positively, decisively …1660 obs.
– FROM HELL TO BREAKFAST completely, utterly, thoroughly, decisively, violently …1928 Amer. dial.
– FROM HELL TO BUSH completely, utterly, thoroughly, decisively, violently …1928 Amer. dial.
– HAMMER TIME a decisive point; the time to launch a military attack …2003 US sl.
– SOCKDOLAGER a decisive reply, argument, etc. …1830 Amer. sl.
– STAND TO ONE’S LICK-LOG, SALT OR NO SALT to stand firm, to act decisively …1834 Amer. dial.
– DINKIT decked out, dressed …1813 Sc.
– ADIGHT to equip, to attire, to dress, to deck …c1400 obs.
– BEAUTY to render beautiful; to beautify, to adorn, to deck …1398 arch.
– BEGO to dress; to clothe, to attire, to deck, to adorn …a1225 obs.
– BETRAP to deck, to adorn …1509 obs.
– BRANK to deck, to dress up …Bk1911 Sc.
– DAIKER to deck out, to decorate …1900 Sc.
– DICK to deck, to adorn; to cover …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– DIGHT to dress, to clothe; to adorn, to deck oneself …1773 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– DINK to adorn, to deck, to dress out …1808 Sc.
– GAUDY to deck out; to make smart or gaudy …1805 rare
– ONORN to deck, to adorn …1432-50 obs.
– TOG UP to dress, to deck out; to dress oneself up …1887 Amer. dial.
– UMTIFF to deck out, to adorn …a1300 obs.
– RAME to repeat, to recite, to declaim …1703 Sc.
– SPOUT to state or declaim volubly or in an oratorical manner …colloq.
– NARRABLE that which may be declared …1623 rare
– DECLARATURE declaration …1729 obs. rare
– DECLAREMENT declaration, express or formal statement; the act of declaring against anything …1633 obs.
– DECLAREMENT the act of showing or setting forth; exposition, explanation, manifestation, declaring …1646 obs.
DECLARATION etc. – verbs
– BEKEN to make known; to declare, to show …a1300 obs.
– BENAME to declare or utter solemnly or on oath; to promise with an oath …c1000 obs.
– BESAY to declare, to speak about …c1200 obs.
– BETELL to speak of, to declare, to narrate …c1205 obs.
– COME OUT to declare oneself; to take a position …1840s Amer. sl.
– DEEM to pronounce, to proclaim, to celebrate, to announce, to declare; to tell, to say, to utter …a1000 obs.
– DICTITATE to declare …1615 obs. rare
– KEN to make known, to declare, to confess, to acknowledge …c975 obs.
– OPEN to lay bare or make manifest to the view; to reveal, to disclose, to declare, to make known …c900 obs.
– OPEN to announce, to declare; to make public, to promulgate …1433 obs.
– PATEFY to reveal, show, declare, disclose; to make open or manifest …1533 obs.
– QUETHE to speak, say, declare, tell, call …c825 obs.
– RAP TO to own up to, to declare …L19 US sl.
– VER to aver, to declare …c1400 obs.
– VUM to declare, to swear …1785 Amer. dial.
– DECLINATORY that declines; expressing refusal …1673
– DECLINAL capable of being declined …1509 obs. rare
DECLINE (refuse) etc. – NOUNS
– DECLENSION the act of declining; courteous refusal …1817 rare
– DECLINAL the act of declining; courteous refusal …1837 rare
– DECLINATURE the act of declining or refusing; courteous refusal …1842
– DECLINEMENT the act of declining or refusing; courteous refusal …1680 obs. rare
DECLINE (refuse) etc. – NOUNS, PERSON
– DECLINATOR one who declines or refuses; a dissentient …1606 obs.
DECLINE (refuse) etc. – VERBS
– DIE ON ONE’S ARSE to fail badly; to suffer an irreversible decline, to come to a sudden or premature end …1984
– FAN ON to decline an offer …1997 US sl.
– IXNAY to reject, to decline, to dismiss, to cancel …1937 US colloq.
– KECKEN to decline with loathing, aversion, or disgust, as offered food; to be fastidious …Bk1901 Eng. dial.
– PUT ON ONE SIDE to decline, to reject; to throw over …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– TAKE A BYE to refuse or decline to act or participate in something …20C US sl.
– DECIDUOUS sinking, declining …1791 obs. rare
– DECLINANT declining …1893 nonce use
– DECLIVATE descending; declining; inclining downward …1881
– ON THE DOWNBEAT in decline; losing popularity …1943 Amer. sl.
DECLINE (decrease) etc. – NOUNS
– BACK-GAIN a decline, consumption …Bk1898 Sc.
– DECIDENCE falling off in strength, vigour, etc.; decline, a becoming worse …1684 obs.
– DECLENSION the state of declining or sinking into a lower of inferior condition; gradual diminution, deterioration, or decay; decline …1602
– DECLINATION the gradual falling off from a condition of prosperity or vigour; decline; decay …1533 obs.
– FAIL decline …1898 Sc.
– LAST OF PEA-TIME the time when peas have almost ceased bearing; hence, a state of decline, exhaustion, or poverty …1834 Amer. dial.
– NAIL IN ONE’S COFFIN a stage in one’s decline …E19 sl.
– OFF-FALLING a decline, a falling off, as in health and appearance, or in morals; a deterioration …1825 Sc.
DECLINE (decrease) etc. – VERBS
– FADE to grow small or weak; to decline, decay, fail, or faint; to shrink …1388 obs.
– FAG to flag, to droop, to decline; to fall off, to swerve from …1530 obs.
– FAINT to become faint; to grow weak or feeble, to decline …c1400 obs. exc. poetic
– GO THE BACKWAY to decline, to fall off after coming to perfection …1873 Eng. dial.
– BEVEL a slope, a declivity …1869 Eng. dial.
– HANG a declivity, a slope …B1900 Eng. dial.
– HEALD a slope, incline, declivity; a hill …Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– DECOCT a decoction …1551 obs. rare
– DOZEY partly decomposed; of wood, poorly seasoned …Bk1913 Amer. dial.
– FROWY partly decomposed and ill-smelling …Bk1913 Amer. dial.
– SAPROPHAGOUS living on decomposing matter …1819
– OPEN to dissolve, to decompose …1727 obs.
– UNALCHEMY to decompose chemically …1661 obs.
– EARLY BATTERSEA vulgar, tasteless decor …1970s sl.
– EARLY ECLECTIC vulgar, tasteless decor …1970s sl.
– EARLY HALLOWEEN vulgar, tasteless decor …1970s sl.
– EARLY HOMOSEXUAL vulgar, tasteless decor …1970s sl.
– DECORATE adorned, decorated; ornate …1460 obs. or arch.
– UNBEPRANKED not decorated or ornamented …1594
– SAVAGE of decoration: rustic, imitating natural vegetation …a1548 obs.
– DECORATORY pert. to decoration; decorative …1889 rare
– ORNATIVE tending or serving to adorn, decorative, ornamental …1660 obs. rare
– WALLIE;  WALLY decorative, fancy, ornamental, esp. applied to porcelain figures of dogs, etc. set out for decoration on mantelpieces and sideboards …1904 Sc.
– EARLY ELECTRIC a humorous description of a mix of design or decorating styles …1980 US sl.
– ADORNATION the act of adorning; also, that with which anything is adorned; adornment, decoration; ornament …1597 obs.
– ADUBMENT adornment, decoration …c1325 obs.
– DECORAMENT decoration, ornament, an adorning …1727 rare
– DECOREMENT decoration, ornamentation; an ornament, an embellishment …1587 obs.
– DECRIMENT decoration, ornament …B1900 Eng. dial.  
– FOOFOO something that is purely decorative without adding functional value …1986 US sl.
– FURNIMENTS accoutrements, decorations, fittings …1553
– FURNISHING decoration …1594
– GARNISHRY adornment, decoration …1835 nonce word
– GAUDERY gaudy or showy decoration, ostentatious show; finery, fine clothes; also, a fine or gaudy thing, a piece of finery …1597-8
– PARAMENT an ornament, a decoration …c1385 obs.
– QUAINTISING adornment, decoration …c1430 obs.
– TIRLY-WIRLY;  TURLIE-WHURLIE a flourish; a fanciful decoration; a figure or ornament of any kind …1785 Sc.
– VARIORUM a piece of decoration, in furniture, etc.; an ornament, gewgaw, trinket; a flourish in handwriting; any unnecessary appendage …1864 Sc.
– DECORATIONIST a professional decorator …1828
– GARNISHER one who adorns or decorates …1518
– to decorate, to adorn, to embellish DECORE 1490 obs. or arch.
– to decorate, to adorn, to embellish FAIR a1225 obs.
– to decorate, to bedeck with spangles DECKER;  DICKER1883 Eng. dial.  
– to decorate, to deck out DAIKER 1900 Sc.
– to decorate, to embellish FURNISH 1600 obs.
– to decorate, to grace, to adorn; to do honour to; to behave respectfully or courteously to MENSE 1641 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to decorate, to improve with light touches TICKLE 1845
– to decorate; to make fancy GUSSY UP 1940s Amer. sl.
– to decorate, to ornament VALIORM 1970 Sc.
– to edge with decoration, to border; to surround for adornment; to encircle, as with a crown or garland IMPALE 1553 obs. or arch.
– decorum, decency, propriety; sense, discretion, tact; good manners, politeness MENSE 1737 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– a woman who is conscious of decorum FANCY DOO-DAD WOMAN 1968 Amer. dial.
– a duck or goose decoy IDOL 1937 Amer. dial.
– something displayed or serving as a decoy or inducement NEST-EGG 1678
– a decoy or lookout CHICKIE;  CHICKY 1934 US sl.
– to decoy ROPE IN Bk1905 Amer. dial.
– to decoy a person into a quiet corner GAMMON ON A NOSE 1827 UK sl. obs.
– to decoy, to allure, to attract, to entice TOLL c1220 obs.
– to decoy, to entice, to instigate; to entangle in some pursuit or proceeding HANKLE 1842 Eng. dial.
– to decoy, to entice, to lure; to induce one to come or follow TOLLER 1974  Amer. dial.
– to decoy, to lure; to lead or bring along; to induce TOLE Bk1913 US & Eng. dial.