Reverse Dictionary: DEFI – DEK

– BARDY forward, pert, shameless, audacious; insolent; defiant …1822 Sc.
– DAREFUL full of daring or defiance; adventurous …1605 obs. rare
– DEFIATORY bearing defiance or a challenge; defiant …1635 obs. rare
– IN-YOUR-FACE aggressively challenging; confrontational; defiant; disrespectful; disdainful; provocative; unashamed …1978 Amer. sl.
– IRON-SIDED hardy, rough, unmanageable; impudent, defiant …Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– ACOCK defiantly …1611 sl.
– ACOCK-HORSE defiantly …1611 sl.
– EAT MY SHORTS! go to hell! drop dead!; an exclamation of dismissal or defiance …1979 US sl.
– HAKE! an expression of defiance …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– I DON’T GIVE A MONKEY’S (FUCK) an expression of one’s annoyance, frustration, or defiance …1960 UK sl.
– MOCKERS! exclamation of defiance, more usually in an attempt to put off or jinx an opponent in sports or games …Brit. sl.
– RASPBERRIES! used to express disbelief or defiance; nonsense! …1910s US sl.
– YAIL! an expression of defiance and contempt …Bk1905 Sc.
– YALE! an expression of defiance and contempt …Bk1905 Sc.
– YALTO! used to denote surprise or defiance …Bk1905 Sc.
– YALTOCO! used to denote surprise or defiance …Bk1905 Sc.
– YAR! an exclamation of disgust, aversion, or malicious defiance …1812
– YELL! an expression of defiance and contempt …Bk1905 Sc.
– BEARDING open, resolute opposition; insolent defiance …1577
– FACING the act of boasting, swaggering, or browbeating; a defiance …1523 obs.
– ATTITUDE truculent or aggressively defiant temperament or demeanour …1962 sl., orig. US
– FUNKER a recalcitrant or obstinately defiant person …1893 Sc. rare
– BRACE to assume a defiant attitude towards …1922 US
– COCK A SNOOK to express defiance or laugh at someone’s authority, etc. …Bk1999 
– FACE AND BRACE to bluster; to domineer; to be defiant …16C colloq.
– FLING ONE’S CAP OVER THE WINDMILL to act recklessly and defiantly; to fly in the face of convention …1839
– CARRION-LEAN meagre, very deficient …1581 obs.
– DEFAULTIVE deficient, faulty, remiss …a1400 obs.
– DEFICIOUS deficient, lacking …1540-1 obs. rare
– LACK deficient in some quality, lacking in substance, position, breeding, etc.; of poor quality …1790 Sc. obs.
– MANK deficient, defective, incomplete …1700 Sc. obs.
– WANE lacking, absent, deficient …c825 obs.
– DEFAILING deficiency, lack, shortage …1502 obs.
– FAULT deficiency, lack, scarcity, want of; want of food or necessaries …a1300 obs.
– INGANG lack, deficiency …Bk1902 Sc.
– INLACKING want, deficiency …1775 Sc. obs.
– INLAKE a deficiency, lack …1650 Sc. obs.
– MAKE-WEIGHT a person or thing of insignificant value thrown in to make up a deficiency or fill a gap …1776
– MANK a deficiency, a want, a lack …1718 Sc. obs.
– NAUGHTINESS deficiency, faultiness …1641 Eng. dial. obs.
– WANTAGE deficiency, shortage …1828 US
– BATE to be deficient in …1633 obs.
– FAULT to stand in need of; to lack, to want; to be deficient in …1377 obs.
– FAULT to be deficient in; to be lacking in …1504 obs.
– INLAKE to be deficient, to lack …1610 Sc. obs.
– SCANTISH deficient; limited …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– SCANTLY deficient, limited …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– BEHINDMENTS outstanding liabilities, arrears, a deficit …1886 Amer.
– IRISH DIVIDEND a non-existent or fictitious profit, a deficit, a stock assessment …M19 US sl.
– TO THE BAD with a deficit …B1816 UK sl.
– MACULATORY apt to spot or defile …1614 obs. rare
– CONSPURCATE defiled, polluted …1563-87 obs.
– DETURPATE defiled …c1532 obs.
– MACULATED spotted, stained, defiled, polluted …1646
– RAYED defiled …B1900 Eng. dial.
– UNCHASTE defiled; having been deflowered involuntarily …14C sl.
– MACULATION the act of spotting or staining; a being spotted or defiled …a1450
– ABUSAGE abuse, misuse, perversion; defilement …1548 obs.
– BAWDRY material filth; dirt, defilement …1648 obs.
– FUNESTATION defilement, pollution, esp. through contact with a dead body …a1626 rare
– IMPIATION defilement …1658 obs.
– MYSOPHOBIA morbid dread of dirt or defilement; an abnormal fear of uncleanliness or contamination, as of soiling one’s hands by touching anything …1879
– OFFSCOURINGS filth or defilement cleaned off and cast aside; refuse, rubbish …1674
– SULLAGE filth, filthiness, defilement, pollution …1641 obs.
– SULLIEDNESS defilement …1571 obs.
– SULPING defilement …a1350 obs.
– TAINTURE tainting, staining, stain, defilement, pollution, infection …1593 obs.
– BEFOULER one who makes foul or covers with filth; one who pollutes or defiles …1842
– BERAYER one who defiles or pollutes …1699 obs.
– ADULTERATE to defile by adultery; to debauch …1613 obs.
– AGGL to soil, to defile …Bk1898 Sc.
– AGGLE to soil or defile; to make a mess …1866 Sc.
– BAWDY to make dirty or filthy; to befoul, to defile …1398 obs.
– BEDIRT to cover or defile with dirt; to ‘throw dirt at,’ to vilify …1622 obs.
– BEDO to befoul, to defile with ordure …c1230 obs.
– BEFILE to make foul or dirty; to defile …c1000 obs.
– BEFYLE to soil, to defile …Bk1911 Sc.
– BERAY to disfigure, to dirty, to defile, to befoul with dirt, filth, ordure …1530 obs. or arch.
– to sully, to defile, to pollute BESMEAR 1579
– to defile with ordure, to dirty BEWRAY 1678 Eng. dial.
– to soil all over, to pollute, to defile COINQUINATE a1528 obs.
– to defile COLLUTULATE 1623 obs. rare
– to defile, to pollute, to befoul CONSPURCATE 1600 obs.
– to defile; to ravish; to debauch a woman CONSTUPRATE M16
– to pollute, to defile DECOLOUR 1630 obs.
– to defile, to dirty DERSE B1900 Eng. dial.
– to defile, to disfigure, to pollute, to contaminate; to debase DETURPATE 1623 obs.
– to corrupt, to defile; to deprive a woman of chastity DIVICIATE c1470 obs. rare
– FULYIE to defile, to pollute …E16 Sc.
– FUNESTATE to defile with a dead body …1623 obs. rare
– IMBRATE to defile, to sully, to pollute …1542 obs. rare
– IMBRUE to stain, to dirty; to defile …1430 obs.
– IMPIATE to pollute, to defile …1623 obs. rare
– INQUINATE to pollute, to defile, to corrupt, to contaminate, to befoul …1542 obs.
– MACULATE to spot, stain, soil, defile, pollute …1432-50
– POLLUTE to defile or deflower a woman …17C sl.
– RAY to defile, to soil; to pollute with dung …1828 Eng. dial.
– SUDDLE to soil, to sully, to defile …1513 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– SULP to defile, to pollute …a1350 obs.
– TACHE to stain or taint, esp. with moral defilement, or with the imputation of guilt or shameful conduct; to stigmatize …1390 obs. exc. Sc.
– VARG to soil, to defile …1866 Sc.
– VARGLE to soil, to defile …1866 Sc.
– VERG to soil, to defile …Bk1905 Sc.
– SULE to be defiled …a1250 obs.
– COPPER-PLATED absolute, certain, definite …L19 US sl.
– MORAL certain, definite …1900s sl.
– SOLID definite …L19
– DECRETAL decisive, definitive …1608 obs. rare
– BLEEDING WELL certainly, definitely …1884 UK sl.
– BY A LONG WAYS by far; far and away …1952 Amer. dial.
– DAMN WELL certainly, assuredly, definitely, very much …L19
– DEAD-SET definitely, certainly …1970s Aust. sl.
– DEF definitely …1940s sl.
– DEFFO, DEFO definitely …1960s sl., orig. Irish usage
– JUST absolutely, definitely, very …L19 sl.
– MARKLY definitely …1533 Sc. obs.
– SIGNANTER expressly, distinctly, definitely …1614 rare
– SURE AS GOD MADE (LITTLE) APPLES certainly, definitely, without a doubt …1796
– THE CHEERS ARE RUNNING UP MY LEGS! a sarcastic remark used to deflate (esp. senior to junior) importance of local ‘buzz’ (rumour, commendatory report in newspaper, etc.) …c1930
– EXTRACT THE URINE FROM to take the piss out of someone; to deflate someone, to make someone perform with less boasting and bravado …E20 Brit. military sl.
– LET SOMEONE DOWN A BUTTONHOLE to humiliate someone; to deflate someone …L16 sl.
– TAKE SOMEONE A BUTTONHOLE LOWER to humiliate someone; to deflate someone …L16 sl.
– TAKE SOMEONE DOWN to humiliate someone; to deflate someone …L16 sl.
– TAKE SOMEONE DOWN A BUTTONHOLE to humiliate someone; to deflate someone …L16 sl.
– BROKEN HER TEACUP to have been deflowered …19C Brit. euphemism
– BROKEN-LEGGED seduced, deflowered …17C sl.
– CLIPPED IN THE RING seduced, deflowered …1597 sl.
– CRACKED deflowered …18C sl.
– CRACKED IN THE RING seduced, deflowered …1613 sl.
– DEVIRGINATE pert. to a woman who has been deflowered …15C
– FLAWED deflowered …19C Brit. sl.
– UNCHASTE defiled; having been deflowered involuntarily …14C sl.
– WOUNDED IN THE THIGH deflowered …16C literary euphemism
– COP A CHERRY to take a woman’s virginity; occasionally a man’s …1920s sl.
– CRACK to deflower a virgin; usually considered vulgar …c1725 Amer. sl.
– CRACK A JUDY’S TEACUP to deflower a girl …19C Brit. sl.
– CRACK A PITCHER to deflower a girl …19C Brit. sl.
– DEVIRGINATE to deflower …15C
– EASE to deflower a woman …M19 Brit. sl.
– POLLUTE to defile or deflower a woman …17C sl.
– PUNCH to deflower …sl.
– PUNCTURE to deflower …19C Brit. sl.
– SCUTTLE to deflower a woman …19C Brit. sl.
– HAVE GIVEN PUSSY A TASTE OF CREAM of a woman: to have been deflowered; to have been copulated with …19C Brit. sl.
– BOOLIE crooked, bent, deformed …19C Sc.
– CROOKED AS AN IZZARD deformed in person; perverse in disposition …1856 Eng. dial.
– CROOKED AS A YOKE-STICK bodily deformed …Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– GAM lame, crooked, deformed; disabled, injured, sore; of an eye: wavering, uncertain …1790 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– GAME lame, crippled, crooked, deformed; disabled, injured, sore; of an eye: wavering, uncertain …1790 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– HACKLE UP of people: physically deformed …20C W. Indies sl.
– HAGER ugly, deformed, rough …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– PALIE defective, deformed, lame …1825 Sc.
– PANTAMORPHIC generally deformed …1857
– RAMSHACKLED deformed …1825 Sc.
– SIEBEGODLIN deformed, crooked, one-sided …1896 Amer. dial.
– UNMACKLY ill-shapen, deformed; clumsy in appearance …1811 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– WANSHAPEN misshapen, deformed …a1300 obs.
– DYSMORPHOPHOBIA orig. the fear of being or becoming physically deformed; later, a disorder in which a person becomes excessively preoccupied with an imagined or slight defect in his or her appearance, typically causing some impairment of social and occupational functioning, and often resulting in repeated plastic surgery …1900
– SCRAWMAX anything badly formed or out of shape …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– EELIST a flaw, deformity, defect …1768 Sc. obs.
– GALBE an aggressive and frightening profile; any physical deformity occurring above the knee …L19 UK criminals’ sl.
– LAIDURE ugliness, deformity …1483 obs.
– MIS-SHAPEMENT deformity …1653 obs. rare
– ABNORMALITY a person of crooked ways, an informer, a deformed or humpbacked person …c1880 sl.
– ABNORMETH a person of crooked ways, an informer, a deformed or humpbacked person …c1880 sl.
– CAITIFF a cripple, one who is deformed and helpless …1775 Eng. dial. obs.
– CROYL a dwarf; a stunted, deformed person or child; a small, sickly child …1776 Sc.
– DEFORM a deformed person …1812 Sc.  
– HAUCHAL a deformed or crippled person …1891 Sc.
– LAMITER a lame person; a cripple; a deformed person …1816 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– MONSTER an ugly or deformed person …1715
– formerly sometimes, an object of pity or relief; an afflicted person; a sufferer; a deformed or diseased person; an imbecile; a miserable creature; a person of a pitiable or ridiculous aspect; gazing-stock; a laughingstock OBJECT 1605
– a handicapped person; a disabled or deformed person QUOZ 1990s UK juvenile sl.
– a handicapped person; a disabled or deformed person QUOZZIE 1990s UK juvenile sl.
– a puny, ill-developed person; a stunted or deformed person, a dwarf; also used jocularly of a mischievous child, a young scamp WIRL 1893 Sc.
– a puny, ill-developed person; a stunted or deformed person, a dwarf; also used jocularly of a mischievous child, a young scamp WIRLY-WARLY 1856 Sc.
– a puny, ill-developed person; a stunted or deformed person, a dwarf; also used jocularly of a mischievous child, a young scamp WIRRAL 1935 Sc.
– a puny, ill-developed person; a stunted or deformed person, a dwarf; also used jocularly of a mischievous child, a young scamp WROW 1893 Sc.
– a puny, ill-developed person; a stunted or deformed person, a dwarf; also used jocularly of a mischievous child, a young scamp WURL 1898 Sc.
– a deformed or crooked person; a bandy-legged person; a hunchbacked person ZAD 1725 sl.
– DEVENUSTATE to deprive of beauty or grace; to disfigure, to deform …1653 obs. rare
– FAST ONE a trick intended to deceive or defraud; any scheme seen as immoral, corrupt, or underhand …1923 US sl.
– DEAD SET a scheme aimed at defrauding a victim through crooked gambling …18C UK criminals’ sl.
– RAMPING a defrauding, or swindling; cheating, fraud …1830
– VERNEUKERY defrauding, swindling …1896 S. Afr. sl.
– GYPSTER a person, esp. a trader, who defrauds or cheats others; a swindler, a con artist …1917 US sl.
– SCANDAROON a swindler, a fraudulent dealer, a defrauder …1631 obs.
– SKINNER one who defrauds another of their money …1856
– TAKER-UP a member of a gang of swindlers; a defrauder, a swindler …1591 obs.
– VERNEUKER a defrauder, a swindler …1905 S. Afr. sl. 
– BUNK to employ misrepresentation; to defraud; to cheat; to establish confidential relations with intent to abuse the influence so acquired …Bk1914 criminals’ sl. 
– CHISEL to cheat, to act deceitfully, to defraud, to swindle …1808 sl.
– CHIZZLE to cheat, to act deceitfully, to defraud, to swindle …1858 Amer. sl.
– COD to cheat, to defraud …18C sl.
– DEADBEAT to loaf, to sponge, to malinger; to avoid doing a thing; to defraud …1881 US sl.
– DECEIVE to cheat, to overreach; to defraud …c1330 obs.
– to defraud, to injure, to humiliate a person DO A PERSON IN THE EYE 1891 rare
– to cheat or defraud; to swindle GAFF 1811 sl.
– to cheat a person out of something, esp. money; to defraud; to deceive; to charge exorbitantly; to swindle; to renege on one’s debts GIP;  GYP;  JIP 1879 Amer. colloq.
– to cheat; to defraud; to deceive; to charge exorbitantly; to swindle; to renege on one’s debts GYPSY 1880 Amer. colloq.
– to defraud a worker out of their entire end-of-season pay packet by keeping them drunk until it is all spent LAMB DOWN 1850 Aust. sl.
– to cheat; to defraud LOO E19 US sl.
– to swindle; to defraud; to cheat MACE 1790 UK sl.
– to trick, to cheat, or defraud; to obtain something from a person by dishonest or unfair means NICK 1576 sl.
– to cheat or defraud of something NOSE 1637 obs.
– to cheat, to defraud OZARK 1953 Amer. dial.
– to defraud someone by passing a forged cheque PAPER 1925 sl.
– to deceive or defraud PULL A FAST ONE 1933 US sl.
– to put on a show with the intention of deceiving or defrauding someone PULL AN ACT 1930s sl.
– to defraud someone PUT SOMEONE IN THE HOLE 1812 sl.
– to defraud or swindle; to rob; to force one to pay a pretended bet RAMP 1812 sl.
– to cheat, to swindle, to defraud; to treat dishonestly RIM 1937 Amer. dial.
– to play tricks on, to defraud RUN A HOOLIGAN ON 1920s US sl.
– to defraud or cheat a person out of something RUSH 1887 UK sl.
– to steal, to rob a person, to defraud SCALE 1910s Aust. & NZ sl.
– to defraud, to trick SCAM (OUT) 1950s sl.
– to pretend (for criminal purposes) to defraud SCHLENTER L19 sl.
– to cheat, to defraud SCOONIE 1950 Sc.
– to defeat, to defraud, to harm, to treat unfairly SHAFT 1950s sl., orig. US
– to swindle, to cheat, to defraud a person; also, to obtain money by cheating SKELDER 1601 cant obs. exc. arch.
– to deprive of money or property unfairly or fraudulently; to fleece, to swindle, to cheat, to defraud SKIN 1819 Amer. dial.
– to cheat or defraud someone, esp. by failing to pay them STIFF 1950 sl., orig. & chiefly US
– to defraud, to outwit and otherwise remove all of a victim’s assets in a wager, by extortion, or by similar legal or illegal means TAKE SOMEONE TO THE CLEANERS 1920s sl.
– to impose upon; to cozen, to cheat, to defraud VERSE 1591 cant obs.
– to cheat, to defraud WALK INTO M19 US criminals’ sl.
–  to cheat or defraud one WIPE ANOTHER’S NOSE 1614 obs.
– to defraud, to hoax, to play a confidence trick on WORK A SLANTER L19 sl.
– defunct, dead LETHED 1623 obs. rare
– deft, agile, quick in movement, smart, neat NETTIE;  NETTY;  NITTIE 1892 Sc. 
– deft, expert NACKETY 1825 Sc.
– deft, handy, expert, skilful, dexterous; workmanlike GAIN a1300 Eng. dial.
– deft, handy; industrious; clever, ingenious NATTY 1888 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– deft, ready, active, skilful with one’s hands; dexterous, handy TALL OF HIS HANDS 1530 obs.
– deft, skilful, adroit, dexterous HABILE 1485
– deftly, cleverly, skilfully … FEATLY 1436 arch.
– deftness; the quality of being habile; readiness; easy familiarity HABILITY 1840 rare
– defunct, dead LETHED 1623 obs. rare
– I defy you to do as you threaten; you can’t do this without the help of others YOU AND WHAT ARMY? 1932 Amer. sl.
– to defy BEDARE 1599 obs.
– to defy openly; to brave BID DEFIANCE TO 1629
– to defy, to bluster, to bully verbally FACE AND BRACE 16C sl.
– to defy, to challenge, to puzzle, or confound STUMP 1837 sl.
– to defy, to keep at bay HOLD ONE WAG c1540 obs.
– to defy, to stand up to BUCK UP TO 1846 Amer. dial.
– to defy, to stand up to, to rebel BUCKLE UP 1859 Amer. dial.
– ABASTARDIZED degenerate, debased, spurious …1653 obs.
– BASTARDLY degenerate, debased, corrupt …1587 obs.
– DUNGHILLED of low or inferior rank, birth, or character; debased, degenerate; ignoble, base …1600 obs. rare
– FATHER WAR worse than one’s father, degenerate …1535 Sc. obs.
– SUNK depraved, degenerate …1680 rare or obs.
– BIRD – a dissolute, profligate, or degenerate person …1842 US sl.
– GEEK – a degenerate; one who do anything, however disgusting, in order to satisfy or get money to satisfy degenerate desires; a disgusting and repellent person; a creep …Bk1975 Amer. sl.
– GEKE – a sexual degenerate or a homosexual male …E20 US sl.
– HILDING – a low, paltry, degenerate fellow …1601 arch.
– HINDERLING – a base, mean, degenerate person …c1200 obs.
– MOUSER – a degenerate; a lewd character …1930 tramps’ & criminals’ sl.
– ABASTARD to make or declare bastard or illegitimate; hence, to make spurious or degenerate; to debase, to corrupt, to deteriorate …1610 obs.
– ABASTARDIZE to render bastard, spurious, or degenerate; to debase, to deteriorate …1580 obs.
– BASTARDIZE to make degenerate, to deteriorate, to debase ..1587
– IMBASTARDIZE to render bastard or degenerate …1649 obs. rare
– DOG-BOLT wretched, miserable, mean, base, degraded, contemptible …1580 obs.
– HANG-DOG low, degraded; having a base or sneaking appearance; villainous, bad …1677
– HANGING-DOG low, degraded; having a base or sneaking appearance …1667 obs.
– LOWDOWN low, esp. socially or morally; degraded …colloq.
– DUNGY despicable, contemptible, foul; base, worthless; vile, degrading …c1494 rare
– LESSENING disparaging, degrading, lowering …1674 obs.
– SHITTY disgusting, contemptible; low-grade, degrading …1879 sl.
– ABJECTION the act of casting down; abasement, humiliation, degradation …c1525 obs.
– DEBATE lowering; depreciation; degradation …c1460 obs.
– DEMISSION abasement, lowering, degradation …a1638 rare
– LESSENING a degradation, disparagement …1428 obs.
– BACK-GATE cunning, deceitful action; immoral or degrading conduct …1825 Sc.
– ABASER he who abases; one who degrades or debases …1650
– ABJECT one cast off; castaway; an outcast; a base, contemptible, despicable, or degraded person; a person of the lowest social condition; a social pariah, a humble servant; a servile person; one who, whatever his rank, is morally vile to an extent which might have been expected to exist only in miserable outcasts …1534
– BASELING a base, contemptible, or degraded person…1618 obs. rare
– BEASTESS a coarse or degraded woman; a disliked girl or woman …1934 US sl.
– CALIBAN a man of degraded bestial nature …1678
– HANG-DOG a despicable or degraded fellow fit only to hang a dog, or to be hanged like a dog; a pitiful rascal …1693
– HANGING-DOG a hang-dog, a despicable or degraded fellow fit only to hang a dog, or to be hanged like a dog …1667 obs.
– REPTILE a degraded wretch; a baseling …Bk1903 sl.
– YAHOO a degraded or bestial person; a lout, a boor; an ignorant, or inexperienced person; an unsophisticated rustic …1726
– YAMOO a low or degraded person …Bk1895 Aust. criminals’ sl.
– ABJECTATE to cast or throw down; hence, to lower, to degrade, to abase, to debase …1731 obs.
– BASE to lower in rank, condition, or character; to debase, to humble, to depose, to degrade …1538 obs.
– BEMEAN to degrade oneself, to stoop …1889 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– BENASTY to soil, to make dirty; to befoul; to degrade …1917 Amer. dial.
– DECLINE to lower, to bring down, to depress, to bring low, to degrade, to debase …a1400-50 obs.
– DIMINUTE to lessen; to belittle, to disparage, to put down, to degrade, to humiliate …1575 rare
​- DISWORTH to deprive of worth; to render worthless or unworthy; to degrade, to disparage …1627 obs. rare
– IMBRUTE to degrade to the level of a brute; to make bestial; to brutalize …1640
– IMBRUTISH to degrade to the level of a brute; to make bestial; to brutalize …1639 obs. rare
– LESS to lower in position or station; to humble, to degrade …c1375 obs.
– LESSEN to lower the dignity, position, or character of; to humble; to degrade, to demean …a1654 obs.
– TO-GRADE to degrade, to put or bring down …a1440 obs. rare
– UNDERMAN to demean, to degrade …1889 Eng. dial.
– RICHARD a third-class degree …1980s sl.
– RICHARD THE THIRD a third-class degree …1980s sl.
– GET ONE’S RABBIT-SKIN to obtain the BA degree …M19 university usage
– ABESSED humbled, abased, cast down, debased, dejected …1707 obs.
​- ALL AMORT dead; lifeless; spiritless; dejected …L16 arch.
– BLUE miserable, melancholy, dejected …a1450
– BLUE AS A WHETSTONE depressed, melancholy, dejected …1857 Amer. dial.
– BLUER THAN A WHETSTONE extremely dejected …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– BROODY brooding, meditative; dejected …1851
– BROW-SICK dejected; downcast; melancholy; hanging the head …1709
– DECHEERFUL void of cheerfulness, melancholy, dejected …1607 obs. nonce word
– DROOPY depressed; dejected; sad; gloomy; drooping …a1225
– DUMPISH sad, melancholy; dejected in the dumps …1560
– DUMPY melancholy, dejected, in the dumps …a1618
– DUNG disconsolate, dejected …Bk1900 Sc.
– ELENGELY solitary, cheerless, miserable, dejected …c1305 obs.
– FEATHER-FALLEN crest-fallen, cast down in confidence, spirits, or courage; dispirited, disheartened, dejected; subdued in demeanour …19C Eng. dial.
– GLUMMY glum, dejected …1884
– HEAVISOME of heavy mood, doleful, sad, dejected; dull, gloomy, dark …1435 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– HEAN;  HENE mean, abject, poor; humble, lowly; abased, ignoble; miserable, wretched, dejected, humiliated; of little importance, trivial …c825 obs.
– HEARTLESS destitute of courage, enthusiasm, or energy; spiritless; disheartened, dejected …c1330
– JAW-FALLEN chop-fallen; dejected …1603
– LIKE A DYING DUCK IN A THUNDERSTORM cast down in spirit; very down in the mouth; having a forlorn and hopeless expression; depressed, dejected …1874
– MOPISH dejected, gloomy
– MUMPING dejected, unhappy …1887 Amer. dial.
– ON A DOWNER in a dejected mood; depressed …1976 Amer. sl.
– OORIE, OURIE of persons and things: dismal, gloomy, miserable-looking from cold or illness; cold and cheerless, depressing, dejected …1785 Sc.
– OORIT cold, shivering, hunched up with cold or discomfort; tired-looking or ailing-looking, weak, puny, wearied, in poor spirits, miserable, dejected …1869 Sc.
– QUEASY dejected …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– ROUGH unwell, sick; tired, dejected; now, esp. as the result of a hangover or lack of sleep …1882 colloq., orig. Eng. dial.
– DUMPISHLY dejectedly, gloomily …1621
– ELENGELY drearily, miserably, dejectedly, gloomily …1377 obs.
– HEARTLESSLY without spirit, dejectedly, gloomily …1629 obs.
– DAMP a state of dejection; depression of spirits …1606
– DEMISSION dejection, depression, lowering of spirits or vitality …1656 obs.
– DUMPISHNESS dejection; a tendency to be in the dumps …1548
– DUMPS a fit of melancholy or depression; heaviness of mind, dejection, low spirits …a1535
– FAINTNESS dejection, timorousness; inertness, sluggishness …1398 obs.
– HEARTLESSNESS lack of energy or spirit, dejection …1591 obs.
– JAW-FALL falling of the jaw; dejection …1660 rare
– FRIDAY-FACE a grave, dismal, or gloomy expression of the countenance; a gloomy, dejected-looking or miserable-looking man or woman …1592 obs.
– MOPE a person who mopes; someone given to prolonged spells of gloom or dejection; a low-spirited, listless, melancholy person …1693
– MOPER a person who mopes; a person given up to a state of listless dejection and apathy …1721
– ONE’S ASS IS DRAGGING one is fatigued, dejected, or beaten …1945 Amer. sl.
– BATE to lower, to let down; to cast down, to humble, to depress, to deject …c1380
– CAST DOWN to deject in spirits, to disappoint, to dispirit …1382
– DAMP to deaden or restrain the ardour or energy of; to depress, to deject, to discourage, to check …1548
– BATE to become dejected, to be depressed …1608 obs.
– MUMP (AROUND) to act dejected or ill-humoured …1887 Amer. dial.
– OOL to be dejected and subdued, as from illness …1866 Sc.
– PULL A LONG FACE to look solemn or dejected …19C colloq.