Reverse Dictionary: DISG – DISGZ

– bringing disgrace or reproach; defamatory OBLOQUIOUS 1611 rare
– brought to disgrace, dishonoured, of ill fame DEFAMED 1474 obs.
– conspicuously disgraceful or bad BYSEN c1375 obs.
– disgraced, disgraceful, dishonourable DEDECORATE a1500 obs.
– disgraced, dishonoured BAFFLED 1671 obs.
– disgraced, dishonoured OPPROBRIOUS 1804 rare
– disgraceful, disreputable RAKE-SHAMED 1635 obs.
– disgraceful, infamous, dishonourable DEFAMOUS 1426 obs.
– disgraceful, infamous, shameful, dishonourable OPPROBROUS c1530 obs.
– disgraceful, reproachful, shameful, dishonourable, unbecoming, uncomely, unseemly, dishonest DEDECOROUS 1727 obs.
– disgraceful, shameful SHAMEVOUS c1475 obs.
– disgraceful, shameful, discreditable VITUPERIOUS 1612 obs.
– disgraceful, shameful, dishonourable, dishonest, unbecoming DEDECOROSE 1727 obs.
– disgraceful, shameful, infamous PROPUDIOUS 1629 obs. rare
– disgraceful, shameful, infamous SHONDFUL a900 obs.
– disgraceful, shameful, scandalous RIDICULOUS 1893 Eng. dial.
– disgraceful, shameful; tending to disgrace or reproach DISGRACIVE 1602 obs. rare
– disgraceful, shameful; worthy of shame PUDENDOUS 1680 rare or obs.
– disgraceful, unbecoming, reproachful, shameful DEDECOROUS 1755 obs.
– in a state of total disgrace or dishonour SHUTTERED L19 sl.
– in disgrace or disfavour IN THE DOG BOX 1953 NZ colloq.
– in disgrace or disfavour IN THE DOG-HOUSE 1926 colloq.
– in disgrace or trouble; in a dispute IN THE RAGS c1860 sl.
– involving disgrace, shame, or obloquy; shameful IGNOMINIOUS 1526
– involving disgrace, shame, or obloquy; shameful IGNOMIOUS 1574 obs.
– in a way involving disgrace or shame; with indignity, contumeliously, ignominiously, disgracefully OPPROBRIOUSLY 1602 obs.
– in disgrace IN THE SUDS 1611 obs.
– a being disgraceful OPPROBRITY 1751 obs.
– a condition of disgrace, infamy, shame, or reproach OPPROBRY 1432-50 obs.
– a disgraceful thing, a sorry spectacle BYSEN a1525 obs.
– a disgraceful thing, a sorry spectacle BYSYM 1568 Sc. obs.
– a disgracing, or dishonouring DEDECORATION 1658 rare
– complete disgrace, ruin, or failure BLUE RUIN Bk1975 US sl.
– disgrace, affront BAFFLE c1645 obs.
– disgrace, a reproach, affront TASH 1709 Sc.
– disgrace, despite, reproach; the act of disparaging LACK 1710 Sc. obs.
– disgrace, disfavour, a being regarded with displeasure OFFENCE 1387 obs.
– disgrace, dishonour, infamy; ill fame, evil repute DEFAME 1375 obs.
– disgrace, dishonour, shame; infamy IGNOMY 1534 obs.
– disgrace, dishonour, shame; infamy; the condition of being in disgrace, etc. IGNOMINY 1540
– disgrace, ignominy, shame; slander, infamy ADOXY 1656 obs.
– disgrace, opprobrium, dishonour OPPROBRE 1490 obs.
– disgrace, opprobrium, shame OPPROBRIOUSNESS a1540 obs.
– disgrace, shame, infamy; scandal SHOND a900 obs.
– disgrace, shame, reproach, mockery, scorn BISMER c893 obs.
– disgrace, shame; the bringing of ill fame or dishonour upon any one DEFAMATION 1303 obs.
– public disgrace or opprobrium; scandal DISCLANDER 1362 obs.
– something that brings disgrace OPPROBRIUM 1656
– the disgrace or evil reputation attached to conduct considered shameful; disgrace; reproach, dishonour OPPROBRIUM 1683
– a disgraceful or lewd person; a pander or bawd BISMER a1400 obs. exc. Sc.
– a disgraceful person BITTER-WEED Bk1882 Eng. dial.
– a person whose conduct is a gross disgrace to his class, country, position, or the like SCANDAL 1634
– in disgrace, out of favour IN THE DOG BOX 1953 colloq.
– to accept disgrace or shame as merited; to acknowledge that one is at fault TAKE SHAME ON ONESELF 
– to be in disgrace or disfavour BE IN ONE’S BLACK BOOKS Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– to bring into disgrace or discredit; to tarnish; to sully SMIT a1413 obs.
– to bring into disgrace, to bring disgrace on, esp. publicly PUT TO SHAME 1445
– to bring into public disgrace or opprobrium; to bring scandal upon DISCLANDER c1385 obs.
– to bring to disgrace; to dishonour, to insult; to destroy, to ruin, to put an end to HONISH a1325 obs.
– to cast disgrace or discredit upon a person; to bring into ill-repute SMIRCH 1820
– to disgrace INDIGNIFY 1821 Sc. obs.
– to disgrace MISMENSE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to disgrace SCANDAL 1606 obs.
– to disgrace, to dishonour DEDECORATE 1609 obs.
– to disgrace, to dishonour, to disparage, to slander, to calumniate DEHONESTATE 1663 obs. rare
– to disgrace, to dishonour; to bring ill fame, infamy or dishonour upon DEFAME 1303 obs. or arch.
– to disgrace, to disparage DISHEIGHTEN 1790 Eng. dial. obs.
– to disgrace, to overthrow PUT TO SHAME 1606
– to disgrace, to treat with contumely BAFFLE 1592 obs.
– to incur disgrace, to expose oneself to condemnation SCORN ONE’S NAME UP 1931 Amer. dial.
– to inflict disgrace or injury on a person; to reproach a person DO A PERSON SHAME c1200 obs.
– to subject to disgrace or ignominy; to vilify; to treat contemptuously BAUCHLE c1470 Sc. obs.
– to subject to public disgrace or infamy BAFFLE 1548 obs.

– disgruntled; annoyed and unhappy; fed up BRASSED OFF 1838
– disgruntled; annoyed, offended, indignant MIFFED 1805
– disgruntled, annoyed; unhappy PUT-OUT 1836
– disgruntled; bored; fed up CHOCKA c1920 Royal Navy sl.
– disgruntled; displeased DEAD CHUFFED 20C army sl.
– disgruntled; displeased; fed up CHUFFED c1920 Royal Navy sl.

– a disgruntled, peevish, dismal person or child OOLET 1908 Sc.

– to disgruntle; to annoy; to infuriate; to complain, to sulk, to pout PEEVE 1908 colloq., orig. US
– to disgruntle, to put into a sulky dissatisfaction or ill humour, to make discontented DISGRUBBLE  1689 obs. rare

– disguised, falsified, counterfeit FUCATE 1531 obs.
– disguised, wrapped up LAPPED 1637 obs.
– in disguise GALVANISED L19 US sl.
– serving as a disguise or cloak UMBRATICAL 1662 obs.

– in disguise; unknown INCOG 1690 sl.

– disguise; false, outward show; pretense MASQUERADE 1674

– to disguise MISFIGURE 1870 Eng. dial.  
– to disguise a fact, to conceal, to hide; to be silent about LAIN a1300 obs. exc. Sc.
– to disguise defects PUT THE FAKEMS ON 20C sl.
– to disguise or make confused FOX 1876 US
– to disguise the appearance of something, to mask, to conceal MASCHERATE 1654 obs. rare
– to disguise, to colour over UMBRAGE 1675 obs.
– to disguise, to cover as with a mask IMMASK 1596 obs. rare
– to disguise, to cover with a specious or deceptive appearance VARNISH 1571
– to disguise, to hide, to conceal PALLIATE 1598 obs.
– to disguise, to injure the looks or appearance of anything AFFLUDE Bk1898 Sc.
– to disguise, to make unlike DISLIKEN 1611 obs.
– to disguise, to wrap round, to muffle up OBVOLVE 1623 rare

– causing disgust or loathing; loathsome, detestable, frightful UGGIN;  UGGING 1832 Sc.
– disgusted AWLATED 1297 obs. rare
– disgusted GAGGED 1968 US college sl.
– disgusted GROSSED 1968 Amer. student sl.
– disgusted SCUNNERED 1938 Amer. dial.
– disgusted, angry BRASSED OFF 1940s sl.
– disgusted, annoyed PIG-SICK 1942 sl.
– disgusted, appalled, flabbergasted, astonished BALLGUSTED 1834 US jocular usage
– disgusted, bored, angry, fed-up CHEESED OFF 1941 sl.
– disgusted, fed-up CHOKED OFF 1980 UK sl.
– disgusted, mortified, chagrined SICK 1853 sl.
– disgusted, that feels or is full of disgust FASTIDIOUS 1534 obs.
– disgusted with BEASTY 1980s US college sl.
– disgusted with; sated by; made nauseated by; nauseated FEAST OF;  FEEST (OF) 1859 Amer. dial.
– disgusting DISREGUSTING Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– disgusting GNARLY 1980s US teen sl.
– disgusting GROADY;  GRODY;  GROATY;  GRODDY 1965 US sl.
– disgusting GRODY TO THE MAX 1965 US sl.
– disgusting GROSSED-OUT 1976 Amer. student sl.
– disgusting PUKING 20C sl.
– disgusting PUKISH 20C sl.
– disgusting REGUSTING Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– disgusting SCROUNGY 1959 sl., orig.& chiefly US
– disgusting SCUZZY 1968 sl., chiefly Amer.
– disgusting UGFOU Bk1905 Sc.
– disgusting YACK 2000s sl.
– disgusting YECCHY 1969 US sl.
– disgusting YUCKY;  YUKKY 1970 sl.
– disgusting, coarse, disreputable BEASTIE Bk2007 US sl.
– disgusting, contemptible ABIE LINCOLN 1988 UK rhyming sl. for ‘stinking’
– disgusting, contemptible ABRAHAM LINCOLN 1988 UK rhyming sl. for ‘stinking’
– disgusting, contemptible, bad, awful; of poor quality SHITHOUSE 1966 sl.
– disgusting, contemptible; low-grade, degrading SHITTY 1879
– disgusting, contemptible, unpleasant, loathsome, inferior CACK 1996 UK sl.
– disgusting; contemptible; worthless; second-rate CACKY 1970s sl.
– disgusting, despicable BABY-RAPING 1950s US sl.
– disgusting, dirty MAGGOTISH 20C Irish sl.
– disgusting, dirty MAGGOTTY;  MAGGOTY 20C Irish sl.
– disgusting, dirty, indecent RANCHY E19 US sl.
– disgusting, dirty; said of a place NASTY-ASS 1960s US sl.
– disgusting, disagreeable; bad FUNKY Bk1970 US students’ sl.
– disgusting, distasteful, nauseating, unpleasant, disagreeable ICKY;  IKKY 1929 US sl., chiefly teen usage
– disgusting, esp. in a filthy and viscous way; thoroughly nasty YECCHY 1970 sl.
– disgusting, esp. in a filthy and viscous way; thoroughly nasty YUCKO 1970 sl.
– disgusting, filthy, unpleasant, disagreeable VILD 1836 Sc.
– disgusting, grimy, dirty, shabby; disreputable, unpleasant GRUNDY 1966 Amer. sl.
– disgusting, ‘hanging’, awful, unattractive ANGIN 1994 colloq.
– disgusting, hateful, abominable; loathsome, detestable WLATSOME a1300 obs.
– disgusting, highly undesirable; unpleasant; deplorable GROTTY 1964 sl.
– disgusting, lousy, very bad ZYMOTIC 1963 teen sl.
– disgusting, lousy, very bad ZYMY 1963 teen sl.
– disgusting, mean, contemptible EGG-SUCKING 1875 Amer. dial., derogatory
– disgusting, mean, contemptible ORNERY AS AN EGG-SUCKING HOUND 1985 Amer. dial.
– disgusting, nasty NASTIFIED 1810 Sc.
– disgusting; nasty YUCKO CITY 1970s sl.
– disgusting, nasty, repellent SKEEVEY;  SKEEVIE;  SKEEVY 1976 Amer. student sl.
– disgusting, nauseous MAWMISH 1668 obs.
– disgusting, repellent, unattractive BEASTY 1980s US college sl.
– disgusting, repulsive, contemptible; unpleasant; disagreeable CRUMBY Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– disgusting, revolting, nasty; inferior PUKEY;  PUKY 1965 Amer. sl.
– disgusting, revolting, offensive OFF 1987 Aust. sl.
– disgusting, second-rate, inferior RANK M18 sl.
– disgusting, second-rate, inferior RANK-ASS M18 sl.
– disgusting, sickening GROSS 1959 student sl.
– disgusting, smelly, ugly, horrid, putrid, gross MINGIN;  MINGING 20C playground sl.
– disgusting, stinking, filthy BOGGIN’;  BOGGING 2000 UK sl.
– disgusting, ugly, hideous, loathsome, nauseating; frightful; horrible; ghastly UGSOME c1400 chiefly Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– disgusting, unappealing, horrible BUTTERS 2003 UK sl., derogatory
– disgusting; unattractive; unkempt PIECE-OF-SHIT 1980s sl.
– disgusting, unlovely, repulsive UNLOVESOME 1725 Sc. obs.
– disgusting, unpleasant FARKAKTE 1930s US sl.
– disgusting; unpleasant; deplorable GRUNGY 1965 sl., chiefly US
– disgusting, unpleasant; dirty, mucky, filthy CRUDDY 1877 sl.
– disgusting, unpleasant, distasteful DOOKIE;  DOOKY 1990s US students’ sl.
– disgusting, unpleasant, or overwhelming TOO MUCH 1930s sl., orig. US
– disgusting, unpleasant; second-rate EXCREMENTAL 1960s euphemism for ‘shitty’
– disgusting, unpleasant; the implication is of rotting or faecal matter SKEGGY 1990s sl.
– disgusting, very bad, terrible SADDER THAN A MAP 1930s African-American sl.
– expressing disgust; vile, loathsome, detestable CARRION 1826
– having a feeling of disgust, horror, or nausea GREISSLICH 1872 Amer. dial.
– that creates disgust; disagreeable, distasteful, unpleasant, wearisome FASTIDIOUS 1531 obs.
– totally disgusting, absolutely impossible, unthinkable SICK AND WRONG 1980s US students’ sl.
– an exclamation of disgust ACCABE! Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust ACH-A-VIE! Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust AW NUTS! Bk1934 college sl.
– an exclamation of disgust BACH! Bk1911 Sc.
– an exclamation of disgust BAW! 1377
– an exclamation of disgust BEAR’S ASS! 1942 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust BLATHERSKITE! 1970 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust BOTHER! 1840 UK sl.
– an exclamation of disgust BOTHERATION! 1797 colloq.
– an exclamation of disgust BUG DUST! 1982 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust BUG-BITE AN’ MOONSHINE! Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust BULLCORN! 1970 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust BY JIGGERS! 1924 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust CHIHUAHUA! 1930 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust DING BUST IT! 1924 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust DOG BITE IT! 1965 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust EAT MY GOOBER! 1958 Trinidad and Tobago usage
– an exclamation of disgust ECH! 1833 Sc.
– an exclamation of disgust FAH!;  FAUGH!  1542
– an exclamation of disgust FEIGH! 1715 Sc.
– an exclamation of disgust FIE! 1250
– an exclamation of disgust FOH! 1542
– an exclamation of disgust FOOF! 1865 Sc.
– an exclamation of disgust FOUGH! 1542
– an exclamation of disgust FUNK! 1963 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust GACH! 1777 Eng. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust GAG! 1980s US college sl.
– an exclamation of disgust GAGGERS! c1920 Sc.
– an exclamation of disgust GAG ME! 1982 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust GAG ME WITH A SPOON! 1982 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust GARDUX! 1928 Sc.
– an exclamation of disgust GARDY-PICK! 1824 Sc. obs.
– an exclamation of disgust GOLLY NED! 1967 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust GUYHANG IT! c1815 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust HELL ALL FRIDAY! 1966 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust HELL’S FIRE! 1965 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust HOLY JIGGER 1903 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust HOLY JIGGERS! 1924 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust HORSE APPLES! 1933 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust HORSECRAP! 1934 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust HORSE DOOKIE! 1973 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust HORSEFEATHERS! 1932 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust HORSE HOCKEY! 1980 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust HORSE MANURE! 1958 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust HORSE PUCKY! 1975 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust HORSERADISH! 1924 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust HORSESHIT! 1934 US sl.
– an exclamation of disgust ISH! 1948 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust ISHAMAY! 1966 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust ISHAMY! 1948 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust JEEZY-PEEZY! 1960 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust JIGGER!;  JIGGERS! 1924 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust LAUKERINS! 1790 Eng. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust LAWKINS! 1896 Sc.
– an exclamation of disgust LAWKUS! Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust LAWKUS-HEART! Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust MURDERATION! 1924 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust NUTS! 1910 Amer. sl.
– an exclamation of disgust PAH! 1592
– an exclamation of disgust PISH! 1592
– an exclamation of disgust POOT! 1918 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust PSHAW! 1607 rare
– an exclamation of disgust RADISHES! 1970s US students’ sl.
– an exclamation of disgust RATS! 1886 orig. US
– an exclamation of disgust SHAME! a1352
– an exclamation of disgust SHEW! 1943 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust SHIT FIRE! 1949 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust SHIT FIRE AND FLAMES! 1949 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust SHOO! 1883 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust STARVE THE CROWS! 1918 Aust. sl.
– an exclamation of disgust STARVE THE LIZARDS! 1927 Aust. sl.
– an exclamation of disgust STIFFEN THE CROWS! 1934 colloq.
– an exclamation of disgust STONE THE CROWS! 1930 colloq.
– an exclamation of disgust TEUGH;  TEW! 1870 Sc.
– an exclamation of disgust THE DEVIL AND TOM WALKER! 1914 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust THE DICKENS AND TOM WALKER! 1908 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust UFF-DA! 1950 Amer. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust UGH! 1837
– an exclamation of disgust VAH! 1382 obs.
– an exclamation of disgust WOULDN’T IT! 1940s Aust. sl.
– an exclamation of disgust WOULDN’T IT GIVE YOU THE PIP! 20C
– an exclamation of disgust WOULDN’T IT GIVE YOU THE SHITS! 20C
– an exclamation of disgust WOULDN’T IT GIVE YOU THE TOM-TITS! 20C
– an exclamation of disgust WOULDN’T IT MAKE YOU SPIT BLOOD! c1910 Eng.
– an exclamation of disgust WOULDN’T IT MAKE YOU SPIT CHIPS! c1920 Aust.
– an exclamation of disgust WOULDN’T IT RIP THE HARNESS OFF A NIGHTMARE! 20C
– an exclamation of disgust WOULDN’T IT RIP YOU! 1941 Aust. sl.
– an exclamation of disgust WOULDN’T IT ROOT YOU! 1940 Aust. & NZ
– an exclamation of disgust WOULDN’T IT ROT YOUR SOCKS! c1930 Aust.
– an exclamation of disgust YA;  YAH!;  YAR! 1812
– an exclamation of disgust YACKS! Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– an exclamation of disgust, as at an offensive odour PUGH! 1859
– an exclamation of disgust; give me a break! I do not believe that PUH-LEEZE! 1931 colloq., chiefly US
– an exclamation of disgust; nonsense! BOSH! 1852 sl.
– an exclamation of disgust on perceiving a bad smell GARD! 1935 Sc.
– an exclamation of disgust; used as a mild substitute for a swear word CRUD! 1945
– an exclamation of disgust; utter nonsense! rubbish! BALLS! 1857 US sl.
– an exclamation used on seeing anything disgusting GARRIE! 1916 Sc.
– I’m disgusted! that’s terribly disgusting! GROSS ME OUT! 1980 Amer. student sl.
– implies one’s (supposed) disgust or shock on hearing a proposition THE IDEA! 20C sl.
– implies one’s (supposed) disgust or shock on hearing a proposition THE VERY IDEA! 20C sl.
– used to describe someone who is exhibiting great disgust A FACE LIKE A TWISTED SANDSHOE 2000s NZ sl.
– a being disgusting or contemptible; vileness SHITTINESS 1929 sl.
– a disgust; trouble, vexation, injury SCALD 1813 Sc.
– a disgusting dirty, messy, or sticky substance; general filth GUNGE 1965 colloq.
– a disgusting, filthy place SHIT-CHUTE 2000s sl.
– a disgusting or annoying thing BOUQUET OF ASSHOLES Bk2006 US sl., derogatory
– a disgusting or contemptible thing SHITHOUSE 1960s sl.
– a disgusting or revolting thing, idea, action, etc. GROSS-OUT a1968 Amer. sl., orig. student usage
– a disgusting or unpleasant amount, etc. ABOMINATION 1604 obs.
– a disgusting place or situation SHITTER 1960s sl.
– a disgusting thing GAGGER 1980s US college sl.
– a disgusting, unacceptable action or situation CHICKENSHIT 1940s sl., orig. US
– a feeling of disgust arising from satiety or insipidity PALL 1711 rare
– a holding a thing in disgust and hatred; extreme repugnance or dislike ABHORRENCY 1605 obs.
– an object of disgust UG Bk1905 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– an occasion or experience that is disgusting, embarrassing, frightening, disastrous, or the like; anything unpleasant HORROR SHOW 1959 Amer. sl.
– anything disgusting ICK 1940s sl.
– anything disgusting, unpleasant, of poor quality etc. HILL OF SHIT 1940s sl., orig. US
– anything disgusting, unpleasant, of poor quality etc. PIECE OF SHIT 1940s sl., orig. US
– anything disgusting, unpleasant, of poor quality etc. PILE OF CRAP 1940s sl., orig. US
– anything disgusting, unpleasant, of poor quality etc. PILE OF SHIT;  PILE OF SHITE 1940s sl., orig. US
– anything disgusting, worthless, or abhorrent MUCK L19 sl.
– a source of disgust or annoyance A RED-RAG TO A MAD-BULL Bk1903 sl.
– a source of disgust or annoyance RED-RAG 1883 sl.
– disgust ALIGASTER 1931 Sc.
– disgust DISASTER Bk1900 Sc.
– disgust ICKYNESS 1960s US teen sl.
– disgust, abhorrence ABHORFULNESS 1556 obs.
– disgust; a strong dislike; a feeling of repulsion SCOMFISH 1899 Sc.
– disgust, disagreeable sensation, aversion HEART-SCALD 1629 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– disgust, displeasure, vexation, grief, sorrow OFTHINKING a1225 obs.
– disgust; feeling of weariness, tedium FASTIDIUM a1734 rare
– disgusting material CRUD a1508
– disgusting material DRECK;  DREK 1922 sl.
– disgusting material SCUZ;  SCUZZ 1988 sl., orig. & chiefly Amer.
– disgusting material, usually viscous GOO 1900 sl., orig. US
– disgusting material, usually viscous GUNK 1932 sl., orig. US
– disgusting or dirty material, filth GROT 1971 Brit. sl.
– disgusting or dirty work or conditions VARG 1908 Sc.
– disgusting or foul practices FEDITIES 1539 obs.
– disgusting or messy material YUCK;  YUK 1966 sl.
– disgusting, unpleasant, threatening or scary things NASTIES 1930s US sl.
– disgust, loathing FASTIDIOUSNESS 1533 obs.
– disgust, suspicion; ALAGUST c1750 Sc. obs.
– extreme disgust or loathing; an object of disgust; an abomination ABHORRATION 1628
– something disgusting SKEEVIE 1976 Amer. dial.
– something disgusting TURN-OFF 1975 sl.
– something disgusting or distasteful KEECH 1970s sl.
– something disgusting or distasteful KEEK 1970s sl.
– something disgusting or undesirable BARF CITY Bk2006 US sl.
– something disgusting, sad, or painful SORE CUP OF TEA 1889 Eng. dial.
– something seen as disgusting, repulsive, etc. SKAINTCH;  SKANCH 1990s US students’ & teen sl.
– something that causes disgust or annoyance; an offensive object, quality, feature or state of things OFFENCE c1430 obs.
– something that causes disgust or is offensive; wrong-doing, misdeed; fault OFFENSION c1374 obs.
– the most disgusting, dirty, or insalubrious part of a place or thing ARMPIT 1957 colloq.
– utter disgust; abhorrence SCREAMING ABDABS 1950s sl.
– utter disgust or weariness SICKNESS 1779
– a disgusting and repellent person; a creep GEEK;  GEKE Bk1975 Amer. sl.
– a disgusting and silly fellow, a nasty, dirty, slovenly fellow, both in habit and deed HACKSLAVER 1790 Eng. dial.
– a disgusting, coarse, or disreputable person BEASTIE Bk2007 US sl.
– a disgusting, contemptible person CHICKENSHIT 1940s sl., orig. US
– a disgusting, mean, and nasty old man ALTER KOCKER 1943 US sl.
– a disgusting, objectionable person SCOOTMAGROO 1903 Sc. 
– a disgusting, obnoxious person EL SLEAZO 1970s US sl.
– a disgusting, obnoxious person SLEAZO 1970s US sl.
– a disgusting, obnoxious person SLEAZOID 1970s US sl.
– a disgusting or contemptible fellow; a stupid person CHEESE DONG 1986 US sl.
– a disgusting or contemptible fellow; a stupid person CHEESEDICK 1986 US sl.
– a disgusting or contemptible fellow; a stupid person CHEESEDIX 1986 US sl.
– a disgusting or depraved fellow BALD-HEADED CHICKEN-FUCKER 1976 US sl.
– a disgusting or disturbingly revolting person SICKO 1970s sl.
– a disgusting or filthy person, esp. an old prostitute GARBAGE CAN 1927 US sl.
– a disgusting or repulsive person; a contemptible person YUCK; YUK 1943 sl., orig. US
– a disgusting or repulsive person; an undesirable person YUCK-A-BUCK 1992 US college sl.
– a disgusting or revolting person; a despised person PUKE M19 colloq.
– a disgusting or undesirable person BARF CITY Bk1995 Amer. sl.
– a disgusting, or unpleasant person; a disliked person HILL OF SHIT 1940s sl., orig. US
– a disgusting or very unpleasant person BARF BAG 1988 US sl.
– a disgusting person CHUD 1986 US sl.
– a disgusting person GAGGER Bk1989 US college sl.
– a disgusting person SKEEVE 1976 US sl.
– a disgusting person SKEEVIE 1955 US teen sl.
– a disgusting person SKEEVOSA 1995 US sl.
– a disgusting person; an obnoxious, boorish person, esp. when drunk HAIRBALL 1981 US sl.
– a disgusting person; a ‘toad’; an objectionable, trouble-making person TAID 1793 Sc.
– a disgusting, promiscuous woman SKOOCHIE 1990s African-American & students’ sl.
– a disgusting, repulsive person SKAINTCH;  SKANCH 1990s US students’ & teen sl.
– a disgusting, unpleasant, disliked person PIECE OF SHIT 1940s sl., orig. US
– a disgusting, unpleasant, disliked person PILE OF CRAP 1940s sl., orig. US
– a disgusting, unpleasant, disliked person PILE OF SHIT;  PILE OF SHITE 1940s sl., orig. US
– a disgusting, unpleasant, or offensive person HAIRBAG 1978 sl.
– a disgusting, worthless, or abhorrent person MUCK L19 sl.
– a disgusting, worthless person BARFBAG 1972 US sl.
– a disgusting, worthless person BARFER 1946 US sl.
– a disgusting wretch; a despicable person HOG’S-BREATH 1990s US sl.
– a disgusting, wretched person CUNT Bk2006 US sl., derogatory
– a disgusting, wretched person DOUCHE BAG Bk2006 US sl., derogatory
– a person likened to a dunghill in being disgusting or filthy in some way, esp. in being morally corrupt or in being very dirty or scruffy DUNGHILL 1542
– a person of disgusting, disagreeable manners UG 1866 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– a person with disgusting habits; a dirty, smelly individual MEFF c1960s UK playground sl.
– a person with disgusting habits; a dirty, smelly individual MEFFER c1960s UK playground sl.
– disgusting, unpleasant, threatening or scary persons NASTIES 1930s US sl.
– to be disgusted BLOW UP 1966 Amer. dial.
– to be disgusted at; to take a strong dislike to GET A SCUMFISH AT 1899 Sc.
– to be disgusted by DISGUST 1913 Amer. dial.
– to be disgusted by; to disgust; to be made squeamish by SKEEVE 1996 Amer. dial.
– to be disgusting GAG A MAGGOT Bk1970 US students’ sl.
– to cause disgust, to loathe SCUNDER 1910 Amer. dial.
– to cause disgust, to loathe SCUNNER 1910 Amer. dial.
– to disgust and shock; to repulse with crude language GROSS OUT 1965 Amer. student sl.
– to disgust DISASTER Bk1900 Sc.
– to disgust GIVE SOMEONE THE SICK 1840 cant
– to disgust one to a very great degree HACK OFF 1965 Amer. sl.
– to disgust or upset BACKSET 1866 Sc.
– to disgust, to annoy, to infuriate MAKE SOMEONE PISS L17 sl.
– to disgust, to repel SKEEVE (OUT) 1976 US sl.
– to disgust, to sicken SCOMFISH;  SCUMFISH 1891 Sc.
– to disgust, to sicken, to nauseate, to irritate GREISSEL 1939 Amer. dial.
– to disgust, to trouble, to pain, to vex SCALD 1877 Sc.
– to disgust, to trouble, to pain, to vex SCALD THE HEART 1877 Sc.
– to disgust, to weary, to become offensive to BACKSET 1530
– to disgust; to nauseate someone BARF ONE OUT Bk2007 US sl.
– to express strong disgust KECK 1681
– to feel a disgust for; to loathe FASTIDIATE 1618 obs. rare
– to feel extreme disgust and hatred towards; to abominate ABOMINE 1683 obs.
– to find disgusting GAG 1960s US college sl.
– to inspire or affect disgust, dread, or loathing UG;  UGG a1225 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– to look with disgust or disdain SCAN Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– to make one feel extreme disgust or exquisite pleasure MAKE ONE’S TOES CURL 1924 colloq.