Reverse Dictionary: DR – DRER

– drab; dreary; poverty-stricken PO-JO 1950 Amer. dial.
– of a drab, dull brown resembling the colour of mud DUCKETY 1841 chiefly Irish & Newfoundland

– a drab; a nasty slattern CURTAL 1611 obs.
– a drab; an untidy, thriftless woman DAB 1730 
– a drab; a slattern LAIDRON 1718 Sc. obs.
– a drab; a slattern LETHRON 1718 Sc. obs.
– a drab; a sloven; a dirty, untidy woman or girl LIDDERON 1825 Sc.
– a drab; a sloven; a dirty, untidy woman or girl LIDRONE 1825 Sc.
– a drab; a sloven; a dirty, untidy woman or girl, LAITHRON 1832 Sc.
– a drab, a strumpet; a common prostitute who is used by all customers; a promiscuous woman BARBER’S CHAIR 1621 obs.
– a drab, dirty woman CALLET 1785 Sc. & Eng. dial.

– abuse by dragging or dashing about TAWT B1900 Sc.
– a dragging, a hauling HARL 1808 Sc.
– a person who is dragged along SCHLEPALONG 1920s sl.
– to beat and drag about a person MAUL DRAG 1917 Amer. dial.
– to drag about BEHALE 1574 obs.
– to drag after one LAG 1530 obs.
– to drag along a heavy body, a person, a child, etc.; to lug LURRY 1664 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– to drag along; to haul; to draw forcibly; to pull ALLY 1783 Eng. dial.
– to drag along; to haul; to draw forcibly; to pull HAIL;  HAYL 1783 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to drag a person along SKID 1881
– to drag aside SCRIEVE;  SCRIVE 1865 Sc. & Ireland
– to drag asunder; to pull about TO-HALE 1387 obs.
– to drag asunder; to tear to pieces; to destroy by tearing apart TO-DRAW c1205 obs.
– to drag behind, to trail; to follow closely TAG 1676
– to drag forcibly KEACH Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– to drag from one place to another with consequent fatigue to oneself or one’s companion HAIK;  HAKE c1776 Sc.
– to drag off something for one’s own benefit SCHLAP;  SCHLEP(P);  SHLAP;  SHLEP  1920s sl.
– to drag or carry about LUGGER 1654 obs.
– to drag or carry from one place to another with little purpose HAKE ABOUT Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to drag or carry from one place to another with little purpose HAKE UP AND DOWN Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to drag or carry off HARRY a1300 Eng. dial. obs.
– to drag or carry off HERRY 1818 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to drag or dash to the ground; to drag hither and thither TAWT B1900 Sc.
– to drag or flap on the ground, to trail; said of a dress, etc. LALLOP 1889 Eng. dial.
– to drag or haul with a rope SNAIL 1878 Amer. dial.
– to drag or pull forcibly or quickly SNAKE 1856
– to drag or trail oneself; to go with dragging feet HARL 1500-20 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– to drag out; to pull, to draw HAG 1870 Eng. dial.
– to drag physically; to take someone somewhere SCHLAP;  SCHLEP(P);  SHLAP;  SHLEP  1920s sl.
– to drag something, esp. a log, or logging equipment SKIN 1931 Amer. dial.
– to drag something heavy by means of ropes or chains SNIG 1897 Aust. sl.
– to drag; to carry CART M19 sl.
– to drag, to haul; to draw or pull along, esp. with force or violence HALE c1205
– to drag, to pull LAAG 1897 Sc.
– to drag, to pull, to draw physically TOLL a1400-50 obs.
– to drag, to pull, to tug about TOIL c1325 obs.
– to drag, to pull; to tug something with sudden energy; to remove something YANK 1848 sl., orig. US
– to drag, to pull, to yank; to jerk YAWK 1840 Amer. dial.
– to drag, to pull, to yank; to jerk YUCK 1899 Amer. dial.
– to drag, to trail RAKE 1914 Sc.
– to drag: usually with the notion of friction or scraping of the ground; to pull, to tug; to trail along the ground; to haul HARL c1290 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.

– to draggle in the mud; to bedraggle or cover with mud LAG 1895 Eng. dial.
– to draggle, to bemire one’s clothes DAIDLE 1808 Sc.
– to draggle, to dirty CAGGLE Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– to draggle, to dirty KAGGLE Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– to draggle, to hang in a wet state TROLLOP 1899 Amer. dial.
– to draggle, to trail in the dirt LABBER Bk1902 Eng. dial.

– of the nature of a dragon DRACONIC 1680
– of the nature of a dragon DRACONTINE 1806

– a dragon, a supposed serpent with wings ADDER c1300 obs.

– a dragonfly ADDER Bk1898 Eng. dial. 
– a dragonfly ADDER-BELL 1824 Sc.
– a dragonfly ADDERBOLT 1483
– a dragonfly ADDER-CAP Bk1898 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– a dragonfly ADDER-FLY Bk1888
– a dragonfly AIRPLANE 1967 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly AIRPLANE BUG 1967 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly AIRPLANE FLY 1967 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly ARROW HAWK 1935 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly ATHER-BILL Bk1898 Sc.
– a dragonfly ATHER-CAP Bk1911 Sc.
– a dragonfly BLUE DRAGON 1968 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly CHOOKABAMA 1949 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DARNER 1933 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DARNING NEEDLE 1889 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DARN NEEDLE 1965 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DEMOISELLE 1844
– a dragonfly DEVIL FLY 1970 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DEVIL HORSE 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DEVIL’S DARNING NEEDLE 1809 Eng. & Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DEVIL’S DARN NEEDLE 1965 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DEVIL’S DRAGON 1954 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DEVIL’S HORSE 1966 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DEVIL’S NEEDLE 1838 Eng. & Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DEVIL’S RIDING HORSE 1966 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DICKINSON’S HORSE 1899 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DICKINSON’S MARE 1899 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DINING NEEDLE c1970 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DOCTOR 1965 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly DOCTOR’S FLY 1965 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly EAR CUTTER 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly EAR NEEDLE c1955 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly EAR SEWER 1956 Amer. dial. (as in ‘sew’)
– a dragonfly EDWARD 1790 Eng. dial. obs.
– a dragonfly ETHER’S MON Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– a dragonfly ETHER’S NILD Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– a dragonfly EYE STINGER 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly EYE STITCHER 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly EYE TAKER 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly FLYING ADDER Bk1888
– a dragonfly GLASSMAKER 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly GLOBE-SKIMMER 1933 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly GNATCATCHER (BUG) 1949 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly HAWK 1968 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly HEATHER-BILL Bk1902 Sc. 
– a dragonfly HELICOPTER 1965 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly HORSE-STINGER 1772
– a dragonfly JACKY-BREEZER a1852 Eng. dial. obs. rare
– a dragonfly JARFLY 1956 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly KATYNIPPER 1953 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly KNITTY-NEEDLES B1900 Eng. dial.
– a dragonfly LONG-ASS BUTTERFLY 1968 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly MEASURING STICK 1968 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly MERRY-MAID Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a dragonfly MERRY-MAY 1830 Eng. dial.
– a dragonfly MOSQUITO CATCHER 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly MOSQUITO DOCTOR 1981 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly MOSQUITO FLY 1964 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly MOSQUITO HAWK 1737 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly MOSQUITO HORSE 1981 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly MULE-KILLER 1905 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly NADDER-SERVANT Bk1903 Sc.
– a dragonfly NEEDLE BUG 1967 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly NEEDLE 1967 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly NEEDLE FLY 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly PINAO 1933 Hawaii
– a dragonfly SCHNEIDER 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SEWER 1968 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SEWER-UPPER 1977 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SEWING BEETLE 1977 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SEWING BUG 1965 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SEWING NEEDLE 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SKEETER HAWK chiefly southern US
– a dragonfly SNAKE BUG 1966 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNAKE CHARMER 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNAKE DOCTOR 1860 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNAKE EATER 1966 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNAKE FEEDER 1821 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNAKE FLY 1948 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNAKE GUARDER 1949 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNAKE HEEDER 1949 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNAKE-PETER 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNAKE SERVANT 1892 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNAKE WAITER c1940 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNEEDER 1950 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly SNYDER 1968 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly TANGING-EDDER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a dragonfly TANGING-ETHER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a dragonfly TANGING-NADDER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a dragonfly TANGING-NETHER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a dragonfly WATER BEATER 1968 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly WATER DIPPER 1968 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly WATER FLY 1970 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly WATER MOSQUITO 1969 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly WITCH DOCTOR 1965 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly YEDWARD 1790 Eng. dial. obs.
– a dragonfly nymph PERCH BUG 1968 Amer. dial.
– a dragonfly of the genus Tetragoneuria WAG 1929 Amer. dial.
– a large dragonfly GREEN DARNER 1929 Amer. dial.
– the common dragonfly HORSE-STINGER 1772
– the large dragonfly, Aeshna grandis SANGING-EATHER Bk1904 Eng. dial. obs.
– the slender dragonfly, Agrion Virgo DAMSEL 1815

– a Hispanic drag queen BEAN QUEEN Bk1972 US sl.
– an ugly drag queen BAG LADY 2003 S. Afr. homosexual sl.


– a drain SPANISH (MAIN) 1992 UK rhyming sl.
– a drain, a cesspool SINKER 1623 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– a drain, a ditch LADE Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– a drain, conduit, or pipe for carrying away dirty water or sewage SINK 1499 now rare
– a drain, ditch, or open sewer VAEDIK a1838 Sc.
– a drain or sewer; a covered conduit for carrying away water or filth VAULT c1400 obs.
– an open drain or gutter; a sewer VENNEL 1641 N. Eng. dial.
– any small channel or hollow as a drain or gutter in a roof VALLEY 1787 Eng. dial.

– to drain SUCK OUT 1687 obs.
– to pull a rubber disc through a cess drain in order to clean the drain PULL THE MONKEY 1970 UK sl.


– dramatic, excited, spirited TABASCO 1920s sl.

– a dramatic, noisy event WING-DING 1950s sl.
– a prelude of a play BANE c1440 obs.
– a situation in which something dramatic happens WROUGHT 1980s sl.
– proclamation or prologue of a play BANNS 1440 obs.
– something dramatic and powerful GUT-BUSTER 1930s sl.

– a dramatic author; the author of a play CACKLE-MERCHANT c1860 theatrical usage obs.
– a performer of a monopolylogue (a dramatic entertainment in which a single performer takes the part of all the characters involved) MONOPOLOLOGIST;  MONOPOLYLOGIST  1830 rare
– a person who plays a walk-on part in a dramatic production WALKER-ON 1897
– a play-maker FACTIST 1775 obs.

– to end a drama, comedy or the like CATASTROPHIZE 1623 obs.
– to shorten a play by omitting portions CUT 1413

– a draper RAG-MERCHANT 1690 contemptuous usage
– a draper RAG-RIVER B1900 Eng. dial.
– an itinerant draper carrying his goods in a pack PACK-DRAPER 1880
– a travelling draper; a peddler SCOTCH CUDDY 1901 Sc.
– a travelling draper; a peddler SCOTCH DRAPER Bk1904 Sc.
– a travelling draper; a peddler SCOTCHMAN 1879 Eng. dial.
– a travelling draper, esp. one who gives secret credit and takes payment in small installments TALLY-FELLOWTALLY-MAN Bk1905 Eng. dial.

– sufficiently aroused to do something drastic MAD M19 US & W. Indies sl.

– an open, draughty space GALDERIE 1908 Sc.
– fear or dislike of draughts AEROPHOBIA 1771 rare
– fear or dislike of draughts or winds ANEMOPHOBIA 1904

– a person who fears draughts ANEMOPHOBE E20

– a draught-board DAM-BOARD 1779 Sc.
– each of the pieces in the game of draughts DAM 1580 obs., chiefly Sc. usage
– the board on which draughts is played TABLE c1470 obs.
– the game of draughts DAMS 1580 obs. exc. Sc.

– a drawing, engraving, or illustration for a book ICONOGRAPH 1884
– a drawing for amusement, playing with pictures BABBY-LAKIN 1883 Eng. dial.
– a drawing or plan; a pictorial representation, delineation ICONOGRAPHY 1628 obs.
– the description or illustration of any subject by means of drawings or figures ICONOGRAPHY 1678

– a person skilled in iconography ICONOGRAPHIST 1850 obs.
– a person who makes drawings or figures of objects ICONOGRAPH 1804
– a person who makes drawings or figures of objects ICONOGRAPHER 1888

– to draw or delineate lightly FAINT-DRAW 1728
– to draw, to photograph. to take a likeness TAKE OFF 1895 Eng. dial.
– to draw; to sculpture SCART 1814 Sc.
– to draw; to sketch TAKE Bk1905 Eng. dial.

DRAW (pull) – VERBS
– to draw, to pull TIGHT a1000 obs.

– a concealed drawback; a catch HOOKER 1966 Amer. sl.
– a drawback; a thing that detracts from something TAKE-OFF 1826

– a chest of drawers ALMYRA 1450 Anglo-Indian 
– a chest of drawers CASE OF DRAWERS 1686 obs.
– a chest of drawers PAIR OF DRAWERS 1867 Eng. dial.

– drawling in speech; mumbling, lisping, indistinct GAVELLOUS 1903 Sc.
– having a drawling or indistinct accent MUSH-MOUTHED 1909 US sl.

– a drawl, a slow mode of speaking DRITE 18C Eng. dial.

– a person who drawls; one who speaks indistinctly or inarticulately MUSHMOUTH 1868 US sl.

– affected by feelings of dread; somewhat dangerous, alarming, dreadful POKERISH 1827 Amer. dial.
– causing dread or fear; dreadful, terrible TIMOROUS 1455 obs.
– dreaded BEDREAD c1485 obs. rare
– dreaded YDRED 1340 obs.
– dreaded, feared, revered AWED a1656 obs.
– dreaded; formidable ADOUBTED c1314 obs.
– put in dread, frightened, greatly afraid ADRAD;  ADREAD c1200 obs.
– to be dreaded DOUBTABLE c1430 obs.
– to be dreaded or feared; awful DOUBTFUL 1398 obs.
– an intuitive dread of something sinister in the rear; an object of terror behind one BACK-FEAR 1894 Sc.
– an object of dread; a bugbear BOODIE-BO Bk1911 Sc.
– a sensation of dread or unease SAMUELS 1980s UK rhyming sl. for ‘the creeps’ (Samuel Pepys)
– a source or object of dread or terror, especially of needless dread; a bugbear TERRICULAMENT 1548 obs.
– dread, apprehension, fear DOUBT a1225 obs.
– dread, doubt DWERE c1440 obs.
– dread, fear DOUBTANCE a1400 obs.
– dread, fear EIR; ERE 1808 Sc. obs.
– dread, fear UG a1240 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– dread, fear, horror, loathing UGGING c1250
– dread, fear, terror EYE c1175 obs.
– dread, horror, loathing UGLINESS c1325 obs.
– dread, terror; terrified condition or appearance GASTNESS c1374 obs.
– extreme nervousness or dread BLUE FEAR 1801
– extreme nervousness or dread BLUE FUNK 1854 sl.
– the sense of dread that you feel the morning after doing something that you, upon reflection, wished you had not done AWFUCK DISEASE 2001 US sl.
– to afflict a person with dread; to terrify CURDLE THE BLOOD 1760
– to dread BEDOUBT 1470 obs.
– to dread, to be in dismay, to tremble with fear, to lose heart DARE c1300 obs.
– to dread, to fear ADOUBT c1400 obs. rare
– to dread, to fear greatly ADRAD a900 obs.
– to dread, to fear greatly ADREAD a900 obs.
– to dread, to fear, to be afraid of DOUBT c1225 obs.
– to dread, to feel horror, to abhor HIDOUS 1382 obs. rare
– to feel dread or apprehension, disgust, or loathing UG a1340 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– to inspire or affect dread, loathing, or disgust UG a1225 obs. exc. Eng. dial.

– dreadful, alarming, dreadful, spooky, frightful; affected by feelings of dread POKERISH 1827 Amer. dial. obs.
– dreadful, awful SPEWSOME 1996 Aust. sl.
– dreadful, awful, terrible AWLY c1200 obs.
– dreadful, calamitous RUTHFUL c1225 obs.
– dreadful; causing or portending death or evil; fatal, disastrous FUNESTOUS 1641 obs.
– dreadful, causing trouble or fear CAREFUL c1340-70 obs.
– dreadful, cruel; characterized by or arising from vengeance or revenge VENGEABLE c1430 obs.
– dreadful, dire; difficult; testing SMART a1200 obs.
– dreadful, fearful, inspiring fear TIMORSOME 1894 rare
– dreadful, fearful, terrible DOUBTOUS;  DOUTOUS a1300 obs.
– dreadful, frightful FEARIE 1807 Sc. obs.
– dreadful, frightful; capable of producing fright or alarm EFFRAYABLE 1689 obs. rare
– dreadful, frightful, terrifying, horrifying, appalling EFFROYABLE 1689 obs. rare
– dreadful, ghastly; belonging to a night spirit, ghost, hobgoblin LARVAL 1656
– dreadful, ghastly, frightful ELDRICK 1785 Eng. dial.
– dreadful, ghastly, frightful ELDRISH 1785 Eng. dial.
– dreadful, ghastly, frightful ELDRITCH 1508 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– dreadful, ghastly, frightful YELLERISH 1785 Eng. dial.
– dreadful, ghastly, frightful YELLISH 1785 Eng. dial.
– dreadful, horrible, terrible, heinous HAYNESS 1881 Eng. dial.
– dreadful, terrible GHASTFUL c1449 obs.
– dreadful, terrible GOD-AWFUL 1897 US sl.
– dreadful, terrible HELLACIOUS 1976 US sl.
– dreadful, terrible RAT-SHIT 1980 Aust. & NZ sl.
– dreadful, terrible TIMOROUS 1455 obs.
– dreadful, terrible, cruel DERF a1225 obs.
– dreadful, terrible; arousing awe, fear, or dread EYEFUL a1200 obs.
– dreadful, terrible; arousing awe, fear, or dread EYESFUL a1225 obs.
– dreadful, terrible, to be feared, fearful FORMIDOLOUS 1656 obs.
– dreadful, unpleasant CROOK 1898 Aust. & NZ
– dreadful, useless PUTRID 1628
– just plain dreadful, not the best AVERAGE 1981 Aust. sl.
– dreadfully, awfully, terribly AWLY c1225 obs.
– a speaking of dreadful or terrible things TERRILOQUY Bk1756
– dreadfulness, direness; cruelty, fierceness DIRITY1586 obs. rare

– belonging to dreams ONEIRIC 1859 rare
– dreaming, dozing ADREAMED Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– dreamy FOG-BOUND Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– dreamy IN THE CLOUDS Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– dreamy PIPE-DREAMY Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– dreamy, abstracted STANDING THERE LIKE A TIT IN A TRANCE 20C UK sl.
– dreamy, abstracted, distant; said of the eyes, a look, etc. FAR BEN 1918 Sc.
– dreamy; absent-minded; listless MOONEY;  MOONY Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– giving the impression of being in a dream-world, mad, or distracted AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES 1934
– lost in a dream, day-dreaming, unconscious of one’s surroundings DEAD TO THE (WIDE) WORLD 20C sl., orig. US
– lost in a dream, day-dreaming, unconscious of one’s surroundings OUT TO THE WIDE 20C sl., orig. US
– pertaining to dreams or dreaming SOMNIATORY a1693 obs. rare
– practising or expert in the interpretation of dreams ONEIROCRITIC 1775 rare
– practising or expert in the interpretation of dreams ONEIROCRITICALONIROCRITICAL 1588
– vexed or disturbed by dreams DRETCHED 16C obs.
– dreaming A-DREAM 1854
– in relation to the interpretation of dreams ONEIROCRITICALLY 1816
– a dream; a mere fiction CARAWIMPLE 1672 obs.
– a dreamy, dazed, or absent-minded state DWAAL 1957 S. Afr.
– a lascivious dream NAUGHTY-DREAM 1673 sl.
– an interpretation of dreams; examination of dreams ONEIROSCOPY 1727
– an interpreting dreams ONEIROCRISY 1653 obs.
– an interpreting dreams ONEIROCRITICISM 1614
– an interpreting dreams ONEIROCRITICS 1614
– an interpreting dreams ONIROCRITICISM 1614
– a pleasant or happy dream SUMMER-DREAM 1820
– dreamland; a state of being out of touch with reality LA-DI-DA LAND 1987 US sl.
– dreamland; a state of being out of touch with reality LA-LA LAND 1985 US sl.
– foolish or idle dreaming; sloth MUSARDY 1481 obs. rare
– foolish or idle dreaming; sloth MUSARDRY c1450 obs.
– the god of dreams, used with reference to his ability to induce dreams or sleep MURPHY 1750 colloq., rare
– the science or subject of dreams, or of their interpretation ONEIROLOGY 1818
– wild, indistinct dreams RANNERS Bk1905 N. Ireland
– a day-dreamer HEAD-TRIPPER 1999 sl.
– a dreamer; a dull, inactive, stupid, or ineffectual person MOPUS a1635 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– a dreamer, a fool, an idler; a wretch MUSARD c1330 obs.
– a dreamer; an absent-minded or unworldly person HEAD-IN-AIR 1932 rare
– a dreamer; an eccentric PRUNE c1900 Amer. sl.
– a dreamer, a visionary; a flighty, impulsive person FANTAST;  PHANTAST 1588
– a dreamy, dim-witted, or miserable person MOPE M16 sl.
– a dreamy, dull, listless fellow; one not over-bright in intellect MOPY 1870 Sc.
– a dreamy fellow JOHN-A-DREAMS 1603
– a dreamy fellow JOHNNY HEAD-IN-AIR 1851 colloq.
– a dreamy fellow JOHNNY HEAD-IN-THE-AIR 1958 colloq.
– a dreamy fool GANDER 1553
– a mere dreamer; one who wastes his life JACK-A-DREAMS Bk1903
– a person versed in the interpretation of dreams ONEIROSCOPIST 1727
– a person versed in the subject of dreams ONEIROLOGIST 1834
– a person who has never dreamed but once MONONEIRIST 1763
– a person who idles time away in dreaming; an absent-minded, distracted person MOONCALF a1627
– a sender of dreams ONEIROPOMPIST 1652 obs.
– an impractical dreamer; an idealist ABSTRACTIONIST 1844 US depreciative usage
– an impractical dreamer; a person who indulges in impractical or unrealistic plans LUFTMENSCH 1902 chiefly Jewish usage
– an interpreter of dreams ONEIROCRITONIROCRIT a1693 obs.
– an interpreter of dreams ONEIROCRITE 1693 obs.
– an interpreter of dreams ONEIROCRITIC;  ONIROCRITIC  a1652
– an interpreter of dreams ONEIROPOLIST;  ONIROPOLIST 1652 obs.
– to be in a dreamy state; to act slothfully MEASEN 1876 Eng. dial.
– to be in a dreamy, stupid, abstracted state NAZZLE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to come true; said of a dream FALL AFTER c1400 obs.
– to dream CONSOMNIATE 1623 obs.
– to dream, to be visited by a dream BE ADREAMED 1556 obs.
– to dream, to muse, to doze, to be half-asleep OOR 1908 Sc.
– to interpret a dream CAST 1382 obs.

– dreary, causing fear UNCOUTHY 1768 Sc. obs.
– dreary, dismal DULSOME 1613 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– dreary; dismal; dull and lonely DOLLY E16 obs.
– dreary; dismal; dull and lonely DOWIE E16 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– dreary, dismal, lonely, solitary DERN 1824 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– dreary, doleful, gloomy DULLY a1513 Sc. poetic usage, obs.
– dreary; drab; poverty-stricken PO-JO 1950 Amer. dial.
– dreary, dull; awful; unpleasant DRACK 1944 Aust. sl.
– dreary, dull, miserable; nauseating DAWLSOME Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– dreary, gloomy, mournful DARNFUL 1916 Amer. dial.
– dreary; insignificant NOWHERE 1940 sl.
– dreary, lonely, desolate; said of a place UNKED;  UNKID 1777 Eng. dial.
– dreary, lonely, desolate; said of a place UNKY 1777 Eng. dial.
– dreary; remote, lonely, solitary; miserable ELENGE c1205 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– dreary; solitary, lonely; weird, uncanny ELLINGE 1691 Eng. dial.
– dreary; solitary, lonely; weird, uncanny HELANGE 1691 Eng. dial.
– resembling December in dreariness and darkness DECEMBERLY 1765 obs.
– very dreary, dull, uninteresting DREARY AS BATSHIT 1964 Aust. sl.

– drearily, dismally, in a foreboding way EERIELY 1819 Sc.
– drearily, miserably, dejectedly, gloomily ELENGELY 1377 obs.

– dreariness, loneliness, misery, gloom ELENGENESSE c1320 obs.

– a dreary-looking person FACE-ACHE 1937 sl.
– a dreary person DREAR 1958 sl.
– a dreary person DREARY 1925

– of the nature of dregs; abounding with sediment or impurities FECULENT 1471

– dregs, dirt, refuse MURGEON c1450 Eng. dial.
– dregs, leavings SUDS 1548 obs.
– dregs, lees, dross, scum FECULENCE a1648
– dregs, lees; the liquor or sediment obtained by tilting a vessel TILT a1603 obs.
– dregs, lees, the sediment of beer: usually plural HILDING B1900 Eng. dial.
– dregs, lees; what remains in a vessel after the liquor is drawn off LAGS 1500s obs.
– dregs or leavings of any kind; scum of a liquid QUINKINS 1825 Sc.
– dregs or refuse of liquor; the ‘lashings’ or washings of casks or glasses TAP-LASH 1623 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– dregs, refuse DARSTS Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– dregs, refuse RABBLEMENT 19C Eng. dial.
– dregs, refuse, scum SILTS 1635 obs.
– dregs, refuse, scum; that which is cast off or away ABJECTION 1447 obs.
– dregs, scum SCRUFF 1929 Amer. dial.
– dregs, sediment LAYS Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– dregs, sediment, lees GROUT 1697
– dregs, sediments; the inferior, less valuable, or refuse part of anything TAILS 1542
– small dregs or sediment, as in a pot of coffee JIGGS Bk1896 Eng. dial. 
– the dregs in the bottom of wine glasses or casks ULLAGE L19 sl.
– the dregs of the liquor in a cask, collected by tilting it TILTINGS 1612 obs.

– drenched; saturated with as much moisture as it can take in or receive- said of a thing DRUNK 1382 obs.
– drenched, wet through SAP-WET Bk1904 Eng. dial.

– a drenching in a heavy shower BASKING Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– a severe drenching; usually applied to the drenching and buffeting one gets by being exposed to a storm of wind and rain BAFFIN 1929 Sc.

– to drench through LAY TO THE HIDE 1898 Sc.
– to drench through LAY TO THE SKIN 1898 Sc.
– to drench; to bathe or wash BAIN 1398 obs.
– to drench, to moisten, to wet with BESHED 1382 obs.
– to drench, to saturate or soak with liquid DRUNKEN a1300 obs.
– to drench; to saturate; to moisten SAP 1839 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to drench, to soak BLASH Bk1911 Sc.
– to drench with water from a squirt or syringe RAMSCOOTER Bk1905 Eng. dial.