Reverse Dictionary: DRES – DRH

DRESS, article of clothing – see CLOTHES

– elegant, trim; said of dress NEAT 1634 obs. rare
– loud, vulgar; said of dress SLANGY c1860 sl.
– an untidy or slovenly piece of dress SCASH 1895 Sc. obs.
– a state of undress or careless dress; ‘deshabille’ DISHY BILLY World War I Amer. sl.
– dress, apparel, costume GARNITURE 1827
– dress, array, attire ADDRESS 1592 obs.
– dress, array, attire (now only of personal attire) HABILIMENT 1470-85
– dress, attire, array DUBBING a1300 obs.
– dress, clothing, garments; esp. a uniform HARNESS 1853 Amer. dial.
– dress, clothing; generally plural ABOULZIEMENT 1787 Sc. obs.
– dress, clothing; generally plural ABULIEMENT 1787 Sc. obs.
– dress; style; hence, an outfit; a set of clothes RIG 1843 sl.
– fine or curious dress; fineness, elegance or fancifulness in dress QUAINTISE 1300 obs.
– full dress; full official or ceremonial attire FULL FIG 1838 US sl.
– official or vocational dress TOGGERY c1825
– ostentation in one’s dress NANG 20C W. Indies sl.
– showy dress, fine clothes BRAVERIE Bk1911 Sc.
– the dress and ornaments of men and women; equipment, outfit CAPARISON 1598
– a person who dresses carelessly; one who looks like a ‘drifter’ DRIFTY Bk1966 US students’ sl.
DRESS – VERBS (includes dress out, dress up, get dressed)
– to arrange the dress; to adorn; to titivate TUTTLE 1899 Eng. dial.
– to dress DAILY EXPRESS 1992 UK rhyming sl.
– to dress DEEN 1867 Ireland  
– to dress DRAPE THE SHAPE Bk1947 Amer. sl.
– to dress according to the latest fashion; to overdress PUT ON THE AGONY 1906 Amer. dial.
– to dress carefully, although not necessarily effeminately QUEAN UP;  QUEEN UP 1930s Aust. sl.
– to dress carelessly MAB UP L17 colloq.
– to dress carelessly and untidily MOB Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to dress carelessly or negligently; to be slatternly or slovenly MAB 1691 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– to dress elaborately or ostentatiously DIKE 1851 Amer. dial.
– to dress fashionably PATCH UP 1970s US homosexual sl.
– to dress fashionably RAG 1990s African-American sl.
– to dress finely, to beautify, to adorn QUAINTISE 1390 obs.
– to dress fine, to adorn DILL 1730 Eng. dial.
– to dress flashily; to dress up LAIR UP 1920s Aust. sl.
– to dress flashily; to show off LAIRLARE 1928 Aust. sl.
– to dress gaily TARDLE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to dress in a finical manner PRINK Bk1905 Amer. dial.
– to dress in an ostentatious or showy manner PUT ON THE DOG Bk1995 US & Can. colloq.
– to dress in an unfashionable or outlandish manner TAKE A FASHION RISK 1980s US college sl.
– to dress in a rakish manner CAKE OUT 1920s US sl.
– to dress in a sexually provocative manner ADVERTISE 1950s homosexual sl.
– to dress in fantastical colouring HARLEQUINIZE 1876
– to dress in haste; to wrap clothes round RAPPLE 1827 Sc.
– to dress in one’s best clothes; to adorn oneself GUSSY UP 1952 Amer. sl.
– to dress in smart or formal clothes; to dress up; to get ready for a formal occasion RIG OUT 1723
– to dress more smartly GLAM (UP) 1937 UK sl.
– to dress neatly; to make oneself smart and neat PRUNK (UP) B1900 Sc.
– to dress nicely DAP DOWN 1980 US sl.
– to dress oneself in stylish or flashy clothes POON UP 1943 Aust. sl.
– to dress oneself in stylish or flashy clothes SUIT 1959 Brit. sl.
– to dress oneself up RAG UP 1900s US criminals’ sl.
– to dress oneself up TOG UP 1887 Amer. dial.
– to dress oneself up TOGGLE;  TOGGLE OUT  1919 Amer. dial.
– to dress or adorn affectedly or effeminately PANSY UP 1946 sl.
– to dress or smarten oneself up MENSE 1859 Eng. dial.
– to dress out, esp. in a vulgar or gaudy fashion BEDIZEN;  BEDIZZEN 1661
– to dress out smartly BEDINK Bk1911 Sc.
– to dress out, to adorn, to deck DINK 1808 Sc.
– to dress slovenly MABBLE B1900 obs.
– to dress smartly GIMP UP c1910 army sl.
– to dress smartly SHARP M20 US colloq.
– to dress smartly and gaudily DALLACK 1874 Eng. dial.
– to dress smartly but untidily and slovenly DAWK OUT 1890 Eng. dial.
– to dress, to accoutre; to make ready REEK 1709 Sc.
– to dress, to adorn; to array GEAR c1250 obs.
– to dress, to apparel HABILLE a1450 obs.
– to dress, to attire, to clothe duly, to adorn TIRE c1350 obs.
– to dress, to attire, to deck out, to tittivate one’s person,  hair, etc. TIFF a1225 obs.
– to dress, to clothe HABILITATE 1885 rare
– to dress, to clothe HAP 1808 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to dress, to clothe, esp. in an elegant fashion GARNISH 1529 obs.
– to dress, to clothe, to apparel, to array HARNESS c1400 obs. or arch.
– to dress, to clothe, to attire HABIT 1588
– to dress, to clothe, to attire SUIT 1577 arch.
– to dress, to clothe, to attire a person thing BUSK c1400
– to dress; to clothe, to attire, to deck, to adorn BEGO a1225 obs.
– to dress, to clothe. to array, to adorn DUB a1300 obs.
– to dress, to clothe; to adorn, to deck oneself DIGHT 1773 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to dress, to clothe; to dress up, to adorn BUSS 1569
– to dress, to deck ADIGHT c1400 obs.
– to dress, to deck out RAY 1750 Eng. dial.
– to dress, to dress in smart clothes TOG;  TOG OUT 1793 sl.
– to dress, to fit out, to array AFAITE 1483 obs.
– to dress, to get ready BOUN a1525 obs.
– to dress, to get ready RANK OUT 1841 Sc.
– to dress; to prepare, to make ready TIFT 1300s obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– to dress; to put on one’s best clothes HACKLE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to dress, to put on one’s clothing TEAGLE 1876 Eng. dial.
– to dress; to wash and attire oneself TOILET 1840
– to dress up BUCK UP 1854 Eng. dial. or colloq.
– to dress up CLOBBER 1887 sl.
– to dress up DAWKS 1866 Eng. dial.
– to dress up DECK OFF 1973 Trinidad & Tobago
– to dress up DUDE UP 1899 US sl.
– to dress up FAKE 1797 sl.
– to dress up GARNISH 1885 sl.
– to dress up GEAR DOWN 1965 Barbados sl.
– to dress up TOG DOWN Bk1967 African-American sl.
– to dress up anew NEW FANGLE 1641 obs.
– to dress up, esp. flashily POON 1943 Aust. sl.
– to dress up in fine clothes; to make pretty or fancy DICKEY UP 1969 Amer. dial.
– to dress up in one’s best clothes DIKE 1851 Amer. dial.
– to dress up like a toff TOFF UP 1914 Brit. sl.
– to dress up smartly TAIT OFF Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to dress up smartly TAIT UP Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to dress up, to adorn BAWM 1790 Eng. dial.
– to dress up, to adorn TRIGGER OUT 1953 Amer. dial.
– to dress up, to adorn TRIGGER UP 1938 Amer. dial.
– to dress up, to adorn TRIG OUT 1822 Amer. dial.
– to dress up, to adorn TRIG UP 1868 Amer. dial.
– to dress up, to adorn, to deck or trick out in a trifling or time-wasting way TIFFLE a1425 obs.
– to dress up, to adorn, to deck or trick out in a trifling or time-wasting way TIFT 1388 obs.
– to dress up, to dandify, to make an Adonis of ADONIZE 1611
– to dress up, to deck BRANK Bk1911 Sc.
– to dress up, to dress smartly SHARP M20 US colloq.
– to dress up; to dress, to provide clothing to RAG OUT 1865 Amer. sl.
– to dress up, to wear a great many gewgaws MEE-MAW Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to dress well RAG HEAVY Bk1970 US students’ sl.
– to get dressed PUT ON 20C Ulster sl.
– to get dressed, usually in combination with an article of clothing, as ‘bung on a jacket’ BUNG ON 20C sl.
– to overdress DRESS TO DEATH Bk1905 Amer. dial.
– to overdress DRESS TO KILL Bk1905 Amer. dial.
– to overdress PUT ON THE AGONY 1906 Amer. dial.
– to overdress, to deck oneself out DOZZLE 1876 Eng. dial.
– to overdress; to dress smartly but untidily and slovenly DAWK OUT 1890 Eng. dial.
– to overdress; to dress up DAWKS 1866 Eng. dial.
– to show good dress sense SCRUB UP WELL 1980s Aust. sl.
– to trail, to drag or flap on the ground; said of a dress, etc. LALLOP 1889 Eng. dial.

– badly dressed DOWDY L16
– badly dressed ILL-PUT-ON 1886 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– badly dressed, rough, vulgar CABBA-CABBA 1990s W. Indies
– carefully dressed (not necessarily effeminately) (ALL) QUEANED UP c1920 Aust. sl.
– carelessly dressed ILL-PUT-ON 1886 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– carelessly dressed, or wearing clothes that never look right HACKY 1969 Amer. dial.
– dressed RIGGED 1594 sl.
– dressed, apparelled HABILIMENTED 1607
– dressed, arrayed, attired, trimmed ADDRESSED 1393 arch.
– dressed, attired BOUND c1175 obs.
– dressed, attired, arrayed ACCOUTRED 1596
– dressed, clothed HABITED 1807
– dressed, clothed; provided or covered with clothing, esp. formal or appropriate clothing RIGGED a1640
– dressed, decked out DINKIT 1813 Sc.
– dressed in a shabby or old-fashioned way, dowdy, unstylish: applied to female dress NUNTY 1838 Eng. dial.
– dressed in a smart casual style RALPHED UP 1997 UK sl.
– dressed in bad taste TAWDHERLY Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– dressed in fashionable and expensive clothing RAGGIN’ 1987 US sl.
– dressed in old clothes; shabby OLD 1596 obs. rare
– dressed in one’s best clothes DIKED OUT LIKE MRS. ASTOR’S PLUSH HORSE 1965 Amer. dial.
– dressed in one’s best clothes DRESSED TO A QUEEN’S TASTE 1965 Amer. dial.
– dressed in one’s best clothes IN DRESS Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– dressed in one’s good clothes and trying to look one’s best; said of a woman DRESSED TO A QUEEN’S TASTE 1950 Amer. dial.
– dressed in one’s good clothes; said of a woman ALL FUSS AND FEATHERS c1960 Amer. dial.
– dressed in one’s good clothes; said of a woman ALL SILK AND FEATHERS 1965 Amer. dial.
– dressed in one’s good clothes; said of a woman ALL STARCH AND FEATHERS 1965 Amer. dial.
– dressed in one’s smartest clothes DRESSED UP TO THE NINES 1859 sl.
– dressed in one’s smartest clothes MOCKERED UP;  MOKKERED UP 1910 Aust. & NZ sl.
– dressed in one’s smartest or most impressive clothes DUDED UP 1899 sl., orig. US
– dressed in one’s very best, most fashionable clothes TABBED TO THE BONE 1970s African-American sl.
– dressed in poor taste or in cheap clothing; said of a male BANG TO BYRITES Bk2007 UK sl.
– dressed in style DUGGY 1993 US sl.
– dressed in the height of fashion ALL DOLLED UP LIKE A BARBER’S CAT M19 Can. sl.
– dressed in the height of fashion SILKED 1940s African-American sl.
– dressed in the height of fashion SILKED TO THE BONE 1940s African-American sl.
– dressed in the highest fashion; smart, handsome TIPPY Bk1905 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– dressed in unusual clothing GOT UP 1858 sl.
– dressed in unusual or particularly stylish clothing DONE UP 1882 sl.
– dressed in vulgar finery TAWDERED UP Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– dressed in white CANDIDATE 1616 poetic usage, obs. rare
– dressed in white shoes and a white suit; said of a man FULL CLEVELAND 1991 US sl.
– dressed out, decked out with finery FALLALED OUT Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– dressed, prepared YDIGHT 1297 obs.
– dressed to catch the attention of widows or other women BAITED FOR WIDOW 1960 Amer. dial.
– dressed unhandsomely TIPPERD 1790 Eng. dial.
– dressed up BUGGED UP 1893 Amer. dial. obs.
– dressed up BUGGED UP TO KILL 1893 Amer. dial. obs.
– dressed up CLOBBERED L19 sl.
– dressed up DIKED OUT 1851 Amer. dial.
– dressed up DIKED UP 1901 Amer. dial.
– dressed up DOCKED 1968 Amer. dial.
– dressed up DOGGED OUT 1934 Amer. dial.
– dressed up DOGGED UP 1968 Amer. dial.
– dressed up DUKED OUT 1938 US sl.
– dressed up FARPUTST 1969 Amer. Yiddish
– dressed up FEATHERED OUT 1968 Amer. cowboys’ usage
– dressed up GEARED UP 1979 UK sl.
– dressed up JAMMED OUT E19 US sl.
– dressed up TITRIVATED OUT 1917 Amer. dial.
– dressed up TOGGED DOWN 1942 Amer. dial.
– dressed up TOGGED OUT 1878 Amer. dial.
– dressed up TOGGED UP 1960 Amer. dial.
– dressed up and bejewelled LACED 1900s US sl.
– dressed up and bejewelled LACED BY THE NECK 1900s US sl.
– dressed up, clothed, attired; adorned, embellished BUSKED c1450 rare
– dressed up, decked out BIBBED;  BIBBED UP 1876 Eng. dial.
– dressed up in one’s best clothes POONED UP Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– dressed up in one’s good clothes DICKEY-DOOED UP 1969 Amer. dial.
– dressed up in one’s good clothes DICKIED UP 1969 Amer. dial.
– dressed up; looking sharp ALL SHARPED UP Bk2006 US sl.
– dressed up; ludicrously overdressed DONE UP LIKE A PET LIZARD Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– dressed up, made up FAKED UP Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– dressed up, made up FAKISH Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– dressed up ostentatiously ALL TRIGGERED OUT 1953 Amer. dial. 
– dressed up, overdressed ASSORTED 1894 Sc.
– dressed up with vulgar finery BEDIZENED 1707
– dressing smartly and gaudily DALLACKING Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– dressy, fancy, stylish SPINORTY;  SPONORTY Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– elegantly dressed SHARPED UP 1967 Amer. dial.
– elegantly dressed; trim or smart in apparel NEAT 1546 obs.
– exceptionally well-dressed RAGGED DOWN (HEAVY) 1950s African-American sl.
– exceptionally well-dressed RAGGED OUT 1893 US sl.
– fantastically and absurdly dressed MOMMOCKED-UP Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– fantastically dressed DAUBED Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– fantastically dressed DAUBY Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– fashionably dressed; elegant, foppish QUAINT a1300 obs.
– favouring an ostentatious style of dress associated with the hip-hop subculture GHETTO FABULOUS 
– fine, fashionable, elegant; said of dress QUAINT a1366 obs.
– finely dressed FINE AS SALLIT Bk1904 Eng. dial. (sallit = salad)
– finely dressed GAY c1381 rare
– finely dressed; elegant, foppish QUAINT a1300 obs.
– finely dressed, neat, nice, trim, spruce DENK;  DINK 1721 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– finely dressed, showy, gaudy BRANKIE;  BRANKY 1790 Sc. obs.
– finely dressed, smart; gorgeous or showy in appearance GALLANT c1420 arch.
– finely dressed, tricked up, smartened BEHOUNCED 1691 Eng. dial.
– finely dressed; trim or smart in apparel NEAT 1546 obs.
– flashily dressed ALL LAIRED UP 1945 Aust. sl.
– flashily dressed DAPPED DOWN 1950s African-American sl.
– flashily dressed DAPPED TO A TEE 1950s African-American sl.
– flashily dressed DOLLED UP LIKE A DOG’S DINNER 1934 sl.
– flashily dressed DRESSED UP LIKE A DOG’S DINNER 1934 sl.
– flashily dressed FANTOOSHED 1930 Sc.
– flashily dressed GOT UP LIKE A DOG’S DINNER 1934 sl.
– flashily dressed LAIRED UP 1920s Aust. sl.
– flashily dressed LAIRY;  LARY;  LEARY;  LEERY 1898 Aust. sl.
– flashily dressed MACKED UP 1930s US sl.
– flashily dressed ZOOTY 1940s US sl.
– flashily dressed; stylish; attractive; flashy MACKED OUT 1933 Amer. sl.
– fully dressed ALL STANDING 1840 Amer. dial.
– gaily dressed LUSTY c1412 obs.
– gaily dressed; handsome BRAW Bk1911 Sc.
– gaudily dressed FALLAL Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– glamorously dressed GLAMMED-UP 1924 UK sl.
– handsomely dressed RUM-TOGGED 1811 sl.
– having reference to dressing; wearing clothes HABILATORY 1827 rare
– ill-dressed ILL-HAPPIT 1896 Sc.
– ill-dressed TAFFEREL 1822 Sc.
– ill-dressed, shabby, untidy UNMENSEFUL Bk1905 N. Eng. dial.
– in full dress IN HER HAIR Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– ludicrously overdressed DONE UP LIKE A PET LIZARD Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– ludicrously overdressed DONE UP LIKE A POX-DOCTOR’S CLERK Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– luxuriously dressed TUFTAFFETY 1614 US
– neatly and carefully dressed; trim, tidy, smart TIGHT 1697 arch. or Eng. dial.
– neatly dressed FEAT c1430 obs. exc. arch. & Eng. dial.
– neatly dressed, formally dressed; stylish; tidy SMART c1778
– neatly dressed; said chiefly of females GAINLY-LOOKING Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– not fully dressed yet STILL IN ONE’S GOWN-TAIL 1951 Amer. dial.
– ostentatiously dressed LIKE A DOG’S DINNER 1927 colloq.
– overdressed DAUBED Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– overdressed DAUBY Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– overdressed DAWKY Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– overdressed DONE UP LIKE A POX DOCTOR’S CLERK 1949 Brit. sl., derisive usage
– overdressed GUSSY 1940
– overdressed; dainty, delicate, fastidious TAFFETA 1588
– overdressed; dainty, delicate, fastidious TAFFETY 1719
– overdressed; dainty, delicate, fastidious TIFFETY-TAFFETY 1595 nonce word obs.
– overdressed, dressed up ASSORTED 1894 Sc.
– overdressed or otherwise assuming an air of superiority FANDANGEE 2003 Trinidad and Tobago
– overdressed, over-ornamented; flashy, showy; ultra-fashionable FANTOOSH 1920 Sc.
– overdressed, showy, garish SAGA;  SAGGER 1950s W. Indies sl.
– overdressed, showy, over made-up HORSED UP 1950s US sl.
– poorly dressed SHLUBBY 1968 Yiddish
– poorly dressed; ‘Dressed Without Instructions’ DWI 1997 US sl.
– shabbily dressed DOWDY L16
– showily dressed GAY c1381 rare
– showily dressed SPRONCY;  SPRAUNCY;  SPRAUNTSY  1957 Brit. sl.
– showily dressed, stylish; up-to-date KIDDYISH E19 sl.
– sloppily dressed (ALL) GRANDIED UP 1966 Amer. dial. 
– slovenly dressed TATSHIE Bk1905 Sc. obs.
– smartly dressed BEFANGLED 19C Eng. dial.
– smartly dressed BOBBY Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– smartly dressed DOLLED UP 1906 sl.
– smartly dressed DOLLED UP LIKE A DOG’S DINNER 1934 sl.
– smartly dressed DRESSED UP LIKE A DOG’S DINNER 1934 sl.
– smartly dressed DRESSED UP LIKE A POX DOCTOR’S CLERK 1949 Brit. sl., derisive usage
– smartly dressed GOT UP LIKE A DOG’S DINNER 1934 sl.
– smartly dressed GOT UP LIKE A POX DOCTOR’S CLERK 1949 Brit. sl., derisive usage
– smartly dressed GUSSIED-UP Aust. sl.
– smartly dressed LIKE A DOG’S DINNER 1927 colloq.
– smartly dressed SPORTY 1885 colloq.
– smartly dressed SPRONCY;  SPRAUNCY;  SPRAUNTSY  1957 Brit. sl.
– smartly dressed, but in bad taste DONE UP LIKE A POX DOCTOR’S CLERK 1949 Brit. sl., derisive usage
– stylishly dressed DECKED 1972 US sl.
– stylishly dressed MACKED UP 1930s US sl.
– stylishly dressed VINED 1970 African-American
– stylishly dressed VINED TO THE GILLS 1970 African-American
– sufficiently dressed for standards of propriety DECENT 1949 UK
– tastelessly overdressed; ostentatious FLASH AS A RAT WITH A GOLD TOOTH Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– trimly-dressed, smart BINKIE Bk1898 Sc.
– unattractively dressed DOWDY L16
– untidily dressed, unkempt TAGSY 1972 Sc.
– very smartly dressed SMART AS A NEW PIN 1893 UK
– very well-dressed DAPPED TO A T;  DAPPED TO A TEE;  DAP TO A T;  DAP TO A TEE 1950s African-American sl.
– vulgarly dressed LAIRY;  LARY;  LEARY;  LEERY 1898 Aust. sl.
– well-dressed CHOKED DOWN 1980 US sl.
– well-dressed CLEAN Bk2006 US sl.
– well-dressed DUDE 1982 Bahamas sl.
– well-dressed FITTED Bk2006 US sl.
– well-dressed HOOKED UP 1933 Amer. sl.
– well-dressed LAID 1978 African-American sl.
– well-dressed LAID OUT 1989 African-American sl.
– well-dressed LAID TO THE BONE 1970s African-American sl.
– well-dressed TABBED 1970s African-American sl.
– well-dressed TACKED DOWN 1960s African-American sl.
– well-dressed WELL-TOILETED 1875
– well-dressed and clever QUICK L19 UK society sl.
– well-dressed and dignified GASH 1785 Sc.
– well-dressed and jolly-looking GAUCIE;  GAUCY;  GAUSIE;  GAWCIE;  GAWCY;  GAWSY 1720 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– well-dressed, attractive BAD-BOY 1980s African-American sl.
– well-dressed, attractive SAALI 1940s W. Indies
– well-dressed, fashionable ALL THERE AND A HA’PORTH OVER M19 sl.
– well-dressed, fashionable FLY 1879 US sl.
– well-dressed, fashionable, flashy KIDDY L18 sl.
– well-dressed, fine, showy, extraordinary PEARCE 1805 Eng. dial.
– well-dressed; furnished with an outfit REEKIT 1811 Sc.
– well-dressed, handsome CLASSIC 1998 US sl.
– well-dressed, looking good SPORTING 1980s African-American/students’
– well-dressed, neat, trim; dressed above one’s station NABBY 1879 Sc.
– well-dressed, neat, trim; dressed above one’s station NABITY Bk1903 Sc.
– well-dressed, quite up to the mark BANG-UP 1834 Eng. dial.
– well-dressed, showy, smart, dashing SPANKY 1789 Sc.
– well-dressed, smart DASHY-LOOKING 1886 Sc.
– well-dressed, smart, elegant, stylish, up-to-date SNORKY 
– well-dressed, stylish CATTY 1918 Amer. dial.
– well-dressed; stylish DAPT 1967 African-American sl.
– well-dressed; stylish, fashionable DAP 1956 African-American
– well-dressed, stylish; sharp, fashionable CADDY 1966 Amer. sl. 
– a cap formerly worn by men of fashion while dressing TOILET-CAP 1660 obs.
– a dressing TOILET 1681
– a dressing up, adornment TIFFURE 1303 obs. rare
– an overdressed appearance PARAFFINELLY;  PARAPHERNALLY c1900 Sc.
– dressiness, gay appearance, brightness of colour, display, pomp GAYNESS c1449 obs.
– manner of dressing, or arranging, get-up; the way in which the hair, wig, etc., is dressed TIFF 1703 obs. rare
– manner or style of dressing; dress, costume, ‘get-up’ TOILET 1821
– a badly-dressed man HI-OPEN-BOPEN 1923 Amer. dial.
– a badly-dressed person FADE 1990s US students’ sl.
– a badly-dressed woman DOWDY L16
– a bizarrely-dressed woman BLADE 1983 Ulster sl.
– a bizarrely-dressed woman TACKLE 1983 Irish sl.
– a boy who affects a style of dressing reminiscent of a gangster RACKEY 1955 US teen sl. 
– a carelessly-dressed female HAURL 1825 Sc.
– a carelessly-dressed, untidy person; a sloven HASPAL;  HASPLE 1824 Sc. obs.
– a dismally-dressed person REGULAR CROW Bk1903 colloq.
– a dowdily-dressed person MOG Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a dressed-up, conceited person PAW 1899 Sc.  
– a dressed-up, spoiled, babyish girl or woman TIDDY-DOLL Bk1905 Eng. dial. 
– a dressy, conceited man BIT OF STUFF 1828 UK sl.
– a fancily-dressed person GIBBY-HORSE 1601
– a fancily-dressed, sharp person JAZZBO 1960 Amer. sl.
– a fantastically dressed female, as a mummer at Christmas; a slovenly, but gaily-attired woman BESSYBAB(S) Bk1873 Eng. dial.
– a fantastically dressed man HI-OPEN-BOPEN 1923 Amer. dial.
– a fantastically dressed person GAIVE c1930 Sc.
– a fantastically dressed person; an exquisite of a class which arose in England about 1760 and consisted of young men who had travelled and affected the tastes and fashions prevalent in continental society; a fop; a dandy; one who follows every ridiculous mode of dress MACARONI;  MACCARONI 1764 hist.
– a fantastically dressed woman in a variety of colours FLANTUM-FLATHERUM PIEBALD DILL B1900 Eng. dial.
– a fashionably-dressed person; a fop TIPPY-BOB Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a female whose attire falls awkwardly round her feet BASIL-HAMPERS Bk1855 Eng. dial.
– a finely-dressed, neat person of small stature PARRICH Bk1905 Sc.
– a finely-dressed person; a belle or beau TIPPER Bk1905 Sc.
– a finely-dressed woman; one who is elegantly dressed QUAINTRELLE c1430 obs. rare
– a flashily-dressed, assertively masculine, and up-to-the-minute male ALLIGATOR African-American sl.
– a flashily-dressed man; a dandy FANCY DAN 1930s sl., orig. US 
– a flashily-dressed man; a lady’s man DAPPER DAN 1967 Amer. sl.
– a flashily-dressed man; one who ‘shows off’ LAIR;  LARE 1935 Aust. sl.
– a flashily-dressed person; a dandy; a snob LACY-PANTS 1940 US sl.
– a flashily-dressed young woman BEETLE 1931 sl.
– a flashily-dressed woman BURERK;  BURICK M19 sl.
– a flashily-dressed youth or man TEDDY BEAR 1953 Aust. rhyming sl. for ‘lair’
– a gaudily-dressed person BARTHOLOMEW-PUPPET 1668
– a gaudily-dressed person MACKERONY Bk1888 Eng. dial. 
– a gaudily-dressed woman FALLAL Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– a gaudily-dressed woman MOPPET 1782 depreciative usage
– a gaudily-dressed woman whose chief pleasure consists in dress FLAMFOO 19C Sc.
– a grotesquely-dressed person BEAGLE Bk1876 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– a grotesquely-dressed, ragged, or unkempt person TATTIE-BOGLE 1972 Sc. 
– a handsomely-dressed male DAP DADDY 1950s African-American sl.
– a loudly-dressed and loudly-decorated dandy HAMFATTER 1932 US sl.
– a loudly-dressed, ostentatious, and typically bad-mannered man FLASH HARRY 1960 Brit. sl.
– a man dressed in a cheap, flashy manner TWO-BOB LAIR Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– a man dressed in fine clothes TASSELLED GENTLEMAN Bk1894
– a man dressed in the height of fashion HEAVY GUNNER 1890
– a man dressed in the height of fashion; a dandy, an aristocrat, or one who tries to pose as such HEAVY SWELL 1819 colloq.
– a man, esp. a young Black hipster or Chicano, who wears a zoot suit and/or exemplifies the values symbolized by such a garment ZOOT SUITER 1942 US sl.
– a man who dresses in formal dinner clothes MONKEYBACK 1928 African-American sl.
– a man who favours flamboyant, up-to-the-minute dress ACE African-American sl.
– a member of an identifiable group of zoot-suit-wearing young men, characterized by fashion and as flashy and vulgar ZOOTER 1994 US sl.
– an absurdly-dressed person MAMMOCK;  MOMMACK;  MOMMICK(S);  MOMMUCK;  MUMMOCK 1825 Eng. dial.
– an absurdly-dressed person MOMMIT Bk1893 Eng. dial.
– an absurdly-dressed person; a ‘sight’ JAY 1898
– a neatly-dressed person, generally a female SNODDIE B1900 Sc.
– an eccentrically-dressed person MALKIN 1873 Sc.
– an eccentrically-dressed person MAWKIN 1819 Eng. dial.
– an elderly woman dressed in a youthful style AN OLD EWE DRESSED LAMB-FASHION Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– an elderly woman dressed in a youthful style MUTTON DRESSED LAMB-FASHION 1810
– an ill-dressed, badly behaved person YARD DOG 1944 African-American sl.
– an ill-dressed, dirty, dishevelled person SKID 1990s sl.
– an ill-dressed, grotesque-looking, ugly, or ridiculous person, esp. an old man GUY 1823 Amer. sl.
– an ill-dressed man PARISH RIG L19 sl., orig. nautical usage
– an ill-dressed person GIZEN Bk1877 Eng. dial.
– an ill-dressed person MEG Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– an ill-dressed person OBJECT Bk1877 Eng. dial.
– an ill-dressed, poor person QUEER CULL L17 sl.
– an ill-dressed, shabby fellow CAPTAIN QUEERNABS Bk1890 sl.
– an ill-dressed, shabby fellow; a ragamuffin SHABAROON a1700 sl. obs.
– an obtrusively overdressed woman TIGER 1827 sl. obs.
– an obtrusively overdressed woman TIGRESS 1836 obs.
– an oddly-dressed person BEAGLE Bk1876 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– an oddly-dressed person BOAKIE Bk1911 Sc.
– an oddly-dressed person GAIVE c1930 Sc.
– an oddly-dressed person TARGET 1972 Sc.
– an oddly-dressed person; a guy SCRIBE Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– an oddly-dressed, tawdry woman; a slattern DOZZLE 1855 Eng. dial.
– an ostentatiously well-dressed, lavishly made-up, etc. (young) person, usually a woman GLAMOUS PUSS 1940 sl.
– an overdressed man BIT OF STUFF 1828 UK sl.
– an overdressed person ASTOR’S PET COW 1967 Amer. dial.
– an overdressed person ASTOR’S PET HORSE 1967 Amer. dial.
– an overdressed person ASTOR’S PET PONY .1967 Amer. dial.
– an overdressed person ASTOR’S PLUSH HORSE 1950 Amer. dial.
– an overdressed person ASTORBILT 1969 Amer. jocular usage
– an overdressed person BIZEN Bk1893 Eng. dial.
– an overdressed person FANTOOSH 1930 Sc.
– an overdressed person MACAROONY Bk1895 Eng. dial. obs.
– an overdressed person MACKERONY Bk1888 Eng. dial. 
– an overdressed person MRS. ASTOR’S BILLY GOAT 1920s US sl.
– an overdressed person MRS. ASTOR’S COW 1920s US sl.
– an overdressed person MRS. ASTOR’S PET COW 1920s US sl.
– an overdressed person MRS. ASTOR’S PET HORSE 1929 US sl.
– an overdressed person MRS. ASTOR’S PLUSH HORSE 1957 US sl.
– an overdressed person TIP Bk1905 Sc.
– an overdressed woman BARTHOLOMEW BABY 1639
– an overdressed woman DOCKSY 19C Eng. dial.
– an overdressed woman SALLY HATCH 1892 Eng. dial.
– an overdressed college girl; a girl who is dressed up even for everyday occasions BETTY-CO-ED Bk1970 US students’ sl.
– an overdressed, conceited fellow who apes the manners of a gentleman BARBER’S CLERK 1821 sl.
– an overdressed, flashy person BUTTERFLY 20C US sl.
– an overdressed, flighty person KECKMALAIRY 1825 Eng. dial. 
– an overdressed or excessively stylish person TACKHEAD 1980 US sl.
– an overdressed or excessively stylish person TACKY 1980 US sl.
– an overdressed, showy man; one who spends much time in barbers’ shops; a fop BARBER’S BLOCK 1876 UK sl.
– an overdressed, showy woman DAFFADILE 1821 Sc.
– an overdressed, showy woman DAFFODIL 1821 Sc. & Eng. dial. 
– an overdressed, smart person DALLACKS Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– an overdressed, vulgar woman; one in vulgar finery BARTHOLOMEW DOLL 1788 UK
– an overdressed, vulgar woman; one in vulgar finery BARTLEMY DOLL 1794 UK
– an unattractively-dressed woman DOWDY L16
– an uncouthly-dressed person; an ugly fellow HANIEL SLYP 1742 Sc.
– an unfashionable dresser DAG 1990s Aust. & NZ sl.
– an untidily-dressed female AMY FLORENCE 1760 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– an untidily-dressed person MAMMOCK;  MOMMACK;  MOMMICK(S);  MOMMUCK;  MUMMOCK 1825 Eng. dial.
– an untidily-dressed person MOMMIT Bk1893 Eng. dial.
– an untidily-dressed person TARGET 1972 Sc.
– an untidily-dressed person; a ‘sight’ TRAG 1901 Sc.
– an untidily-dressed woman; a slattern MOGGIE;  MOGGY 1648 orig. Sc. & Eng. dial. rare
– a person dressed in black BAT CAVER 20C teen & high school sl.
– a person wearing ill-fitting clothes and with a foolish gait DADGIL 1824 Sc.
– a person wearing ill-fitting clothes and with a foolish gait DATCHEL 1824 Sc.
– a person wearing too neatly cut clothes CLIPPIE 19C Sc.
– a person who dresses in gay apparel PARAKEET 1596
– a person who dresses in gay apparel PARAQUITO 1596
– a person who invites contempt or ridicule by being foppishly or extravagantly dressed MUNSIE 1808 Sc.
– a person whose clothes are too large for his body DALLION 1824 Sc. obs.
– a poorly-dressed person; a ‘sight’ TRAG 1901 Sc.
– a poorly-dressed, ragged person; a ragamuffin TATTER-CLOUT 1874 Eng. dial.
– a poorly-dressed, ragged person; a ragamuffin TATTER-RAGS Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a poorly-dressed, ragged person; a ragamuffin TATTER-WALLETS Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a ridiculously-dressed person GIZARD Bk1877 Eng. dial.
– a shabbily-dressed person RAG BAG 1888 UK sl.
– a shabbily-dressed person; a guy SCRIBE Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– a shabbily-dressed person; one who goes about looking like a tramp, either through poverty or slovenliness PALMER 1808 Sc.
– a shabbily-dressed woman DOWDY L16
– a showily-dressed, conceited person, esp. a man; a dandy, a snob FANCY PANTS 1934 sl., orig. US
– a showily-dressed person DASHER Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– a showily-dressed person GIBBY-HORSE 1601
– a showily-dressed person MALKIN 1873 Sc.
– a showily-dressed person MAWKIN 1819 Eng. dial.
– a showily-dressed person; a fop FANTASTIC a1613 obs.
– a showily-dressed person; a person in bright clothes AFRIC BIRD 1623 obs.
– a showily-dressed woman BLADE 1983 Ulster sl.
– a showily-dressed woman TACKLE 1983 Irish sl.
– a sloppily-dressed woman; a slattern RAG BAG 1888 UK sl.
– a sloppily-dressed woman; a slattern RAG DOLL c1862 sl.
– a smartly-dressed person TWO-BOB LAIR Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– a smartly-dressed person; a spruce fellow; a dandy SPRUSADO 1665 obs.
– a smartly-dressed young man WALLY Bk1933 US sl.
– a sporadically well-dressed man BLACKFORD-BLOCK a1909 UK sl.
– a sporadically well-dressed man BLACKFORD-SWELL a1909 UK sl.
– a sporadically well-dressed man BLACKFORD-TOFF a1909 UK sl.
– a sprucely-dressed person DAPPER 1709 obs.
– a stylishly-dressed person CANDY-BOY 1901 US sl.
– a stylishly-dressed person CANDY-COCK 1925 US sl.
– a stylishly-dressed person CANDY-KID 1913 US sl.
– a swell-dressed person; a person with a showy exterior SWELL Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– a tawdrily-dressed female AMY FLORENCE 1760 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– a tawdrily-dressed person BARTHOLOMEW BABY 1639
– a tawdrily-dressed woman FINNICKS 1839 Eng. dial.
– a very well-dressed, fashionable (if not overly intelligent) young man KNUT;  NUT 1910s sl.
– a vulgarly-dressed person TIGER 1827 sl. obs.
– a vulgarly-dressed person TIGRESS 1836 obs.
– a well-dressed, affable man GLOVER 1854 US sl.
– a well-dressed, alert boy or man SHREWD DUDE Bk1974 Amer. sl.
– a well-dressed, attractive man SWING DADDY 1970s African-American sl.
– a well-dressed beauty PACKAGED GOODS Bk1972 homosexual sl. 
– a well-dressed, fashionable person MOD a1968 US college sl.
– a well-dressed fellow HIGH BLOKE Bk1859 US sl. obs.
– a well-dressed gentleman HIGH-COLLARED DUDE Bk1914 Amer. dial.
– a well-dressed gentleman HIGH-COLLARED ROOSTER 1906 Amer. dial.
– a well-dressed girl; one who can afford mink MINK Bk1971 Boonville California jargon 
– a well-dressed, lively woman HIGH STEPPER 1852
– a well-dressed man BEAR a1968 US college sl.
– a well-dressed man DOOGIE DADDY 1950s African-American sl.
– a well-dressed man; a dandy PARKER M19 sl.
– a well-dressed, popular male HARD CAT 1959 US sl.
– a well-dressed, respectable man MASTER 1851 Eng. dial.
– a well-dressed, sprightly child or youth; a fop BUCKSTICK 19C Eng. dial.
– a well-dressed, stylish man GEEZER c1950 UK sl.
– a well-dressed, superficial, female HEATHER Bk1989 US teen & college sl.
– a well-dressed, trim person NABITY Bk1903 Sc.
– a well-dressed, upper-class person TOFF 1851 Brit. sl.
– a well-dressed, vulgar man BOUNDER 1914 Amer. dial. 
– a well-dressed woman WELL-RIGGED FRIGATE 1725 UK sl.
– a well-dressed young man DANDY-BOY 1940s W. Indies sl.
– a well-dressed young woman BELLIBONE 1923 UK sl.
– a whimsically-dressed female HEEGARY Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– a woman dressed to appear younger than her years LACED MUTTON E19 sl.
– a woman who overdresses MISS LIZZIE TISH 1960s US sl.
– a woman who overdresses, or spends too much on clothes MISS ASTOR;  MRS. ASTOR 1966 Amer. dial.
– a woman who overdresses, or spends too much on clothes TIZZIE LISH 1995 Amer. dial.
– the best-dressed or best-looking lad or lass in a company BOB Bk1911 Sc.
– said of a person who dresses carelessly LOOKS LIKE A HAYSTACK 1968 Amer. dial.
– said of a very untidily dressed person HE LOOKS LIKE AN UNMADE BED Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– to be dressed in a youthful style BE DRESSED LAMB-FASHION 1892 Eng. dial.
– to be gaily dressed BE SET FORTH LIKE LAMB AND SALLIT Bk1902 Eng. dial.

– a dressing-room TIRE-ROOM 1681
– a dressing-room TOILET-ROOM 1794
– a dressing-room; in the US, a dressing-room furnished with bathing facilities TOILET 1819
– a dressing-room; the dressing-room of a theatre TIRING-ROOM 1623 arch.
– a dressing-room; the room or place in which the actors dressed for the state TIRING-HOUSE 1590 arch.
– a room in which wearing apparel (sometimes armour) was kept; esp. a room adjoining the ‘chamber’ or sleeping apartment; hence, a dressing-room WARDROBE 1387-8 obs.

– a dressmaker’s dummy MANTY-MAKING a1890 sl.
– dressmaking MANTY-MAKING Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– dressmaking; tailoring RAG-TRADE c1880 sl.

– a dressmaker MANTY-MAKER 1787 Sc.
– a dressmaker NEEDLE-DODGER Bk1902 sl.
– a dressmaker, a costumer; a woman employed in the making or sale of women’s clothing TIRE-WOMAN c1626 obs.
– a dressmaker; a seamstress ZAWSTER 1902 Eng. dial.
– a dressmaker, a sewing-woman (MY) LITTLE WOMAN ROUND THE CORNER  20C middle-class colloq.
– a dressmaker; one who makes mantuas (gowns) MANTUA-MAKER 1694 obs. exc. Hist.
– a dressmaker; one who makes women’s robes MANTEAU-MAKER 1699 obs.
– a fashionable dressmaker; a person who designs, makes, or sells fashionable articles of clothing for women MODIST 1852 US– a fashionable dressmaker; a person who designs, makes, or sells fashionable articles of clothing for women MODISTE 1802