Reverse Dictionary: DRINK – ADJECTIVES

– addicted to drink; bibulous POTATIVE 1737 rare
– addicted to drinking BIBACIOUS 1663
– addicted to drinking BIBULOUS 1861
– addicted to drinking deeply; alcoholic UPSY-FRIESY 1622
– belonging to taverns TABERNARIOUS 1656 obs. rare
– characterized by excess in drinking CRAPULOUS 1536
– confused or excited with drink REVEREND 1791 Sc.
– constantly drinking or boozing  ON THE BALL 1899 Sc.
– corpulent from drinking BEER-BRUSSEN Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– dazed or fuddled from drinking MUZZY a1795
– drinkable BUVABLE 1480 obs. rare
– drinking AT LIQUOR 1936 Amer. dial.
– drinking, abounding with drink POTORIOUS 1656 obs. rare
– drinking alcohol ON THE OIL M19 sl.
– drinking alcohol, esp. beer ON THE TURPS 1865 Aust. sl.
– drinking, but not yet intoxicated PRIMED Bk1966 US students’ sl.
– drinking, carousing RAFFING 19C Eng. dial.
– drinking hard, swilling BEZZLING 1617 obs.
– drinking heavily AT IT M19 sl.
– drinking heavily GUZZLING M17
– drinking heavily HITTING IT UP L19 US sl.
– drinking heavily ON A BUST M19 sl.
– drinking heavily ON A BUSTER M19 sl.
– drinking heavily ON A SKATE 20C sl.
– drinking regularly; drinking in the manner of an alcoholic ON THE SAUCE M20 US sl.
– drinking; tippling BIBBLING 1565
– drinking to excess; given up to liquor SAPPIE;  SAPPY 1807 Sc.
– drinking with the intention of getting drunk BALLS-TO-THE-WALL 2000s US college sl.
– engaged in drinking ON 1802 sl.
– enjoying the positive effects of drink OFF 1960s sl.
– ever ready to drink OPEN-THROPPLED 1839 Eng. dial.
– excellent, first-rate; said of drink ELEGANT 1848
– feeling well, happy, at one with the world, esp. as a result of drink NICE 1940s African-American sl.
– fit for drinking; drinkable POTATORY 1827
– fit for drinking, furnishing drink, drinkable POCULENT 1626 obs. rare
– fond of drinking BIBACIOUS 1663
– fond of drinking BIBULANT 1883
– full of confidence and boldness through drinking POT-SURE 1648 obs.
– given to drink ON THE BOTTLE Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– given to drink; disorderly, disreputable RANDY 1785 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– given to drinking BIBBING 1594
– given to drinking POTATORY 1827
– given to intemperance in drink WAT B1900 Sc.
– having a drink, but not enough to cause intoxication TUNED IN Bk1966 US students’ sl.
– having an insatiable craving for drink TROUBLED WITH A MALT-SUCKER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– having expended all one’s money on drink MELTED 20C sl.
– in a state of collapse from excessive drinking OFF ONE’S PONY 1960s US sl.
– inspired by drink MALT-INSPIRED 1838 Eng. dial.
– intoxicating; said of liquor NASE a1550 cant obs.
– involving excessive drinking and licentiousness ORGIAC 1890
– involving excessive drinking and licentiousness ORGIASTICAL a1871 rare
– involving excessive drinking and licentiousness ORGIC 1789 rare
– lively and excited with drink MARKET-FRESH 1894 Eng. dial.
– lively and excited with drink MARKET-FUDDLED 1896 Eng. dial.
– lively and excited with drink MARKET-MERRY 1889 Eng. dial.
– lively and excited with drink MARKET-PEART 1895 Eng. dial.
– mixed or combined with something; said of a drink LACED 17C sl.
– not good for drinking or eating NAUGHT 1588
– of bad quality, in bad condition; said of drink NAUGHTY 1535 rare
– of first-rate quality, very good, excellent; said of drink/liquor SUPERNACULAR 1848
– of the nature of quaffing QUAFFY 1582 obs.
– opposed to the existence of drinking saloons ANTI-SALOON 1888 US
– pertaining to drinking or tippling BIBITORY 1696 rare
– potent; said of drink MAIN a1300 obs.
– pure, unadulterated; said of drink REVEREND 1837 Amer. dial.
– reviving; comforting; said of an alcoholic drink CHEER-UPPING
– said of a heavy drinker ON THE TURPS Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– said of a person who’s been on a ‘drunk’ or had a bad night of any kind ILL AS A HORNET 1939 Amer. dial.
– serving liquor SKINKING 1592 arch.
– sick from drinking MAWKISH 1896 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– sick from excessive drinking BARLEY-SICK Bk1911 Sc.
– sick from excessive drinking CRAPULOUS 1755
– suffering from the effects of intemperance in drinking CRAPULOUS 1755
– taking too much drink DEALING WITH LUSHINGTON 1823 sl. obs.
– unable to consume large quantities of drink and/or drugs LIGHT 1990s US sl.
– under the influence of drink ZOOTED;  ZOOTED UP 1980s US college sl.
– used of a person who enjoys drinking LUSHING M19 sl.
– very strong-flavoured; said of drink STRONG ENOUGH TO WALK 1965 Amer. dial.
– very strong-flavoured; said of drink STRONG ENOUGH TO WALK ALONE 1861 Amer. dial.
– very strong-flavoured; said of drink STRONG ENOUGH TO WALK BY ITSELF 1965 Amer. dial.
– very strong-flavoured; said of drink STRONG ENOUGH TO WALK OFF 1965 Amer. dial.
– very strong-flavoured; said of drink STRONG ENOUGH TO WALK ON ITS HANDS 1915 Amer. dial.
– very strong-flavoured; said of drink STRONG ENOUGH TO WALK OUT OF THE CUP 1965 Amer. dial.
– very strong-flavoured; said of drink STRONG ENOUGH TO WALK OUT OF THE POT 1965 Amer. dial.
– very strong-flavoured; said of drink STRONG ENOUGH TO WALK UP A HILL BACKWARDS 1965 Amer. dial.
– very strong-flavoured; said of drink STRONG ENOUGH TO WALK UP HILL 1965 Amer. dial.
– wishy-washy, thin; said of drink WABBLIE 1949 Sc.

– served undiluted with ice ON THE ROCKS colloq.
– unmixed with water ‘AH! DON’T MINGLE Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water AS IT CAME FROM ITS MOTHER Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water BALD-FACED Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water BARE-FOOTED Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water CLEAN FROM THE STILL Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water COLD-WITHOUT Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water IN A STATE OF NATURE Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water IN PURIS NATURALIBUS Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water NEAT 1596 colloq.
– unmixed with water NEAT AS IMPORTED Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water OUT OF THE BARREL Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water PLAIN Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water PRIMITIVE Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water PURE Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water RAW RECRUIT Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water RAW Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water REVEREND Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water SIMPLEX MUNDITIS Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water STARK-NAKED Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water STRAIGHT Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water STRIPPED Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water UNALLOYED Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water UNCORRUPTED Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water UNMARRIED Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water UNSOPHISTICATED Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water UNTEMPERED Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water VIRGIN Bk1902 colloq.
– unmixed with water WITHOUT A SHIRT Bk1902 colloq.
​– unmixed with water NAKED 1850 colloq.

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