Reverse Dictionary: DRINK – VERBS

– to acquire a tolerance or ‘head’ for drink MACK OUT L18 Irish sl.
– to add alcohol to a drink TANGLE M19 sl. 
– to barter one’s horse for liquor JUMP ONE’S HORSE OVER THE BAR L19 Aust. sl.
– to become ill from drinking BLOW LUNCH Bk1970 US students’ sl.
– to become unconscious from drinking too much liquor AUGER IN Bk1975 US sl.
– to begin drinking liquor again after a period of abstinence; also, to breach abstinence or moderation in anything FALL OFF THE WAGON L19 sl.
– to begin to drink heartily DIG IN 1912 sl.
– to begin to drink heartily HOE IN(TO) 1935 sl.
– to begin to drink heartily TUCK IN(TO) 1810 sl.
– to be given to drinking BIDE-ABOUT Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– to be given to drinking TIP THE BOTTLE 1902 Eng. dial.
– to be handed round, pass, circulate; said of a drink WALK 1555 obs.
– to be more than usually open-handed in buying drinks for others PUSH THE BOAT OUT 1937 sl., orig. naval usage
– to be overcome by drink TAKE THE KNOCK 2000s sl.
– to buy a drink for someone MUG 1830 Brit. sl.
– to buy a drink for; to treat BALL OFF 1894 Amer. sl.
– to buy drinks CARRY THE MAIL 1966 Aust. sl.
– to challenge someone to empty what remains of a bottle into their glass and then to drink it all down BUZZA L18 sl.
– to collapse from drinking FOLD Bk2006 US sl.
– to confuse with drink FUDDLE 19C sl.
– to congregate with other teenagers around the cars at shopping centre car-parks, drinking beer and idling WOLF-PACK 1989 US sl.
– to cram with drink INGROTEN c1440 obs. rare
– to delight in drinking SUCK ONE’S FACE  c1696 sl.
– to diminish the quantity or potency of one’s drink; to dilute wines, spirits, etc. TAPER 1869 Eng. dial.
– to drain a glass or bottle; to share the last bottle of wine equally among all drinkers, when there is not enough for a whole glass each BUY A DRINK 1940s US sl.
– to drink ABSORB 1874 Amer. sl.
– to drink ALKY UP 1930s US tramps’ sl.
– to drink BAG Bk1969 US students’ sl.
– to drink BELT Bk2006 US sl.
– to drink BEND THE ELBOW 1823 sl.
– to drink BUDGE L17 sl.
– to drink CHAPPER 1909 London sl. obs.
– to drink DAMP 1862 sl.
– to drink DAMP ONE’S MUG c1835 sl.
– to drink DAMPEN THE DUST M19 US sl.
– to drink DO A WET L17 sl.
– to drink DUST ONE’S THROAT L19 US sl.
– to drink EAT 1818 Amer. dial. obs.
– to drink FALL DOWN THE SINK L19 rhyming sl.
– to drink HALF-PINT 1865 Eng. dial.
– to drink HIT UP L19 US sl.
– to drink INHALE L19 sl. 
– to drink IRRIGATE ONE’S CANAL Bk1896 sl.
– to drink JAR M19 sl.
– to drink KISS THE BABE B1912 Eng. sl. 
– to drink KNOCK DOWN 1950s US sl.
– to drink LAG 2000s sl.
– to drink LAGE M16 cant
– to drink LIGHT UP 1900s US sl.
– to drink LINE ONE’S JACKET 1611 obs.
– to drink LIQUOR UP Bk1905 Amer. dial.
– to drink LUSH IT 1835 sl.
– to drink NECK 1514 sl.
– to drink OIL THE MACHINERY L19 sl.
– to drink OIL THE TONSILS 20C sl.
– to drink PAINT 1853 sl.
– to drink PARTY 1960s US sl.
– to drink PUSH THE GLASS ABOUT E19 sl.
– to drink RINSE Bk1903 sl.
– to drink RINSE THE IVORIES 1823 sl.
– to drink SAMPLE c1845 sl.
– to drink SHIFT 1896 sl.
– to drink SLUICE ONE’S IVORIES 1823 sl.
– to drink SNORK 1990s US sl.
– to drink SWIZZLE Bk1892 Aust. sl.
– to drink TAKE IN WOOD M19 US sl.
– to drink TAKE ONE’S MEDICINE M19 sl.
– to drink THROW UP THE HAND Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to drink THROW UP THE LITTLE FINGER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to drink TIP THE LITTLE FINGER Bk1892 Aust. sl.
– to drink TUMBLE DOWN THE SINK c1930 rhyming sl.
– to drink UPSEE-FREEZE L16 sl. 
– to drink USE 1940s sl. 
– to drink WASH THE IVORIES 1823 sl.
– to drink WET ONE’S NEB Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to drink WOOD UP M19 US sl.
– to drink YARK 1901 Sc.
– to drink a dram; to drink heartily BUNG ONE’S EYE L18 sl.
– to drink again, to take another glass MEND ONE’S DRAUGHT 1875 Eng. dial.
– to drink a glass of absinthe TAKE A BLUE 1910s sl.
– to drink a glass of beer, etc. at a single swallow CHUG 1958 sl.
– to drink a glass of beer, etc. at a single swallow CHUGALUG c1936 sl.
– to drink a lot of alcohol GET A LOAD ON 1598 sl.
– to drink alcohol BE ON IT 1938 Aust. sl.
– to drink alcohol BEVIE 1934 Brit. sl.
– to drink alcohol BOOZE c1325
– to drink alcohol CUT THE DUST Bk2006 US sl.
– to drink alcohol FARM 1970s US college sl.
– to drink alcohol GABE 1948 Amer. dial.
– to drink alcohol GREASE ONE’S THROAT 1900s sl.
– to drink alcohol GREASE ONE’S TONSILS 1900s sl.
– to drink alcohol GROG ON Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– to drink alcohol HAVE A SNORT 1912 Aust. sl.
– to drink alcohol HIT THE BOOZE 1889 sl., orig. US
– to drink alcohol HIT THE BOTTLE 1889 sl., orig. US
– to drink alcohol HIT THE JUG 1889 sl., orig. US
– to drink alcohol HIT THE POT 1889 sl., orig. US
– to drink alcohol IRRIGATE THE ULCERS 1951 Amer. dial.
– to drink alcohol LIFT THE ELBOW 1823 sl.
– to drink alcohol PICK UP 1950s Amer. sl.
– to drink alcohol SLUICE ONE’S IVORIES 1899 US sl.
– to drink alcohol SOAK 1687 sl.
– to drink alcohol SOUSE 1921 sl.
– to drink alcohol SOZZLE 1937 sl.
– to drink alcohol TANK UP 1902 sl.
– to drink alcohol TIP THE FINGER Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– to drink alcohol TIPPLE 1560
– to drink alcohol WATER 1970s US sl.
– to drink alcohol WET ONE’S WHISTLE c1386 sl.
– to drink alcohol, esp. excessively SHICKER;  SHIKER;  SHIKKER 1906 Aust. & NZ sl.
– to drink alcohol, esp. in company or as a frequent practice; to drink ‘nobblers’ NOBBLERISE;  NOBBLERIZE 1847 Aust. sl. obs.
– to drink alcohol, esp. with the implication of excess CROOK ONE’S ELBOW 1825 sl.
– to drink alcohol excessively BINGE 1854 sl.
– to drink alcohol excessively DRINK LIKE A FISH 1640 sl.
– to drink alcohol heavily DO THE DRINK THING Bk2006 US sl.
– to drink alcoholic beverages for the purpose of raising spirits and enthusiasm FIRE UP Bk1971 US students’ sl.
– to drink alcoholic liquor; to get drunk MUG 1653 sl. obs.
– to drink alcohol in great quantities GUZZLE 1579
– to drink alcohol often SORBILLATE 1623 obs.
– to drink alcohol rapidly DOWN 1869 colloq.
– to drink alone CHEW A LONE DRINK 20C Amer. sl.
– to drink alone DICK SMITH IT  1979 Amer. dial.
– to drink alone; to be unsociable DRINK WITH THE FLIES 1943 Aust. sl.
– to drink and indulge in riotous behaviour, like the young bloods of the Regency period TOM-AND-JERRY 1828
– to drink away one’s possessions SOAK THE MILL L19 US sl.
– to drink beer POP TOPS 1980s US students’ sl.
– to drink beer SINK A FEW Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– to drink beer SINK A FEW Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– to drink beer SUCK SUDS Bk1970 US students’ sl.
– to drink beer, etc. TURN THE TIMMER 1794 Sc. 
– to drink beer from pewter pots UNLOAD PEWTER 1848 UK criminals’ sl. 
– to drink beer or other liquor in excess HIT THE CAN 1922 US sl.
– to drink bumpers BUMPERIZE a1794 nonce word, obs. (bumper – a cup or glass of wine, etc., filled to the brim)
– to drink carelessly BEBBLE Bk1911 Sc.
– to drink carelessly, with spilling BAIBLE 1887 Sc.
– to drink continuously, but in small quantities; to tipple BEB 1781 Eng. dial.
– to drink copiously BELCH Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– to drink copiously PUNISH Bk1974 Amer. sl.
– to drink copiously and habitually TOP 1598 obs.
– to drink copiously and habitually TOPE 1654 arch. or literary 
– to drink copiously or in excess QUASS 1549 obs.
– to drink copiously; to take a large draught TOOT;  TOUT 1676 Sc. 
– to drink deeply DRIFFLE c1645 obs.
– to drink deeply QUAIGH Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to drink deeply QUAUGHT 1530 obs. rare
– to drink deeply QUAX 1509 obs.
– to drink deeply SWIG c1654 sl.
– to drink deeply or copiously; to take a long draught QUAFF 1529
– to drink down or consume liquor SINK 1906 NZ sl.
– to drink, esp. an alcoholic drink LOWER 1895 sl.
– to drink, esp. at one gulp TOSS OFF 1590 TOSS OFF vb. 1590
– to drink, esp. beer or other alcoholic liquor BEVVY;  BEVY 1934 sl.
– to drink, esp. greedily SNARF 1960s sl.
– to drink; esp. to drink slowly or in small portions; to sip TIFF 1769 colloq. or sl.
– to drink, esp. to finish off one’s drink KNOCK BACK 1931 sl.
– to drink, esp. to the point of intoxication JUICE 1893 US sl.
– to drink, esp. with the implication of excess CROOK THE LITTLE FINGER 1836 sl.,  orig. US
– to drink exactly one’s share NICK THE PIN 1655 sl. obs.
– to drink freely at a bar CHASE THE CAN 1910s sl.
– to drink frequently or habitually at a public house or shanty SHANTY L19 Aust.
– to drink frequently, to tipple BIBBLE 1582 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– to drink frequently, to tipple BIBULATE 1767
– to drink gin DAFFY (IT) 1820 sl.
– to drink greedily BELVE 1864 Eng. dial.
– to drink greedily BEND 1727 Sc.
– to drink greedily GAUMP 1805 Sc. obs.
– to drink greedily GOZZLE 1966 Amer. dial.
– to drink greedily GUZZLE 1579
– to drink greedily SCOLL 1823 Sc.
– to drink greedily and hastily GADDLE 1854 Eng. dial.
– to drink greedily and with noise YOFFLE;  YUFFLE 1821 Eng. dial.
– to drink greedily; to guzzle GOGGLE 1948 Amer. dial.
– to drink greedily; to guzzle GUGGLE 1948 Amer. dial.
– to drink habitually JUTTLE 1813 Sc.
– to drink hard BIRLE 1815 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to drink hard BLYBER Bk1911 Sc.
– to drink hard BOWZE Bk1911 Sc.
– to drink hard LIVE ON SUCTION Bk1904 sl.
– to drink hard SCOLL 1773 Sc.
– to drink hard and often BLEBBER Bk1911 Sc.
– to drink hard; to drink like a fish DRINK A TIRELARIGOT 1653 obs.
– to drink hard; to ply with drink BIRL Bk1911 Sc. 
– to drink health or success to CAROUSE 1583
– to drink heartily BUNG ONE’S EYE L18 sl.
– to drink heartily GUTTLE L17
– to drink heartily LAY ONE’S LUGS AMONG 1891 Sc.
– to drink heartily MAC(K) 1971 Amer. students’ sl.
– to drink heartily MACK DOWN 1971 Amer. students’ sl.
– to drink heartily MACK OUT 1971 Amer. students’ sl.
– to drink heartily STACK AWAY 1960 Aust. sl.
– to drink heartily of WALK INTO 1837
– to drink heartily; to booze NICK 1790 Sc. 
– to drink heavily ADD A NAIL TO ONE’S COFFIN M19 sl.
– to drink heavily ADD A PEG NAIL TO ONE’S COFFIN M19 sl.
– to drink heavily BEAT LIQUOR 20C W. Indies sl.
– to drink heavily DRIVE A PEG INTO ONE’S COFFIN M19 sl.
– to drink heavily FARM WITH THE BOTTLE 1967 Amer. dial.
– to drink heavily IMPOTE 1721 obs. rare
– to drink heavily KILL ONE’S DOG M18 sl.
– to drink heavily RAMSQUADDLE M19 sl.
– to drink heavily TAKE ONE’S DROPS 18C sl.
– to drink heavily TAN THE BEVY 1970s sl. 
– to drink heavily TANK L19 sl. 
– to drink heavily, to swill GET ON BOARD 1790 Sc.
– to drink heavily; to make too free with liquor PADDLE 1746 Eng. dial.
– to drink heavily; usually in the context of resuming drinking after a period of abstinence FALL OFF THE WATER WAGON L19 sl.
– to drink hurriedly or greedily YAFFLE  1788 UK sl.
– to drink immoderately BAZZLE 1746 Eng. dial.
– to drink it all off at a draught TIP a1700 sl.
– to drink largely BLABBER Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– to drink liquor LUSH UP 1893 Amer. sl.
– to drink liquor ROSIN E18 now Eng. dial.
– to drink liquor TAKE AN OATH 19C sl., chiefly US
– to drink liquor TAKE THE OATH 1859 Amer. sl.
– to drink liquor, etc. slowly or by small sips; to sip up SIPPLE 1566
– to drink liquor greedily; to guzzle LAP a1889 US sl.
– to drink liquor greedily; to guzzle LAP UP 1908 US sl.
– to drink liquor to excess LUBRICATE L19 Brit. & US sl.
– to drink liquor; to get drunk OIL UP 1870 Amer. sl.
– to drink malt liquor MALT 1813
– to drink more than one’s share BACK-HAND M19 sl.
– to drink much and frequently; to tipple BLAB 1871 Sc.
– to drink much and often BLYBE Bk1911 Sc.
– to drink noisily SLURP 1648 sl.
– to drink off SCOUR OUT 1805 Sc.
– to drink off TAKE OUT 1884 Eng. dial.
– to drink off heartily, to gulp down, to drain a glass SCOUR 1718 Sc. 
– to drink off the contents of TOOM 1500-20 Sc. & N. Eng. dial. 
– to drink of wine, beer, or spirits SMILE Bk1892 Aust. sl.
– to drink one’s tips MELT ONE’S MAGS 1779 Sc.
– to drink, or go drinking on St. Patrick’s Day DROWN THE SHAMROCK 
– to drink out of the same vessel with KISS CAPS WITH 1715
– to drink plentifully, to fuddle BREEL 19C Sc.
– to drink quickly, to ‘toss off’ WHIP 1639 sl.
– to drink quickly, to ‘toss off’ WHIP OFF 1639 sl.
– to drink quickly, to ‘toss off’ WHIP UP 1692 sl.
– to drink quickly, to ‘toss off’ liquor DUST 1673 obs.
– to drink rapidly SNARF UP Bk1970 US students’ sl.
– to drink rum FIRE THE ACID 20C W. Indies sl.
– to drink some beer BUST SOME SUDS Bk1998 sl.
– to drink some beer or liquor HOIST 1940s US sl.
– to drink steadily FARM WITH THE BOTTLE 1967 Amer. dial.
– to drink the pot to the dregs GUT A QUART POT L17 sl.
– to drink ‘tippeny’ (ale at twopence per bottle); to act the toper, properly in drinking small beer (beer of a weak, poor, or inferior quality); to drink heavily TIPPANIZE 1718 Sc. obs.
– to drink; to attend a party; to have a ‘wild time’ RALLY Bk1970 US students’ sl.
– to drink; to dip one’s ‘bill’ DIP ONE’S BEEL 1873 Eng. dial.
– to drink; to do anything that shortens life DRIVE A NAIL IN ONE’S COFFIN 1874 sl.
– to drink, to do anything that shortens life PUT A NAIL IN ONE’S COFFIN 1836 sl.
– to drink, to down a drink SKOAL;  SKOL 1957 US sl.
– to drink; to drain a cup TIP UP 1887 Sc.
– to drink; to drink at one draught TIPE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to drink to excess BENGE 1825 Eng. dial.
– to drink to excess BLASH Bk1911 Sc.
– to drink to excess BOTTLE Bk2006 US sl.
– to drink to excess DRUNKEN c1000 obs.
– to drink to excess GO ON THE OIL 20C sl.
– to drink to excess HIT THE SAUCE 1940s sl. orig. US
– to drink to excess IRRIGATE THE ULCERS 1951 Amer. dial.
– to drink to excess MUZZLE 1828 Eng. dial. rare
– to drink to excess PACK 19C US sl.
– to drink to excess TEA UP 1887 Amer. dial.
– to drink to excess TIE ONE ON 1951 sl., chiefly US
– to drink to excess, esp. whisky FIGHT 1844 Amer. sl.
– to drink to excess; to consume ‘barrel’s of drink’ BARREL 20C US sl.
– to drink to excess; to drink to intoxication BOOZE IT UP E17 sl.
– to drink; to get drunk OIL L19 sl.
– to drink together; to indulge in merrymaking MARDLE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to drink, to guzzle GURGLE (DOWN) 1942 Amer. dial.
– to drink, to indulge in drink LUSH 1811 sl.
– to drink to intoxication JUICE UP 1971 US sl.
– to drink; to keep on drinking; to tipple BIB c1400
– to drink, to ‘liquor up’ GARGLE 1889 sl.
– to drink to the bottom, or at one draught; to drink off TAKE OFF 1613
– to drink to the dregs, to swallow completely EBIBE 1689 obs. rare
– to drink to the last drop DRINK TO THE LEES 1612
– to drink to the last drop in the bottle BUZZ 1785
– to drink too fast GLUP 1968 Amer. dial.
– to drink too fast GOOZLE 1914 Amer. dial.
– to drink, to quaff TIFT 1722 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to drink, to quench one’s thirst MOISTEN ONE’S THROTTLE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to drink, to quench one’s thirst SLAKE ONE’S THROTTLE 1881 Sc.
– to drink; to quench one’s thirst SOAK ONE’S CLAY 19C sl.
– to drink; to quench one’s thirst SOAK ONE’S FACE 19C sl.
– to drink; to quench one’s thirst SOAK THE CHAFFER 19C sl.
– to drink; to quench one’s thirst SOAK THE CLAY 19C sl.
– to drink; to quench one’s thirst SOAK THE FACE 19C sl.
– to drink; to quench one’s thirst WET ONE’S THROPPLE 1835 Sc.
– to drink; to quench one’s thirst WET ONE’S THROTTLE 1827 Sc.
– to drink; to take a drink IRRIGATE 1708 sl., chiefly US
– to drink, to take a swallow PULL 1436 sl.
– to drink, to tipple BLEB Bk1911 Sc.
– to drink, to tipple PUDDLE c1870 colloq.
– to drink, to tipple SUCK Bk1904 sl.
– to drink; to tipple; to waste one’s money on drink DADDLE AND DRINK 1808 Sc.
– to drink, to use a jug JUG 1681 obs.
– to drink up completely POLISH OFF 1873 sl.
– to drink, usually alcohol LUSH IT UP L19 sl.
– to drink, usually in a party or public house KEG IT UP 1990s NZ sl.
– to drink voraciously BELLY Bk1898 Sc.
– to drink wine, beer, or spirits SMILE 1858 sl.
– to drink wine or liquor heavily and become intoxicated BELT THE GRAPE M20 US sl.
– to drink wine or spirits from a cask (esp. surreptitiously) through a straw or tube inserted in a small hole; to drink wine from the bottle; hence, to tipple SUCK THE MONKEY 1785 rare
– to drink wishing health and happiness to another DRINK HAIL c1205 obs.
– to drink with friends at the opening of a new tavern DAMP THE SAWDUST c1860 sl.
– to drink with gusto PACK AWAY 1972 Aust. sl.
– to empty a glass MOP DOWN 20C sl.
​– to fall asleep when overcome by excessive drinking FALL OUT 1884 US sl.
– to fetch beer from a saloon in a growler, can, or some other vessel; hence, to drink freely RUSH THE BUCKET 1900 US sl.
– to fetch beer from a saloon in a growler, can, or some other vessel; hence, to drink freely RUSH THE CAN 1884 US sl.
– to fetch beer from a saloon in a growler, can, or some other vessel; hence, to drink freely RUSH THE GROWLER 1887 US sl.
– to fill up a glass of ‘grog’ when partially full with more spirits and water SAMP Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– to fill with drink, to drench DRUNK a1382 obs.
– to get more than enough to drink WARM THE EARS 1889 Eng. dial.
– to go on drinking CALL IN THE OTHER NAIL 1865 Sc.
– to go out drinking RALLY 1974 US sl.
– to guzzle liquor MOP UP 1811 sl.
– to have a desire to drink HAVE A COBWEB IN THE THROAT 1844
– to have a drink CLEAN ONE’S IVORIES 1824 sl.
– to have a drink, esp. of liquor WET ONE’S GOOZLE 1300s sl.
– to have a hot drink MUG UP 1897 sl., chiefly Can. & nautical
– to have an alcoholic drink STOP ONE 1924 Aust. sl.
– to have neither food nor drink HAVE NEITHER THICK NOR THIN IN THE HOUSE Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to indulge in food and drink BELLY-CHEER 1549 obs.
– to inject alcohol or ether into a drink, esp. beer, to make it more powerful NEEDLE 1929 US sl.
– to invite to drink, and then to clink glasses HOB AND NOB M18 sl.
​– to invite to drink, and then to clink glasses HOB NOB L18 sl.
– to lose consciousness from the combination of drinking and fatigue CRUMP (OUT) Bk1974 Amer. sl.
– to make a jumbled mixture of liquors; to mix with inferior ingredients, to adulterate BALDERDASH 1674
– to make away with a large amount of drink; to drink to excess; to guzzle, to revel BEZZLE 1612
– to meet one’s wife after being out drinking FACE THE ENEMY World War II Amer. sl.
– to open a bottle or can for the purpose of drinking CRACK 1773 Amer. sl.
– to open or drink a bottle CRACK A BOTTLE a1800
– to overindulge in drinking PIG OUT 1978 sl., orig. & chiefly US
– to partake of bever BEVER 1607 obs.
– to pass out from drinking alcohol to excess CRASH Bk2006 US sl.
– to pay for a drink SAM L19 sl.
– to pay for someone’s drink BUY SOMEONE’S THIRST L19 sl., orig. US
– to pledge in drinking DO ONE REASON Bk1903 sl.
– to pledge in drinking DO ONE RIGHT 1703 sl.
– to ply with drink; to make drunk LUSH (IT) 19C sl.
– to ply with liquor SOAK 19C sl.
– to pour a drink BUY A DRINK 1940s US sl.
– to pour out a drink BUTTLE 1853 Eng. dial.
– to pour out liquor, to pass round, to ply with drink BIRLE 1803 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– to pour out or draw liquor; to offer or serve drink, etc. SKINK c1386 arch. or Eng. dial.
– to prepare something to drink BUILD 1907 Amer. dial.
– to provide or serve with drink ADRENCH 1340 obs.
– to push the liquor from one person to another when drinking convivially PUSH THE BOTTLE ABOUT 1781 rare
– to quaff, to drink deeply QUAX 1509 obs.
– to quaff, to drink off a draught of liquor SCOOP (UP) 1880 Sc. 
– to quaff, to tipple QUIFT Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to raise a glass of liquor to the lips and drink LIFT 1954 Amer. sl.
– to raise one’s spirits by drinking alcohol GET A SPARK UP 1939 NZ sl.
– to redden one’s nose with drinking FOX 1611
– to redden the nose or face by drinking TOAST 1701
– to remain sober while one’s drinking companions collapse into insensibility DRINK UNDER THE TABLE 1921 sl.
– to remain sober while one’s drinking companions collapse into insensibility PUT UNDER THE TABLE 1921 sl.
– to replenish someone’s glass with drink TOP SOMEONE UP 1969 sl.
– to serve out grog or whisky, esp. in double rations for the purpose of celebration; hence, to offer or partake of liquor SPLICE THE MAIN BRACE 1805 Amer. nautical sl.
– to sneak a drug into someone’s drink SLIP SOMEONE A MICKY Bk1995 US sl.
– to spend an entire season’s pay cheque on a single drinking bout KNOCK DOWN A CHEQUE M19 Aust. & NZ sl.
– to spend money on a drink LAMB-DOWN 1873 Aust. sl.
– to spend money on drink SOAK 1900s sl.
– to spend time in drinking and riot BE ON THE RANDY 1893 Eng. dial.
– to stand a drink BLOCK M19 sl.
– to suck liquor through a straw from the ship’s barrel which has been bored with a gimlet; to drink on the sly TAP THE ADMIRAL 1834 sl. 
– to supply liquor with stimulant quality HEARTEN 1697 obs.
– to supply with cups, i.e. with liquor CUP a1616 obs. rare
– to take a drink, to give a timely drink SAVE A LIFE L19 sl.
– to take a fit of drinking FALL OFF THE WATER WAGON 1870 Sc.
– to take another glass to drink MIND ONE’S DRAUGHT Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to take drink (illegally) from a public house, esp. after hours RUN THE RABBIT 1895 Aust. sl.
– to treat to liquor SMILE Bk1905 Amer. dial.
– to treat, usually to drink and/or food SPORT E19 sl.

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