Reverse Dictionary: DRUH – DRUM

– a beat of a drum; the sound of a drum when beaten DUB c1572 
– a beginner’s practice on a drum DAD-DAD, MUM-MUM c1760 military sl.
– a beginner’s practice on a drum DADDY-MAMMY c1760 military sl.
– a drum CALFSKIN-FIDDLE 1785 sl.
– a drum NACKER Bk1903 Eng. dial.
– a drum TABORN a1340 obs.
– a drum TABROUN a1340 obs.
– a drum TYMPAN c825 arch.
 a drum TYMPANUM 1675
– a drum TYMPANY 1534 obs. or arch.
– a drumming noise; a musical sound; a hum THRUM 1818 Sc.
– a drumming or beating noise; a tattoo RATAPLAN 1847-8
– a drum; the bass drum TAMBOUR 1484
– a single stroke on the drum FLAM 1785 sl.
– a small drum TAMBOURET 1776 obs.
– a sustained drum roll DADA MAMA 1920s African-American sl.
– drums SKINS 1926 sl.
– drums and other items of percussion collectively TRAPS 1903 US musicians’ sl.
– the beating of drums BATTERY 1591 obs.
– the beat of a drum RAPPLE RAT-TAT 1898 Sc.
– the earlier name of the drum; later, a small kind of drum used chiefly as an accompaniment to the pipe or trumpet TABOR;  TABOUR c1290 arch. or poetic usage
– the noise made by the parchment of a drum VELLUM THUNDER 1716 poetic usage
– the roll or beat of a drum to summon soldiers to arms RAPPEL 1848
– the sound of a kettle-drum TAN-TAN 1893
 the stretched membrane of a drum TYMPANUM 1675
– a drummer ANIMAL 1976 UK sl.
– a drummer BORER Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– a drummer DRUMSTER 1581 rare
– a drummer HIDE-BEATER 1938 Amer. jive usage
– a drummer HIDE-PUSHER 1940 US sl.
– a drummer PAIKLER Bk1982 Jewish 
– a drummer SKIN BEATER 1947 US sl.
– a drummer SKINSMAN 1983 UK sl.
– a drummer TABORNER a1400 chiefly Sc., obs.
– a drummer; a performer on the tabor TABORER;  TABOURER c1400 obs.
– a drummer; a performer on the tabor TABOURIER c1400 obs.
 a drummer; one who beats or plays upon a drum TYMPANIST 1611
– a drummer with his drum TABOR;  TABOUR 1362 now rare
– a female performer on the tabor TABURNISTER a1340 obs. rare
– a female player on a drum TYMPANISTER 1382 obs.
– a performer on a tabret, a small tabor or drum TABRET a1377 obs.
– a performer on the tabor TABURNER a1400 obs.
– a person who beats a drum, etc. BEATER 1483
 to beat or play on a drum TYMPANIZE 1623 rare
– to beat upon a drum RATAPLAN 1865
– to drum TABORN a1300 obs.
– to drum, to make a drumming nose THRUM 1865 Sc.
– to drum; to perform upon or beat the tabor TABOR;  TABOUR a1300 now rare
– to make the rolling sound of a drum DANDER a1724 Eng. dial.
– to sound like a drum DRUMBLE 1630 obs.

– a bass drumstick POTATO MASHER Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– a drumstick TABOR-STICK a1300 now rare
– a drumstick TAPSKIN 1605 nonce word obs.
– a drumstick with wire ends for producing swishing sounds JAZZ STICK Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– drumsticks BOOM STICKS Bk2006 US musicians’ sl.
– drumsticks SKIN THUMPERS Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– drumsticks STICKS Bk1942 Amer. sl.