Reverse Dictionary: LET – LH

LET – verbs
– LEAVEN to allow, to let …1907 Amer. dial.
LETDOWN – nouns
– COMEDOWN a letdown; a disappointment …Bk2006 US sl.
– GUTSER, GUTZER a disappointment; a let-down; a misfortune …1910s Aust. sl.
– KICK IN THE ASS an unwarranted punishment or letdown …M20 US colloq.
LET DOWN – verbs
– FADE to let down, to renege …1990s US sl.
– LET THE AIR OUT OF to let down, to deflate emotionally …1950s US sl.
– RANK to betray, to let down …1920s US sl.
LETHAL – adjectives
– TACHYTHANATOUS killing quickly, rapidly fatal or lethal …1860
lethal – nouns 
– LETHALITY the condition of being lethal; ability to cause death; deadliness …1656
– NEEDLE a lethal injection, as used in legal executions …1990s US prison sl.
lethal – verbs 
– LETHALIZE to destroy in a lethal chamber …1897
LETHARGIC – adjectives
– LETHARGEAN †* lethargic, listless …1659
– LETHARGICAL lethargic …1651
– LETHARGINE †* lethargic …1656
– LETHARGIOUS †* lethargic …a1548
– LIVELY AS A BLOWIE ON A WINTER’S DAY said of a lethargic person …Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– LOGY heavy, slow, lethargic, sluggish …1848 Amer. dial.
– SLACK-TWISTED of a loose, unsatisfactory character; lazy, inactive; lethargic, wanting in energy; mentally weak, shiftless …1802
– SO SLOW HE COULDN’T GET A JOB AS A SPEED HUMP slow-witted, lethargic …Bk1999 Aust. sl.
lethargic – person
– LAG-BEHIND a tagalong; one who always follows along behind others …1966 Amer. dial.
– LETHARGE †* a lethargic person …1615
– LETHARGY † a lethargic or sleepy person …1634
– PALIE a lethargic, slow-moving, sluggish person; a feeble weakling …1825 Sc.
lethargic – verbs
– ACT LIKE THE DEAD LICE ARE DROPPING OFF ONE to be inactive, slow, or lethargic …c1960 Amer. dial.
– LETHARGIZE to affect with lethargy …1614
– MONG to be dully comatose or lethargic…2000s sl.
– MONG OUT to be dully comatose or lethargic …2000s sl.
– MOP ALONG to move lethargically …1970 Amer. dial.
– LIKE DEAD LICE ARE FALLING OFF of a person’s manner of action: slowly, lethargically …1965 Amer. dial.
LETHARGY – nouns
– LETHARGICNESS † lethargy …1633
– LOGINESS slowness, lethargy …1884 Amer. dial.
LETTER (alphabet) – adjectives
– UNCIAL of letters or writing: having the large rounded forms (not joined to each other) characteristic of early Greek and Latin manuscripts; also, loosely, of large size, capital …1712
letter (alphabet) – nouns
– BLOOMER a floriated initial letter of the alphabet …1899
– BLOOMING LETTER a floriated initial letter of the alphabet …1713
– IZZARD the letter ‘Z’ …18C arch.
– EZOD † the letter Z …1597
– UNCIAL a capital letter …1775
letter (alphabet) – verbs
– LET AWAY † to drop a letter in a word …a1000
– METAGRAMMATIZE to transpose the letters in a word or phrase …1702
– SCRANK to make ill-formed, sprawling letters; to write in a scrawling hand …Bk1904 Sc.
LETTER (communication) – adjectives
– REMISSIVE †* of a letter: sent in reply …a1475
letter – nouns 
– BACKING the address or return address on an envelope or letter; the act of writing an address …1871 Sc. & Amer. dial.
– BAFFEL a carelessly written letter, a scribble …1749 Sc.
– BEHAVIOR REPORT a letter to the girlfriend …Bk1944 service sl.
– BILL a letter, a missive …Bk1911 Sc. 
– BILLET a note, letter, or document …1847 Amer. dial.
– BLUEY an airmail letter-form available free of charge to service personnel stationed abroad and to their correspondents at home …1990 Brit. services’ sl.
– BREAD-AND-BUTTER LETTER a letter of thanks for hospitality written after a visit …1901
– CHIT a letter, a note, a certificate, or pass …Bk1892 Anglo-Indian sl.
– CHITTY a letter or note, a written message …1698 Anglo-Indian
– DEAD a letter or package that can neither be delivered nor returned …1950s US Post Office usage
– DEAR JANE a letter concluding a relationship …1980s sl.
– DEAR JOHN a letter concluding a relationship, usually sent by the woman and received by the man, often in prison or serving in the forces …1940s sl.
– FAKEMENT any letter; a note …1826 sl.
– FARAWAY SCREED foreign news, a letter from abroad …Bk1900 Sc.
– HEARING a letter; a reply …1943 Amer. dial.
– HOOKS AND CROOKS letters; writing …1804 Amer. sl.
– HURRYGRAPH a hastily written letter …1861 Amer. sl.
– LETTERET a short letter …1817
– LETTERLET a short letter, a note …1836 nonce word
– LETTERLING a short letter, a note …1781 nonce word
– L.Y.K.A.H. Leave Your Knickers At Home; written by men on the back of letters to their loved one …20C Irish sl.
– MASH NOTE a love-letter …1890 sl.
– NASTYGRAM an unpleasant note or letter or a communication that brings bad news …1966-67 US sl., chiefly military
– NIXIE an incorrectly addressed letter …1890 US railway mail clerks usage
– PAPER YABBER a letter …L19 Aust. sl.
– POISON-PEN LETTER a malicious anonymous letter; an obscene crank letter …1929 Amer. sl.
– READER a newspaper, letter, etc. …c1840 sl.
– SCRAPE OF THE PEN, A a few lines, a letter, writing …1844 Eng. dial.
– SCRAT OF A PEN, A a scrap of writing; a letter …1881 Eng. dial.
– SCREED a dissertation; a long harangue; a document, a letter; a poetical effusion; a long list or catalogue; a lie, a fabrication …1824 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– SCRIBE a mark made with the pen; a scrap of writing; a letter …1870
– SCRIBE OF THE PEN a mark made with the pen; a scrap of writing; a letter …1900 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– SCRIVE a piece of writing; a letter; a statement or story written; handwriting; a short sermon …1894 Sc.
– STINKER a strongly worded letter …1912 sl.
– TAG a letter smuggled out of prison …1930s US prison sl.
– TITLE † a document; a writing, a letter …c1330
– TOPSCRIPT something written at the top of a letter …1731 nonce word
– WAG O THE PEN, A the least scrap of writing; a brief letter …1888 Sc.
letter (communication) – person
– EPISTOLIST † a writer of epistles or letters; a correspondent …1743
– LATOR † the bearer of a letter …1529 Sc.
– LETTER-MONGER † a forger of letters … 1699 nonce word
– PACKETEER a carrier of letters and documents …1784 Can.
– PACKETER a carrier of letters and documents …1893 Can. hist.
– TABELLARY †* a carrier of letters; an auditor, a scrivener …1656
letter (communication) – verbs
– BACK to address an envelope or letter …1859 Sc. & Amer. Amer. dial.
– BELETTER † to serve with letters, to write to …1655
– DEDICATE †* to address a letter or other communication to …1688
– DROP to write a letter …1769 sl.
– FAKE A SCREEVE to write any letter or other paper …1812 thieves’ sl.
– FLY to send a letter hastily …1846 colloq.
– LETTERIZE to write letters or epistles …1824
letter (communication) – phrases
– WISH ONE A HAPPY MINUTE † a complimentary phrase at the end of a letter …c1680 Eng. dial. 
– DROP a letterbox …L19 US sl.
LETTUCE – nouns
– CABBAGE lettuce …20C Cranbrook School usage
– GARDEN SALAD lettuce …1741 Amer. dial.
– RABBIT FOOD lettuce, green salad, etc. …1907 sl.
– SALAD lettuce …1741 Amer. dial.
LEVEE – nouns
– BOIL water gushing from a break in a levee …1938 Amer. dial.
LEVEL – adjectives
– EVENLY of grounds, roads, etc.: smooth, even, level, without inequalities …1733 Sc. & Ireland
– FAIR clean, tidy, set in order; level, even …1895 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– HANDSMOOTH † level or flat as if smoothed with the hand; smooth to the hand …1530 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– SMACK-SMOOTH † flat; completely smooth; level or even with the ground or surface …1755 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
level – verbs
– RANGE to make straight, even, or level …1846
– MONKEY CATCHER a shrewd, level-headed person, one not too scrupulous in his methods, and who adds cunningness to his cleverness …Bk1892 W. Indian sl.
LEVER – nouns
– PAISE a fulcrum, leverage; a lever …1783 Eng. dial.
– VECTIS † a lever …1648
lever – verbs
– PAISE to raise with a lever; to force open; to lift …1783 Eng. dial.
– LEVITANT one who practices levitation …1875
LEVITY – nouns
– GAIETY † levity, thoughtlessness …1647
LEVY – nouns
– RAISE †* a levy …c1500
LEWD – adjectives
– ANATOMICAL lewd; sexually oriented; explicit about the breasts or genitals …E20 euphemism
– BAWDY pert. to or fitting a bawd; lewd, obscene, unchaste; chiefly applied to language …1513
– CYPRIAN licentious, lewd; applied to prostitutes in 18th-19th centuries …1599
– FOUL-LIPPED given to swearing or lewd talk …1867 Eng. dial.
– FREE-FUCKING pert. to a lewd man or woman, particularly to a woman who acts as unpaid prostitute …19C Brit. & US sl.
– FRENCH deviant, sensuous, lewd, kinky, illicit …sl.
– HIGH-SEASONED of literature: somewhat lewd, obscene …B1900
– HORNY provoking sexual desire; lewd, erotic …1930 Amer. sl.
– LACHES † loose, lewd, wanton …c1425
– LIBIDINOUS full of sexual lust, lustful, lewd, lascivious
– LICKERISH lewd; lustful, lecherous …17C
– LIGHT lewd, wanton …14C
– LOOSE wanton, lewd, sexually loose and legally unattached …L15
– LOOSE-TWISTED lewd, wanton …B1900 Eng. dial.
– LUBRIC † lascivious, wanton, lewd …1490
– MUCKY pornographic, esp. when mildly so; lewd …1972 UK sl.
– OFF-COLOUR tending to be indecent, obscene, lewd, or lascivious, but hinting at or suggesting the obscene …1875 sl.
– PAPHIAN pert. to objects, persons, or acts which are lewd and illicit …M17
– PECCAMINOUS †* full of sins, sinful; later: bawdy; indecent, lewd …1656
– PORNY lewd; smutty or obscene; pornographic …1961 Brit. & US sl.
– RADGY lewd, wanton …Bk19C Eng. dial.
– RIXY wanton, lewd …1746 Eng. dial.
– SCORTATORY pertaining to fornication or lewdness; lewd …1794
– VOUTERISH † adulterous, lewd …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– WELL-BRED lewd; frequently copulated with, thoroughly copulated with …sl.
lewd – nouns
– FAMILY OF LOVE prostitutes in general; whores; lewd women …M16
– THREE-F’s ‘fuck, fun, and a footrace”; said of a wild time or a lewd person …19C Brit. sl.
lewd – person 
– BEAST a lewd woman; one of loose morals; a prostitute …1950 US sl.
– BELSWAGGER † a whoremonger, a womanizer, a pimp; an adulterer; a lewd man …1592
– BISMARE a lewd woman; a bawd …1825 Sc.
– BISMER † a person worthy of scorn; a disgraceful or lewd person; a pander or bawd …a1400 obs. exc. Sc.
– BITCH a term of abuse for a woman; strictly, a lewd or sensual woman; later, a malicious, treacherous, unpleasant, or otherwise despicable woman …a1400
– CALLET † a lewd woman; a trull, a strumpet; a prostitute; a promiscuous woman …c1500 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– CYPRIAN a licentious or profligate person; later, a lewd woman, a harlot, a prostitute, a courtesan …1598
– FRICATRICE a lewd woman; a harlot …1605
– GAME † a whore, a lewd woman …1725 UK sl.
– GAMESTER  one addicted to amorous sport; a lewd person, whether male or female; a harlot, a prostitute; a promiscuous woman …1602 UK
– GAMMERSTAGS a rude, coarse, or lewd girl or woman …1788 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– GAMMERSTANG a rude, coarse, or lewd girl or woman …1788 Sc. & Eng. dial. 
– GIGLET, GIGLOT † originally, a lewd, wanton woman; a strumpet …a1340 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– HELL-BORN-BABE a lewd, graceless, notorious youth …Bk1737
– HELLCAT a very lewd person …c1698 UK sl.
– HELL-HAG a vile or malevolent woman; a malicious, evil-minded old woman; a mischievous, wicked woman; a witch; a lewd person of either sex …1615
– HELL-HOUND a fiend; a fiendish person; a bad or evil person; a ruffian; a lewd fellow, a profligate …c1340
– IMPURE an unchaste or lewd person; a harlot, a prostitute …1784 
– JADEHOPPER a lewd or vicious woman; also, one who is only mischievous and lively …1916 Amer. dial.
– KALLAT  a lewd woman; a strumpet …c1500
– LADY-BIRD a lewd or wanton woman …17C sl.
– LEACHER a lewd man; a habitual fornicator; a lecher …12C
– LECH a lewd man; a lecher …1943 US colloq.
– LETCH a lewd man; a lecher …1943 US colloq.
– LETCHER a lewd man; a habitual fornicator; a lecher …12C
– LEWDSBY † a lewd or lecherous person …1594
– LEWDSTER a lewd or obscene person …1598
– LIGHT HOUSEWIFE a lewd woman; a prostitute …L17 Brit. cant
– LIGHT WOMAN a lewd woman …L17 cant
– LOOCHA, LOOCHER, LOOTCHA a blackguard libertine; a lewd loafer …19C Anglo-Indian
– MALKIN † an untidy female, esp. a servant or country wench; a slut, a slattern; occasionally, a lewd woman …1586 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– MAWKIN † an untidy female, esp. a servant or country wench; a slut, a slattern; occasionally, a lewd woman …1586 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– MISWOMAN † a bad, wicked woman; a whore or lewd woman; a strumpet …1528
– MOUSER a degenerate; a lewd character …1930 tramps’ & criminals’ sl.
– OPEN-ARSE a lewd woman; a woman ready to copulate at any time …L17 Brit. sl.
– PACK * a ‘naughty pack’; a promiscuous or licentious woman; a loose, lewd, or worthless person; a prostitute …1725
– PALLART † n. a professional beggar or vagabond (who sleeps on the straw in barns and outhouses); hence, a low or dissolute knave; a lewd fellow, a lecher, a debauchee …1484
– PALLIARD a person of bad character; a low or dissolute knave; a scoundrel; a lewd or lecherous person; a debauched person …1567 arch.
– PALLYARD † a professional beggar or vagabond (who sleeps on the straw in barns and outhouses); hence, a low or dissolute knave; a lewd fellow, a lecher, a debauchee …1484 
– RAKESHAME a man of loose character; a base, rascally fellow; a lewd, debauched fellow; a vile, dissolute wretch; an uncouth and wicked boy …1599
– RANNELL † a hussy, a jade; an impudent girl or woman; an unchaste or lewd woman …1573
– SAD CATTLE prostitutes, viewed as a group; impudent, lewd women; gypsies …c1698 UK criminals’ sl.
– WAGTAIL  a lewd or promiscuous female …1592
– WANTON a lascivious or lewd person; an unchaste or immoral woman …1540
lewd – verbs
– PLAY THE WANTON † to behave lewdly or lasciviously; to be licentious …1712
– TALK BAWDY to talk lewdly or obscenely …1656
LEWDNESS – nouns
– BAWDINESS lewdness, obscenity …1731
– BAWDRY lewdness in speech or writing; lewd, obscene, or filthy talk, etc. …1589 arch.
– BAWDY lewd, obscene language, lewdness, obscenity …1698
– CARNALITY lechery, lust, and lewdness …E15
– NAUGHTINESS lewdness …1632 sl.
– PALLIARDISE † lewdness, fornication, lechery …1591