Reverse Dictionary: NA – NAO

1885 • NAGGISH of a nagging type or character
1895 • PECKISH nagging, hypercritical
1912 • BALLS-ACHING nagging, demanding
1949 • PECKY nagging, hypercritical
1966 • IN SOMEONE’S ASS nagging or scolding
1974 • ON SOMEONE’S EAR engaged in nagging

L16 • OLD WIVES’ PATERNOSTER nagging, grumbling
1866 • NATTER grousing, nagging talk
1908 • YARG persistent or repetitive talk, of a nagging, critical or tiresome sort
1910s • MAG a nagging
1930s • NEEDLE repetitious nagging and complaining
1945 • EARBASHING  constant nagging

M20 • DON’T JABBER ME! don’t nag me! don’t bother me!
1999Bk • GET OFF MY BACK, SCOBIE! stop nagging!

1790 • BADGERER a nagger, a person who badgers or pesters another
19C • MAGGIE RAB • MAGGIE ROB  • MAGGIE ROBB a nagging, unpleasant wife
1802 • TARRAN a person who tries to get his own way by persistent nagging or fractiousness
1824 • NARG a nagging, grumbling, criticizing person
1873 • NAGSTER a nagging female
1903Bk • CROOKED RIB a nagging, cross-grained, or ill-tempered wife
1908 • NATTER a nagging, crabbed person
1918 • CALAMITY JANE a nagging woman
1919 • NATTEREL a nagging, crabbed person
1920s • ALARM CLOCK a nag, a worrier
1923 • YENTA • YENTE a nagging, whining person, usually female
1940s • OLD HIGE a nagging old woman
1940s • SAW a woman, esp. when a nag
1942 • BALLBREAKER a nagging or domineering woman
1944 • BALLBUSTER a nagging or domineering woman
M20 • BALL-WRACKER a nagging or domineering woman
1961 • ASS-BREAKER a nagging or domineering woman
1962 • BALL-CRUSHER a nagging, dominating woman
1962 • BALL-CUTTER a nagging or domineering woman
1975 • BALLS-BUSTER a nagging or domineering woman
1984Bk • BALL-TEARER a nagging woman or wife

1554 • SNAG to nag; to carp, to cavil (obs.)
1611• PUTTER to nag; to mutter; to grumble
1746 • EGG to nag; to find fault continually
1746 • HAG • HAGG to nag at; to worry, to tease
1786 • PICK AT THE TURKS  to nag at; to tease
L18 • BADGER to nag; to tease
19C • CAGMAG to nag, to grumble at
19C • MITHER  to nag, to bother or prevaricate
E19 • WORRIT to nag; to worry someone
1808 • YAFF to nag
1811 • YATTER to nag; to speak in a constant peevish, querulous manner
1824 • NARG to nag; to keep grumbling and finding fault
1824 • YAP • YAUP • YAWP to speak in a nagging or querulous way
1825 • YAAG to nag or harp on
M19 • GAG to nag; to scold
1863 • NAGGLE to nag, to quarrel, to complain, esp. in a petty manner
1866 • NIGG to nag or carp at
1869 • NAGGLE  to nag, to quarrel, to haggle
1870 • PECK AT to nag at; to find fault with
1877 • TEW AT to nag at, to needle a person
1884 • CHEW UP to nag; to annoy, to scold, to bawl someone out
1884 • PICK AT WEST POINT  to nag at; to tease
1892 • YAG to nag; to importune incessantly
1892 • YAMMER to nag; to rail
1894 • DAB AT SOMEONE’S KAIM to nag
1896 • DOG to nag, to pester, to harass
1898Bk • BOAN to nag at, to trouble with reproachful reminders
1898Bk • CANTER to nag; to scold; to grumble
1899 • DING  to nag, to pester, to worry, to tease
20C • BALLS-ACHE to nag, to whinge
20C • MAG to nag; to talk at
1900 • NATTLE to nag; to grumble
1913 • HOUT to nag, to annoy, to vex, to worry
1916 • NARK to nag; to complain, to grumble
1934 • NIRP to nag; to find fault
1940 • BLEED to nag; to complain
1940s • BAT SOMEONE’S EAR to nag; to pester
1940s • EARBASH  to nag, to scold
1940s • HOCK to nag; to pester
1942 • CHEW to nag; to annoy, to scold, to bawl someone out
M20 • BLEED to nag, to complain
M20 • HOCK to nag, to pester
1955 • BREAK ONE’S BALLS to nag; to harass, to hector
1959 • GET ON SOMEONE’S BACK to nag; to annoy, to aggravate, to criticize someone
1959 • HETCHEL to nag; to bother, to annoy
1962 • PULL SOMEONE’S CHAIN to nag; to elicit someone’s anger or annoyance, esp. deliberately
1965 • CHEW AT to nag; to annoy, to scold, to bawl someone out
1965 • CHEW ON to nag; to annoy, to scold, to bawl someone out
1967 • BUST ONE’S BALLS to nag; to harass, to hector
1968 • NUDGE to nag, to annoy
1970 • BIDDY-PECK to nag, to hen-peck
1974 • BE ON AT to nag; to constantly reprove
1980s • MAD-DOG to nag, to pester
1980s • RAG ON to nag, to criticize
1992 • PAPER (BAG) to nag someone
1999Bk • CHIP AT to nag, to jeer at
2006Bk • BITCH OUT to nag; to denigrate


1300 • TACK that which fastens one thing to another, or things together; a a nail, etc. (obs.)
1316 • TACKET a nail; in later use, a small nail, a tack (obs.)
1934 • MONKEY’S TAIL a nail (for hammering)
1940 • DAG a nail to hang a coat on
1961 • DAILY (MAIL) a nail

M19 • NAIL GROPER a person who scours the streets in search of old nails and similar saleable pieces of discarded metal

1900Bk • DINNE of a nail: to drive in (obs.)

1942Bk MORTAR BOARD an emery nail file

1947Bk • DIGIT DAZZLE nail polish

1598 • NAIF naive natural, artless
1895 • CABBAGE-LOOKING naive, gullible
1910 • GAELIC naive, foolish, ingenuous
1918 • SOPPY naive;  foolishly sentimental
1935 • LAME naive; socially unsophisticated
1986 • JUST FELL OFF THE CABBAGE TRUCK utterly naive or unsophisticated
1990s • MUM AND DAD naive, by criminal standards
1542 • BABE a naive, inexperienced, innocent person
1731 • BABE IN ARMS a naive or gullible person
1795 • BABE IN THE WOOD(S) a naive, inexperienced, innocent, or person in a potentially dangerous situation
1848 • GREENY a naive or inexperienced person; a greenhorn
M19 • OLD SOLDIER a naive person
1860 • SILLIKIN a naive person
1866 • TENDERFOOT  a naive or inexperienced person
1877 • GREENER a naive person; a greenhorn
1882 • ANGEL a naive or otherwise exploitable person who may be imposed upon for money or other favours
1886 • YOB  a naive, gullible, or unintelligent person
1889 • LABRICK  a naive or foolish person
1895 • LAVERICK a naive person; a greenhorn
L19 • HOMEBOY a naive person, newly arrived in the city from the countryside
20C • BUTTERCUP a naive and innocent youth
20C • DAFFODIL a naive and innocent youth
20C • DAISY a naive and innocent youth
20C • IRIS a naive and innocent youth
20C • LILY a naive and innocent youth
20C • PANSY a naive and innocent youth
20C • TULIP a naive and innocent youth
1902 • APPLE KNOCKER a naive or ignorant person
1904 • COUNTRY BOOKIE a naive rustic
1910 • GONSIL • GUNSHEL • GUNTZEL • GUNZEL • GUNZL  a naive young man
1910 • MOOCH  a naive or gullible person
1910 • UM-CHAW a naive, doltish person
1910 • UMPCHAY a naive, doltish person
1912 • SOB SISTER a naive, soft-hearted person
1914 • GAZOONEY a naive person
1914 • RABBIT a naive person
1935 • SQUARE APPLE a naive, gullible person
1938 • SQUARE FROM DELAWARE an exceptionally naive, conventional person
1940s • ALVIN a naive, easily cheated person
1948 • NATURE BOY a naive, innocent man or boy; used ironically
1967 • YOUNG BLOOD a relatively inexperienced or naive young man
1971Bk • BACKDATED CHUCK a naive, stupid, backward, and ill-informed person
1972 • MOOCHIE a naive or gullible person
1980 • BEBOPPER a naive, inexperienced person
1981 • YAP  a naive, gullible local resident
1982Bk • TAMEVATE a naive person …Bk1982 Jewish 
1989 • MUPPET a person prone to mishaps through naivety
1992 • BABBO a naive, law-abiding citizen
1992Bk • SAWNEY a naive person
1996 • COUNTRY BOOBOO a naive, gullible person
2004 • BUSH BUNNY a naive, unsophisticated woman 
1903 • FALL FOR  to naively accept as true
1991 • FALL OFF A MANGO TREE to be extremely naive 

1320 • NAKE naked (obs.)
1377 • NAKED AS A NEEDLE quite naked (obs.)
E15 • UNCLAD naked …E15
1440 • UNDOFFED naked; unclothed, undressed
1467 • NAKED AS A WORM quite naked (obs.)
1559 • NAKED AS MY NAIL quite naked; nude (obs.)
1569 • ADAMISH resembling Adam in nakedness, moral freedom, fallen condition (obs.)
17C • ABRAHAM naked
17C • ADAMATICAL naked; nude
1602 • IN THE BUFF naked
1657 • ADAMIC resembling Adam in nakedness, moral freedom, fallen condition
1657 • ADAMICAL resembling Adam in nakedness, moral freedom, fallen condition
1662 • ADAMITIC naked, unclothed (obs.)
1666 • ADAMITICAL naked, unclothed (obs.)
1671 • ABRAM naked
1704 • IN ONE’S PURE NATURALS in a perfectly naked state (obs.)
19C • CUT-UP WELL looking good naked
1803 • IN BUFF naked
1806 • NAKEDISH somewhat naked (obs.)
1820 • PEELED naked
1829 • SCUDDY naked
1848 • STRIPPED TO THE BUFF naked, undressed, nude
M19 • IN MOROCCO naked; nude
1857 • TOGLESS naked; without clothes
1872 • NAKED AS A ROBIN quite naked; chiefly said of an undressed child
1894 • IN THE ALTOGETHER naked
1896 • ALTOGETHER naked; characterized by nudity; naked (obs.)
1898Bk • BARE-SNAKED naked
1898Bk • BELLY-NAKED entirely naked
1899 • MOTHER-NAKED naked as at birth
L19 • ALL FACE naked; nude
20C • BAREPOLES naked
20C • BOLS completely naked
20C • NAKED BUFF totally naked
20C • NECKED naked
1905Bk • NAKED BED • NAKY-BED  stark naked; dressed only in night-clothes
1910s • UNFLEDGED naked
1911Bk • BLAIT naked, bare
1913 • ALL BARENAKED naked
1914 • BARE-NAKED naked
1921 • SCABELY naked-looking, scraggy, untidy
1922 • BALLOCK-NAKED  BOLLOCK-NAKED  stark naked with the genitals uncovered
1922 • NAKED AS A JAYBIRD completely naked
1922 • NAKEDY • NAKITY naked
1923 • STARKERS naked
1923 • STARKO naked
1928 • BUCK NAKED entirely naked
1930s • BALLOCKY  • BOLLOCKY stark naked with the genitals uncovered
1933 • B.A. naked (Bare-Ass)
1933 • BODY-NAKED naked
1936 • BARE-ASS with naked posterior; totally naked 
1941 • IN THE RAW naked
M20 • HARRY STARKERS naked; nude; a personification of nudity
M20 • NUDDY naked, nude
1952 • NAKED AS A JAYBIRD’S ASS completely naked
1952 • NAKED AS A PICKED JAYBIRD completely naked
1953 • IN THE NUDDY naked
1959 • MOTHERLY-NAKED naked as at birth
1960s • KAALGAT naked
1963 • NEEDLE-NAKED stark-naked
1965 • BARE AS A JAYBIRD  naked
1965 • BARE-ARSE • BARE-ARSED • BARE-ASSED with naked posterior; totally naked 
1965 • BARE-ASS NAKED naked
1965 • BUCK-ASS NAKED entirely naked
1965 • BUCK-BORN NAKED entirely naked
1965 • BUCK-BUM NAKED completely naked
1965 • BUM NAKED completely naked
1965 • PLUMB NAKED completely naked
1965 • STARK BUCK NAKED entirely naked
1966 • BAT NAKED completely naked
1966 • BUTT NAKED completely naked
1966 • NUDIE featuring naked or near-naked women
1967 • AU NATUREL naked
1967 • BOLLICKY naked
1969 ASSHOLE NAKED completely naked
1979 • NITCHIE naked
1980 • BALLOCKY BARE-ASSED completely naked
1982Bk • IN THE NATURAL naked, nude
2002 • IN THE NACK naked
1860 • ADAMICALLY nakedly
1300 • BARE a naked part of the body (obs.)
1300 • NAKEDHEAD nakedness (obs.)
1440 • NAKING a making naked (obs.)
1687 • BUTTOCK BALL an underworld dance at which the dancers are naked
1774 • BALDNESS nakedness, bareness
1874 • BIRTHDAY SUIT nakedness; a state of nature
1894 • THE ALTOGETHER complete nakedness or nudity
20C • FANGOGGLING looking at naked women, either openly as in strip clubs, or secretly
E20 • ADAM AND EVE’S CLOTHES nakedness; nudity
E20 • ADAM AND EVE’S TOGS nakedness; nudity
1902Bk • NATURE’S GARB nakedness
M20 • SUNDAY SUIT nakedness
1965 • BIRTH SUIT nakedness
1974 • STREAK an act of running naked in a public place
1974 • STREAK-IN a communal act of running naked in a public place
1991Bk GYMNOMANIA a mania for nakedness
1991Bk GYMNOPHOBIA an abnormal fear of nakedness
2000s • BALE OF STRAW a state of nakedness
1440 • NAKER as person who makes naked (obs.)
1724 • ABRAM COVE a naked or poor man
1815 • SCUDDY a naked child
1833 • ADAMITE a person who goes naked
1852Bk • ABRAM a naked or very poor man
1852Bk • NAKAR a naked person (obs.)
1859 • ABRAHAM COVE a naked or poor man
1885 • NAKEDNESS a naked person
1940 • LEG ART naked women
1972Bk • SAMOA-SAMOA a man who saunters about his home nude or with a towel tied around his hips
1240 • NAKEN to strip naked (obs.)
1320 • NAKE to make naked (obs.)
1623 • CONNUDATE to strip naked (obs.)
1688 • NUDATE to make bare or naked (obs.)
1788 • UNGEAR  to make naked
1858 • NAKEDIZE to go naked; to make naked
1899 • UNHAP to make naked
1900s • AIR ONE’S PORES to be naked; to undress oneself
1902Bk • BE ABRAM to be naked
1902Bk • CAST ONE’S SKIN to be naked
1973 • STREAK to run naked in a public place as a stunt 

1609 • HYPOCORISTICAL of the nature of a pet-name or nickname (obs.)
1609 • ONOMASTICAL relating to or connected with a name or names (obs.)
1652 • AGNOMINAL relating to an agnomen (a byname)
1678  POLYONYMOUS having many names or titles; called or known by several different names
1706 • PSEUDONYMOUS bearing or writing under a false or fictitious name
1716 • ONOMASTIC relating to or connected with a name or names
1775 • ONYMOUS having or bearing a name
1796 • HYPOCORISTIC of the nature of a pet-name or nickname
19C • ALLONYMOUS having a feigned name; published under an assumed name
1830 • POLYNOME that has many names
1860 • ONYMATIC relating to names
1869 • ONOMATOUS bearing the writer’s name
1880 • CRYPTONYMOUS having the real name concealed; anonymous
1890 • POLYNOMIAL containing many names or terms
20C • BODGIE of names, etc.: false; assumed
1800 • ONOMOUSLY with the name given or stated; by name
950 • TO-NAME a name or epithet added to an original name; a surname, a nickname (obs.)
1303 • EKENAME an additional name; a nickname (obs.)
1542 • SIRENAME a family name; a surname originating from the given name of the father
1590  AGNOMINATION the giving of a byname or surname; a byname; a surname (obs.)
1605 • NURSE-NAME a nickname, a pet name
1612  SYNONYMY a thing of the same name (obs.)
1651  AGNOMEN a  name used instead of or in addition to an original or usual name; a byname
1653 • ONOMASTIC an assumed name (obs.)
1678  POLYONYMY the use of several different names for the same person or thing
1706 • NAMELINGS persons bearing the same name (obs.)
1710 • ONOMASTICON a vocabulary or alphabetic list of proper names, esp. of persons; formerly used more widely of a vocabulary of names or nouns, or even of a general lexicon
1730 • ONOMATECHNY the art of making predictions from the letters of a person’s name
19C • A NICE NAME TO GO TO BED WITH an ugly name
1805 • ANONYM a false or assumed name
1834 • AGNAME an added name; a nickname
1847 • ONOMATOLOGY the science of the formation of names or terms
1850 • HYPOCORISM a pet-name, a nickname
1851 • MONAKER • MONICKER • MONIKER • MONNIKER a name, esp. a nickname or alias
1854 • ONOMAMANIA a mania or rage about a name or names
1858 • ILL NAME a bad name
1867 • AUTONYM a real name or one’s own name as distinguished from a pseudonym or anonym, esp. the real name of an author
1876 • CRYPTONYM a private, secret, or hidden name; a name by which a person is known only to the initiated
1880 • NAME-DAY the day on which a child is named
1880 • PROTONYM the first person or thing of the name; that from which another is named
1883 • ENTITLEMENT a name
1883 • PAEDONYMIC a name given to a person from that of his or her child
1883 • PAEDONYMY the giving of a name to person from that of his or her child
1889 • POECILONYM one of various names for the same thing; a different name for the same thing
1890 • ADNAME a byname, a cognomen, a nickname
1895 • BACK-NAME a surname
1897 • ONYMITY the condition of having or bearing a name; the opposite of ‘anonymity’
1901 • ENTITLE a name
1920s • TAG a name
1923  POLYONYMOSITY a using several different names for the same person or thing
1928 • LABEL the name by which a person is known
1930 • HYPOCORISTIC a pet-name, a nickname
1942Bk • FRONT NAME the Christian name
1942Bk • HANDLE a personal name
1942Bk • MONARCH a personal name
1942Bk • MONICA • MONIKA a personal name
1942Bk • TAB a personal name
1942Bk • TRADEMARK a personal name
1950s • A.K.A. a false name, an alias
1955 • ANTHROPONYM a personal name
1966 • CALL a name
1991Bk  BAPTISAPHILY an interest in collecting Christian baptismal names
1991Bk  ONOMATOMANIA a preoccupation with words or names
1991Bk  ONOMATOPHOBIA an abnormal fear of a certain name
1991Bk  PATRONOMATOLOGY Bk1991 rare – the tracing of the origins of personal names
1605 • NAME-WIZARD one skilled in the mystical meaning of names (obs.)
1605 • YOU-KNOW-WHO a person one does not wish to name, usually because it is both obvious and indelicate or taboo
1609 • ONOMASTIC a writer of an Onomasticon (a vocabulary or alphabetic list of proper names); a vocabularist, a lexicographer (obs.)
1695 • ONOMATOLOGIST a person versed in the formation of names or terms
1760 • NAME-SON a name-child of the male sex
1845 • NAME-CHILD one named after another
1876 • NAME-DAUGHTER a girl, generally a goddaughter, who bears one’s name
1894 • NAME-FATHER  the person whose Christian name one bears
M19 • OATS (AND BARLEY) a synonym for the proper name Charlie
1854 • DOBBIE a familiar and pet name for ‘Robert’
1910s • OCKER a nickname for anyone called Oscar
1894Bk • GOOD NAME IS BETTER THAN A GOLDEN GIRDLE, A a good name is better than money
1942Bk • PUDDIN-AN-TAME – ASK EM AGAIN AND I’LL TELL YOU THE SAME a schoolboy expression in answer to “What’s your name?”
888 • NEMEN • NEMN to name; to call by some name (obs.)
950 • YCLEPE to call by name; to name (obs.)
1250 • NEMEL to name (obs.)
1300 • NEVEN to give as a name to a person or thing (obs.)
1579 • BENAME to name, to mention by name (obs.)
1589 • NAMEFY to mention by name (obs.)
1595  AGNOMINATE to call instead of or in addition to a usual name (obs.)
1609 • NUNCUPATE to call, to name, to designate (obs.)
1653  VOCITATE to name or call (obs.)
1662 • ADDITION to add something to the name of anyone; to surname (obs.)
1924 • TAB to name
1927 • PERSONATE to call by name; to designate 



950 YCLEPED • YCLEPT  named,called
1548 NUNCUPATE named,called (obs.)
EUONYMOUS well or fittingly named; appropriately named 
1898 Bk BEHIGHT named, designated

1375 • NAMANDLY namely (obs.)

1966 • NAMETAKE a namesake