Reverse Dictionary: OM – OPO

OMELET – nouns
– CRASH an omelet …World War II Amer. sl.
OMEN – adjectives
– MAL-OMINOUS † of evil omen …1658
– OMINAL † pert. to omens; from which an omen is drawn …1651
– OMINOUS † of good omen, auspicious; fortunate …1597
omen – nouns
– ABODANCE †* a foretelling, prefiguring, portending, omen …c1630
– ABODEMENT † a foreboding, presage, or omen …1593
– HANDSEL, HANSEL † lucky prognostic, omen, presage, augury; a token or omen of good luck …c1200
– OMINATION † the act of omening or presaging; foreboding …1589
– OOMUND a presage, presentiment, omen ….1899 Sc.
– TOKEN † a sign or presage of something to come; an omen, portent, prodigy …971
– TOKENER † one who or that which portends or prognosticates; a portent, an omen …1513
omen – verbs 
– OMINATE † 1. to prognosticate from omens; to augur, to forebode …1582
 2. to serve as an omen, to portend …1667
OMINOUS – adjectives
– FATAL † foreboding or indicating mischief; ominous …1590
– ORACULAR of mysterious portent; ominous, portentous …1820
– UNCANNIE weird, mysterious, ominous, spooky, eerie, esp. of things …1819 Sc.
– UNSONSY unlucky, unfortunate; ominous, fatal, causing ill-luck or misfortune …1684 Sc. & Eng. dial.
ominous – verbs 
– ABODE † to be ominous …1659
OMINOUSLY – adverbs
– SINISTERLY in an inauspicious or unlucky manner; unfortunately; ominously …1465
OMISSION – nouns
– BALK † an omission; an exception …1596 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– BAULK † an omission; an exception …1596 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– ESCAPE an omission, oversight …1714 Sc.
– FAILANCE † the fact of failing; failure, neglect, omission…1612
– NEGLECT an omission or oversight …1638
– OMITTANCE †* omission …1600
OMIT – verbs
– BATE † to omit, to leave out of count, to except …a1611
– BELEAVE † to allow to remain over; to leave out of count or process; to pass over, to let go, to omit …c1205
– DEFAULT † to fail to perform; to omit, to neglect …1648
– FAULT † to fail or omit to do something; to miss one’s aim …1522
– LAY APART † to purposely omit to do something …1526
– LET † to leave undone, to omit to do; to leave out, to omit, as in reading, recitation, etc. …c900
– NEGLECT †* to leave out, to omit, to discard …1603
– OBMISS †* to leave out; to omit …1490
– OBMIT †* to leave out; to omit …1541
– OMISE †* to omit …a1425
OMITTED – nouns
– LEAVING OUT what has been left out; omitted matter …1683 obs.
OMITTING – adjectives
– OMISSIVE characterized by omitting, neglecting to perform, or leaving out …1629
OMNIBUS – nouns
(a passenger-carrying vehicle, originally an enclosed horse-drawn one)
– CHARIOT an omnibus …c1850 sl.
– HACK an omnibus or taxicab …1938 Amer. dial.
– RACK an omnibus …L19 US sl.
– OMLIGUS an omnibus …1877 Eng. dial.
– UMLIBUSH an omnibus …1873 Eng. dial.
omnibus – person 
– CAD † an omnibus conductor …1833
– CADCATCHER an omnibus conductor – Bk1955
– GUARD a conductor on an omnibus …1920s busmen’s sl.
– PEACH an omnibus spy …Bk1902 sl.
– PIPER an omnibus spy …Bk1902 sl.
omnibus – verbs 
– DEBUSS to get out of an omnibus …Amer. World War I sl.
– EMBUSS to get in an omnibus …Amer. World War I sl.
OMNIVOROUS – adjectives
– PAMPHAGOUS eating both animal and vegetable foods; omnivorous …1702
– PANTOPHAGIC eating all kinds of food, omnivorous …1850
– PANTOPHAGOUS eating all kinds of food, omnivorous …1848
omnivorous – person 
– PANTOPHAGIST a man or animal that devours things of all kinds; an omnivorous eater …1822
ONCE – adverbs
– ONE-WHILE once, formerly …1906 Amer. dial.
once – nouns 
– ONCER he or that which does a thing but once …1916
ONCE-OVER – nouns
– LICK-OVER a quick once-over; a piece of work done quickly…1966 Amer. dial.
ONE – adjectives
– LEPI † single, one …a1300
– UNA one …1996 UK sl.
– UNAL single; that is one only; based on unity …1883
one – adverbs 
– ONEY-ONEY one at a time …1908 Amer. dial.
one – nouns 
– UNA the number one …M19 sl.
ONENESS – nouns
– ONEHEAD † the condition of being one; oneness; unity …a1300
– ONEHOOD † the condition of being one; oneness; unity …a1225
– ONESHIP †* the condition of being one or alone; oneness …1630
– ONLIHEDE † oneness, unity …c1440
ONEROUS – adjectives
– IMPORTUNABLE † burdensome, onerous, grievous, heavy …1482
– ONERARIOUS †* onerous, burdensome, troublesome …a1548
ONESELF – nouns
– NUMERO UNO oneself …sl.
– PAPA oneself …1920s US sl.
ONE-SIDED – adjectives
– SIEBEGODLIN deformed, crooked, one-sided …1896 Amer. dial.
ONION – adjectives
– ONIONIZED flavoured with or smelling of onions …1830
onion – nouns
– CARTILAGE † the coats or skin of an onion …1563
– FAVEREL an onion …1597
– GARDEN VIOLET an onion …L19 sl.
– INGAN an onion …1818 Sc.
– INGERN an onion …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– INGUN an onion …1818 Sc.
– IRE an onion …1825 Eng. dial.
– IRISH PLUM an onion …1941 jocular Amer. dial.
– JACOB’S ONION a green onion …1975 Amer. dial.
– ONIONET a small onion …1820
– RARERIPE an onion …1790 Amer. dial.
– REEVE a rope of onions …1895 Eng. dial.
– REID a rope of onions …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– TAILS onion leaves…1896 Sc.
– VIOLET an onion …L19 sl.
– VIOLETS spring onions or sage and onion stuffing …L19 sl.
onion – person
– INGAN JOHNNIE an itinerant onion-seller …19C Sc. 
onion – verbs
– REESE to rope onions …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– WREASE to rope onions …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
ONLOOKER – person
– GAPPER an onlooker; an outsider …1939 US Black sl.
ONLY – adjectives
– AFALD † single, singular, sole, only …c1000
– ALL-ANERLY. only, sole …1860 Sc.
– ONLEPY † only, sole, single …c900
– ONLIEST only …1885 Eng. dial.
only – adverbs 
– ALL-ANERLY only, solely …1818 Sc.
– ALL SIMPLY † merely, only …c1430
– BARELY merely, simply, only …1577 arch.
– ENNY only …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– ONLEPILICHE † only, solely …c1250
– ONLEPY † only, solely, simply …c1315
– SINGLY † solely, only; merely …1654-66 now rare or obs.
ONOMATOPOEIA – adjectives
– ONOMATOPOEIAL pert. to onomatopoeia …1880
– ONOMATOPOEIAN onomatopoeic …1867
– ONOMATOPOEIOUS †* pert. to onomatopoeia; having a sound corresponding to the thing expressed …1661
– ONOMATOPOETIC adj. pert. to onomatopoeia; imitative in sound; echoic …1848
onomatopoeia – nouns 
– ONOMATOP a word formed by onomatopoeia …1828
– ONOMATOPE a word formed by onomatopoeia …1828
– ONOMATOPLASM a word formed by onomatopoeia …Bk1909
– ONOMATOPOEIAN a word formed by onomatopoeia …1860
– ONOMATOPOESIS the naming of a thing, etc., from the sound associated with it; onomatopoeia …1864
– ONOMATOPOESY onomatopoeia …1885
– ONOMATOPY † onomatopoeia …1658
ONSET – nouns
– FAIRD, FARD † motion, rush, impetus; hence, impetuosity, ardour; a violent onset …1513 Sc.
– FERD † a violent onset, a stir, a bustle …1660 Sc.
– HAILY an onset; an onrush …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– ONCOME the approach, advent, beginning, or commencement of a thing, esp. of one that requires great exertion; an onset; development, progress …1823 Sc.
– ONDING an assault, an attack, an onset, an outburst, of noise, talk, etc.; oppression, turmoil …1871 Sc.
– ONDINGING an assault, an attack, an onset, an outburst, of noise, talk, etc. …1828 Sc.
– ONFALL † an attack or access of disease, plague, or calamity; an assault, on onset …c1000 obs. exc. Sc.
– RACE † a rush, onset, charge; a raid …1535
– SAILYIE, SAILZIE attack, assault, onset …1827 Sc.
onset – verbs
– ONRESE † to rush, to make an onset …c825
– ANSLAIGHT † an onslaught, a fierce or destructive attack, an affray …a1625 
– BANG a blow, an onslaught; a disturbance …1808 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– DIRD a blow, thrust; an onslaught …1784 Sc.
– INFALL † an invasion, attack, onslaught …1721 Sc.
– WARM RECEPTION, A a vigorous onslaught or resistance; a demonstration of hostile feeling …1702
ONWARD(S) – adverbs
– ENDWARDS onward, forwards …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– ENDWAYS forward, onward, straight ahead; at once, henceforth …1740 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– ONWITH onwards …1891 Sc.
– ONWORTH onward …1885 Sc.
OOZE, OOZY – adjectives
– STODGY muddy; oozy …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– ULIGINOUS of a watery, oozy, or slimy nature …1576
– WOOZY muddy; oozy …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
ooze, oozy – nouns
– GOOK any oozy, sticky, or slimy substance …1945 colloq.
– GUCK any oozy, sticky, or slimy substance …1945 colloq.
– IPER any foul liquid, ooze, mud, or sewage …1880 Sc.
– LOBLOLLY ooze, mud, a mud-hole, mire; a slushy mess …1865 Amer. dial.
– QUAKE-OOZE soft, trembling ooze …1898
ooze, oozy – verbs
– DEG(G) of a sore: to run, to ooze; to fester …1859 Eng. dial.  
– DILDER to dribble, to ooze, to trickle, to glide …Bk1900 Sc.
– MAKE to ooze, to flow …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– SAB to exude moisture, to drip, to ooze …1785 Sc.
– SCREEVE to ooze out; to exude moisture; esp. used of a corpse; to froth at the mouth, as in a fit …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– SEEP to suppurate; to ooze …1965 Amer. dial.
OPAL – adjectives
– OPALISH somewhat like opal in colour …1805
opal – nouns
– BLIND-EYE an opal, whose milky colour is like a sightless eye …1933 Amer. dial.
opal – verbs 
– OPALESCE to exhibit a play of colours or iridescence like that of the opal …1819
– OPALIZE to exhibit a play of colours like the opal …1811
OPAQUE – adjectives
– ADIAPHANOUS not translucent, opaque …1658
– ILLUMINOUS non-luminous, opaque, dark, without light …1656
– OPACIOUS † opaque …1642
– OPACOUS impermeable to light, opaque …1625
– OPACULAR †* somewhat opaque …1761
opaque – verbs 
– OPACATE to render opaque, to dim …1660
OPAQUELY – adverbs
– OPACOUSLY opaquely …1670
– OPACOUSNESS opaqueness …1656
OPEN – adjectives
– BAREFACED unconcealed, undisguised, open …1605 arch.
– OPE open …a1250 now arch. and poetic
– OUT FRONT open, honest …1950s sl., orig. US
– THROUGH-OPEN open throughout …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– THRUFFABLE open throughout …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– UNCLOSE open, not closed …c1400
– UP FRONT honest, open, frank …1967 US sl.
– YAWN-MOUTHED gaping, wide open …1861
open – verbs 
– BAT to open and close …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– BLARE to open wide …1912 Amer. dial.
– CRACK to open a bottle or can for the purpose of drinking; hence, to open …1773 Amer. sl.
– DUP to open …a1549 arch.
– GAPE to open …1607 jocular usage
– LEESE † to loosen, to unloose; to unfasten, to open; to relax the body …c1250
– OPE to open …c1430 chiefly poetic
– PAISE to raise with a lever; to force open; to lift …1783 Eng. dial.
– PAZE to raise with a lever; to force open; to lift …1783 Eng. dial.
– PEEL to pry something open …1968 US sl.
– RANFORCE † to force, to break open …1637
– SCAT ABROAD to open, to enlarge …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– TO-DO to put asunder, to divide, to separate; to undo, to open …a839 obs.
– UNCLAP † to open up …1621
– UNCLOSE to make open, to cause to open …a1300
– UNDUB to open or unfasten; to unlock …1753 criminals’ sl.
– UNOPEN to open …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– UNSLOUGH to unlock, to unfasten, to unbutton, to open …1848 US criminals’ sl.
– UNSTECK to undo the fastenings of a door; to open, to unclose …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– YAW to be wide open; to yawn …1596 Eng. dial.
OPEN (frank) – verbs
– OPEN UP to speak openly or frankly, ceasing to be secretive …1921 sl.,
OPENED – adjectives
– ADAPERTILE † easy to be opened …1731
– PANDICULATED stretched out, opened, extended …1775
opened – verbs 
– PATULICATE †* to be opened, or made wide; to become open, to expand …1656
OPEN-HANDED – adjectives
– LARGE † liberal in giving; generous; bountiful, munificent; open-handed; also, liberal in expenditure, prodigal, lavish …c1175
– LARGE-HANDED generous, liberal, open-handed …a1628
– LARGENESS † liberality, open-handedness; freedom in giving or spending …a1300
OPEN-HEARTED – adjectives
– DAINTY † liberal, open-hearted …1825 Sc.
OPENING – nouns
– GAPE a rent or opening of any kind …1658
– GAP-STEAD † an opening in a wall or hedge, left for convenience of passage …1644 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– JAW-HOLE a gaping opening; an abyss …1840
– NEEDLE’S EYE a minute opening or space …1579
– OPE an opening, an aperture …1845 arch.
– OPEMENT an opening, a crack …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– OPEN an opening, a gap …1606 Sc.
– OPEWAY an entry, passage; an opening …1881 Eng. dial.
– SHOW a prospect, chance, promise; an opportunity, opening …1856 Amer. dial.
– SHOWING a prospect, chance, promise; an opportunity, opening …1884  Amer. dial.
– VENT a hole; an opening …1838 Eng. dial.
OPENLY – adverbs
– ABOVE BOARD openly, honestly …18C
– BEFORE † before the face of men; openly …c1000
– IN THE FACE OF THE SUN openly …a1618
– OPELY † openly …a1250
– TO ONE’S BEARD to one’s face, openly …1785
– UNCOLOUREDLY openly …1561
– UP-AND-DOWN in a straightforward, open and honest manner …M19 US sl.
– UP FRONT openly, without deception …1970s
OPEN-MOUTHED – adjectives
– OPEN-MOUTH † open-mouthed …1692
OPERA – adjectives
– OPERATICAL † pert. to opera …1730-36
– OPERISH † pert. to the opera; having the character of opera …1742 nonce word
opera – nouns
– UPROAR an opera …M18 sl.
opera – person
– BALLET-GIRL an opera figure dancer, one who takes part in the ballet at a theatre …Bk1898
– IMPRESARIO one who organizes public entertainments; the manager of an operatic or concert company …1746
– SAVOYARD a member of the company that played at the Savoy theatre in the original productions of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas; an operetta singer …1890
opera – verbs 
– OPERATIZE to turn into an opera; to put into operatic form …1865
– DOUBLE-BARRELS opera or field glasses …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
OPERATE – verbs
– BUTCHER to operate on …1966 US sl.
– BUTCHER SHOP an operating room; also, a hospital; often used disparagingly …1918 Amer. sl., esp. military usage
– PICTURES an operating theatre …World War I military sl.
– BUTCHER SHOP an operating room; a surgical department …Amer. World War I sl.
– HORRENDOPLASTY a difficult operation, often lasting eight or nine hours …1972 Amer. hospital usage
– OP an operation …1925 sl.
OPERATIVE – adjectives
– OPERANT that operates, works, or produces effects; operative …1602
OPINE – verbs
– OPINIATE † to hold as an opinion; to suppose, to think, to opine …1624
– OPINION † to hold the opinion; to think, to suppose, to opine …1555
– OPINIONATE to form or hold an opinion; to believe, to suppose, to think …1621
OPINED – adjectives
– OPINATE † opined, supposed …c1450
– ARTSY-CRAFTSY pretentious, humourless, self-opinionated …1960s sl.
– CACODOX † holding wrong or evil opinions or doctrines …1716
– CACODOXIAN holding wrong or evil opinions …1716
– CACODOXICAL holding wrong or evil opinions …1693
– DOWN ON annoyed with; disappointed in; holding a negative opinion of …M19
– FANTASTICAL † of opinions: irrational, baseless …a1546
– HOMODOX † of the same opinion …1656
– HOMODOXIAN † of the same opinion …1716
– MAGISTERIAL of opinions, utterances, etc.: authoritative …1632
– NOTIONAL strange, having odd or peculiar ideas; fanciful, whimsical; opinionated; temperamental; fussy …1791 Amer. dial.
– NOTIONATE headstrong, obstinate, self-opinionated …1871 Sc. & Amer. dial.
– OPINABLE 1. † that is a matter of opinion; not certain, disputable, conjectural …1456
2. *  capable of being held as an opinion …1603
– OPINATE † obstinate in opinion; opinionated …1491
– OPINATED †* having a particular opinion …1610
– OPINATIVE † stiff in opinion; adhering obstinately to one’s own opinion; opinionative …1530
– OPINIAL †* of the nature of opinion …c1450
– OPINIASTRE † stiff or stubborn in opinion; opinionated …1606
– OPINIASTROUS †* opinionated; unduly attached to one’s own opinion …1645
– OPINIATE † obstinately attached to one’s opinion; opinionated …1597
– OPINIATED † 1. having a conceited opinion of; thinking much of; overvalued  …1589
 2. holding the opinion; of opinion that …1610
– OPINIATIVE stiff in opinion; adhering obstinately to one’s own opinion; opinionated …1574
– OPINIATORY † adhering obstinately to one’s own opinion; opinionative …1626
– OPINIATRE † stiff or stubborn in opinion; opinionated …1591
– OPINIATRED † obstinately attached to one’s opinion; opinionated …1641
– OPINIONABLE †* that is a matter of opinion, disputable, uncertain; …1615-20
– OPINIONAL of the nature of, or grounded upon opinion …1725-44
– OPINIONATE 1. † based on opinion, or held in the way of opinion; conjectural, uncertain; supposed, fancied …1553
2. † unduly attached to one’s own opinion; obstinate in belief; opinionated …1576
– OPINIONATED † possessed of a particular opinion or estimate of a person or thing; esp. having a favourable opinion, thinking highly of …1601
– OPINIONOUS †* belonging to opinion …1666
– OPINIOUS †* of opinion, opinioned …1632
– PARADOXAL † contrary to common opinion …1570
– PARADOXIAL † contrary to common opinion …1624
– PARADOXIC * contrary to common opinion …1632
– SINGULAR † differing from others in opinion; standing alone; peculiar in this respect …1621
– TALKY chatty, verbose, self-opinionated …1862 US sl.
– ULTRAISTIC tending to extremes in opinion or practice …1840
– OPINATIVELY † in an opinionated manner; with obstinate adherence to opinion …1533
– OPINIATEDLY with obstinate adherence to opinion; in an opinionated manner …1651
– OPINIATELY † with obstinate adherence to opinion; in an opinionated manner …1658
– OPINIATIVELY with obstinate adherence to opinion; in an opinionated manner …1600
– OPINIONATELY † in one’s own opinion; according to opinion …1647
– OPINIONATIVELY † in the way of opinion; according to opinion …c1555
– TO ONE’S NOTION in one’s opinion …1903 Amer. dial.
opinion, opinionated – nouns
– ADVICE † the way in which a matter is looked at or regarded; opinion, judgement …1297
– ADVISEMENT † the result of thinking; a thought, opinion, resolution, plan …1535
– APPROBATION an authoritative opinion …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– AVISE advice, counsel; opinion …1790 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– BOW-WOW the dogmatic tone in speaking or writing; the stating of opinions in an arrogant manner …1889
– BREATH opinion; sentiments, tendency of thought …Bk1911 Sc.
– CACODOXY wrong opinion or doctrine …a1864
– CALL an opinion, a prediction …1999 US sl.
– DEEM † judgement, opinion, thought, surmise …1501
– ILL-BREW an unfavourable opinion …1883 Sc.
– INS AND OOTS changes of opinion …Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– JIMJAMS distorted views …1888 Amer. sl.
– KITE-FLYING testing public opinion by circulating rumours, etc.
– OPINATION † the act of forming an opinion; supposition; an opinion, a supposition …1611
– OPINE opinion …1865 Sc.
– OPINIONABLE †* an object of opinion …1656
– OPPIN †* opinion …1456 Sc.
– RAP the received opinion …1970s sl.
– SIGHT * opinion; estimate, judgement; respect, regard, view …a1300
– TAKE an opinion, a view …1950s US colloq.
– THINK thought, opinion …1796 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– THINKING an opinion …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– ULTRAISM the principles or tenets of one who holds extreme opinions on any question; the fact of holding such opinions …1821
– VANITY † the quality of being foolish or of holding erroneous opinions …c1386
– VARDY † opinion, judgement, verdict, viewpoint …1731-8 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– VERDICT an opinion …1825 Eng. dial.
– VERGE an idea, opinion, view …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
opinion, opinionated – person
– ARMCHAIR GENERAL one who freely gives his opinions on technical matters with which he is not personally concerned and on which he may be ill informed …20C Amer. sl., orig. World War II usage
– BABBITT a self-opinionated, self-satisfied small-town bourgeois, with all the prejudices of such a figure – a narrow-minded, middle-class materialist …1959 
– BARRACK-ROOM LAWYER an opinionated but well-informed know-all …1982 euphemism 
– BIG-HEAD one having an inflated opinion of himself …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– BIG STIFF a term of abuse; a fool; a rough, clumsy, stupid, or overbearing man; a mean, disagreeable or contemptible person; a disliked person; an uncouth, self-opinionated person …1896 sl., orig. US
– GAF-ISAAC a conceited, self-opinionated man …1897 Eng. dial.
– HOMODOXIAN † a person of the same opinion …1716
– JACK STROP a conceited man who fancies himself a dashing buccaneer, but is better at boasting than acting; a bumptious or opinionated man …1945 nautical sl. 
– KING SHIT an arrogant, self-opinionated person …1940s sl., orig. US
– KING SPIT an arrogant, self-opinionated person …1940s sl., orig. US
– LADY MUCK a pompous, self-opinionated condescending woman …1957 sl.
– LORD MUCK a pompous, self-opinionated condescending man …1937 sl.
– MONGREL  a person of mixed or undefined opinions; (derogatory) a person whose political or religious allegiance, etc., changes according to what is expedient …a1555
– OPINANT one who forms or holds an opinion …1860
– OPINATIVE † an opinionated person …1639
– OPINATOR † one who holds an opinion; a thinker; a theorist …1626
– OPINER one who holds or expresses an opinion …1611
– OPINIASTRE † a person obstinately attached to his own opinion; an opinionated person …1603
– OPINIATE † an opinionated person; one stubborn in opinion …1597
י OPINIATOR † one who holds or maintains an opinion; one who obstinately adheres to his opinion; an opinionated person …1523
– OPINIATRE † a person obstinately attached to his own opinion; an opinionated person …a1677
– OPINIONATIST † an opinionated person; an obstinate dogmatist …1634
– OPINIONATOR †* one who holds an opinion; a theorist …1677
– OPINIONIST † 1. a holder or maintainer of some opinion or doctrine at variance with the general belief or that of the speaker; a sectary, a faddist …1623
2. the holder of any specified opinion …1630
– SNOB MOB a group of friends with a very high opinion of themselves …1955 US sl.
– STIFF an uncouth person who is self-opinionated …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– SWANKPOT a boastful, self-opinionated person …1914 Brit. sl.
– TALENT a person with an overweening opinion of himself …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– ULTRA one who holds extreme opinions, particularly in religion or politics …1826
– ULTRAIST one who holds extreme opinions; an extremist …1842
– WOMAN AFTER ONE’S OWN HEART, A one who shares a person’s own tastes, views, or sympathies …1767
opinion, opinionated – verbs
– AMBITION to propose or opine assertively …1898 Amer. dial.
– ANK to be of opinion; to assert emphatically …1885 Eng. dial.
– BASH SOMEONE’S EAR to subject to one’s opinions, grievances, etc. …1940s sl., orig. Aust. & NZ
– BEAR IN HAND to conjecture, to think; to foresee; to hold or maintain an opinion …1863 Eng. dial.
– BIG UP to confirm in an opinion; to devote one’s self to an opinion, idea, purpose, or person …Bk1911 Sc. 
– CACKLE ONE’S FAT to brag, to boast; to express a self-opinionated, esp. if contradictory, point of view …1940s sl.
– CALCULATE to think, to opine; to believe; to suppose …1830 colloq.
– FANCY YOURSELF to have too high an opinion of yourself …1866 UK sl.
– HAVE TICKETS ON to have a high opinion of someone or something …1908 Aust. sl.
– HETERODOGMATIZE to hold an opinion different from that generally held …1651 nonce word
– HORSESHED to coach; to try to influence another’s opinion; to bribe …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– NOT TO CARE THE BLACK BEFORE ONE’S NAIL FOR ANYONE to have the lowest opinion of anyone …Bk1903 Eng. dial.
– OPINATE †* to give an opinion; to pronounce a formal or authoritative opinion …1625
– OPINIATE † to adhere obstinately to an opinion …1603
– OPINIONATE † to become or be opinionated or obstinate …1603
– PUT IN ONE’S OAR to interfere; to voice an unwanted opinion …1730 sl.
– REDEEM to consider; to give as opinion …1894 Eng. dial.
– SHOOT ONE’S HEAD OFF to express one’s opinion …1966 Amer. dial.
– TACK to change one’s opinion, attitude, or conduct …1637
– THINK LEWDLY OF † to have a poor opinion of …c1386
– THINK NO SMALL BEER OF ONESELF to have a high opinion of oneself …Bk1898 sl.
– THINK ONE HUNG THE MOON to have an extremely high opinion of someone …1953 Amer. dial.
– UNLOAD to offer one’s opinion …1900s sl.
– VARY † to differ in opinion; to disagree; to dissent from another …?1428
– VIEW to consider, to guess, to be of the opinion …1891 Sc.
opinion, opinionated – phrases
– ACCORDING TO ONE’S TELL in one’s opinion, to one’s way of thinking …1871 Amer. dial.
OPOSSUM – nouns
– EGG-EATER an opossum …1968 Amer. dial.
– FALSE-BELLY the opossum’s marsupial pouch …1912 Amer. dial.
– FILE-TAIL an opossum …1968 Amer. dial.
– GRAVEDIGGER an opossum …1970 Amer. dial.
– POOR SAM an opossum …1927 Amer. dial.
– POSS SAM an opossum …1966 Amer. dial.
– SAM the opossum …1968 Amer. dial.
– SAMBO the opossum …1927 Amer. dial.
– WOOLLY SHOAT an opossum …1961 Amer. dial.