Reverse Dictionary: POLID – POM

POLISH for the country, see POLAND
POLISH – nouns
– BRIGHT polish …1917 Amer. dial.
– LARRY DUGAN’S EYE WATER. blacking (application of black polish) …L18 sl.
– NUGGET boot polish …c1910 Aust. sl.
polish – verbs
– BLITZ IT to polish or spruce up with vigour and speed …World War II Amer. sl.
– FAY to clean, to cleanse, to polish; to clear away filth, etc. …c1205
– FURBISH to remove rust from; to brighten by rubbing, to polish, to burnish …1382
– GUSSY UP to refurbish, to renovate; to polish …20C Amer. sl.
– LEVIGATE † to make smooth; to polish …1612
POLISHED (elegant) – adjectives
– FACETE † elegant, graceful, polished …a1635
– FALKLAND-BRED † well-mannered, as if bred at court, courtly, polished, well-bred …1721 Sc.
– LEVIGABLE † that can be polished …1670
– LEVIGATED † made smooth; polished …1578
– XESTURGY †* the process of polishing …1592
POLITE – adjectives
– HYNDE † courteous, polite, gentle …c1400
– MANNERABLE † well-behaved, polite …c1460 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– MANNERSABLE courteous, polite, well-mannered …1922 Amer. dial.
– MANNERSLY courteous, polite, well-mannered …1929 Amer. dial.
– MANNERSOME courteous, polite, well-mannered …1887 Amer. dial.
– MENSEFUL mannerly, polite, well-behaved; courteous, well-bred; respectful …1783 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– NICE AS PIE very polite; very agreeable …1922 US sl.
– POLITE AS A BASKET OF CHIPS very polite and smiling …Bk1905 Amer. dial.
polite – nouns
– QUANDORUM a polite speech or gesture …BK1905 Eng. dial.
polite – person
– CHESTERFIELD a very courteous or polite person …1965 Amer. dial.
– GARB-MASTER † one who professes the art of polite behaviour …1599
POLITELY – adverbs
– MANNERLY † with good manners; politely, courteously …1519
– BUNK excessive politeness …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– ERUDITION † politeness, respect, courtesy …1822 Sc.
– FAIR FASHIONS good manners, politeness …1870 Sc.
– FALAHVER unctuous politeness; exaggerated civility expressed in words, ‘palaver’ …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– FALLAL affectation in manner, fussy show of politeness …1879 Eng. dial.
– FALLOL affectation in manner, fussy show of politeness …1879 Eng. dial.
– IRON HAND IN A VELVET GLOVE, AN rigid firmness accompanied by courtesy, politeness, and gentleness …1834
– MENSE decency, propriety, decorum; sense, discretion, tact; good manners, politeness …1737 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– POLITE, THE politeness …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
POLITICS – adjectives
– BLIMPISH (derogatory) having reactionary views …1938 sl.
– DOVISH in politics: inclined to advocate negotiation and conciliation …M16
– JUICED IN enjoying powerful political connections …1995 US sl.
– PINK (derogatory) said of one who holds left-of-centre views …1927 sl.
– PINKO (derogatory) holding left-of-centre or mildly Communist views …1936 sl.
– RED communist, socialist, left-wing …M19 sl.
– RIGHT-ON used approvingly to denote one of politically progressive views …1970 sl., orig. US
– ROCK-RIBBED resolute, uncompromising, esp. in political allegiance
politics – nouns
– ACTION a political act, often confrontational or violent …1971 US sl.
– BACKSET a reversal in one’s personal or political affairs …1816 Amer. dial.
– BARREL money for use in a political campaign, esp. for corrupt purposes …1884 US political sl.
– BARREL-CAMPAIGN a political contest in which bribery is lavishly employed …1884 US
– BOYS, THE in the 19th century, corrupt politicians or their hangers-on …a1815 Amer. sl.
– CABAL a political clique; a faction …M17
– DECAPITATION in US politics: summary dismissal from office …1869
– DIRECT ACTION a political act, esp. a violent one that may lead to arrest …1968 US sl.
– DUCK-SHOVING fighting for status, rank, position, esp. in political terms; in gambling: manipulating, using sleight of hand …1910s Aust. & NZ sl.
– LIMPS, THE the Liberals …L19 Brit. political sl.
– LINE political philosophy …1968 US sl.
– MACHINE the controlling organization of a political party …1876 US politics
– MACHINE, THE in big city politics: the over-arching political organization that runs all facets of life …1992 US sl.
– MONGOOSE GANG a group of thugs working for a politician and acting as a form of private army/secret police …1950s W. Indies sl.
– PORK federal funds obtained through political influence …1879 US sl.
– PORK BARREL the state’s funds available for regional expenditure, esp. as disbursed subject to political influence ..1909 orig. & chiefly US sl.
– REDS, THE communists, socialists …20C sl.
– SCALLYWAGGERY roguery, political opportunism …L19 sl.
– SCALLYWAGISM roguery, political opportunism …L19 sl.
– SLEAZE political corruption; the payment of money to politicians in return for political influence …1983 sl., orig. US
– STRIPE persons of the same political colour …1856 Amer.
– U-TURN a reversal of political policy …1984 UK sl.
politics – person
– ABSTRACTIONIST in US politics: (mainly depreciative) a doctrinaire supporter or advocate of states’ rights, typically from one of the Southern states …1841
– ACTIVIST a person engaged in or advocating vigorous political activity; an active campaigner …1920
– ANGEL a person who contributes to a politician’s campaign fund …1920 Amer. sl.
– ARM WAVER a politician …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– BABY-KISSER a person campaigning for votes in his quest for elected political office; a politician who seeks to please the public by showing exaggerated interest in it …1908 sl.
– BACKER one who supports a particular candidate, issue, or party …Bk1980 Amer. political usage
– BAGMAN a person who directs finances in a political campaign …1976 Can. sl.
– BARNBURNER a radical member of the Democratic party of New York State…1841 Amer. political sl.
– BARNSTORMER a politician making a rapid tour delivering campaign speeches, typically in rural areas …1990 Amer. political sl.
– BELLMARE a political leader: mostly in contempt …Bk1891 US sl.
– BELL-RINGER a local politician …Bk1975 Amer. sl. 
– B’HOY a political henchman …1938 Amer. dial.
– BIG NOISE a senior officer, politician, or anyone with considerable authority …World War I sl.
– BIGWIG (often derogatory) a powerful, important person; a person of consequence; one high in authority or rank; often a politician or bureaucrat …1703
– BLACKSHIRT a member of a fascist party; spec. a member of Italy’s National Fascist Party (Partito Nazionale Fascista) (1921–43), or of the British Union of Fascists (1932–40); also, more generally, a person with fascist tendencies …1922
– BLIMP (derogatory) someone with reactionary views …1934 sl.
– BOSS the head of a political machine …1860s Amer. sl.
– BUMMER † a politician or public official who is idle or corrupt; a hanger-on of a political party’s officers …1872 US
– CABINET-MAKER one who constructs a political cabinet …1884
– CABINET MINISTER in the UK, Canada, and other Commonwealth countries: a member of a parliamentary cabinet …1817
– CACIQUE in Spanish politics: a man who owes his ascendancy to his power or influence; a political ‘boss’ …1872
– CARPETBAGGER a person who interferes in local politics without being a true part of the local community …1868 US sl.
– CHAMPAGNE SOCIALIST one who preaches socialism but espouses a capitalist lifestyle …1990s sl.
– CHINAMAN one who has and dispenses political influence …1971 Amer. dial.
– CHRIST-KILLER a noisy political orator …1930s US sl.
– COLONEL BLIMP (derogatory) someone with reactionary views …1934 sl.
– COMMIE (often derogatory) a Communist …1939 sl.
– COMMO (often derogatory) a Communist …1941 sl.
– COMRAT (derogatory) a political liberal …1951 US sl.
– DEM a Democrat …1875 US colloq.
– DEMMY a Democrat …1840 US political sl.
– DOVE in politics: a person who believes in a policy of negotiation and conciliation rather than warfare or  confrontation …M20
– DRY (derogatory) a Conservative politician who advocates individual responsibility, free trade, and economic stringency, and opposes high government spending …1983 Brit. sl.
– FAIRY a Tory politician …1992 Brit. rhyming sl. (Fairy Story)
– FAIRY STORY a Tory politician …1992 Brit. rhyming sl.
– FLESH-PRESSER a politician …Bk2006 US sl.
– FRONT PORCHER a political candidate who is reluctant to campaign widely …1977 US political sl.
– FUNDI, FUNDIE, FUNDY a fundamentalist politician; a member of the radical left wing of the German Green Party …1982 sl.
– GAMMON a right-wing White male, supportive of ‘Little Englander’ nationalism and its political/philosophical coevals …2018 sl.
– GEOPOLITICIAN an expert in or student of geopolitics; a proponent of the theory of geopolitics (politics, esp. relations between states, as influenced by geographical factors) …1934
– GERRYMANDERER one who manipulates in order to gain an unfair advantage, esp. in politics …1884 US
– GINGER GROUP politicians actively impatient with their own party …1934 political sl.
– GLAD-HANDER a person, often a politician, who greets others effusively and often insincerely; one who acts more friendly or more optimistic than necessary; one who seeks self-aggrandizement through flattery and feigned cordiality …1918 Amer. political sl. 
– GOO-GOO a supporter of political reform …L19 US sl.
– GRAFTER a person, esp. a politician or official, who takes advantage of his position to gain money or property unethically or illegally, as by taking bribes, levying extortion, diverting funds, etc. …1901 orig. political & journalistic usage
– GROUPIST an adherent of a ‘group’ or selection of a political party …1895
– GUT-FIGHTER in politics: a candidate or political operative who wages an unusually aggressive uncompromising campaign, esp. against a politically stronger opponent …1962 Amer. sl.
– HACK 1. anyone who acts as a ‘yes-man’, esp. in politics …1950s sl.
2. a labour organizer belonging to the Communist Party of the United States …1967 Amer. sl.
– HARD HAT a very conservative right-winger; a reactionary …1970s US sl.
– HARD MAN an uncompromising politician or businessman …1976 UK sl.
– HEELER a political fellow ready to do dirty work; one who is at the heel of a political boss …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– HIGH-BINDER a fraudulent politician; a political conspirator or blackmailer …1890 US sl.
– HORSE a congressman who introduces or supports a lobbyist’s bill …1989 US political usage
– JACK a Jacksonian Democrat …1830 Amer. political sl.
– JACKASS a Democrat …Bk1926 Amer. sl. 
– JUNKYARD DOG a politician who is adept at investigating corruption …1980s US sl.
– LABOR FAKER a political agitator among workers …1938 US sl.
– LACKEY an obsequious person; a today; a servile political follower …L16
– LACQUEY – a political hanger-on …1939
– LAME DUCK in politics, an elected official or legislative body whose term of office is nearing an end, esp. a legislator still in office after losing an election or a US president not running for re-election …1910 US sl.
– LEFTIE, LEFTY (usually derogatory) a left-winger; a person of liberal or socialist political beliefs; a radical …1935 sl.
– LOG-ROLLER a politician who engages in the corrupt giving of mutual aid …E19 sl.
– MACHINIST a ‘machine’ politician (see noun 1876) …1883 US
– MANDARIN a senior civil servant, politician, or commentator …1910s sl.
– MICKEY MOUSE a candidate who has an easy victory …Bk1980 Amer. political sl. 
– MOD a person who holds moderate views in politics, religion, etc. …1907 Sc. Church Hist.
– MODERNIZER in politics: a person who supports or works towards the modernization of a political party or system, esp. as regards ideological reform …1970
– MOOCHER a politician who takes graft or who ‘bolts’ (opposes his or her party’s position) …Amer. World War I sl.
– MOSES a political candidate who is seen to be metaphorically roaming the desert of the talk show circuit instead of focusing on specific issues …Bk1993 
– MR. CLEAN someone who makes a point of portraying themselves (sincerely or otherwise) as free of corruption, esp. in politics, business, sport or other forms of public life in which a proclaimed moral stance is useful; an honourable or incorruptible politician …1973 sl.
– PALM-PRESSER a politician …Bk2006 US sl.
– PARLOUR PINK (derogatory) someone whose professed left-wing principles are insincere or not matched by their lifestyle …1929 sl.
– PIE EATER * (derogatory) a contemptible person; a fool; a country bumpkin; also, a person who accepts political favours …a1891 US sl.
– PINK (derogatory) someone who holds left-of-centre (but not far-left) views …1927 sl.
– PINKIE, PINKY (derogatory) someone who holds left-of-centre or mildly Communist views …1973 sl.
– PINKO (derogatory) someone who holds left-of-centre or mildly Communist views …1936 sl.
– POL a politician …1942 Amer. sl.
– POLITICIANER a politician …1838 Amer. dial.
– POLITICO (usually derogatory) a politician …1630 sl.
– POLITITIONER a politician …1859 Amer. dial.
– POLLY a politician …1942 Aust. & US sl.
– POLY a politician …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– POT-HOUSE POLITICIAN a politician of low aims and motives; a professional politician, ignorant, irresponsible, and often venal …1780
– PROG someone who is progressive in their political or social views …1958 sl.
– PROMISING POLITICAN one who makes many promises …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– PULLITICIAN a politician with ‘pull’ or influence …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– QUIDNUNC a politician …1886 sl.
– QUOCKERWODGER a politician acting in accordance with the instructions of an influential third party, rather than properly representing their constituents …M19 sl.
– RAD a person who advocates radical or far-reaching political or social reform; a member of a political party or part of a party pursuing such aims …1820
– RADDIE a political radical …1964 UK sl.
– RADICAL a person who advocates radical or far-reaching political or social reform; a member of a political party or part of a party pursuing such aims; now also a revolutionary, esp. left-wing …1822
– RADICAL RIGHTIST an extreme conservative in politics …Bk1982 US
– RADICLIB a radical liberal in politics …1970 Amer. sl.
– RAD-LIB a radical liberal in politics …1970 Amer. sl. 
– RAT a person who deserts his or her party, side, or cause; a person puts personal considerations before political principles, departs radically from the official party line, or adopts the political beliefs of a rival party …1755
– RED (derogatory) an anarchist or republican, a Russian Bolshevik, or a Communist or extreme socialist …1851 sl.
– REDNECK a reactionary …1960 sl., orig. US
– RED-RAGGER (derogatory) a Communist or socialist …1916 Aust. sl.
– SACHEM a political leader; one of the leaders of New York’s Tammany Society …19C US sl.
– SACRIFICE HITTER in politics: a candidate who runs for the good of the party and other candidates, but who is likely to lose …1957
– SATCH any man who talks a lot; esp. a gossip, a politician, etc.; often used as a nickname …1945 Amer. sl. 
– SCALAWAG, SCALLAWAG, SCALLYWAG an impostor or intriguer, especially in politics; a corrupt politician; in U.S. Hist., a native white of the southern states who was willing to accept the terms of Reconstruction after the US Civil War (1861-5) …1864
– SCALLOWAG an impostor or intriguer, especially in politics; a corrupt politician; in U.S. Hist., a native white of the southern states who was willing to accept the terms of Reconstruction after the US Civil War (1861-5) …1864
– SCATTERTATIONIST  ‘a political quibbler who neutralizes their force by pursuing their crotchety views upon every minor point and by co-operating with nobody’ …Bk1877 US
– SHELLBACK someone with reactionary views …1943 sl.
– SHOO-IN a political candidate considered certain to win …1948 US sl.
– SILK-STOCKING a member of a branch of the Whig party in the earlier part of the 19th century …1895 US politics
– SILVER-GRAY a Conservative …1856 US politics
– SNOLLYGOSTER a pretentious, boastful fellow; a shrewd, unprincipled fellow, especially a politician …1846 US sl.
– SPIN DOCTOR a political press agent or publicist employed to promote a favourable interpretation of events to journalists …1984 colloq., orig. US
– SPINMEISTER a ‘spin doctor’, esp. an accomplished or politically powerful one; an expert at presenting information or events to the media in a favourable light …1986 colloq.
– STRADDLE-BUG a politician who tries to please both sides; one who is on neither side of a public question …1872
– SUSHI SOCIALIST one who preaches socialism but espouses a capitalist lifestyle …1990s sl.
– SWALLOWTAILS business and professional men who engage in politics …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– TADPOLE a professional politician or hack of a political party …1885
– TANKIE, TANKY a member of the former British Community Party who supported hardline (esp. interventionist) Soviet politics …1985 sl.
– UNTOUCHABLE a person or politician insusceptible of bribery …1933 US criminals’ sl.
– VELCROID a person who seeks the company of the powerful or famous in an attempt to borrow glory by proximity …1991 Amer. political sl.
– WARD-HEELER a political hanger-on of the head of the city ward in which he resides; a politician who follows party policy assiduously …1890 US
– WAR-HORSE a veteran soldier or politician; a person full of warlike memories …1884
– WEALSMAN †* one devoted to the public weal; a statesman, a politician …1607
– WET (derogatory) a Conservative politician with liberal or middle-of-the-road views (often applied to those opposed to the monetarist policies of Margaret Thatcher) …1980 Brit. sl.
– WINGER a member of a political wing, right or left …1964 colloq.
– WINGNUT a person on the far right or left politically …Bk2006 Amer. political sl.
– WIRE PULLER one who seeks to use personal influence to gain advantages and favours; powerful political partisan who does their work like a hidden spring ‘behind the scenes’ …1826 Amer. sl. 
– WONK (derogatory) a political professional who is studious and therefore well informed …1962 US sl.
– YELLOW DOG in US politics: orig. a political candidate, esp. one lacking qualifications or experience, who is expected to win an election based on voters’ loyalty to a particular party; spec., in later use, a Democratic candidate of this kind; now chiefly: a steadfast supporter of the Democratic Party, esp. one from a southern state …1883 US
– YELLOW DOG DEMOCRAT a Southern expression for a Democrat who will vote for whoever the party’s candidate is, even a yellow dog; a steadfast Democrat party loyalist …1911 Amer. political sl.
– YESTERDAY’S MAN a man, esp. a politician, whose career is finished or past its peak …Bk2004
– YOUNG BLOOD a young energetic member of a political party …Bk1922
– YOUNG SCRATCHER a Republican in the 1880 presidential campaign opposed to old-guard ‘machine’ politics …1880 Amer. political sl.
– YOUNG TURK a young person eager for radical change to the established order; a contentious young person who goes against the system …c1929
– ZEALATOR * a zealot; esp. a person who is excessively, immoderately, or fanatically devoted to cause or ideal, esp. a religious or political one …1585
– ZOON POLITIKON a political animal, a person who is interested in or concerned about political issues, or who actively participates in politics …1895
politics – verbs
– ABSTAIN FROM BEANS to desist from politics …1920s sl.
– CROWD THE MOURNERS to add some further embarrassment to politicians labouring under difficulties …Bk1913-17 Amer. political sl..
– DO A MACDONALD to desert one’s party …c1930 Brit. Labour leaders’ usage
– FEED THE CHOOKS of a politician; to submit to a barrage of reporters and TV cameras, and give out morsels of information …Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– HAVE A CHINAMAN (now considered offensive) to have political influence …1973 Amer. sl.
– HORSE-SHED to attempt to influence individual voters, witnesses, or jurors, esp. while feigning impartiality …1846 US law & political usage
– POLITIZE †* to play the politician; to dispute as politicians do; to treat politically or diplomatically; to deal in politics …1598
– PRESS THE FLESH to greet potential supporters by shaking their hands …1926 sl., orig. & chiefly US
– RAT to desert a party, cause, or principle …1810 sl.
– STUFF A BALLOT-BOX to tamper with returns by the surreptitious introduction into the ballot-box of bogus voting papers …Bk1904 Amer. political usage
POLKA DOT – adjectives
– POKY-DOTTED polka-dotted …1969 Amer. dial.
POLLEN – nouns
– WITCHES’ BUTTER a deposit of pollen …1860 Amer. dial.
POLLUTE – person
– BEFOULER one who makes foul or covers with filth; one who pollutes or defiles …1842
– BERAYER † one who defiles or pollutes …1699
pollute – verbs 
– BESMEAR to sully, to defile, to pollute …1579
– COINQUINATE † to soil all over, to pollute, to defile …a1528
– CONSPURCATE † to defile, to pollute, to befoul…1600
– DECOLOUR † to pollute, to defile …1630
– DETURPATE † to defile, to disfigure, to pollute, to contaminate; to debase …1623
– FULYIE to defile, to pollute …E16 Sc.
– IMBRATE †* to defile, to sully, to pollute …1542
– IMPIATE †* to pollute, to defile …1623
– INQUINATE † to pollute, to defile, to corrupt, to contaminate, to befoul …1542
– MACULATE to spot, stain, soil, defile, pollute …1432-50
– SULP † to defile, to pollute …a1350
POLLUTED – adjectives
– CANKERED † infected, polluted; infectious, venomous …1633
– CONSPURCATE † defiled, polluted …1563-87
– MACULATED spotted, stained, defiled, polluted …1646
– SULLEY † an act of sullying, soiling, or polluting; a stain, a blemish …1602
– SULLY † an act of sullying, soiling, or polluting; a stain, a blemish …1602
– FUNESTATION * defilement, pollution, esp. through contact with a dead body …a1626
– IMPURATION †* the act of making impure; pollution …1614
– SULLAGE † filth, filthiness, defilement, pollution …1641
– TAINTURE † tainting, staining, stain, defilement, pollution, infection …1593
POLYNESIA – person
– DARKIE, DARKY a Polynesian person …1863 NZ
– KANAKA (often derogatory) a Hawaiian native, esp. a man – formerly applied to other Polynesian islanders …1820 chiefly Hawaii usage
– MONKEY-CHASER a South Sea Islander, a Polynesian …1942 Amer. sl.
– POTATO a Polynesian, brown on the outside, white within …Bk1998 NZ sl. 
– APPLE-GARNADE † a pomegranate …a1300
– CHINESE APPLE a pomegranate …1980 Amer. dial.
– GARNET † the pomegranate …a1400
– GARNET-APPLE † the pomegranate …c1410
– GRENADE † a pomegranate …M16
– PIMGENET a pomegranate, Punica Granatum …B1900 Eng. dial.
– PLUMGRANNY a pomegranate …1944 Amer. dial.
POMMEL – verbs
– NEVEL to beat or strike with the fists; to pound, buffet, or pommel …a1572 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– NEVILL vb. to beat or strike with the fists; to pound, buffet, or pummel …a1572 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– NEVILLING a pommelling, a beating inflicted with the fist …Bk1905 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
POMP – nouns
– BOBANCE † presumptuous boasting, pride, pomp, arrogance, vanity …c1325
– EFFEIR appearance, bearing; show, pomp and circumstance; ceremony …1375 arch.
– FANTASIA ostentation, pomp, self-importance …1838
– FARE † display, pomp; commotion, uproar, fuss …a1300
– GAYNESS † gay appearance, brightness of colour, dressiness, display, pomp …c1449
– PANOPLY splendour, magnificence, pomp …1829
– PARADA † pomp, show, display, ostentation …1621
– PARADO † pomp, show, display, ostentation …1621
– ALL GAS AND GAITERS nonsense, rubbish, pomposity, bombast …1920s sl.
– FASTUOSITY † haughtiness, ostentation, pomposity …1656-81
– HIFALUTIN snobbery, pomposity …M19 Aust. sl.
– HIGHFALUTIN snobbery, pomposity …M19 Aust. sl.
– LARGENESS lofty bearing, pomposity …1887
– PAUGHTINESS arrogance, conceit, pomposity …1913 Sc.
– VENTOSITY pomposity, vanity, bombast …c1550
POMPOUS – adjectives
– ALL GAS AND GAITERS pompous but empty talk …1923 sl.
– CONSEQUENTIOUS conceited, proud; affectedly great; pompous …1803 ? Amer.
– FANDANGOUS showy, pompous …1797 Eng. dial.
– FUSTIAN ridiculously lofty in expression; bombastic, high-flown, inflated, pompous …1592
– GELLY worthy, pompous, well-conditioned …c1560 Sc.
– HIFALUTIN pompous, stuck-up …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– HIGH-FALLOOTIN’ snobbish, pompous …M19 sl., orig. US
– HIGHFALUTEN snobbish, pompous …M19 sl., orig. US
– HIGHFALUTIN(G) absurdly pompous or pretentious; stuck-up, snobbish…1839 colloq.
– HIGH-FLYING pompous, pretentious …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– HIKI-FALLOOTIN’ snobbish, pompous …M19 sl., orig. US
– HYBOLIC pompous, bombastic …1972 Hawaii youth usage
– MAGNIFIC (derogatory) pompous, grandiloquent …16C
– MAGNIFICOUS magnificent, grand, pompous …17C
– MAGNILOQUENT lofty or ambitious in expression, using pompous or bombastic language; using a stately manner of speaking or writing; also, talking big, boastful …1656
– PAPPY of persons: conceited, stiff with self-esteem, stuck-up, officious, pompous, puffed up with pride; presumptuous …1881 Sc.
– PAWPY of persons: conceited, stiff with self-esteem, stuck-up, officious, pompous …1881 Sc.
– ROBUSTIOUS boisterous, noisy, strongly self-assertive, pompous …a1548
– RUMGUMPTIOUS pompous; violent and obstinate in opinion; forward, rash, bold, quarrelsome, out of humour; boisterous …1790 Eng. dial.
– VENTOSE pompous, bragging, vaunting …1867
pompous – nouns
– GAS AND GAITERS pompous but empty talk …1923 sl.
– YELPING † boasting; proud or pompous talk …a1050
pompous – person
– BAG OF WIND (derogatory) a person who speaks or writes at length but says little of substance or value; a pompously verbose speaker; a boaster; also, a loud-mouthed but ineffectual person …1816 colloq.
– BIG DOG a consequential pompous individual; an overbearing person who will allow no one to differ from his views …1833 US sl.
– BIG DOG OF THE TANYARD an important or the most important person; a consequential, pompous individual …1841 US sl.
– BIG DOING a boaster, a braggart; a pompous person, a show-off, a bully …Bk1994 US sl.
– BIG DOINGS a boaster, a braggart; a pompous person, a show-off, a bully …1932 US sl.
– BIG WIG a pompous, conceited individual …Bk1890 sl.
– BLAFLUM a pompous, empty-headed person …Bk1911 Sc.
– BLAFUM a pompous, empty person; chiefly applied to males …1825 Sc.
– BLAWFLUM a pompous, empty person …Bk1911 Sc.
– CACIQUE a slightly pompous person …Bk1994
– GUTBUCKET a grossly fat person; a pompous person, usually corpulent; used derisively …1938 Amer. sl.
– JETTER a pompous man …1510 sl.
– LADY MUCK a pompous, self-opinionated condescending woman …1957 sl.
– LORD MUCK a pompous, self-opinionated condescending man …1937 sl.
– MAMAMOUCHI a pompous-sounding title; one who assumes such a title; a ridiculous pretender to elevated dignity; a buffoon …1672
– OLD GOAT an elderly person disliked for being pompous, stingy, mean, stubborn, unsympathetic to younger people or the like …20C US colloq.
– PANJANDRUM a mock title for an imaginary or mysterious person of much power, or one of great pretensions; a pompous pretender; one who is self-important …a1880
– PISS-ARTIST a pretentious and usually pompous poseur who is incompetent, but full of promises …L20 colloq.
– POCATELLO YARDMASTER a fraud; a blowhard, a boastful or pompous person …1947 Amer. dial.
– POD-KITE a puffed-up, conceited person, especially a pompous official …1859 Eng. dial.
– STUFFED SHIRT a pompous person …1913 sl., orig. US
pompous – verbs
– BESTRUT to strut or walk pompously over …1594
– BLOVIATE to talk aimlessly and boastingly; to speak arrogantly or pompously; to be verbose; to wander from the subject …1847 Amer.  
– SCANCE to make a great show in conversation; to talk in a pompous or affected manner, to exaggerate, to embellish a story to the limits of credibility for the sake of effect …1815 Sc.
– SPEECHIFY to make a pompous speech, or talk as if one were doing this …1723 sl.
POMPOUSLY – adverbs
– HIGH FALUTIN snobbily, pompously …1900s US sl.
– FAST † arrogance, pompousness …1673