Reverse Dictionary: PROM – PROMZ

1300 • MARINE a promenade by the sea; also, the country or district in immediate proximity to the coast (obs.)

1450 • PARAUNT apparent, prominent, distinguished (obs.)
1513 • UMEST most important or prominent 
1578 • EGREGIOUS prominent, projecting (obs.)
1840 • SALIENT standing out from the rest; prominent, conspicuous
1902Bk • INTERCEDING ready to take the lead, prominent
1896 • BULGINGLY prominently
1914 • SOME PUNKINS something prominent or pretentious
1943 • CATBIRD SEAT a prominent or especially favourable position 
1605 • YEAR-SPINNER a person who has influence on the events of the year; a prominent or significant person (obs.)
1785 • DUKE a prominent or consequential fellow; a boss
1856 • MUCK-A-MUCK an important and prominent person 
1856 • MUCKETY-MUCK an important and prominent person 
1881 • DANDY  a prominent or distinguished person 
1882 • THE MAIN GUY a man of importance, prominence, or authority; the boss; the leader 
1887 • HEAD-BUMMER a manager; an overseer; a prominent or important person
1899 • ACE a prominent individual; a big shot, the chief, the boss 
1905 • BIG NOB a very important, powerful person; a prominent and influential person in business, politics, etc. 
1914 • SOME PUNKINS someone prominent or pretentious  
1921 • THE BIG GUY a boss or leader; a powerful, wealthy, or prominent person
1931 • TALL POPPY a person who has a high salary or is otherwise prominent; a very important person; an influential person; often held in contempt by others, who try to bring about this person’s downfall or ruin 
1940 • BIG-TIME OPERATOR a person who is very successful, prominent, and influential in some area of business 
1970 • HINCHY a snobbish, pompous, or overbearing person; a prominent or important person ​
1970 HINCTY HINKTY a snobbish, pompous, or overbearing person; a prominent or important person
1975Bk • BIG NAME a prominent, famous, important, or celebrated person, usually in the field of entertainment 

1926 JUMP TO THE EYES to be obvious or prominent; to be noticed

M15 • RAMPING promiscuous; high-spirited
M16 • LIGHT of women: promiscuous
M16 • SLUTTISH promiscuous; sexually immoral, lustful
1570 RIGGISH promiscuous,sexually immodest, wanton, licentious (obs.)
1577 RUTTING of a person: promiscuous, lecherous
L16 • LOOSE-LEGGED  sexually promiscuous 
1607 • HOT-BACKED promiscuous; lustful (obs.)
1656 • WAGTAILED promiscuous, wanton (obs.)
1698 • EASY of a woman: sexually promiscuous
L17 BUTTOCKING promiscuous, whorish
L17 • CRACKISH of a woman: promiscuous; wanton
L17 • GAME of women: promiscuous 
L17 • GAMEY of women: promiscuous
1880 • FLY flirtatious or sexually promiscuous; wanton 
18C • FAST of a man or woman: promiscuous
1924 • TRIFLING sexually promiscuous 
1931 CLEVER aggressively flirtatious; promiscuous; said of a woman
M20 • FRUITING living a sexually promiscuous life 
1960s • NASTY-BEHIND of a woman: promiscuous 
1960s • SCALYLEG promiscuous 
1964 • SWINGING promiscuous 
1970s • SHANK-ASS promiscuous; cheap-looking, ugly, unattractive
1970s • SHANKY promiscuous; cheap-looking, ugly, unattractive
1975 • SCANKY • SKANKY promiscuous; cheap-looking, ugly, unattractive
1997 • DAGGY cheap or trashy looking in a sexually promiscuous way 
2000s • SHYST promiscuous; promiscuous
1377 • HARLOTRY promiscuity; the practice or trade of prostitution
1390 PUTERY adultery; promiscuity; prostitution; usually used of women (obs.)
1600 RUTTING sexual intercourse; promiscuous or lecherous behaviour
1960s • BEDHOPPING a sexually promiscuous life 
1964 SWINGING indulgence in sexual promiscuity; engaging in group sex or the exchanging of sexual partners
20C BEASTNESS male promiscuity
1425 • SLUT (derogatory) a sexually promiscuous woman
1432 • HARLOT (derogatory) a promiscuous woman; an unchaste woman
1500 • CALLET promiscuous; a lewd woman (obs.)
1529 • DANT a promiscuous woman; a sexually loose woman; a harlot, a prostitute (obs.)
1532 MUTTON-MONGER a man who is sexually promiscuous
1560 • BIRD a promiscuous woman; a prostitute
1567 • MORT a promiscuous woman; a sexually loose woman (obs.)
1573 • GILLIAN  a flirtatious or sexually promiscuous woman (obs.)
1583 • CUSTOMER a promiscuous woman; a mistress (obs.)
1592 • WAGTAIL a promiscuous woman; a prostitute
1593 • GILLIAN-FLIRT a sexually promiscuous woman or girl
1593 POLECAT (derogatory)a sexually promiscuous woman; a prostitute
1598 • NAG a promiscuous woman; a woman of loose character; a prostitute (obs.)
1599 • MUTTON a promiscuous woman; a prostitute; a strumpet  
L16 • HOBBY HORSE a promiscuous woman; a prostitute
L16 • LUSTY-GUTS a promiscuous man; a womanizer  
L16 • LUSTY LAWRENCE a promiscuous man; a womanizer
L16 • WATER-WAGTAIL a promiscuous woman; a prostitute
17C • MEDLAR (TREE) a promiscuous woman  
17C • NIGGLER • NIGLER a promiscuous man  
1602 • GAMESTER a promiscuous woman; one addicted to amorous sport; a lewd person, whether male or female (obs.)
1607 • BAT a loose, dissolute or promiscuous woman 
1607 • BAT OF VENUS a loose or promiscuous woman 
1610 • BIRD OF THE NIGHT a promiscuous woman; a prostitute
1611 • BELLY-BUMPER a promiscuous man; a whoremonger (obs.)
1611 • MOLL a promiscuous woman
1621 • BARBER’S CHAIR  a promiscuous woman; a common prostitute who is used by all customers (obs.)
1637 • BED-BOUNDER a promiscuous person 
1638 BUTTERED BUN a woman who has had intercourse with one man and is about to repeat this immediately with a new partner; a sexually promiscuous woman
1642 • BIRD OF YOUTH a promiscuous woman; a prostitute
M17 • EASY MORT a promiscuous, forward woman  
M17 • FAIRY a young woman, with the possible implication of promiscuity
M17 • OLD RAM a virile and/or promiscuous man
M17 • RAM a virile and/or promiscuous man  
1650 • MOB  a promiscuous woman; a strumpet; a prostitute (obs.)
1663 CUNT a female viewed as a sex object; a promiscuous woman
1674 • MARMALADE-MADAM a promiscuous woman; a prostitute, a strumpet (obs.)
1694 MUTTON-BROKER a man who is sexually promiscuous or who has dealings with prostitutes (obs.)
1699 • WARM BIT a promiscuous, sexy woman  
L17 • FLAMER  a promiscuous woman  
L17 • HIGHTY-TIGHTY a promiscuous girl; a wanton person  
L17 • MARMULET MADAM a promiscuous woman; a prostitute  
L17 • TICKLE-TOBY a promiscuous woman  
18C MR. HORNER a promiscuous man, esp. one who cuckolds others
1725 • PACK a ‘naughty pack’; a promiscuous or licentious woman (obs.)
1726 • MOGGY promiscuous woman; a prostitute
1729 MUTTON MASTER a man who is sexually promiscuous or who has dealings with prostitutes (obs.) 
1757 • GILLIVER  a promiscuous, loose, or wanton woman  
1766 • LADY OF EASY VIRTUE a sexually promiscuous woman; a prostitute  
1773 • MOT a promiscuous woman or girl; a harlot, a prostitute (obs.)
1788 • GAME PULLET a forward or promiscuous girl in the way of becoming a prostitute (obs.)
L18 • ATHANASIAN WENCH a promiscuous young woman; a prostitute 
L18 • BIRD’S-NESTER a promiscuous man, a womanizer 
19C BUTTONHOLE WORKER a womanizer; a promiscuous man
19C • LADIES’ TAILOR a promiscuous man; a womanizer
1827 • BIRD OF PARADISE a promiscuous woman; a prostitute
1830 • RATTLER  a promiscuous young woman  
1838 • GAY GIRL a promiscuous girl or woman; a prostitute  
1851 • AMATEUR a sexually promiscuous young woman who is not a prostitute 
1867 • BAG a sexually promiscuous woman; a prostitute 
1874 • MORMON a promiscuous man  
1886 • CHIPPIE • CHIPPY a sexually promiscuous woman 
1887 • TART (derogatory) a promiscuous woman  
1892 • CHIP a sexually promiscuous woman, esp. a prostitute 
1893 • DAFFY a promiscuous woman 
1894 • BANBURY a promiscuous or loose woman 
1899 • WARM MEMBER  a promiscuous man, a philanderer  
L19 • EASY GAME a sexually available woman  
L19 • SOAP women, esp. promiscuous ones or prostitutes 20C • BLISTER a promiscuous or unattractive woman
20C • CHARITY DAME a woman who is sexually accommodating but not a prostitute, who charges a fee; she gives it away 
20C • CHARITY MOLL a woman who is sexually accommodating but not a prostitute, who charges a fee; she gives it away 
20C • JAMETTE a woman widely recognized to be promiscuous  
20C • LONG-EYE a promiscuous woman  
20C • SIR LANCELOT a promiscuous man; a regular user of his ‘lance’  
20C • WAJAN • WAJANG • WAJANK  a promiscuous woman, esp. from the slums  
E20 • FLOSSIE a wanton or promiscuous woman, a sexually loose woman  
E20 • ROSSIE (derogatory) a promiscuous woman; a woman who travels or wanders about
1900 • SCRUB (derogatory) a promiscuous woman  
1902 • FLOOSEY • FLOOSIE • FLOOSY • FLOOZIE • FLOOZY • FLUZIE (derogatory) a wanton or promiscuous woman, a sexually loose woman  
1903Bk • GAME-HEN a promiscuous woman  
1909 • SAL SLAPPERS a promiscuous woman
1910s ANIMAL a promiscuous woman
1910s • E.A. a promiscuous young woman  
1910s • ENTHUSIASTIC AMATEUR a promiscuous young woman  
1911 • ALLEY CAT a promiscuous person; a female of easygoing or loose sexual morals
1916 • MAMA • MAMMA • MOMMA a sexually promiscuous woman  
1916 • PIG (derogatory) a promiscuous or unattractive woman  
1916Bk • TAD a promiscuous man; a wencher; a mutton-monger
1918 • DIRTY-NECK a promiscuous woman; a woman of loose virtue
1920s • COOSIE • COOZEY • COOZIE • COOZY a woman who is promiscuous or unattractive
1920s • HAG a sexually promiscuous young woman  
1920s • PARTY GIRL a promiscuous young woman, not necessarily a prostitute; a ‘good-time girl’
1920s • ZIPPER a promiscuous woman  
1921 • COOSE • COOZE • COUSE a woman who is sexually attractive or promiscuous
1922 • TRAMP (derogatory) a promiscuous woman  
1926 • ROUND HEELS (derogatory) a promiscuous woman  
1927 • JAZZHOUND a sexually promiscuous person  
1928 • DIRTY GERTIE a nickname for a sexually forward or promiscuous woman 
1929 • BIFF a promiscuous woman 
1929 • BIFFA • BIFFER a promiscuous woman;
1929 • GERTIE a promiscuous woman; a prostitute
1930 • ROACH (derogatory) a promiscuous woman  
1930 BLIMP a promiscuous girl; one who ‘floats’ from one man to another
1939 • LOW-HEEL (derogatory) a promiscuous woman 1940 • GRUNTER a promiscuous girl  
1940s • CHARITY GIRL a sexually promiscuous young woman 
1940s • MINK a sexually promiscuous person; a lecher; a nymphomaniac  
1940s • MISS CUBBA a promiscuous woman  
1940s • SLACK a promiscuous woman  
1941 • B-GIRL any promiscuous girl or woman 
1942 • FANFOOT a promiscuous woman; one who openly seeks sex  
1942Bk • GOOD-TIME CHARLOTTE a promiscuous woman; a fast girl
1942s • EASY MAKE a promiscuous or easily seducible woman  
1945 • BIKE (derogatory) a promiscuous woman 
1945 • TOWN BIKE (derogatory) a promiscuous female 1946 • BEAST a a sexually promiscuous woman
1947 • BED ATHLETE a promiscuous person 
1948 • PUTA (derogatory) a promiscuous woman
M20 • FREE-FOR-ALL a promiscuous woman  
M20 • OLD BOOT (derogatory) a sluttish, promiscuous woman, not necessarily old  
M20 • SNAKE a promiscuous girl  
1950s • EASY STUFF a sexually available or promiscuous woman  
1950s • HO • HOE a promiscuous or seductively dressed young woman  
1952 • EASY RIDER a young woman who is sexually promiscuous or easily seduced  
1952 • PIECE OF CHIPPY a sexually promiscuous woman. esp. a prostitute  
1953 • LOWEY • LOWIE (derogatory) a promiscuous woman  
1958 • SLAG (derogatory) a promiscuous woman  
1961 • EASY MEAT a sexually available woman  
1962 • DIRTY-LEG  a lascivious or promiscuous woman; a prostitute
1963 • PUNCH-BOARD (derogatory) a promiscuous woman  
1964 SWINGER a person who engages in group sex, partner-swapping, etc.; a sexually promiscuous person
1965 • BICYCLE a promiscuous woman; a prostitute
1965 • MOLE a promiscuous woman
1966 BUSH a sexually active female; a promiscuous woman
1966 • GOER a promiscuous person; one who goes fast  
1967 • EASY RIDE a young woman who is sexually promiscuous or easily seduced  
1967 • SWINGLE a promiscuous single person, esp. one in search of a sexual partner  
1968 • ALLEY BAT a promiscuous, careless, or slovenly woman; an immoral woman
1970 • SCUPPER (derogatory) a promiscuous woman  
1970Bk DIRTY LEG a prostitute; a promiscuous girl
1970Bk GRASSBACK a girl who is regarded as promiscuous
1970s • PAPER DOLL a promiscuous, sexually available woman  (rhyming sl. for ‘moll’)
1970Bk PIG a girl who is both promiscuous and drunken
1970Bk SNAKE a promiscuous girl
1970Bk TUBE a very promiscuous girl
1970s • RAG a promiscuous woman  
1970s • SLEAZO a sexually promiscuous woman  
1971 ​• RAVER a promiscuous (usually young) man or esp. woman  
1972 • BEDROOM ATHLETE a promiscuous person 
1972 • SCALYLEG a promiscuous woman; a prostitute  
1975 • LUST DOG a passionate, promiscuous female  
1975 • TOWN PUNCH an extremely promiscuous girl or woman  
1976 • SLOOZE a promiscuous female  
1977 • LEG a promiscuous female; one who readily engages in sexual intercourse  
1980 • GLAD-TIME GIRL a promiscuous woman  
1980 • MOUNT a promiscuous woman; one who is ‘ridden’  
1980s • SKAG a promiscuous woman  
1980s • SKEEZER a promiscuous woman  
1982 • MOSSBACK a promiscuous girl  
1982 • SECOND-HARD DARTBOARD a sexually promiscuous woman  
1982 • SNIPER a sexually promiscuous girl of limited intellect  
1982Bk • YENTZER a promiscuous person; a man or woman who copulates frequently or obsessively  
1983 • SLUT-PUPPY a promiscuous woman  
1983 • SPANNER a promiscuous female; a sexually provocative woman  
1984 • WALK-UP FUCK a promiscuous woman; a woman who is readily available for sex  
1985 • CANAL CONCH a promiscuous woman 
1989Bk • BEDDY a promiscuous girl; an attractive, sexually available young woman
1990 • GARDEN TOOL a promiscuous girl or woman  
1990 • GASH-GRINDER a promiscuous woman; a derogatory term for a woman  
1990s BOOT a woman whose overt promiscuity renders her unattractive
1990s • CHICKEN’S HEAD a promiscuous woman 
1990s • FANNY RAT a sexually promiscuous man  
1990s • FAT KNACKER an unattractive, promiscuous woman  
1990s • HO • HOE a sexually promiscuous man  
1990s • RAT a promiscuous, attractive woman  
1990s • SACK-CHASER a woman, but not a prostitute, who pursues men, bartering her sexual favours for his financial status  
1990s • SADDLEBAG a promiscuous woman
1990s • SKETEL(L) a promiscuous woman, or one who is judged as such  
1990s • SKETS a promiscuous woman, or one who is judged as such  
1990s • SKITTLE a promiscuous woman, or one who is judged as such  
1990s • SKOOCHIE a disgusting, promiscuous woman  
1991 • SLUT-PUPPY a promiscuous or available man  
1992 • SLAPPER (derogatory) a promiscuous woman  
1997 • SIDEWINDER a promiscuous South Asian female  
1998Bk • PLAYER a promiscuous person
1998Bk • WALK-UP a promiscuous woman  
1999Bk • VILLAGE BIKE a promiscuous woman
2000 • OLD GRINDER a promiscuous woman  
2000s AREA CODE a promiscuous female
2000s • FLURRY a promiscuous woman  
2000s • HE-WHORE a promiscuous man  
2000s • PARAFFIN LAMP a sexually promiscuous woman (rhyming sl. for ‘tramp’)
2000s • SKAMP an unattractive, dirty, and promiscuous woman  
2000s • SKET (derogatory) a promiscuous girl  
2000s • YATTY (derogatory) a promiscuous girl, a prostitute  
2001 • MOPED  a promiscuous female  
2003 • GAGGER a promiscuous woman  
2003 • GUTTER SLUT a sexually promiscuous woman  
2004Bk • HAY BAG a promiscuous woman
2004Bk • SPUNK BUCKET a promiscuous woman  
2004Bk • SPUNKER a promiscuous woman
2006Bk • BED-BUNNY a promiscuous woman; a young female who will copulate with any male
L19 • SHE’D HAVE ANYTHING IN TROUSERS said of a woman who is considered sexually omnivorous and indiscriminate in her choice of partners
20C • BANGS LIKE A DUNNY DOOR IN A HURRICANE said of a promiscuous woman
1982 • HAD MORE PRICKS THAN A SECOND-HAND DARTBOARD used of a sexually promiscuous woman  
1999Bk • BANGS LIKE A DUNNY DOOR IN A GALE a crude description of a promiscuous woman
1530 • RAMP  to go about in a loose, immodest way; to act in a promiscuous manner (obs.)
L16 • RANGE of either sex: to live promiscuously  
1637 RUT to behave promiscuously or lecherously
L17 • WAG (ONE’S TAIL) of a woman: to act in a promiscuous manner; to be a prostitute
1817 PUT IT ABOUT to be sexually promiscuous
1928 • SLEEP AROUND to behave promiscuously  
1930 • CHIPPY to be sexually promiscuous or unfaithful; also, to whore  
1937 • ALLEYCAT to behave in a sexually promiscuous manner  
1939 • SCREW AROUND to behave promiscuously  
M20 • CHIPPY AROUND to be sexually promiscuous  
M20 • SCUTZ AROUND to be sexually promiscuous; to coit  
1960s • BEDHOP to live a sexually promiscuous life  
1968 • DO THE DIRTIES to act promiscuously; to engage in copulation  
1990s BAG OFF to be sexually promiscuous or unfaithful

1200 • BEHOTEN promised (obs.)
1553 • FAITHED of a promise: given on one’s faith or word of honour (obs.)
1571 • BEHIGHTED promised (obs.)
1635 • PROMISSIVE making or implying a promise; promissory
1000 • BEHOTE a promise (obs.)
1000 • BEOT a promise, a vow, a threat, a boast (obs.)
1200 • BEHEST a vow, a promise (obs.)
1250 • QUIDE a promise (obs.)
1300 • BEHOTING promising, promise (obs.)
1300 • FAY promise, assurance (obs.)
1303 • BEHETING promise, promising (obs.)
1384 AGAIN-BEHEST a reciprocal or mutual promise (obs.)
1400 • BEHIGHT a promise (obs.)
1440 • BAND an agreement or promise, binding on him who makes it; now ‘bond’  
1455 POLLICITATION a promising; a promise; a document conveying a promise
1460 • BEHETE a promise, a vow (obs.)
1856 • SHOW a prospect, chance, promise; an opportunity, opening  
1884 • SHOWING a prospect, chance, promise; an opportunity, opening  
1898 • JAWBONE empty talk; a promise or claim, esp. one that is exaggerated or unrealistic  
1902Bk • HARSTONE-TALK boastful talk, promises made at night and not intended to be kept in the morning
1910s • KATH a promise, usually in the context of paying back a loan  
1910s • KATHLEEN MAVOURNEEN a promise, usually in the context of paying back a loan
1923 • BACK-THRAWS a drawing back from a promise
1940s • SCRAP OF PAPER a broken promise, treaty, or pledge  
1981 • MIDWAY BONUS an extravagant, empty promise  
1990s • P a promise (to deliver something)  
1382 • BEHEETER • BEHETER a promiser (obs.)
1475 • BEHIGHTER a promiser (obs.)
1590 • OBLIGEE one who promises or vows; one who undertakes an obligation (obs.)
1846 • SANCTIONER one who sanctions; one who permits; one who promises or vows
1000 • BEHIGHT to vow, to promise (obs.)
1000 • BENAME to declare or utter solemnly or on oath; to promise with an oath (obs.)
1067 • TO-BREAK to break a promise, commandment, etc. (obs.)
1175 • BEHEST to vow, to promise (obs.)
1175 • FANG to promise, to resolve, to undertake (obs.)
1250 • QUETHE to promise (obs.)
1320 • BESPEAK to promise (obs.)
1489 • GAGE to bind as by a formal promise (obs.)
1590 • EFFECT to fulfil a promise  (obs.)
1606 • NUNCUPATE to express a vow in words, to announce or declare a promise (obs.)
1657 POLLICITATE to promise or assure (obs.)
1760 ENGAGE to promise
1887 • WAT to pledge, to promise  
1905Bk • THREATEN to intend, to purpose; to promise
1930s • TALK THAT TALK to chatter inconsequentially; to make empty promises  
1960s • HYPE to promise more than one can deliver 
1970Bk BURN to fail to meet an obligation or promise

1154 • FAIR with good promise; promisingly, auspiciously, favourably, prosperously (obs.)
1300 • BEHOTING promising, promise (obs.)
1303 • BEHETING promise, promising (obs.)

L18 • PAPER(S) any form of money order, IOU, promissory note or financial document other than actual cash

956 • NESS a promontory, headland, or cape
1450 NAB a projecting or jutting part of a hill or rock;  a peak, a promontory
1598 BUTT a headland, a promontory
1774 • NASE • NAZE a promontory or headland, a ness
1897 • ODD a small point of land or promontory  
1904Bk • SCAW • SKAW an isthmus or promontory 

1847 • ADVANCIVE tending to advance or promote
1963 • PROMO promotional  
1960s • PROGRAM a promoting something for one’s personal benefit  
1615 • HEARTEN to strengthen, to help on, to further, to promote (obs.)
1677 • SUBSERVE  to promote or assist by supplying an instrument or means
1697 • KICK UPSTAIRS to promote to a senior but less important job  
1839 • ADMOVE to promote, to advance (obs.)
1887 • HUSTLE to sell or serve goods, esp. in an aggressive, pushing manner; to promote  
L19 • GAG to persuade, to boost, to promote  
1901 SPROOK • SPRUIK to promote or publicize; to discourse on in a public forum
1950s • UP to improve, to boost; to promote  
1956 • GET A HACKIE UP to get promotion, to be advanced in status  
1956 • GET A HACK UP to get promotion, to be advanced in status
2006Bk • BEAT THE DRUM FOR to promote or support someone or something
2006Bk • FLOG to promote, hype, or support something; to try to sell something aggressively 

700 • RAD quick, hasty, speedy; active, prompt, ready, dexterous; eager, elated (obs.)
900 • RATHE quick in action, speedy, prompt; eager, earnest, vehement  
1200 • SPACK of a person: quick, prompt, ready (obs.)
1225 • HIEFUL speedy, hasty, hurried, quick, prompt (obs.)
1375 • SUDDEN performed or taking place without delay; speedy; prompt, immediate (obs.)
1400 • YEVER eager, quick, prompt (obs.)
1530 • TALL quick, prompt, ready, active (obs.)
1591 • SUDDEN of persons: swift in action, quick to perform, prompt, expeditious (obs.)
1626 • GAINSOME ready, prompt (obs.)
825 • RATHE denoting rapidity in the performance or completion of an action; quickly, rapidly, swiftly, esp. without delay, promptly, soon (obs.)
888 • RADLY quickly, promptly, without delay, soon  (obs.)
900 • YARELY quickly, promptly, nimbly, briskly, diligently, eagerly  
1250 • YARE quickly, without delay, promptly, immediately, soon (obs.)
1300 • YEPLY quickly, briskly; promptly, without delay (obs.)
1330 • SUDDENLY without delay, forthwith, promptly, immediately, directly, at once (obs.)
1583 • WITH A WET FINGER readily, without hesitation, promptly (obs.)
1596 • ON THE NAIL promptly; straightaway; immediately
1607 • WITH A SISERARY with a vengeance; suddenly, promptly (obs.)
1854 • AT THE DROP OF A HAT promptly, without hesitation
1873 • TIGHTLY promptly, quickly; actively, smartly  
B1900 • IN A FLEA’S LEAP in next to no time; promptly, immediately
1998 • LIKE SHIT OFF A SHOVEL extremely fast, swift, prompt  
1340 • SUGGESTION prompting or incitement to evil; an instance of this, a temptation of the evil one (obs.)
1835 • CHARLIE-ON-THE-SPOT a reliable, prompt, or punctual person  
1502 • SUGGER to prompt, to suggest (obs.)
1532 • TICKLE to stir up, to incite, to provoke; to prompt or impel to do something (obs.)
1902Bk • HEARKEN IN to prompt secretly  
1926Bk • TAKE TIME BY THE TOP to seize one’s opportunity, to act promptly (obs.)

Updated: May 6, 2023