Reverse Dictionary: SI – SIK

PALERMITAN a native or inhabitant of the Sicilian town or province of Palermo …1647
SIDGE a Sicilian …1970s US criminals’ sl.

– ABRAM shamming sick …Bk1909 cant
 AEGROTANT sick, excused from some duty on account of sickness …1880 rare
 AGLISH nauseated; sick to one’s stomach …1999 Can.
– ALL IN very sick …1967 Amer. dial.
– AMPERY of persons: sickly, unhealthy …1736 Eng. dial.
– ANGISH sickly, unhealthy, very poorly …B1900 Ireland
– BACKGONE sickly, pining away …1877 N. Ireland
– BAD ill, sick, in pain; injured …1716 Sc. & Eng. & Amer. dial.
– BADLY unwell, indisposed, sick, in ill health …1783 Eng. & Amer. dial.
– BAD OFF sick …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– BARLEY-SICK sick from excessive drinking …Bk1911 Sc.
– BEHEEMED sickly, feeble …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– BELOW THE FORD under the weather; not actually sick, but not feeling just right …1966 Amer. dial.
 BLACK TO THE BONE of persons: worn by disease and having a dark or sallow complexion …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
 BLEAK pale, wan, sickly-looking …1868 Eng. dial.
– BRASH indisposed; susceptible to illness; sickly, in poor health …1895 Amer. dial.
– BRASHY indisposed; susceptible to illness; sickly, in poor health; weak; of delicate constitution; subject to frequent ailments …1895 Sc. & Amer. dial.
– CRAPULOUS suffering from the effects of intemperance in drinking; sick from excessive drinking …1755
– CRAWLY-MAWLY in a weak and ailing state; poorly, sickly; indifferently well …1677 Eng. dial.
– CRONK sick, or feigned to be sick …1900 Aust. sl.
– DACKLIE pale, having a sickly appearance …1825 Sc. obs.
– DAUNCEY weak, sickly …1925 Ireland
– DAUNY;  DAWNEY;  DAWNY wretched; miserable; pale; sickly; weakly; delicate, in poor health  …Bk1900 Irish usage
– DEAD-ILL sick with a mortal malady …1897 Sc.
– DEATH-SICK sick unto death, mortally sick or ill …1628
– DICKEY sick …1883 UK sl.
– DICKIE sick …1960 UK rhyming sl.
– DILFA doleful; sickly …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– DONCY;  DONSEY weak, sickly …1925 Ireland
– DONNY wretched; miserable; pale; sickly-looking …Irish usage
– DOWN IN THE BUSHES sick, in hard luck, etc. …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– FAINT of persons or animals: weak, feeble; sickly, out of condition …c1350 obs.
– FAINTY faint, sickly, languid; later, inclined to swoon …1530 obs. exc. poetic usage
– FAINTY causing faintness; sickly …1590 obs. exc. poetic usage
– FAUCHIE of persons: sickly-looking, pasty-faced, pale …1911 Sc.
– GRANKY sickly and complaining; slightly unwell; cranky …B1900 Eng. dial.
– GREEN having a pale sickly complexion …ME
– GREEN AROUND THE GILLS sick …Bk1995 US sl.
– HALISH pale, sickly in appearance; weak; ailing …1895 Eng. dial.
– HEARTSICK mortally ill, sick unto death …Bk1902 Eng. dial. 
– ILL-DOING in a bad condition; sickly …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– ILL-SPUED in a bad condition, sickly …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– ILL-THRIVEN badly grown, sickly, stunted …1806
– IN ONE’S NAKED BED down sick …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– KEELED UP very sick, laid up or worn out from sickness or old age …1899 Amer. dial.
– LANGUENT that is sick …c1510 obs.
 LOW SICK seriously ill, very sick …1937 Amer. dial.
– MALADIF sickly; delicate …1886
– MALADIOUS affected with sickness, sickly …1607 obs.
– MALADIVE affected with sickness, sickly …1481 rare
– MALICEFUL sickly; in bad health …Bk1905 Sc.
– MAUGER lean, thin, peaked, sickly, weak in appearance …1890 Amer. dial.
– MAWKISH slightly indisposed; faint; sick from drinking …1896 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– MAWKY dirty; white and sickly-looking …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– MENDIC sick, ill …c1925 Aust. sl.
– MICKEY;  MICKY sick, ill …L19 rhyming sl.
– MIMMOCKING dainty in appetite; puny, sickly, weakly …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– MINDIC sick, ill …1920s Aust. sl.
– MOBY DICK sick, ill …1990s rhyming sl.
– MORBULENT sickly, full of diseases …1656 obs.
– NAAR sick, queasy …1960s S. Afr. sl.
– NESH dainty, delicate; tender, sensitive; sickly …1691 Sc. & Eng. & Amer. dial.
– OFF-KEEL not in good health, slightly sick; off-colour …1968 Amer. dial.
– OLD MICK sick …L19 rhyming sl. 
– ON THE DANGER LIST very sick …1969 Amer. dial.
– ON THE LIFT too weak to stand unaided; sick, ill, ailing, or exhausted …1888 Amer. dial.
– ON THE MENDING HAND improving, recovering health; recovering from sickness or injury; convalescent …1675 Eng. & Amer. dial.
– PAALIE-MAALIE of a person: sickly, not quite in good health …Bk1905 Sc.
– PEAKED in poor health, sickly, unwell …1864 Amer. dial.
– PEAKED AND PINED listless; sickly …1872 Amer. dial.
– PEAKED AND PINEY listless; sickly …1957 Amer. dial.
– PEAKEDY peaked; in poor health, sickly, unwell …1956 Amer. dial.
– PEAKING sickly, unwell, in poor health …1902 Amer. dial.
– PEAKISH sickly, unwell, in poor health …1877 Amer. dial.
– PEAKY sickly, unwell, in poor health, ill…1821
– PEEKY sickly, unwell, in poor health …1877 Amer. dial.
– PIMPING puny, sickly, emaciated …1845 Amer. dial.
– PIMPY puny, sickly, emaciated …2000 Amer. dial.
– PINDLING puny, sickly, ailing, delicate, weak, frail …1862 Amer. dial.
– PINDLY puny, sickly, ailing, delicate, weak, frail …1959 Amer. dial.
– PINK AROUND THE GILLS looking sickly …1965 Amer. dial.
– PINKISH looking sickly …1965 Amer. dial.
– PINKY looking sickly …1965 Amer. dial.
– PUKEY sickly; about or likely to vomit …M19 colloq.
– QUAB sickly, infirm …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– QUALMISH affected by nausea, queasy, sick at the stomach, inclined to vomit …1787 Amer. dial.
– QUALMY affected by nausea, queasy, sick at the stomach, inclined to vomit …1852 Amer. dial.
– QUAMISH affected by nausea, queasy, sick at the stomach, inclined to vomit …1787 Amer. dial.
– QUEACHY feeble, sickly, weak, small …1859 Eng. dial. 
– QUEASED OUT nauseated; sick …1993 US sl.
– QUEECHY ailing, sickly, queasy, feeble …1859 Eng. dial.
– QUOPPY palpitating; having faint sickly feelings …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– RATTY sick …1960s Amer. sl.
– RINEY sickly …1967 Amer. dial.
– ROCKY of a person: dizzy; sickly; nauseated …colloq.
– ROUGH unwell, sick; tired, dejected; now, esp. as the result of a hangover or lack of sleep …1882 colloq., orig. Eng. dial.
– SALVY of the complexion: pale, sickly …1897 Eng. dial.
– SAPPY pallid, sickly, faint …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– SCALY sick, run-down …L18 sl.
– SICK ABED ON TWO CHAIRS not seriously sick or ill …1968 Amer. dial.
– SICK ABED ON TWO CHAIRS WITH ONE’S FEET IN THE WOODBOX not seriously sick or ill …1968 Amer. dial.
– SICK AS A BLACKFELLOW’S DOG very sick …Aust. sl.
– SICK AS A CAT very sick or ill…L17 sl.
– SICK AS A DOG sick, but not necessarily vomiting …1705
– SICK AS A HORSE said when a person is exceedingly sick without vomiting …1765
– SICK AS A MULE extremely sick or ill …M18 sl.
– SICK AS A RAT very sick …L19 sl.
 SICK AS MUCK extremely sick …L19 sl.
– SICKER THAN SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS extraordinarily sick …1923 Amer. dial.
– SICKIFIED  inclined to be sick …B1900 Eng. dial.
– SICK IN FOURTEEN LANGUAGES very sick or ill indeed …L19 US sl.
– SICK IN ONE’S NAKED BED ill; confined to bed …1896 Amer. dial.
– SICKLE sickly …c1290 obs.
– SICKLEW sick, unhealthy …1387 obs. rare
– SICKLIED rendered sickly or mawkish …1835
– SILLY weakly, feeble, sickly, ailing …a1585 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– TAKEN DOWN sickened …1822 Amer. dial.
– TEULY weak, sickly, delicate; poorly, unwell …1691 Eng. dial.
– TEUNY weak, sickly, undersized …1887 Eng. dial.
– TEW tender, sickly, small, weak …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– TEWLY weak, sickly, delicate; poorly, unwell …1691 Eng. dial.
– THOUGHT-SICK sick from thinking; sick with anxiety; uneasy with sad reflections; sad, sorrowful, melancholy …1598 obs.
– TOOLY weak, sickly, delicate; poorly, unwell …1691 Eng. dial.
– TULY weak, sickly, delicate; poorly, unwell …1691 Eng. dial.
– UNCLE DICK sick …1960 UK rhyming sl.
– UNDOUGHT sickly, puny, feeble; contemptible …1773 Sc.
– WAFF-LOOKING feeble or sickly in appearance …1923 Sc.
– WAIRSH weak, delicate, wanting in stamina; faint, as from want of food; sickly-looking …1808 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– WALSHOCH pale and sickly-looking …1925 Sc. 
– WAMBLE-CROPPED affected with nausea, sick …1552
– WAMBLE-STOMACHED affected with nausea, sick …a1610 obs.
– WANKLE unsteady, insecure; changeable, unsettled, precarious; inconstant, wavering; also, weak in health, delicate, sickly …c888 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– WEASLY shrivelled, stunted; sickly-looking; contemptibly small or worthless …1856 Amer. dial.
– WHITE AS A MAWK, AS sickly-looking …1889 Eng. dial.
– WIMBLY-WAMBLY unsteady; dizzy; feeling sick and giddy …1881 Eng. dial.
– YACK sick …2001 UK sl.
– YELLOW-YOWLING sickly and jaundiced-looking …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– YEWKING having a sickly appearance …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– YEWKINGLY in a sickly way …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– ADLE sickness, disease …c1000 obs.
– AEGRITUDE sickness …1532 obs.
– AILING sickness, ailment, a long-standing illness …Bk1898 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– BADLINESS illness, sickness …1878 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– BADNESS sickness, illness, disease …1885 Eng. dial.
– BARREL-FEVER sickness caused by excessive drinking …1791 Eng. dial.
– BED-EVIL illness or sickness that confines to bed …1609 obs. exc. Sc.
– BLACK DROPS, THE a state of mild physical discomfort; not actually sick, but feeling not quite right …1966 Amer. dial.
– BRASH a slight attack of sickness often arising from a digestive order such as heartburn; sudden nausea …1830 Sc. & Amer. dial.
– DAUNCEY weak, sickly …1925 Ireland 
– DAUNY wretched; miserable; pale; sickly-looking …Bk1997 Irish usage 
– DAWNEY wretched; miserable; pale; sickly-looking …Bk1900 Irish usage
– DEEDLE mortal injury or sickness; death …1853 Sc.  
– DWINDLES the condition of an older hospital patient who is fading away …1981 US sl.
– EGRITUDE sickness …1532 obs.
– EGROTING a feigned sickness …1732
– HEAL recovery from sickness, healing, cure …c1175 obs. exc. Sc.
– HEART-GROWN sickly, puny, having spinal curvature from a supposed bewitchment …1860 Eng. dial. 
– LANGUOR disease, sickness, illness …a1300 obs.
– MALEASE disease, sickness …a1300 obs.
– PEAKED having pinched features; thin, wasted, sickly-looking; unwell …1836 Eng. dial.  
– PEAKING sickly, feeble; pinched in appearance …1777 Eng. dial.  
– PEAKY having pointed, pinched features; sickly-looking; delicate …1880 Eng. dial.  
– QUOP faint, sickly feelings …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– SICK-HOUSE a house set apart for sick persons; a hospital …1491 rare
– SICKIE a day’s sick leave, esp. one taken without valid medical reason …1953 Aust. & NZ sl.
– TAWM a fit of faintness or sickness …1846 Sc.
– VAPORS sickness; a fainting spell; nausea …20C colloq.
– AEGROTANT a sick person, an invalid …1865 rare
– BARBER’S CAT a weak, sickly, malnourished person …1864 sl.
– CACOCHYMIC an ‘ill-humoured’ person; one having unhealthy or evil ‘humours’ (humour – any fluid or semi-fluid in the body, as blood, bile, phlegm) …1569
– CACOCHYMIST a person of unhealthy or depraved ‘humours’ …1684 obs.
– CACOSTOMACHUS one who has a bad stomach …Bk1736 obs.
– CROYL a dwarf; a stunted, deformed person or child; a small, sickly child …1776 Sc.
– DEATHLY-GROATS a person having a death-doomed look, or a sickly constitution …1855 Eng. dial.  
 DOWN-MAN a sick or infirm man …1670 obs. rare
– DWINING one who pines away; a sickly person …a1400-50 obs. rare
– GHOST a sickly, thin, or undersized person; a term of contempt …1805 Sc. obs.
– MALADE a sick person; an invalid …1483 obs.
– MARTYR someone who is habitually a prey to a particular ailment …1847 sl.
– ONWAIT a person requiring constant attendance, as in sickness, or who causes a long wait …1866 Sc.
– PEA-GOOSE one who has a sickly and silly appearance …Bk1903 Eng. dial.  
– QUAB a sickly, infirm person …Bk1880 Eng. dial.
– RINEY a thin, or sickly person …1967 Amer. dial.
– SCRADYIN a puny, sickly child …1825 Sc. 
– SICKLING a sickly or delicate person …1834
– SICKREL a puny, sickly person …a1700 cant obs.
– SUNCATE a weak, sickly child …Bk1904 Eng. dial. obs.
– TWANGLES a sickly weak child or person …Bk1875 Eng. dial.
– UNDERLING a sickly or stunted child; a dwarf; the weakest animal of a herd, etc. which is bullied by the rest; the smallest pig of a litter; a small or inferior fruit or vegetable …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– URLING a dwarfish person or child; a puny, stunted, sickly child …1788 Sc. & Eng. dial. 
– WINNICK a sickly person; a puny, delicate child …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– WRECK a sick person …1795 sl.
– WYLLEMENT a pale, sickly-looking person …Bk1895 Eng. dial. obs.
– WAKER one who sits up with a sick person …1798 Eng. dial.
– YAYA a woman employed by a family to look after a child, or a sick or elderly person; also, a familiar form of address …1973 Philippine English
– GYPSY IN THE PARLOR said of a person who pretends to be sick, often to get out of doing something …1968 Amer. dial.
– BACKWARDING relapsing into sickness …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– ABRAHAM SHAM to sham sick …Bk1909 cant
– AG to feel sick, to have an inclination to vomit …1908 Sc.
– BANG IN SICK to call in sick …Bk2006 US sl.
– BASH to lose flesh, to become sickly, to fall off in appetite, etc. …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– BE MASKING of a person: to be sickening for a disease …1887
– BUG DOWN to get sick on the job …1933 Amer. dial.
– COT to wait on a sick person; to saunter about home …1878 Eng. dial.
– DO ABRAM to sham sick …Bk1909 cant
– DWALM;  DWAM to faint, to swoon; to become unconscious; also, to sicken or fail in health …a1513 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– EGROTE to be sick; to feign sickness …1721-61 obs.
– FALL BY to be sick or affected with any ailment; to be confined in child-bed …Bk1900 Sc.
– FALL DOWN to take to one’s bed; to sicken …1757 obs.
– GAMMON LUSHY to pretend to be drunk or sick …1812 sl.
– GAMMON QUEER to pretend to be drunk or sick …1812 sl.
– HEART to sicken, to nauseate, to make one sick …1885 Sc.  
– KECK to retch, to feel sick; to faint suddenly …1856 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– LANGERN to languish, to lie sick …c1440 obs. rare
– MALADIZE to affect with a malady …1790 obs. rare
– ORP to complain from ill health, to be constantly ailing and sickly, not to thrive, to shrink, to shrivel …1820 Sc.
– PAWNCY WITH to do everything for a sick person …Bk1903 Eng. dial.  
– PEAK to look pinched and sickly; to waste away …1900 Eng. dial.  
– QUALM to make sick or uneasy …1884 Amer. dial.
– RAILROAD to malinger; to pretend to be sick …1967 Amer. dial.
– SCOMFISH to disgust, to sicken …1891 Sc.
– SCUMFISH to disgust, to sicken …1891 Sc.
– SET UP to come down with or develop a sickness or disease …1966 Amer. dial.
– SHAM ABRAM to feign madness; to feign sickness …1759 cant
– SICK to suffer illness; to fall ill, to sicken …a1150 obs.
– SICKLE to be or fall ill, to sicken …c1000 obs.
– SICKLIFY to make sick or sickly …1851 rare
– TAKE DOWN to reduce in health; to emaciate; to lay low in sickness; to become sick or ill …1822 Sc. & Amer. dial.
– TAPIS;  TAPISH to languish, to pine away; to be mortally sick or diseased …c1375 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– TARLE to labour under disease …Bk1905 Sc.
– TARLOCH to show symptoms of disease …Bk1905 Sc.
– TAUNT to sicken from eating disgusting food; to upset the digestion …1898 Sc.
– TAWM to swoon; to fall from faintness or sickness …1684 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– TAWM OVER to swoon; to fall from faintness or sickness …1684 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– TURN ONE’S HEART OVER to make one sick …Bk1902 Eng. dial.  
– UNCLE DICK to be sick or ill …1970s rhyming sl.

– sickening, disgusting GROSS 1959 student sl.

– a day off, allegedly because of sickness SICKIE c1930 Aust. sl.

– to take a period of sick-leave often without a good medical reason THROW A SICKIE 1953 Aust. & NZ sl.

– sickly; tasteless, insipid WALLOW c897 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– sickly; so sweet as to cloy WALLOWISH-SWEET 1576 obs.

ACOST on or by the side; beside; aside; at one side …c1300 obs.
ASIDEN on one side; awry …1678 Eng. dial.
ASKLENT aslant, on one side, obliquely …1788 Sc. & Eng. dial.
ASLASH on one side, out of the way …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
BEHITHER on this side, on the nearer side …1650 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
BESIDE toward the sides, sidewise …c1400 obs.
OFFWARD to the right or off side …1863 Eng. dial.
SIDELING facing to the side …1603 obs.

BEHITHER on this side of …1521 obs. exc. Eng. dial.

LATERALITY the quality of having distinct sides; right- or left-sidedness; also, the condition of being sideways …1646 obs.
OFF-SIDE the further or right side …Bk1905 Sc. & Eng. dial.

ALL TO THE SIDE LIKE THE HANDLE OF A JUG all on one side…Bk1898 Ireland
ON YOUR LEFT RAISE on your left-hand side …1940s African-American sl.

BE ALL ON ONE SIDE LIKE MARTON CHAPEL to be much on one side …Bk1905 Eng. dial.

EARGUARD short side-whiskers, sideboards, or sideburns …1940s Aust. sl.
FACE FANNIES sideburns …1990s sl.
NANNY GOAT a style of side-whiskers …1900s US sl.
SAUSAGES side-whiskers …M19 sl.
SIDE BEARD a side-whisker, sideburn …1869 Amer. dial.
SIDEBOARDS side whiskers …1857 UK sl.
SIDE BOYS a style of side-whiskers …1900s US sl.
SIDE EDGE whiskers, sideburns …c1860 tailors’ usage
SIDE-LEVERS side-whiskers; sideburns …1920s sl.
SIDE-SCRAPERS short sideburns that were fashionable in the late 1870s …c1879 UK middle class usage
SIDE-WINGS side-whiskers, sideburns …L19 sl.
SIDEYS side whiskers …1967 UK sl.
SIDIES side whiskers …1967 UK sl.
TEA-HOUNDS sideburns …1972 Amer. dial.

– existing or moving side by side LATERAL c1611 obs.

– side by side SIDE BY EACH 1923 Amer. dial.
– side by side; abreast; close together SIDE AND SIDE 1834 Amer. dial.
– side by side, cheek-by-jowl, like Darby and Joan BIRD-AND-JOE Bk1911 Sc. 

– to place side by side for comparison, or as being equal in dignity IMPALE 1647 obs.

WAGGLE with motion from side to side …Bk1905 Sc.
WAGGLE-WAGGLE with motion from side to side …Bk1905 Sc.

WAGGLE the act of shaking; motion from side to side …Bk1905 Sc.

JUNDIE to move or rock from side to side …B1900 Sc.
QUAVE to go in a zigzag manner or from side to side …1825 Sc. obs.
SALLY to move or run from side to side; to sway a boat …Bk1904 Sc. & Eng. dial.
TAILYEVEY to reel from side to side, to move to and fro …1513 Sc. obs.
WALTER to roll to and fro; to move from side to side; to tumble or toss about; to lie sprawling on the ground, in mire, etc. …c1400 obs.

BANQUETTE a raised sidewalk or footpath …1841 Amer. dial.
BAR DITCH the strip of grass and streets between the sidewalk and the curb …1966 Amer. dial
DIVIDANCE the strip of grass and trees between the sidewalk and the curb …1968 Amer. dial.
MALL in a town: the strip of grass and trees between the sidewalk and the curb …1967 Amer. dial.
PALEMENT a paved road; a sidewalk …1892 Amer. dial., chief Black usage 
PALING a paved road; a sidewalk …1892 Amer. dial., chiefly Black usage 
PARK a strip of lawn, often planted with trees, between a street and sidewalk …1966 Amer. dial.
PARKAGE a strip of lawn, often planted with trees, between a street and sidewalk …1967 Amer. dial.
PARKING a strip of lawn, often planted with trees, between a street and sidewalk …1900 Amer. dial.
PARKING AREA a strip of lawn, often planted with trees, between a street and sidewalk …c1955 Amer. dial.
PARKING LOT a strip of lawn, often planted with trees, between a street and sidewalk …1965 Amer. dial.
PARKING PLACE a strip of lawn, often planted with trees, between a street and sidewalk …1973 Amer. dial.
PARK LINE a strip of lawn, often planted with trees, between a street and sidewalk …1973 Amer. dial.
PARKROW a strip of lawn, often planted with trees, between a street and sidewalk …2000 Amer. dial.
PARK STRIP a strip of lawn, often planted with trees, between a street and sidewalk …1966 Amer. dial.
PARKWAY a strip of lawn, often planted with trees, between a street and sidewalk …1948 Amer. dial.
PAVE WALK a sidewalk …1986 Amer. dial.
SIDEWAY a raised path along the side of a road; a sidewalk …1738 now US

SCLENT a slant or slope; a slanting or sideward movement; a side look, etc. …1768 Sc.
SKEW a slant; a deviation from the straight line; a sideward movement …1688
SKLENT a slant or slope; a slanting or sideward movement; a side look, etc. …1768 Sc.

– moving sideways SIDELING 1611

– looking sideways; obliquely SKAUNT 1791
– sideways BYWARD;  BYWARDS 1556 obs.
– sideways; with a sideward movement; in a sidelong direction SIDELING c1330

– the condition of being sideways LATERALITY 1646 obs.

– to walk sideways CATAGOGGLE 1939 Amer. dial.

– to sidle; to push; to butt, as an animal VAGE;  VEDGE;  VEGE Bk1905 Eng. dial.

OBSIDIONAL pert. to a siege …1542
OBSIDIONARY pert. to a siege …1885
OBSIDIOUS besieging, besetting …1615 rare

BESIEGE besieging, siege …1552 obs.
LEAGUER a military investment, a siege …1598
OBSIDION siege; state of being besieged …c1450 obs. rare
WALL-FIGHT a siege …1850

RAISE to cause to abandon a siege …1592 obs.


– a sifting SUCCERNATION 1658 obs. rare

– to sift SUCCERNATE 1623 obs. rare

SITHEFUL sighful, sad …1610 obs.

SITHINGLY with a sigh; longingly, yearningly …1570 obs.

SICHE a sigh …c1000 obs. rare
SIGHINGNESS the condition of uttering sighs …a1300 obs.
SIGHT a sigh …a1300 obs.
SIGHTING sighing …a300 obs.
SIKE a sigh …a1225 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
SITHE a sigh …1609 obs. exc. Eng. dial.

CAST to utter words; to heave a sigh …a1300 obs.
GANT to yawn, to gape; to sigh deeply …1721 Sc. & Eng. dial.  
QUERK;  QUIRK to grunt, to groan; to sigh, to complain …1746 Eng. dial.
SICHE to sigh …c893 obs.
SIGHT to sigh …c1375 obs.
SIKE to sigh …c1175 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
SITHE to sigh …c1275 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
SOCK to sigh …1863 Eng. dial.
SUGH to sigh …c1200 obs.
SYTHE to sigh …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
TWANK to utter peevish sighs; to whine, complain …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
VENT to give, heave, or utter a groan, sigh, etc. …1602 rare or poetical usage

– ABER sharp-sighted; keenly observant; watchful …1908 Sc.
 ACCIPITRAL resembling that of a falcon or hawk, esp. in respect of sight or temperament; sharp-eyed, hawklike …1842
– BAT-EYED near-sighted …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– BIRD-EYED near-sighted …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
 BLEARED dim-sighted …1737 Sc.
– BLEARIE dim of sight; watery-eyed …Bk1911 Sc.
 BLEARY dim-sighted, watery-eyed …1846 Sc.
– BLEERIT dim-sighted …Bk1911 Sc.
– BLEERY dim-sighted; watery-eyed …Bk1911 Sc.
– BLENTERING near-sighted …Bk1911 Sc.
– BLINTERIN’ having weak eyes; near-sighted …Bk1911 Sc.
– BLUR-EYED blear-eyed …1899 Amer. dial.
– BOSS-EYED said of someone who is cross-eyed, or has only one eyed …1860 sl.
– BRIGHT of eyes or eyesight: sharp, keen, perceptive …a1225 rare
– BUNG-EYED cross-eyed…M19 sl.
– DACKER dim of sight …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– DARK not able to see; partially or totally blind; sightless …1382 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– DUNCH blind; having impaired vision …a1692 obs.
– EAGLE-EYED keen-sighted …1601
– EYED possessed of good sight; clear-sighted, sharp-sighted …1563 obs.
– GOOCH-EYED blind in one eye …1972 US sl.
– GRAVEL-BLIND almost entirely blind …literary
– HARE-SIGHTED short-sighted …1627
– HAWK-EYED very keen-sighted …1818
– LYNCEAN of the eyes, sight, etc.: resembling that of a lynx; keen; also, sharp-sighted …1622
– LYNCEOUS of the eyes, sight, etc.: resembling that of a lynx; keen; also, sharp-sighted …1592 obs.
– LYNX-EYED having eyes like those of a lynx; keen-sighted …1597
– LYNX-LIKE of the eye: resembling that of a lynx; keen-sighted …1605
– LYNX-SHARP of the eye: sharp as that of a lynx …1812
– MICE-EYED having the keen eyes of mice; keen-eyed, sharp-sighted ….1509 obs. rare
– MOON-EYED able to see better by night than by day …1933 Amer. dial.
– NIGH-SIGHTED short-sighted …1858 Sc. 
– OCCULATE possessed of eyes or sight; sharp-sighted; observant …1615 obs.
– OCULATE possessed of eyes or sight; observant, sharp-sighted …1549 obs.
– OWLY-EYED having eyes like an owl’s, in respect of seeing badly in daylight; purblind …a1586 obs.
– SAND-BLIND half-blind, dim-sighted, purblind …a1400 arch. exc. Eng. dial.
– SANDED sand-blind, half-blind, dim-sighted …1629 obs.
– SAND-EYED sand-blind, half-blind, dim-sighted …1592 obs. rare
– SHORT-EYED short-sighted …1721 
– SIGHTFUL endowed with sight; seeing …1594 obs.
– SILVER-EYED wall-eyed …1702 obs.
– VEILED of sight: dim, indistinct …1633 obs.
– WALL-EYED dim-sighted, purblind …1873
– WAPPER-EYED sore-eyed, squinting …L18 sl.
– WAPPLE-EYED wapper-eyed …1937 Amer. dial.
– BAT dark specks which appear floating before the eyes when the sight is impaired …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– BLEER what dims the sight; a trace of weeping …Bk1911 Sc.
– EDGE keenness of eyesight …1682 obs.
– KENNING visual cognition; sight or view …c1400 obs.
– LUSCITION a being dim-sighted or purblind …1656 obs. rare
– MAIL a defect in vision …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– SIGHT-SHOT the range of vision …1663 obs.
– BLIND-BUCK AND DAVY a clumsy, weak-sighted, stumbling person …1930 Amer. dial.
 BLINDEGO a short-sighted person …1867 Eng. dial.
 BLINKARD a near-sighted person; one blind of one eye …1790 Eng. dial.
– BLINKER a blear-eyed person; a person blind of one eye; a near-sighted person …Bk1911 Sc.
– BLINKY a person with poor or no eyesight …1922 US sl.
– BLINTER a person with weak eyes …19C Sc.
– BLINTERER a person with weak eyes …Bk1911 Sc.
– EAGLE EYES a person with keen eyesight …Bk1988 Aust. sl.
– IDIOPT one who has some peculiarity of vision …1833 rare
– MOLE a person with poor vision, physically or mentally …a1616 obs.
– MONOCHROMAT a person with monochromatism (complete colour-blindness) …1893
– MONOCHROMATE a person with monochromatism (complete colour-blindness) …1893
– OPTIC one skilled in optics; an optician …1636 obs.
– OPTICIST one who studies or is versed in optics, the science of sight  …1884 rare
– OPTIST an optician …1639 obs. rare
– BENIGHT to blind, to dazzle; to deprive of vision …1621
– BLINNER to move the eyelids like one with weak sight …Bk1911 Sc.
– DARK to darken the eyes or vision; to blind …c1374 obs.
– SEE BLACK to suffer the lapses of vision caused by exposure to thirst, heat, and glaring sunlight …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.

SIGHT (something to see) – NOUNS
– the sights of a place SINGULARITIES 1570-6 obs.

– a sightseeing bus HAYWAGON 1931 Amer. sl.
– a vehicle taking tourists on sightseeing tours YAP WAGON 1920s US sl.

– to go sightseeing GATHER GAPE-SEED Bk1900 Eng. dial. 
– to go sightseeing SOW GAPE-SEED Bk1900 Eng. dial. 
– to view the interesting sights in a city SEE THE ELEPHANT Bk1905 Amer. dial.

BEACON a sign, a portent …c950 obs.
CARACT a mark, sign, or character …1377 obs.
EFFECT an outward manifestation, sign, token, symptom; an appearance, phenomenon …c1450 obs.
KENNING a sign, token …a1300 obs.
OK SIGN a hand sign made of a circle with thumb and forefinger, and other fingers upright, to indicate approval, good quality or excellence …1940s US sl.
SIGNACLE a sign, seal, mark, figure …1382 obs.
SIGNACLE ​a sign or gesture …c1450 obs.
SIGNALITY the quality of a sign or indication …1646 obs.
SIGNIFURE signification, sign …c1450 obs. rare
SIMILITUDE a sign or symbol; the symbolic representation of something …c1374 obs.
TOKEN the sign of an inn, etc. …c1440 obs. rare

ASSIGN to sign …1837 Amer. dial.
DRAW ONE’S PICTURE to sign one’s name …1965 Amer. dial.
HAND to sign …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
PAINT ONE’S PICTURE to sign one’s name …1965 Amer. dial.
PUT ONE’S FIST TO to sign …M19 sl.

BALE a signal or beacon fire …1455 Sc. arch.
BALE-FIRE a great fire kindled as a signal; a beacon-fire …1805
OFFICE a signal …M18 sl.
RATTLER a noisy signal; a loud halloo …1894 Eng. dial.
SIGNET a signal …1590 obs. rare
TOKEN a signal given; a sign to attract attention or give notice …a1000 now rare or obs.
WAFF a signal made by waving; a banner, a flag …1825 Sc.
WAG a shake; a waving motion; a signal made by the hand …1838 Sc.

OFFICE vb. to notify; to signal; to alert; to warn, to tip off …1812 sl.
RAISE to make a signal by raising one’s hat …1940s US criminals’ sl.
TIP A NOD to give a wink to a person as a private signal or warning …1861
TIP THE WINK to give a wink to a person as a private signal or warning …1676
WAG to beckon; to make a signal with the hand or head …1870 Sc. & Eng. dial.
WIGWAG to signal with flags …World War I Amer. sl.

SIGNATURAL according to signatures …1683 rare

ALEXANDER HAMILTON one’s signature …1966 Amer. dial.
FAKEMENT a counterfeit or forged signature …1811 sl.
HAND handwriting; signature …1877 Eng. dial.
HANDWRIT handwriting; autograph; signature …c1200 obs.
IDIOGRAPH one’s private mark or signature …1656
IQ one’s signature …1967 Amer. dial., jocular usage
JOHN DOE a signature …US colloq.
JOHN HANCOCK a signature …US colloq.
JOHN HENRY a person’s signature …1910 Amer. colloq.
MARK one’s signature …1950s Amer. sl.
MAULEY;  MAULIE;  MAWLEY;  MORLEY the ‘hand’ that one writes; handwriting; the signature …1851 sl.
PAUL HENRY one’s signature …1965 Amer. dial.
PAUL JONES one’s signature …1965 Amer. dial.
PICTURE a signature …1965 Amer. dial.
SIG a signature …L19 sl.

UNDERSUBSCRIBER one who signs a document, the undersigned …1703 Sc. obs.

– a signboard SHINGLE Bk1905 Amer. dial.

EGREGIOUS of things: remarkably good or great; of events and utterances: striking, significant …1547-64
MAJOR-LEAGUE impressive; formidable; significant; hence, a notable degree or amount of …1941 Amer. sl.
SIGNIFICATIVE highly significant or suggestive …1677

ANYTHING MUCH a great amount; anything significant or important; often in negative constructions …1664 
ARGUFICATION significance, import …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
OMNISIGNIFICANCE universal significance or meaning …1835
SIGNALITY signification; significance …1646 obs.
SIGNANCE signification, indication …c1400 obs. rare
SIGNIFIANCE significance …c1250 obs.
SIGNIFICATURE significance; the meaning or import of something …1855 rare

YEAR-SPINNER a person who has influence on the events of the year; a prominent or significant person …1605 obs. rare

HALF OF IT, THE the most significant or important part of something; usually in negative contexts …1932 sl.
THAT AIN’T HAY;  THAT ISN’T HAY that is a large sum; that is not insignificant …1943 Amer. sl.

SIGNIFICATE signified, indicated …1432-50 obs. rare
SIGNIFICATE that which is signified or symbolized …c1449

IMPORTANCE signification, meaning, purport …1552 obs.
IMPORTMENT signification, meaning, purport …a1624 obs.
KNOWLEDGING meaning, signification …1532 obs. rare
SIGNIFICATIVE a thing or word serving to signify or indicate something …1641

ADD UP to amount to, to signify …1930s sl.
ADD UP TO to amount to, to signify …1930s sl.
ARGUFY to be of importance, consequence, or use; to signify; to be evidence of something …1751 colloq.
BEHOLD to hold or contain by way of purport or signification; to signify, to mean …c1200 obs.
BEMEAN to mean, to signify, to import …a1300 obs.
BETOKEN to signify, to mean; to denote, to express in words …c1175 obs.
MAGNIFY to signify, to matter …1733 Ireland & Eng. dial.
SIGNATURIZE to symbolize, to signify …1669 obs.

– a sign-post, a direction or finger-post TELL-POST B1900 Eng. dial.
– a sign-post, a finger-post HANDING-POINT Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– a sign-post, a guide-post HANDING-POST 1880 Eng. dial.
– a sign-post, a guide-post at the parting of roads HAND-POST 1791
– a sign-post, a sign shaped like a finger, pointing the way to a specified destination FINGERBOARD 1804 Amer. dial.
– a sign-post, a sign shaped like a finger, pointing the way to a specified destination FINGERPOST 1902 Amer. dial.

– a Sikh OIL LEAK 1990s rhyming sl.
– a Sikh OLLIE BEAK 1990s rhyming sl.