Reverse Dictionary: SIN – SJ

BACKSLIDDEN that has relapsed into sin …1871
LABILE liable or prone to lapse; prone to fall into error or sin …1447 obs.
OBDURATE hardened in wickedness or sin; persistently impenitent; stubbornly resisting, or insensible to moral influence …c1440
OBDURATIOUS hardened in wickedness or sin; persistently impenitent; stubbornly resisting, or insensible to moral influence …1672 obs. rare
OBDURE hardened in wickedness or sin; persistently impenitent; stubbornly resisting, or insensible to moral influence …1608 obs.
OFFENCEFUL causing offence or displeasure; wrong; sinful; criminal …1603 rare or obs.
PECCAMINOUS full of sins, sinful; later: bawdy; indecent, lewd …1656 obs. rare
PIACULOUS requiring expiation; sinful, wicked, blameworthy …1646 obs.
SINNABLE capable of sinning …1662 rare
SINNY sinful, wicked …c950 obs. rare
SIN-SICK sick with sin …1609
SIN-SOILED blemished, stained, or soiled by sin …1593
SIN-WOOD mad with sin …c1250 obs.
VICEY sinful; depraved …1993 Trinidad and Tobago

SIN etc. – NOUNS
AULD NAIL, THE original sin …Bk1902 Sc.
CULP;  CULPE  blameworthiness; guilt, sin, fault, blame …1377 obs.
LAHTER a vice, sin, crime …c900 obs.
LAST a fault, vice, sin; blame; also, a physical blemish …c1175 obs.
MISAMEANNESS misdeeds, sins …1969 Amer. dial.
OBDURATION a hardening in sin or wickedness; a making or becoming stubborn, obstinate, or insensible or moral influence …1494
OFFENDICLE a stumbling-block; a cause of offence; an occasion of sin or spiritual difficulty …1545 obs.
PECCADILLIE a minor fault or sin; a trivial offense, a petty crime …1660 obs. rare
SINFULHEAD sinfulness …c1250 obs.
SINNOGRAPHY the description of the kinds and differences of sin …1654 nonce word
VENIALIA venial sins or offences …1654 obs.

SIN-EATER one hired to take upon himself the sins of a deceased person by means of food eaten beside the dead body …1686-7
SINNERESS a female sinner …1382 obs. rare
SUNEGILD a female sinner …c1230 obs. rare

GOD DON’T LOVE UGLY refers to sin or wickedness …1899 Amer. dial., chiefly African-American

SIN etc. – VERBS
BESIN to stigmatize as sinful …1622 obs.
FAULT to commit a fault; to do or go wrong; hence, to sin …c1400 arch.
LAPSE to fall into error, heresy, or sin …1611 obs.

SINSYNE since then, from that time, thereafter …a1657 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.

ABACK since, ago …1768 Sc.
SINETH since …1543 obs.
SITH at some or any time since; since …c1300 obs.
SITHEN since …a1000 obs.
SITHENCE since …1529 obs.

SITH continuously or ever from a time, etc.; till now; since …a1325 obs.

AEFAULD free from duplicity; sincere, honest, faithful; plain, straightforward …a1000
AFALD simple, sincere, without duplicity; honest …c960 obs.
AFFECTIOUS earnest, sincere; cordial …1581 obs.
ARTICAL bona fide, genuine, sincere, respected …1950s Black British teen sl.
EVEN-DOWN downright, honest, straightforward, sincere …1885 Sc. & Eng. dial.
GUTSY utterly sincere; deeply felt, esp. used of songs, music …c1965 sl.
HEARTLY proceeding from or seated in the heart; expressive of real feeling; earnest, genuine, sincere …1340-70 obs.
HEART-WHOLE whole-hearted; free from hypocrisy or affectation; sincere, genuine …1684
HEARTY heartfelt, genuine, sincere …1479
INTEGRITIVE marked by integrity; upright, sincere …1784 obs. rare
LEAL loyal, faithful, honest, true, upright, sincere …a1300 obs. exc. Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
SIMPLE sincere, unassuming …1949 Amer. dial.
SIMPLE-HEARTED ingenuous, sincere, unsophisticated …1711
SINGLE simple, honest, sincere, single-minded; free from duplicity or deceit …1519
SINGLE-EYED sincere, honest, straightforward …1705
SINGLE-HEARTED possessed of a ‘single’ or sincere heart; straight-forward, honest, sincere …1577
SINGLE-MINDED sincere in mind or spirit; honest, straightforward; simple-minded, ingenuous …1577
THROUGH-OPEN transparently honest and sincere …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
THRUFFABLE transparently honest and sincere …Bk1905 Eng. dial.

AEFAULDLY in a truthful and sincere manner; without duplicity; honestly, faithfully …1472 Sc.
AFALDLY with single-heartedness, sincerely, truly …1533 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
AFFECTEDLY with aim or desire; with true intent; intentionally, sincerely, earnestly …1596 obs.
AFFECTIOUSLY earnestly, sincerely, cordially, kindly …1430 obs.
ON THE DEAD in earnest; sincerely; straightforwardly; honestly, truthfully  …1888 sl.
SINGLE-MINDEDLY sincerely, frankly …1579
SINGLY sincerely, truly, honestly …1526 obs.
UNCASUISTLY sincerely, straightforwardly …1649 obs.

AEFALDNESS uprightness; sincerity …1911 Sc.
HEARTLINESS cordiality, heartiness, sincerity, friendly feeling …1435 obs. rare
SINCERITIES sincere feelings or actions …1840
SINGLENESS sincerity, straightforwardness, honesty, integrity; freedom from deceit, duplicity, or guile …1526
VERITY truthfulness, veracity, sincerity …c1555

DUDLEY DOGOODER the epitome of a sincere, moral, upstanding citizen, despised by those who live on the fringes of the law …1990 US sl.
DUDLEY DO-RIGHT the epitome of a sincere, moral, upstanding citizen, despised by those who live on the fringes of the law …1990 US sl.
HONEST JOHN an honest, sincere man …1930 colloq.
REAL PEOPLE an honest, sincere, candid person …1960s Amer. sl.

ARE YOU FOR REAL? used for humorously questioning a person’s sincerity …1949 US sl.
I KID YOU NOT expresses sincerity; implies that the speaker is being absolutely serious …1914 sl., orig. US
O STUFF no fooling, no lies, absolutely honest and sincere …1920s African-American sl.

HEART to utter with the heart or sincerely …1642 obs.
RAP ON THE REAL to speak sincerely or honestly …1980s African-American sl.

– a sinew SINE c725 obs.
– a sinew, a tendon, a ligament LEADER 1899 Amer. dial.


– CANTATORY pert. to a singer or his singing …1836 rare
– CANOROUS singing, melodious, musical; resonant, ringing …1646
– LUSTY of singing, music, festivities: merry, cheerful …1430-40 arch.
– LYRIC given to song; singing …1814 poetic usage
– SIRENIC of persons: singing sweetly …1797 rare
– SIRENICAL of persons: singing sweetly …1604 obs.
– CANT singing, musical sound …1501 obs.
– CANTATION singing …1623 obs.
– DIDDLAN the act of singing in a low key …Bk1900 Sc.
– GALE singing, a song; merriment; mirth …c1200 obs.
– LALL loud, lively, or spirited singing; ranting psalmody …Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– PALINODY singing over again, repetition …1599 obs.
– STREET-CHANTING the practice of singing in the streets for a living …1887 cant
– ADENOID a vocalist with a ‘tight’ voice; a radio tenor who sings in a forced, strained voice …1930s US sl. 
– ALLIGATOR a singer who opens his mouth wide …E19 sl.
– BALLAD-BASKET a street singer …1749 UK sl.
– BALLADIER a street ballad-singer …1637 obs.
– BALLADINE a ballad-maker or singer …1604 obs.
– BALLADIST a maker or singer of ballads …1811
– BALLAD SINGER one who strolls about singing ballads …1592
– BARBERSHOPPER a person who performs barbershop or close harmony singing …1930 orig. US
– BEEF-STEW SINGER a very bad soloist …Bk1945 criminals’ sl.
– BELT a violent singer …1954
– BELTER a singer with a loud, powerful penetrating voice; in depreciative sense, one whose performances are thought to lack restraint, finesse, or subtlety …1953 colloq., orig. US
– BLACKBIRD a sweet singer; a songster …1634 obs.
– CANARY a young woman or girl; esp. a female vocalist; a songster …1862 US
– CANTABANK a singer on a stage or platform; hence, a common ballad-singer; used contemptuously …1834 rare
– CANTATOR a male singer …1866 rare
– CANTATRICE a female professional singer …1866
– CANTOR a singer …1609 obs.
– CASTRATO a male singer castrated in boyhood so as to retain a soprano or alto voice …1763
 CHANTOOSE;  CHANTOOSIE;  CHANTOOZIE a female singer of popular songs …1940 US colloq.
– CHIRP a female vocalist …1944 Amer. jazz sl.
– CHIRPER a singer, esp. a female vocalist …1891 Amer. jazz sl.
– GABERLILTIE a ballad-singer …Bk1880 Eng. dial.
– GESTER;  GESTOUR a professional reciter or singer of romances or tales …c1380 obs.
– GLEEMAN a professional entertainer at social gatherings; especially, a singer, musician, or minstrel … c897 obs.
– MOANER  a singer of mournful songs; spec. a blues singer …1927 orig. US
– MONODIST a person who writes or sings a monody (a lyric ode sung by a single voice) …1751
– MONSTER a singer or musician of very broad public appeal; a musical superstar …1975 sl., esp. US
– PEAK a person, esp. a small person, who speaks or sings in a thin, weak voice …Bk1903 Sc.  
– QUARESTER a chorister …1436 obs.
– RANDY a beggar; wandering ballad-singer …1811 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– RANTER a lively singer or player …a1700 Sc.
– SANGSTER a songster, a singer …1532 Sc.
– SING-ALONE a solo singer …1691 nonce word obs.
– SINGERESS a female singer …1382 obs. rare
– SING-MAN a singing man …1691 nonce word obs.
– SINGSTER a singer …1388 obs. rare
– SINGSTRESS a songstress …1873 rare
– SIREN one who, or that which, sings sweetly, charms, allures, or deceives …1590
– WARBLER one who warbles or sings; a singer, a songster …1611
– WARBLER one who sings for money or drink …Bk1823 sl.
– WOOFER a breathy singer; a singer whose breathing can he heard through a microphone …Bk1975 Amer. radio sl. 
– YOWPER a yelper; a street-crier; a ballad-singer …Bk1873 Eng. dial. 
– ALL IN A CHARM all singing or talking at once …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– HE SINGS MORE LIKE A WHORE’S BIRD THAN A CANARY the singer has a strong manly voice …L18
– BOOL to weep in childish fashion; to drawl in singing …Bk1911 Sc.
– BYSS to sing or hum children to sleep …1440 obs.
– CANARY to work as a band vocalist; to sing …1930s US sl.
– CANT to chant, to sing; to repeat in a sing-song manner; to intone …1652 obs.
– CANTITATE to sing as a bird …1830 nonce word
– CARP to sing or recite, as a minstrel; to sing, as a bird …c1425 obs.
– CHIRP to sing; said esp. of women …1935 Amer. jazz sl.
– DECANTATE to sing or speak often …1659 obs.
– DEEDLE to sing in a low key; to croon over an air without the words of the song …1870 Sc.  
– DIDDLE to sing in a low key, without distinct utterance of words …1846 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– GALE to sing; also, to deliver an oracular response …a1000 obs.
– LALDER to sing in a loud, noisy manner; to hum …1856 Eng. dial.
– LALDRUM to sing in a foolish or childish manner …Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– LALL to sing or shout loudly; to cry out; to quarrel …1884 Eng. dial.
– LYRICIZE to sing lyrics …1832  raree
– MOAN to sing; to sing a blues song …1927 Amer. dial.
– MOUTH-MAUL to sing out of tune …1876 Eng. dial.
– NOSE to utter or sing nasally …a1643 obs.
– PEAK to speak or sing in a thin, weak voice; to squeak like a mouse …1810 Sc. & Eng. dial.  
– RAISE to sing; also, to begin to sing, to strike up …1653
– RANT to frolic, to romp; to be jovial, boisterous, uproariously gay or merry; to lead a gay or dissolute life; also, to sing or talk loudly …1598
– RAP to sing or chant a rap song …1970s sl., orig. African-American
– SING LIKE A BIRD CALLED THE SWINE to sing execrably …c1675 colloq.
– SKIRL to sing, utter, play, etc. in loud and shrill tones …1786 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– SPREAD ONE’S JENK to have a good time; to sing or enjoy music ..1920s African-American sl.
– TEEDLE to sing a song without words; to croon …1824 Sc. obs.
– WAIL to sing …1970s sl., orig. African-American
– YARK to start a tune; to commence singing, playing, etc. …1873 Sc.
– YED to sing, to recite, to talk, to discourse …c888 obs.
– YELL to sing loudly, to chant …1387 obs.
– YELP to lift up one’s voice; to cry aloud; to sing loud or on a high note …c1450 obs.
– YERK; YIRK to start a tune; to commence singing, playing, etc. …1873 Sc.
– YOAN to slide the notes into each other in singing …Bk1905 Eng. dial.

– a Singaporean adaptation of the English language; a variety of English used in Sri Lanka SINGLISH 2001 Singapore

SWINGED singed …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.

SCAM a burn, singe, scorch, or the mark of such …1808 Sc.
SCAUM a burn, scorch; a mark caused by burning or singeing …1813 Sc.
SCOUDER a burn, scorch, singe; a hasty toasting …1773 Sc.
SCOUGE a sharp singe or touch of burning …1880 Sc. obs.
SCOUTHER;  SCOWTHER a burn, scorch, singe; a hasty toasting …1773 Sc.
SCOWDER a burn, scorch, singe; a hasty toasting …1773 Sc. & Eng. dial.

SCAM of cloth, skin, cakes, etc.: to burn slightly; to scorch, to singe with dry heat …1746 Sc.
SCAUM to burn, to scorch, to singe …1838 Sc.
SCOODER;  SCOUDER to burn, to scorch, to singe …1810 Sc. & Eng. dial.
SCOUTHER;  SCOWTHER to burn, to scorch, to singe …1810 Sc.
SCOWDER to burn, to scorch, to singe, to over-roast or over-toast bread or the like …1746 Sc. 
SCRENT to burn; to scorch; to singe …1825 Eng. dial.
SCRINT to burn; to scorch; to singe …1825 Eng. dial.
SING to singe …1543-5 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
SKOODER to burn, to scorch, to singe …1810 Sc. & Eng. dial.
SKRENT; SKRINT to burn; to scorch; to singe …1825 Eng. dial.

AFALD single, singular, sole, only …c1000 obs.
LEPI single, one …a1300 obs.
OFOLD single …c1200 obs.
ONLEPY only, sole, single …c900 obs.
SIMPLAR single …1610 obs.
SIMPLE single …1340 obs.
SINGULAR separate, individual, single …c1340 obs.
UNAL single; that is one only; based on unity …1883
VARSAL single, individual …1765 rare
VERSAL single; individual …1709 obs.

AFALDLY singly, simply …c1175 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
ODDLY singly, solely, alone …a1300 obs.
ONE BY ONE LIKE JACKY LINGO’S SHEEP one after another, in single file …Bk1902 Eng. dial.
SUNDERLY separately, apart; individually; singly …c888 obs.

SIMPLE a single thing …1483 obs.
SINGLERTY singleness …a1300 obs.
SINGLETON  a single thing, as distinct from a pair …1892
SINGLURE singleness, uniqueness …a1300 obs.
SINGULARITY a single or separate thing or entity; a unit …c1374 obs.
SINGULARITY the quality or fact of being one in number or kind; singleness, oneness …1583 rare

– single-handed, unaided AT SINGLE HAND 1607 obs.

– single-minded, simple-hearted, honest, faithful AEFALD 1796 Sc.

AFALD single, singular, sole, only …c1000 obs.
SINGLER singular …c1374 obs.

ONLY singularly, uniquely, specially, pre-eminently …c1000 obs.
SINGLERLY singularly …c1400 obs.
SUNDERLY singularly, specially …c900 obs. rare

ONLEPIHEDE singleness, singularity …1340 obs.
ONLINESS the fact or character of being the only one of its kind; singleness, singularity, uniqueness …1633 rare
SINGULARNESS the quality of being singular; singularity …1530 rare
SINGULERTY singularity …1414 obs.

SINGULARIZE to make singular or one; to individualize; to convert into the singular number …1663 rare

LEFT-HANDED ill-omened, inauspicious, sinister …1609

AWKLY in the wrong direction, backhanded or left-handed wise; hence, sinisterly, unluckily …c1440 obs.
SINISTRALLY in a sinister manner; perversely; wrongly …1548 obs.

BAD MEDICINE something or someone sinister or ill-fated … 1844 US West usage
SINISTERITY sinister character; perversity; dishonesty …1647 obs.

BAD MEDICINE  someone sinister or ill-fated … 1844 US West usage

JARBOX the kitchen sink …20C Sc. sl.
JAW-BOX a kitchen sink with sides …1880 Sc.
JAW-HOLE a kitchen sink with sides …1880 Sc.
JAW-TUB a kitchen sink with sides …1880 Sc.
LAVATRINE a square stone in a kitchen, with a hole to void water; a sink …1623 obs. rare

DECIDUOUS sinking, declining …1791 obs. rare

IMMERGENCE the act of plunging or sinking into anything …1859

BESENCH to cause to sink, to submerge, to plunge down, to overwhelm …971 obs.
BESINK to sink, to fall down through any substance …c893 obs.
BOG DOWN to sink in or as in a bog …Aust. sl.
DECLINE to come down, to fall, to descend, to sink …a1400-50 obs.
IMMERGE to plunge or dip oneself in a liquid; to sink …1706 rare
LAGGER to sink in soft, miry or muddy ground; to be encumbered by walking through mire, snow, or the like …1710 Sc.
LAIR to stick or sink in mire or bog; to become bogged; to stick fast in soft ground, mud, snow, or the like …a1572
LARE to stick or sink in mire or bog …a1572
QUAT to sink, to subside …a1722 obs. rare
SAB to subside or sink; to sag …18C Sc. obs.
SAD to make dense and compact; to compress, to press down, to solidify by hammering; to cause to sink or settle down …1736 Sc.
SILE to fall or sink down …a1400-50 obs. exc. N. Eng. dial.
SUBSIDATE to sink in …1653 obs. rare

– a sinkhole GOOSE NEST 1904 Amer. dial.

– sinless; unerring IMPECCANT a1763

– sinlessness, inerrancy IMPECCANCE 1677 obs.
– sinlessness; inerrancy IMPECCANCY 1614


– sinuous, full of bends or windings SINUOSE 1829
– sinuous, winding SINUATED 1858

– a being sinuous or winding in and out SINUOSITY 1598

– to move about in a sinuous manner RANGLE B1900 Eng. dial.

BIB a small drink; a sip; a small quantity of food …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
SIPE a sip …1993 Amer. dial.
SIPPET a little sip …a1529 obs. rare
SUP a small quantity of liquid such as can be taken into the mouth at one tip; a sip, a mouthful …1570
TIFF a sip or little drink of punch or other diluted liquor …1727 colloq. or sl.

APPLE AND PIP to sip …1972 UK rhyming sl.
BAIBLE to sip often, to tipple; to drink carelessly, with spilling …Bk1898 Sc.
BLEB to sip, to tipple …Bk1911 Sc.
DELIBATE to take a little of; to taste, to sip …1623 obs.
SABLE to take frequent sips …1848 Eng. dial. obs.
SIPPLE to drink liquor, etc. slowly or by small sips; to sip up …1566
SUP to take liquid into the mouth in small quantities, as opposed to a draught, to sip …c1000 chiefly Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
TIFF to drink; esp. to drink slowly or in small portions; to sip …1769 colloq. or sl.
VAMP to fill up a glass, teapot, etc. when partially empty; to sip slowly …1893 Eng. dial.

– a factory siren BUMMER 1929 Sc.
– a siren GROWLER 1961 Amer. sl.

GUMDROP sissy …1902 Amer. dial.
PANTYWAIST timid; weak; effeminate; sissified …1930s sl.

BIRDIE an effeminate male; a sissy …1921-25 US sl.
GINK a sissy …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
GIRL an effeminate man; a sissy …1862
GIRL-BOY an effeminate or homosexual boy or man; a sissy; also used as a general insult …1589
GIRLIE-MAN  a weak or effeminate man; a sissy, a wimp …1940 colloq., orig. & chiefly US
KEEK-A-BESSY an effeminate man; a sissy …c1850 Sc.
MOTHER’S BOY a boy or man who is excessively influenced by, or attached to, his mother; a sissy; a man who is effeminate, weak of character, lacking in courage or conviction; also, a boy or man who resembles his mother …1862
NANNY a weak-willed, priggish, or effeminate fellow; a sissy …1947 Amer. sl.
NELLY an effeminate or homosexual man; generally, a silly, ineffectual, or fussy person; a sissy …1931 colloq., derogatory
NO BULL-FIGHTER an effeminate male; a sissy …E20 US sl.
PANTYWAIST a timid, weak, or effeminate boy or man; a sissy; a cowardly person …1936 US sl.
SISSY-BREECHES a sissy; an effeminate boy or man …c1960 Amer. dial.
SISSY-BRITCHES a sissy; an effeminate boy or man …1946 Amer. dial.
SISSY-PANTS a sissy; an effeminate boy or man …1947 Amer. dial.
TEA-HOUND a sissy …Bk1975 Amer. college sl. 

HE’S NO BULL-FIGHTER he’s effeminate, or a sissy … E20 US sl.

SISTERHEAD the state or condition of being a sister; sisterly status or relationship …1390 obs. rare
SISTERNITY sisterhood …1603 rare

AAPA an older sister; also used as a term of respect or familiarity to an older woman …1998 S. Asian
ANCHOR a younger brother or sister …2003 UK sl.
BLACK MAN KISSED HER a sister …1960 UK rhyming sl.
CADETTE a younger daughter or sister …1679
GERMANE a close relative, a full brother or sister …1502 rare
GERMANE SISTER a sister through both parents; a full sister …1711
LITTLE BITS a nickname or affectionate term for a sister …1970 Amer. dial.
MOOSE a little sister or young girl …1941 US sl.
MOTHER BAIRN a maternal half-brother or half-sister …1563 Sc. obs.
SIS a sister …1656 sl.
SISS sister …Bk1905 Amer. dial.
SISTER-GERMAN a sister through both parents; a full sister …1382
SISTER-WIFE a wife who is also the sister of her husband …1743
SKIN AND BLISTER a sister …1925 rhyming sl.
TER a sister; also, a term or term of address for a woman …1883 Amer. dial.
TIDDY a sister; also, a term or term of address for a woman …1864 Amer. dial.
TITA a sister …1967 Hawaii
TITTA a sister; also, a term or term of address for a woman …1883 Amer. dial.
TITTER a sister; also, a term or term of address for a woman …1897 Amer. dial.
TITTIE;  TITTY a sister; a young woman or girl …1725 Sc.
TITTIE AND BILLIE sister and brother …18C Sc.

WALLY a nickname for someone seen as acting like a big brother or sister …1980s US college sl.

ELDER IT to play the elder brother or sister …1855 nonce word
SISTERIZE to be provided with a sister or sisters …1752 rare

– an in-law; a relation you get in marriage BEDSTEAD RELATION 1967 Amer. dial.
– a sister-in-law BAYAO;  BAYAW 1972 Amer. dial.
– a sister-in-law MOW Bk1855 obs.
– a sister-in-law ZISTER LAA Bk1888 Eng. dial.
– a sister-in-law; a female relative; a kinswoman, esp. by marriage MOWE c1200 obs.

– ASTRIDDLING sitting astride …1875 Eng. dial.
– SEDENT sitting …L17 rare
SIT etc. – NOUNS
– BAKER a cushion to sit or kneel upon; anything placed on a form to sit upon …1859 Eng. dial. sl.
– BOTTOM-ROOM as much room as a person requires in sitting …Bk1911 Sc.
– DOWN-SITTING the act of sitting down; a resting, repose …1535
– FLUMP the act of sitting down in a casual manner …1990s US teen sl.
– SITTING-PLACE a place to sit in, a seat …1382 rare
– BRING YOUR ARSE TO AN ANCHOR sit down …1788 sl.
– PARK YOURSELF IN A PEW an invitation to sit down …L19 sl.
– PUT YOURSELF LEVEL ON A CHAIR an hospitable invitation to be seated …1902 Amer. dial.
– SIT ON THE PARLIAMENTARY SIDE OF YOUR ARSE sit down and be quiet …1900s Irish
– SITTING BIRD AND JOE sitting cheek by jowl, denoting intimacy …Bk1898 Sc.
– TAKE A PEW an invitation to sit down …L19 sl.
SIT etc. – VERBS
– ANCHOR to sit down …18C Eng. colloq.
– ARSLE to move when in a sitting posture; hence, to shuffle, to sit unquietly, to fidget …Bk1898 Eng. & Amer. dial.
– BANG-A-BONK to sit lazily on a bank …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– BESIT to sit upon; to lie heavy upon; to weigh upon …1362 obs.
– BURN THE PLANKS to remain long sitting …1843
– BUTTOCK DOWN to sit down …1972 Amer. dial.
– CAMP DOWN to sit or lie down …1848 Amer. dial.
– CANK to sit down …1866 Eng. dial.
– COLLAPSE to sit down …Bk1947 Amer. sl.
– COME TO AN ANCHOR to sit down …18C Eng. colloq.
– COP A SQUAT to sit down …1940s African-American sl.
– CRONK to perch, to sit …19C Eng. dial.
– DIP to sit down …Bk1900 Sc.
– DRAPE THE SHAPE to sit down …Bk1947 Amer. sl.
– KIP to sit, to lie …1900s sl.
– LOP DOWN to flop down; to lie down and rest; to sit down …1822 Amer. dial.
– NEST to sit down to ease oneself …1670 obs. rare
– PARK to sit …1910s sl.
– PARK ONE’S ARSE to sit down, esp. at an invitation …1940s sl., orig. US
– PARK ONE’S BISCUIT to sit down, esp. at an invitation …1940s sl., orig. US
– PARK ONE’S CAN to sit down, esp. at an invitation …1940s sl., orig. US
– PARK ONE’S CARCASS to sit down, esp. at an invitation …1940s sl., orig. US
– PARK ONE’S FANNY to sit down, esp. at an invitation …1940s sl., orig. US
– PARK ONE’S FRAME to sit down, esp. at an invitation …1940s sl., orig. US
– PARK ONE’S STERN to sit down, esp. at an invitation …1940s sl., orig. US
– PLONK to sit oneself down heavily or unceremoniously …1974 colloq.
– QUATTY to squat, to sit; to crouch down, esp. of game; to hide …1816 Eng. dial.
– QUOT to squat, to sit; to crouch down, esp. of game; to hide …1816 Eng. dial.
– REULL to sit in strange postures …1856 Eng. dial.
– SCONCE to seat oneself; to crouch, resting on the limbs …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
– SPREAD THE FIGURE to sit down …Bk1947 Amer. sl.
– SWOON to sit down …Bk1947 Amer. sl.
– TAILORIZE to sit cross-legged like a tailor …1829
– TAKE A LOAD OFF to sit down …1922 US sl.
– TAKE A LOAD OFF ONE’S FEET to sit down and rest, esp. used as an invitation …20C sl.
– UNASS to knock someone out of a sitting position …1991 US sl.

– the site of a building, etc. SITUATION 1542-3 obs.
– the site of a building or habitation LARACH 1705 Sc.

– inconveniently situated; not near at hand; indirect; roundabout; difficult of access; generally used of a direction or road UNGAIN Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– situated FIXED 1958 US sl.
– situated, placed, located BESTEAD;  BESTED a1300 obs.

– the act of situating SITUATION 1589 obs.

– pert. to situation or position; positional SITUAL 1856 rare

BALLGAME a state of affairs, a situation …1930s sl., orig. US
DEAL the situation, the state of affairs …L19 sl., orig. US
END place, position, situation …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
HAMPDEN ROAR the state of affairs, the current situation …1985 Sc. rhyming sl. for ‘the score’
LAYOUT a situation, the facts …L19 sl.
POPSICLE STAND wherever one is currently situated …1970s US students’ sl.
RAP a situation …1930s sl.
SCENE a situation; a happening …1945 US sl.
SCORE, THE the current situation, the state of affairs …1938 US sl.
SITUS situation, position …1701 rare

OVER THE WALL past a bad situation and moving on …1960s Amer. sl.

– to sit up without leaning on another LEAN ON ONE’S OWN BREAKFAST 1910 Amer. dial.

– six SA c1850 sl., chiefly showmen’s

– six DOUBLE TRE 1998 UK sl.
– six in all; six together SIXSOME 1375 rare
– the number six CHOPSTICKS 1980 UK rhyming sl.
– the number six SAY;  SEI;  SEY M19 sl.

– sixfold SIX-DOUBLE 1552 obs.

– BANDY sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– BENDER a sixpence …1836 sl.
– CRIPPLE sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– CROAKER sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– CROOK sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– CROOKBACK sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– DEANER sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– DOWNER sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– FIDDLE sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– FIDDLER sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– FYEBUCK sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– GODDESS DIANA sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– GRIFF-METOL sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– GRUNTER sixpence (2.5p) …M19 sl.
– HALF-A-BORDE a sixpence …L16 UK criminals’ sl.
– HALF A CHIP sixpence; a sixpenny bit …1950 UK sl.
– HALF-A-HOG sixpence …L17 sl.
– HALF-BORDE a sixpence …L16 UK criminals’ sl.
– HALF-HOG sixpence …L17 sl.
– HOG sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– KICK a sixpence; mainly used to denote sixpence as an element in a sum of money, as ‘two and a kick’ – two shillings and sixpence …c1700 Brit. rhyming sl.?  – should probably be plural ‘kicks’
– KYE sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– LORD-OF-THE-MANOR sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– NORTHEASTER sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– PIG a sixpence …a1640 sl. obs.
– POT sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– SAX a sixpence …1920s Aust. & NZ sl.
– SCALE a sixpence …a1900 Sc. sl.
– SHACK-STONER a sixpence …L19 Aust. & NZ sl.
– SICE sixpence …1660 sl.
– SIMON a sixpence …a1700 sl.
– SNIDE sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– SOW’S-BABY sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– SPRASER;  SPRAZER sixpence or a sixpenny piece …1931 Brit. sl.
– SPRASY;  SPRAZEY sixpence or a sixpenny piece …1931 Brit. sl.
– SPRAT sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– SPROUSE sixpence or a sixpenny piece …1931 Brit. sl.
– SPROWSER sixpence or a sixpenny piece …1931 Brit. sl.
– SPROWSIE sixpence or a sixpenny piece …1931 Brit. sl.
– SYEBUCK sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– TANNER sixpence or a sixpenny piece …1811 Brit. sl.
– TESTER sixpence … Bk1903 sl.
– TILBURY a sixpenny piece; sixpence …1796 sl. obs.
– TISSEY;  TIZZEY;  TIZZY a sixpenny piece …1804 Brit. sl.
– ZAC;  ZACK;  ZAK a sixpence …1898 Aust. sl.

– sixty-three; 63rd Street SIX-TREY 1972 US sl.

BELSIZE bulky, of good size …Bk1898 Eng. dial. obs.
QUITE of considerable size or importance …1917 Amer. dial.
STONKING of exceptional size or quality …Brit. sl.

AVER something of unusual size …1931 Sc.
LARGE extent, size …c1470 obs.
LEASTNESS minimal size …1674 obs. rare
MICKLE size, measure, bulk, height; frequently in plural …1864 Eng. dial.
MICKLEDOM size, bulk, largeness …1737 Sc. obs.
MICKLENESS size, bulk, largeness …Bk1905 Sc.
MICKLETH size, bulk, largeness …1868 Eng. dial.
MUCHITY great bulk or size…1621 obs. rare
POOMER anything very large or of an extraordinary size; a big lie …B1900 Eng. dial.

GIANT one distinguished by the possession of intellect, strength, valour, etc. in extraordinary amount or degree …1535
GIANTESS a woman of abnormal bulk and height, one of uncommon size …c1380

MENSURATE to measure; to take the dimensions of; to ascertain the size, extent or quantity of …1653 rare

– to sizzle; to give out a hissing sound; to hiss SIZZ 1788