Reverse Dictionary: SLU – SLZ

– a slug NAKED SNAIL 1750 Eng. dial.
– the large black slug DEW-SNAIL 1736 Eng. dial.

– DEAD-LIVERED dead-alive; stupid, dull, sluggish …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– DESIDIOSE idle, slothful, lazy, sluggish, indolent …1727 obs.
– DESIDIOUS idle, lazy, indolent, slothful, negligent, sluggish …a1540 obs.
– DOPEY sluggish or befuddled from or as from the use of narcotics or alcohol …1895 Amer.
– DRONISH living on another’s labour; indolent, sluggish …L16
– DRONY sluggish …L18
– FAINT avoiding exertion, shirking, lazy, sluggish …c1325 obs.
– IGNAVE slow, sluggish …1657 obs. rare
– INERGETICAL without energy; sluggish, inactive …L17 obs. rare
– JACENT lying; recumbent; fig. sluggish …1611 obs.
– KEEADISH sluggish; unwilling, disinclined …Bk1901 Eng. dial.
– LAG lingering or lagging behind; tardy, sluggish, slow, backward …1726 Sc.
– LARBAL lazy, sluggish …1825 Sc. obs.
– LATESOME late; backward; slow, sluggish; tiresome, tedious ..a1382 rare, chiefly Sc. & Eng. dial. usage
​- LENT slow, sluggish; esp. said of a fire, a fever …a1400 obs.
– LENTITUDINOUS slow, tardy, sluggish …1801 rare
– LETSOME slow, tardy, sluggish …1647 obs.
– LOGGISH heavy, sluggish …1642 obs. rare
– LOGY heavy, slow, lethargic, sluggish …1848 Amer. dial.
 LOITEROUS inclined to loiter; sluggish …1566 obs.
– LONGSOME tardy, slow, dilatory, sluggish …1661-2 obs. exc. Eng. dial.  
 LUGGISH slow, heavy, sluggish …1933 Amer. dial.
– LUSK lazy, idle, sluggish, slothful, worthless …1775
– LUSKISH inclined to be lazy or indolent; idle, slothful, sluggish …a1500
– LUSKY lazy, sluggish, slothful …1604
– MACHLESS lazy, sluggish, indolent …1808 Sc.
– POKEY;  POKY slow, dawdling, sluggish …1856 Amer. sl.
– SATURNINE sluggish, cold, and gloomy in temperament; melancholy …1433
– SLOWBACK sluggish, laggard …1619 obs.
– SLOW-WITTED mentally sluggish; dull …1571
– TARDIGRADE sluggish in thought or action; unprogressive; slow-going …1883
– TARDIGRADOUS of people or animals: sluggish …1866
– TARDIOUS tardy, sluggish …c1580 obs. rare
– TARDY-GAITED moving slowly, slow-paced, sluggish …1599
– THOKISH slothful, sluggish, idle, slow, dull …1682 Eng. dial. obs.
– THOKY slothful, sluggish …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– THOWLIE listless, sluggish …1791 Sc. obs.
– UNACTIVE inactive; indisposed or unable to act; hence, sluggish, slothful …1591 obs.
– UNRIFE slow, sluggish …Bk1905 Eng. dial. obs.
– WAFFLE inert, limp, feeble, weak, sluggish …1847 Sc.
– BACKWARDLY reluctantly, unwillingly, sluggishly …1580
– HEAVY with laborious movement; slowly, sluggishly; laboriously …1701
– LATELY slowly, tardily, sluggishly; reluctantly, sparingly …c1000 obs.
 LUMPISHLY dejectedly; stupidly; sluggishly …c1450 obs.
– BACKWARDNESS reluctance, disinclination; slowness of conception or action, sluggishness; bashfulness …1597
– DUMPISHNESS sluggishness, inertness, insensibility …1574 obs.
– FAINTNESS dejection, timorousness; inertness, sluggishness …1398 obs.
– IGNAVY sluggishness, slowness, sloth …1543 obs.
– LATESHIP slowness, sluggishness …a1300 obs. rare
– LENTITUDE slowness, sluggishness, tardiness …1623
– LENTOR slowness, tardiness, sluggishness …a1763
 LUMPISHNESS sluggishness, drowsy inactivity, heaviness of heart …1574 obs.
– TARDITUDE slowness to act; tardiness, sluggishness; unwillingness …1794 rare
– THOWLESSNESS want of energy, sluggishness …1885 Sc.
– BAKESTER a sluggard, a lazy fellow, one fond of lying about …1859 Eng. dial. sl. obs.
– BARLEY-BUMP a contemptuous name for a sluggard …Bk1851 Eng. dial.
– BOWBERT a sluggish fellow, a dull lout, an oaf …1513 Sc. obs.
– CAYNARD a lazy fellow, a sluggard; a worthless fellow, a rascal, a scoundrel; a term of reproach …1303 obs.
– DA a sluggard …1721 Sc.
– DAW a lazy, good-for-nothing person; a sluggard …c1460
– DAWKIN a sluggard …19C Eng. dial.
– DRUMBLE a dull, inactive person; an inert or sluggish person; a worn-out person or horse …1575 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– DRUMBLEDORE a heavy, sluggish, stupid fellow …1881
– HEAVY-ARSE;  HEAVY-ASS a hulking, lazy fellow; a sluggard …Bk1902 Eng. dial.  
– IDLE BELLIES indolent sluggards or gluttons …a1300 obs.
– IDLER one who idles or is idle; one who spends his time in idleness; an indolent or lazy person; a sluggard; one who trifles away his time …1534
– KAYNARD a worthless fellow; a lazy cowardly person; a sluggard; a rascal …1782 obs.
– LAZY-BACK a sluggard …1611 obs.
– LIE-ABED one who lies late in bed; a late riser; a sluggard …1764
– LOBCOCK a country bumpkin; a clown, a lout, a boor; a dull, stupid, sluggish person; a clumsy, lubberly fellow; a blundering fool; a blockhead; a term of abuse …a1553 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– LOLL-POOP literally, one who is sluggish in the stern; a lazy, idle fellow; a sluggish lounger …1661 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
 LUGGARD one who moves heavily; a sluggard …1528 obs.
 LURDAN a term of opprobrium, reproach, or abuse, implying either dullness and incapacity, or idleness and rascality; a sluggard, a vagabond, a loafer …c1330 obs.
– LUSK an idle, lazy, slothful, good-for-nothing fellow; a sluggard …c1420 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– LUSKIN an idle or lazy fellow; a sluggard …1593 obs. rare
– SLOWBACK a slothful or sluggish person; a sluggard; a lazy, idle fellow; a loiterer; a loafer …1577 obs.
– SLOW-BELLY a lazy, idle, or indolent person; a sluggard, a laggard …1607
– SLOWCOME a slow person; a lagging, stupid, lazy fellow; a lazy, sluggish fellow; an idler …1882 Eng. dial.
– SLUCKATRICE a sluggard …1825 Eng. dial. obs.
– SLUGABED one who indulges in lying abed; a sluggard …1599
– DOWF to be or make dull or sluggish …E19 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– DRINGLE to waste time in a lazy, lingering manner; to be slow, dilatory; to dawdle; to trickle sluggishly …c1680 obs. exc. Sc. & Eng. dial.
– DRONE to act in a sluggish or indolent manner …E16
– DRUMBLE to be sluggish or lazy and slow in movement …1598 obs. exc. Sc. & Eng. dial.
 DULL to be inactive or sluggish; to drowse …1430 obs.
– MULL to proceed in a lazy or aimless manner; to dawdle, to loaf; to move sluggishly …1879 Amer. dial.

BAG-BLIND socially contemptible, very low-class, slum-dwelling …20C W. Indies sl.
SLUMMNG visiting a slum area out of curiosity …1900s African-American sl.
SLUMMY given to frequenting slums; pert. to slums …M19

BEHIND THE BRIDGE in any ghetto or slum …1992 Trinidad and Tobago

BAD LANDS a dangerous slum section of a city, esp. Chicago …1892 Amer. sl.
BILLY-GOAT ALLEY the run-down or poor section of a town; a slummy place …1969 Amer. dial.
BILLY-GOAT HILL the run-down or poor section of a town; a slummy place …1935 Amer. dial.
CABBAGETOWN the poor area of a town; any run-down urban area; a slum …1967 sl.
SHANTY TOWN a poor or depressed area of a city or town, consisting of shanties or huts, etc.
SLUM-BOX a typical example of slum housing …1920s sl.
WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS a socially and economically inferior neighbourhood; the slums …1943 Amer. sl.

SLUMMIE; SLUMMY a slum dweller …M20
YARDBOY a working-class youth, living in an urban slum …1983 sl.


– a slumber party BUNKING PARTY 1898 Eng. dial.

– there is a slur on my character BLACK IS THE WHITE OF MY EYE 1844 Sc.
– there is a slur on my character BLACK’S MY NAIL Bk1898 Eng. dial.

– slushy, wet, sleety HASHY Bk1902 Sc.
– slushy, muddy SLUTCHY E18 obs. exc. Eng. dial.

– a slushy mess; ooze, mud, a mud-hole, mire LOBLOLLY 1865 Amer. dial.
– slush, mud, mire SLUTCH M17 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– slush, soft snow mixed with water in thawing weather; water partially frozen SPOSH 1845 US
– the slushy condition of country roads resulting from a sudden thaw SLUSH-UP 1910 Amer. dial.

– DAWISH silly; sluttish …1540 obs.
– HOT of a female: slutty, wild …1989 Amer. college sl.
– SKAGGY ugly, sluttish …1980s African-American & students’ sl.
– SLAGGY sluttish …1943 UK sl.
– THICK-THUMBED sluttish, untidy; clumsy …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
NOTE: orig. a slut was a dirty, slovenly woman; later an unchaste or loose woman
– BICK a sluttish woman …Bk1895 Sc. 
– DADGE a slut, a tatterdemalion …1825 Sc.
– DAFFOCK a slattern; a dirty slattern; a slut …1691 Eng. dial. 
– DAGE a trollop; a dirty, mismanaging woman, a slut, a tatterdemalion …1825 Sc.
– DAGGLE-TAIL a person, esp. a woman, whose garments are bemired by being trailed over wet ground; an untidy  woman, a slut, a slattern …1577-87 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– DAGG-TAIL a slattern, a slut …1854 Eng. dial.
– DAW an untidy woman or housewife, a slut, a slattern …1500-20 Sc.
– DAWDGE a slut, a tatterdemalion …1825 Sc.
– DAWKIN a slatternly woman; one who is dirty and tawdry in her dress; a sloven, a slut …1674 Eng. dial.
– DIRTY GERTIE OF BIZERTE a sluttish woman …World War II Amer. sl.
– DRIGGLE-DRAGGLE a slovenly, untidy woman; a slut, a drab …1588 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– DROSSEL a dirty girl or woman; an idle wench; a sloven, a slattern, a slut …1581 obs.
– FEAGUE a dirty, sluttish, idle person …1664 Eng. dial.
– FEAK a dirty, sluttish, idle person …1664 Eng. dial.
– GAMMEL a slut, a slattern …Bk1877 Eng. dial.
– GANNEL a slut; a slattern …Bk1877 Eng. dial.
– GILL-FLURT a proud, vain woman; also, a slut or light housewife …1593 UK
– GILT ‘a slut or light housewife’ …c1698 UK sl.
– HAIRY a young woman with a reputation for sluttishness …1985 Sc. sl.
– HILDING a disreputable slut, a wanton…1592 arch.
– MANCH a sloven, a slut …1897 Eng. dial.
– OLD BOOT a sluttish, promiscuous woman, not necessarily old …M20 sl., derogatory
– PUCELLE a slut, a courtesan, a prostitute, a wanton girl …1583 obs.
– PUGNASTY a nasty slut; a dirty prostitute …17C Brit. sl.
– QUINE a bold, impudent, shameless, or malevolent woman; a hussy, a slut …1720 Sc.
– SKAG an unattractive, slutty-looking woman …1920s sl., orig. African-American
– SLAMMERKIN a dirty, slovenly female; a slattern, a slut …1785 chiefly Eng. dial.
– SMUT-SLUT a low slut; a sexually loose woman …M20 US sl.
– TAINT a very dirty slattern or slut…19C Brit.
– TARLOCH a silly, inactive girl; a coarse, ragged, sluttish woman …1825 Sc. 

– CARNEY;  CARNY sly, artful …1881 sl.
– CAUTELOUS deceitful, crafty, sly, cunning, artful, wily …1380s obs. or arch.
 COCUM;  COKUM;  KOCUM;  KOKUM smart, cunning, sly; advantageous, lucky …1839 sl. rare
– CRAZY LIKE A FOX sly, artful …1908 sl., orig. US
– CUTE AS A SHITHOUSE RAT extremely sly or calculating …1922
– DAINY sly, cunning …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– DATCHIE sly, cunning …19C Sc.
– DEEP profoundly cunning, artful, or sly …1513
– DERN of persons: secret in purpose or action; reseved, close; hence, underhand, sly, crafty …a1000 obs.
​- GAFTY sly, tricky, cunning, not to be trusted; mischievous, vicious …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– HIGH-WITTED artful, cunning, sly …1588
– HOOK AND SNIVEY;  HOOK AND SNIVVY;  HOOKEM-SNIVEY;  HOOKUM-SNIVEY deceitful, tricky, sly …1892 Eng. dial. & sl.
– IKEY sly, artful …1887 sl., derogatory & offensive
– KEEN AS A BRIAR sly; quick-witted; intelligent …1834 Amer. dial.
– LEER;  LERE looking askance; oblique, indirect; sly, underhand …1629 obs.
– OLD sly, crafty, cunning, clever …1722
– PAUKY;  PAWKY shrewd, knowing, artful, cunning, sly; insinuating …1726 Sc. & Eng. dial.  
– PEERIE;  PEERY sly …17C sl.
– RUTTERKIN swaggering; crafty; sly …1594 obs.
– SCHEMY scheming; devious, tricky, sly …1888 Amer. dial.
– SHARP AS A BAMBOO-BRIAR sly; quick-witted; intelligent …1880 Amer. dial.
– SHARP AS A BRIAR sly; quick-witted; intelligent …1902 Amer. dial.
– SLIDDERY sly, deceitful, shifty, evasive; not trustworthy …a1225 obs. exc. Sc. & Eng. dial.
– SLIGGY deceitful, sly …1805 Sc. obs.
– SMOOLY sly and demure; smooth-spoken but deceptive …B1900 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– SUBDOLOUS somewhat crafty, sly, cunning, artful, deceitful …1588 rare
– SUBTILE crafty, artful, sly, cunning …c1385
– SUBTLE crafty, cunning; treacherously or wickedly cunning; insidiously sly, wily …1357 obs.
– UNDER-CREEPING underhand, sly, sneaking …1863 Eng. dial.
– UNDERMINDED sly, deceptive, double-faced; underhand, mean, treacherous …1902 Eng. & Amer. dial.
– VAFROUS sly, cunning, crafty, shifty …a1548 obs.
– VETERATORIAN crafty, cunning, subtle, wily, sly, deceitful; gotten by long use, experienced …1656 obs.
– VULPINARY crafty, wily, artful, cunning, sly …1721 obs.
– YEPE cunning, crafty, sly, wily …c1000 obs.
– CANNILY sagaciously, skilfully, prudently; cautiously, slyly; gently, softly; comfortably …1636 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– PAWKILY slyly, craftily, cleverly, shrewdly …1725 Sc.  
SLY etc. – NOUNS
– MIM-WAYS quiet, sly manners …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– PAUK;  PAWK a clever, sly way; a trick; a wile …1811 Sc.  
– PAUKERY;  PAWKERY;  PAWKRIE slyness, craftiness …1823 Sc.  
– PAWKINESS shrewdness, slyness, cunning …1839 Sc.  
– SUBTILENESS cunning, craftiness, slyness …1474 obs.
– UNDER-CREEPING slyness, underhand ways …1893 Eng. dial.
– BUGGER a very sly person …1965 Amer. dial.
– CATBIRD a mischievous, sly or cunning person …1931 Amer. dial.
– CHAPARRAL FOX a sneak, or a sly, tricky person …1932 Amer. dial.
– EEL an elusive, shrewd, sly, or deceptive person; a treacherous person …1933 Amer. dial., usually derogatory
– FERRET a keen and sly individual …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
– FOX a sly person …a1000
– FOXY GRANDPA a sly person, neither necessarily old or a grandfather …20C US sl.
– JACK a sly, crafty or cunning fellow …Bk1797
– KEEK a cunning, sly, or malicious person …1832 Sc.
 LOWRIE a person likened to a fox; a sly or crafty person …1567 obs.
– MOOSK a sly, surly person …1931 Sc.
– OLD ONE a sly or crafty person …1847-49 Amer. sl.
– RAT-FACE a sly, underhanded person …20C Amer. sl.
– RATTEN a sly person …1867 Sc.
– RUTTERKIN an old crafty fox; a sly old fellow; a swaggering gallant or bully; a term of contempt …1526 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– SCUNGE a sly or vicious person …1824 colloq., orig. Sc.
– SHREWD-HEAD a shrewd, sly or cunning person …1916 Aust. & NZ sl.
– SLIPPERY EEL an elusive, shrewd, sly, or deceptive person …1966 Amer. dial., usually derogatory
– SLY-BOOTS a sly, cunning, or crafty person …a1700 colloq.
– SLY-CAP a sly or cunning person …1681 obs.
– SLY DOG a sly person, esp. one who is discreet about mistakes or pleasures 
– TOD a person likened to a fox; a crafty or sly person …1500-20 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
– WILY-PIE a crafty or cunning fellow; a sly rogue …c1450 obs.
– THERE ARE NO FLIES ON HIM he’s sly, artful …1848 sl., orig. Aust. or US
SLY etc. – VERBS
– CARRY A LOT UNDER ONE’S HAT to be crafty, sly …Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– SCODGE to look sly; to pilfer; to sneak about idly …1824 Sc.