Reverse Dictionary: SMAS – SMT

PAKARU broken, smashed, crushed …World War I NZ services’ sl.

CRACKER a heavy fall; a smash …c1865 sl. obs.
EGGALOURIE a general smash-up, as of crockery …1929 Sc.
PIE-UP a crash; a smash … World War I Amer. sl.
SAUSAGE AND MASH a smash, a car crash …1950s rhyming sl.

BASH to hit, to beat, to strike, to crush, to smash …1790 Sc. & Eng. dial.
DEBRUISE to break down, to break in pieces, to crush, to smash …1297 obs.
DING IN SCOW to smash to pieces …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
MALLET to smash; to defeat …1982 Brit. sl.
MASH to apply an injurious blow or pressure to; to crush, to smash, to suffer crushing of some part of the body …1832 Amer. dial.
PAGGER to break or smash; to wreck …1979 UK market traders’ usage
RASH to smash, to break with violence …1513 obs. rare
SCAT to break to pieces; to burst, to split open; to smash; to slap, to beat …1891 Eng. dial.
SCOW to smash to pieces; to break in staves …1815 Sc. 
TO-BRUISE to crush to pieces, to smash; to bruise severely …c1000 obs.
TO-FRUSH to smash or break to pieces; also, to drive violently into something, as with a blow …c1300 obs.
TRANSFISTICATE to strike or smash with the fist …1600 humorous nonce word obs.
VANQUASH to smash …c1626 nonce word

BECLAMED smeared over with dirt or grease …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
DAWSEY sticky, adhesive, smeary …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
GOOPY sticky, smeared …1967 Amer. dial.
SCOUREY smeared …1867 Eng. dial.
SCOVY uneven in colour; blotched, streaky, mottled, smeary; of a rough, unclean appearance …1777 Eng. dial.
TEERY sticky, smeary; adhesive …1881 Eng. dial.

ILLITION a smearing, anointing …1657 obs.
SCLATCH;  SKLATCH a large smudge, smear, or patch on a surface; a mass, clot, or daub of something wet or dirty …1866 Sc.
SMOOCH;  SMOOTCH a smudge, smear ….1825 Amer. dial.
SMOUCH;  SMOUTCH a smudge, smear …1844 Amer. dial.

SMEAR etc. – VERBS  (also see BESMEAR)
BALM to smear with something resinous or sticky …1382 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
BESMATTER to smear or daub with mud or dirt …1715 Eng. dial.
BESMOTTER to smear or daub with mud or dirt; bespatter, to foul …1715 Eng. dial.
BESMUDGE to smear, to soil with mud or dirt …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
BESTRIKE to overspread, to do over, to anoint, to smear, to daub, to rub over with …1527 obs. rare
CAGGLE OVER to smear over …1895 Eng. dial.
CLART to make dirty or to smear with any sticky substance …13C
DECHE to daub; to smear …a1000 obs.
GOOK UP to smear something slimy or sticky on someone …1950s sl.
GOOP to smear with something sticky; esp. to apply an oily or greasy preparation to the hair …1965 Amer. dial.
GORMUCK to smear with something sticky; to daub, to dirty …1954 Amer. dial.
ILLINE to smear, to besmear …1615 obs. rare
ILLITE to smear, to anoint …1657 obs. rare
KAGGLE OVER to smear over …1895 Eng. dial.
OBLITE to smear over; to daub …1657 obs. rare
OBVISCATE to smear over; to smooth as with a slimy coating; to mollify …1684 obs. rare
SCLATCH;  SKLATCH to smear, to bedaub, to cover with or apply some wet or messy substance …1825 Sc.
SLURRY to dirty, to soil, to smear, to daub …LME obs. exc. Eng. dial.
SMATHER to smear, to slather …1960 Amer. dial.
SMOOCH;  SMOOTCH to smudge, to smear …1828 Amer. dial.
SMOUCH;  SMOUTCH to smudge, to smear …1844 Amer. dial.
TEER to smear, to daub; to spread; to dirty …1880 Eng. dial.

– CACKY covered with excrement; hence, dirty, filthy, malodorous …19C sl.
– CACODOROUS ill-smelling, malodorous …1863 rare
– DAIN putrid, bad-smelling …1888 obs. or Eng. dial. rare
– DAINTY evil-smelling …Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– FAINT having a sickly smell …1864 obs.
– FOXY smelly with perspiration odour …Bk2006 US sl.
– FROWY partly decomposed and ill-smelling …Bk1913 Amer. dial.
– FUNKED having an offensive smell, malodorous, foul-smelling …1835
– FUNKED OUT having an offensive smell; malodorous, foul-smelling …1893 rare
– FUNKIFIED of food, clothing, etc.: that has become rancid or rank; that gives off a powerful and unpleasant smell …1965 US
– FUNKY having a strong or offensive smell; smelling of sweat or other bodily excretions; musky, pungent, rank …a1680
– GUNGY messy, ugly, smelly, old, or ragged …1962 UK sl.
– HIGH AS A DINGO’S HOWL foul-smelling …Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– HONKING very smelly; of inferior quality …1985 Sc.
– LOUD of a smell: strong, offensive; of evil odour …1641 sl., now chiefly Amer. dial.
– MALEOLENT having an ill smell …1657 obs. rare
– MALODOROUS evil-smelling …1850
– MINGIN;  MINGING smelly, disgusting, ugly, horrid, putrid, gross …playground sl.
– MISCOMFIST neatly stifled with a bad smell …Bk1903 Sc.  
– MONGIE dirty; evil-smelling; nasty …1970s Eng. sl.
– NASUTE having a strong sense of smell …1699 obs. RARE
– NEBWISE having a keen sense of smell …1899 Sc.
– NIDOROUS resembling the smell or taste of roast meat or fat; of smells: strong and unpleasant …1626 rare
– NIFFY smelly …1903 Brit. sl.
– NIS-WISE having or pretending to have an acute sense of smell …1790 Sc.
– ODIFERANT that bears scent or smell; odorous; fragrant …a1529 obs.
– ODIFEROUS that bears scent or smell; odorous; fragrant …a1400 obs.
– ODORABLE that can be smelled; perceptible to the sense of smell …1589 obs.
– ODORAMINOUS smelling sweet; fragrant; pertaining to odour …1656 obs. rare
– ODORIFERANT that bears scent or smell; odorous; fragrant …1549 rare
– ODORIFERE that bears scent or smell; odorous; fragrant …1527 obs. rare
– ODORIFIC that bears scent or smell; odorous; fragrant …1796 obs. rare
– OLEFACTIBLE;  OLFACTIBLE that may be smelled …c1705
– OLENT smelling, giving out a smell or scent …1607 rare
– OLFACTIVE pert. to the sense of smell …1654
– OLFACTORY pert. to the sense of smell; connected or concerned with smelling …1658
– OLID having a strong disagreeable smell; fetid, rank …1680
– OLIDOUS having a strong, disagreeable smell; fetid, rank, stinking …1646 obs. rare
– ON THE BUGLE foul-smelling, smelly …Bk1999 Aust. sl.
– ON THE NOSE smelly; objectionable; decayed; stinking; esp. of rotten organic matter, as food …1941 Aust. sl.
– PONGY smelly …1936 sl.
– PUTREDINOUS characterized by putrefaction; having an offensive smell; stinking; rotten …1641 obs.
– QUICK of a taste or smell: sharp, pungent, brisk …1573 obs.
– RAFTY fusty, stale; with a musty, disagreeable odour …Bk19C Eng. dial.
– RAM offensive in smell or taste; rancid, strong-flavoured …1863 Eng. dial.
– RAM of smell, taste, etc.: rank, rancid, acrid, strong, stinking, highly disagreeable …c1386 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– RAMP rank, rancid, having a strong smell …1824 Sc.
– RANK having an offensively strong smell; rancid …a1529
– RANKISH having a bad smell, stinking …1661 obs. rare
– RAUNCHY dirty, sloppy, and bad-smelling …M20 US sl.
– SMELLS LIKE A BUZZARD ON A GUT WAGON very smelly, stinking …1968 Amer. dial.
– SNIFTY having a pleasant or agreeable smell …1891 Amer. sl.
– SUAVEOLENT sweet-smelling; sweet-scented …1657 rare
– THIN-NOSED keen-scented …1899 Eng. dial.
– UNCLEAN of air or smells: foul or impure …c1400 obs.
– VALIANT strong in respect of smell or taste …1607 obs.
– VENTING that smells or snuffs …1637 obs.
– WHIFFY smelly …1849 sl.
– HAUNA! said when one smells a very bad odour …1967 Hawaii
– PA-SHEW! used of a very bad smell …1965 Amer. dial.
– PSHEW! used of a very bad smell …1965 Amer. dial.
– P.U.! said on smelling a bad smell, as something rotting …Bk1974 colloq.
– SHEW! used of a very bad smell …1965 Amer. dial.
– SHEW, THAT WOULD STINK A DOG OFF A GUT WAGON! used of a very bad smell …1965 Amer. dial.
– YOU’D STINK ANYBODY OFF A GUT WAGON said of somebody who smells …1930 Amer. sl.
 AIR BISCUIT an extremely malodorous fart or bad vomity smell …1980s sl.
 ANDI stench, offensive smell …1914 Sc.
– ANNA MAY WONG a stink; a smell …1920s Brit. rhyming sl. for ‘pong’
– DAME JUDI (DENCH) a stench …1998 UK rhyming sl.
– EEM a hot fetid smell, such as that from a stuffy atmosphere …1929 Sc.
– EK a nauseating whiff of some ill-smelling thing …1929 Sc.
– FOGO a disagreeable smell or odour; a stink, stench …1823
– FUNK a powerful, unpleasant smell, esp. a pungent or musky odour of sweat or other bodily excretions; a stink …1606
– FUNKINESS the quality of having a strong, unpleasant, or pungent smell or flavour …1843
– FUST a strong smell, as that of a mouldy barrel …1755 obs.
– GAPO Giant ArmPit Odour …20C teen & high school sl.
– GUSH a smell, a whiff, as of tobacco …1838 colloq.
– HUM an unpleasant smell …1906 Brit. sl.
– MALODOUR an evil smell; a stench …1825
– MONKEY’S WEDDING an unpleasant smell …20C Royal Navy sl.
– NADKIN a strong, unpleasant odour or taste; the taint acquired by meat kept too long …1825 Sc. obs.
– NATKIN a strong, unpleasant odour or taste; the taint acquired by meat kept too long …1825 Sc. obs.
– NIFF an unpleasant smell …1903 Brit. sl.
– NOSE smell, odour; perfume …1894
– ODORATION a savouring or smelling …1623 rare
– ODOROSITY the quality of being odorous …1847 rare
– ODOUR the sense of smell …1398 obs. rare
– ODOURET a faint smell …1825 nonce word
– OLFACIENT something that affects the sense of smell …1822-34 rare
– OLFACT the organ or sense of smell …1657 obs. rare
– OLFACTION the act of smelling or the sense of smell …a1846
– OLFACTOR he or that which smells …1829 rare
– OLFACTORY anything to smell; a posy or nosegay …1656 obs. rare
– OLFACTORY the power of smelling …1775 obs. rare
– OLFACTORY an organ of smelling …1823
– PONG an unpleasant smell …1919 sl.
– RAFT a fusty and damp smell, such as often proceeds from what has been closely shut up …Bk19C Eng. dial.
– RAM a rank odour; an offensive smell …a1838 Sc.
– REEK fumes, scent, smell …1893 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– SCENT OF GUSSET smell of the armpits …a1685 obs.
– THEEF a stench, a bad smell …Bk1905 Sc.
– THIN NOSE a nose keenly susceptible to smells …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– VAAM odour, smell, flavour, aroma …1866 Sc.
– VEHEMENCE intensity or strength of smell or colour …1535 rare
– VENTING the act of smelling or snuffing …1611 obs.
– VERDURE smell, odour …1520 obs.
– BAIT a woman with noticeable body odour …1980 African-American sl.
– FUSTILUGS a gross, fat, unwieldy person, especially a woman; a slovenly woman that smells rank; a person with a sour, forbidding aspect; a dirty child; a term of abuse …1607 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– KANITSENO a stinker, ‘stinking one’ …M19 back-slang 
– MEFF a dirty, smelly individual; a person with disgusting habits …c1960s UK playground sl.
– MEFFER a dirty, smelly individual; a person with disgusting habits …c1960s UK playground sl.
– MINGER a person who smells bad; hence, an unattractive person of either sex …1992 UK sl.
– MOBILE DUNGHEAP a dirty, smelly person …Bk2004 Brit. sl.
– PUCKAWN a man who smells …Irish sl.
– SCANK;  SKANK a female who smells badly …1980 US sl.
– SKEG a smelly vagrant or one who resembles such a person …2000s sl.
– SKEGGY a smelly vagrant or one who resembles such a person …2000s sl.
– VENTER one who smells or scents out …1611 obs.
– BOTTLE to smell badly; to stink …1979 UK sl.
– FUNK to offend with a strong smell …1699 obs.
– FUNK UP to cause to smell very strongly or unpleasantly …1967 African-American sl.
– HARK to smell …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– HUM to have an unpleasant odour; to stink …1902 UK sl.
– NAAR to stink, to smell foul …1980s S. Afr. sl.
– NIFF to smell unpleasantly …1927 Brit. sl.
– OFFEND to smell bad; to offend someone with perspiration odour or with bad breath …M20 US advertising usage
– OLFACT to smell …1663 rare
– PEN AND INK to smell unpleasantly …1892 rhyming sl. for ‘stink’
– PONG to smell unpleasantly …1927 sl.
– SMELL ALOUD to stink or smell strongly …1910 colloq. rare
– SMELL LIKE A POLE-CAT’S ASS to smell bad …1928 Amer. sl.
– SMELL LIKE ASS to smell awful …1986
– SMELL TO HIGH HEAVEN to smell unpleasantly …1963 sl.
– SNUFT to sniff, to inhale sharply and noisily; to smell, to scent …1820 Eng. dial.
– STINK ALOUD to stink or smell strongly …1828 colloq. rare
– STINK TO HIGH HEAVEN to have a very strong and unpleasant smell …1973 colloq.
– SUBODORATE to smell or scent out …1606 rare
– TASTE to smell …1790 Eng. dial. obs.
– VAMP to smell bad …1973 Trinidad and Tobago usage
– VENT to smell or snuff at something …1634 rare
– WHIFF to smell unpleasantly …1899 sl.

– smelling-salts HEAD-SALTS 1892 N. Ireland

RIANT smiling, laughing, mirthful, cheerful, gay …1567
RIDENT radiantly cheerful; laughing, smiling, grinning …1609 rare
SMILY faintly smiling …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
SUBRIDENT smiling …1897
SUBRISIVE smiling, playful …1867
SUBRISORY smiling, playful …1860

ACTION a look, a smile, a verbal response …1970s African-American sl.
BEAM a wide, radiant smile …1773
CROCODILE a smile …1992 UK rhyming sl.
GIGGLEMUG an habitually smiling face …Bk1909 sl.
PENNY-A-MILE a smile …20C rhyming sl.
RIANCY a bright or smiling character …1831 rare
RIVER NILE a smile …1992 UK rhyming sl.
SATURDAY NIGHT SMILE an enthusiastic smile …1940s US sl.
SEG a toadying or hypocritical smile …1960s US students’ sl.
SMILE LIKE A PO, A a round, benign and full-hearted smile …1976 sl.
SMILET a little or slight smile …1592 rare
SMIRKLE a smile; a smirk; a suppressed laugh …1825 Sc.
SUBRISION a smiling …1658 rare
SUN-SMILE a sunny or gracious smile …1837
VELCRO GRIN a false rigid smile …1990s US sl.
WAN SMILE a faint or forced smile, as of one sick or unhappy …1877

ALL TITS AND TEETH a woman who capitalizes on her physical charms, esp. her smile and breasts (presumably large), to make up for the lack of more subtle attractions …1910s sl.
ALL TITS AND TEETH LIKE A THIRD-ROW CHORUS-GIRL a woman who capitalizes on her physical charms, esp. her smile and breasts (presumably large), to make up for the lack of more subtle attractions …1910s sl.
BEAMER a person who beams or smiles broadly …1857
MONA LISA a woman having an enigmatic smile or expression such as that of the woman in Leonardo’s painting, the ‘Mona Lisa’ …1825
POPSY-WOPSY a smiling, doll-like, attractive girl …L19 sl.

BEAM of a person: to smile radiantly …1893
BLINK to smile, to look kindly, but with a modest eye; generally applied to females …1899 Amer. dial.
BUTTER THE SHUTTER to smile for the camera …Bk1942 US sl.
CHEESE to smile, esp. broadly …c1918 Brit. sl.
FLASH ONE’S IVORIES to smile, to grin …1785 sl.
FLASH THE IVORY to grin, to smile …1860 sl.
GRIN LIKE A STREET KNOCKER to grin like a Cheshire cat; to have a broad fixed smile on one’s face …1830s colloq.
HAVE THE DRY-GRINS said of one teased by striving to smile …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
MAKE WITH THE PEARLYS to smile …Bk1942 US sl.
SIMPER LIKE A FRUMETY-KETTLE to smile; to look cheerful …1668 colloq.
SIMPER LIKE A FURMITY-KETTLE to smile; to look merry or cheerful …18C colloq.
SIMPER LIKE A POT THAT’S READY TO RUN OVER to smile; to look merry or cheerful …1631 colloq.
SKIN TEETH to smile; to grin …1994 Jamaica
SMICKER to smile fawningly; to smirk; to grin …1802 Sc. obs.
SMIRKLE to smirk or smile; to giggle; to laugh in a suppressed manner …c1590 Sc.
SQUINNY to laugh broadly; to smile or wink …B1900 Amer.
SUBRIDE to smile …1623 obs. rare

– a smirch SMOOCH 1907 Amer. dial.

– a smirk; a smile; a suppressed laugh SMIRKLE 1825 Sc.

– to smirk or smile; to giggle; to laugh in a suppressed manner SMIRKLE c1590 Sc.
– to smirk; to smile fawningly; to grin SMICKER 1802 Sc. obs.

– a shoeing smith MARSHAL 1428 obs.
– a smith SCOWDER-DOUP Bk1904 Sc.
– a smith who does miscellaneous jobs JOBSMITH 1831 

– smithereens LAMES 1861 Sc.
– smithereens, a lost or scattered state, confusion, destruction VILLYAROO 1912 Sc.

– REEK-RIDDEN smoke-ridden …1894 Sc.
– REEK-STAINED smoke-begrimed …1892 Sc.
– REEKY smoky, smoking …1832 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– TOBACCONALIAN relating to tobacco smoking …1889
– TOBACCONING smoking tobacco …1647 obs.
– TOBACCOY impregnated with or smelling of tobacco smoke …1840
– BLAW a smoke; a whiff of a pipe …Bk1911 Sc.
– BURN an act of smoking …1941 sl.
– DRAG an act of smoking …1904 sl.
– EFFUSION a copious emission of smoke …1477 obs.
– FUNK thick smoke; a mass or cloud of this …1699
– IQ ANNIVERSARY the anniversary of a person’s quitting smoking …1988 US sl.
– LUNT smoke, smoke with flame, esp. the smoke from a pipe …1786
– PULE a wisp of smoke …E19 Sc.
– RANK smoke …1894 Eng. dial.
– RAWK smoke …B1900 Eng. dial.
– REECH smoke; steam …1859 Eng. dial.
– REEK smoke …1790 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– REEK a smoke; the act of smoking; a whiff of a pipe …1876 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– REEK-STREAK a faint line of smoke …1896 Sc.
– SMOKE-HO;  SMOKE-O;  SMOKE-OH;  SMOKO a stoppage of work for a smoke; also, a party at which smoking is allowed …1865 Aust. & NZ sl.
– TOBACCONING tobacco-smoking …1616 obs.
– TOBACCO-ROOM a room for smoking tobacco; a smoking-room …1656 obs.
– WAFF a slight amount of something blown about by the wind, as snow or smoke, a puff, a flurry …c1860 Sc.
– WAIF something borne or driven by the wind; a puff of smoke, a streak of cloud …1854
– ARTICHOKE RIPE to smoke a pipe …c1855 rhyming sl.
– BLAST to smoke tobacco …Bk1911 Sc.
– BLOW to smoke (tobacco, marijuana, etc.) …1946 Amer. dial.
– BLOW A CLOUD to smoke a pipe …Bk1890 sl.
 BUM-SUCK to take a draw on a cigarette without inhaling the smoke …1993 sl.
– BURN to smoke a cigarette …1929 sl.
– COCK ONE’S ORGAN to smoke a pipe …L18 sl.
– DRAG to smoke a cigarette …1919 sl., orig. US
– DUCK ARSE when smoking: to wet the cigarette end with saliva …1968 UK sl.
– EFFUME to puff out smoke …1599 obs. rare
– FOG to smoke cigarettes …Bk1974 Amer. dial.
– FUNK to smoke tobacco; also, to emit smoke …1684 obs.
– FUNK to blow smoke on someone …L17 sl.
– FUNK to smoke a pipe …L17 sl.
– FUNK THE COBBLER to fill a room or other closed space with foul-smelling smoke as a prank or practical joke, typically by inserting the stem of a tobacco pipe into a keyhole or crevice, loading the pipe with tobacco and an unpleasant-smelling herb or spice (such as asafoetida or pepper), and covering the bowl such that the smoke is forced into the room …1785 rare
– HACK BUTTS to smoke cigarettes …1993 Can. sl.
 LUNT to smoke a pipe …1830
 LUNT to smoke, to emit smoke …1894
– MAKE A CHIMNEY OF ONE’S MOUTH to smoke …Sc. & Ireland
 OOZLE of smoke: to trickle, to move slowly ...1883 US rare
– PULL to smoke a cigarette …Bk1974 Amer. sl.
– PUT ON A CIGAR to smoke a cigar in order to make oneself seem smarter than one is …L19 sl.
– PUT ON A SMOKE to light a pipe or cigarette …L19 sl.
– QUIFF to puff; to smoke …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– RAISE A CLOUD to smoke a pipe of tobacco …L17 sl.
– REECH to smoke; to emit smoke or steam …1740 Eng. dial.
– REEK to smoke, to emit smoke …1703 Sc. & Eng. dial.
– REEST to smoke; to dry by the heat of the sun or fire …1805 Sc.
– SUFFUMIGATE to rise in smoke or vapour …1599 obs.
– TOBACCONIZE to impregnate with tobacco smoke …1884
– TOBACCONIZE to smoke tobacco …1876
– WALLOW of flame, smoke, vapour: to surge up …c1374
– WALM of smoke, vapour, etc.: to swirl, to billow …1601 obs. rare

BUTT FIEND a heavy smoker …1967 Amer. dial.
CHIMNEY a person who smokes excessively …1900 Amer. sl.
CLOUD-COMPELLER a smoker, especially of tobacco …1865 humorous usage
COFFIN-DODGER a heavy smoker …Bk2006 US sl.
CURBIE a smoker who must go out where the cars are parked to light up …20C teen & high school sl.
FAG-ASH LIL a nickname for a woman who smokes heavily …L19 sl.
FAGGER a person who smokes …1920s sl.
FAG HAG a young woman who is a smoker …1944 Amer. students’ sl.
FUNKER a person who smokes tobacco, esp. one who annoys others with tobacco smoke …1691 obs. rare
MISOCAPNIST a hater of tobacco smoke …1839
PUFFER a smoker …Brit. sl.
SMOKE-POT a person who smokes a great deal …1965 Amer. dial.
SMUDGE-POT a person who smokes a great deal …1965 Amer. dial.
SNOUTCAST a smoker, one banished from a building to indulge his habit in the street …Brit. sl.
TAR BABY a chain-smoker …Bk1972 homosexual sl. 
TOBACCANALIAN one who indulges in tobacco; a smoker …1855
TOBACCO-FELLOW a companion in tobacco-smoking; a fellow smoker …1616 obs.
TOBACCONALIAN a person addicted to tobacco smoking …1855
TOBACCONER a smoker of tobacco …1616 obs.
TOBACCONIST a person addicted to the use of tobacco; a habitual tobacco-smoker …1599 obs.
TOBACCO-WORM one who chews or smokes tobacco to excess; one who uses snuff …1906 Amer. dial.

RANKY smoky …1894 Eng. dial.
REECHY smoky, begrimed with smoke; also, dirty, unwashed …1854 Eng. dial.
REEKY smoky, smoking …1832 Sc. & Eng. dial.

REIKINESS smokiness …Bk1904 Sc.

ABRASE rubbed smooth; rubbed clear from all markings; unoccupied, clean, blank …1600 obs.
BALGH smooth …c1440 obs.
EGG-BALD completely bald; smooth as an egg …1882 rare
GLIBBERY slippery, smooth …1601 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
GLIDDERY slippery, smooth …1869 Eng. dial.
HANDSMOOTH level or flat as if smoothed with the hand; smooth to the hand …1530 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
LEVIGATED made smooth; polished …1578 obs.
LIKE A BABY’S BOTTOM smooth, featureless …1920s sl.
LUBRIC having a smooth surface, slippery …1490 arch.
QUEEM pleasant; calm; smooth …1824 Sc.
SCLEET; SKLEET smooth, sleek …Bk1904 Sc.
SLIDDERY slippery, smooth; sliding, unstable …a1225 obs. exc. Sc. & Eng. dial.
SMACK-SMOOTH flat; completely smooth; level or even with the ground or surface …1755 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
SMOOTH AS A BABY’S BOTTOM very smooth …1935 Amer. colloq.
SOFT AS A BABY’S BOTTOM pert. to something which is very smooth or soft …20C colloq.

QUEEM smoothly, pleasantly, without snags or hitches …1879 Sc.
QUEEM AS SILK smoothly, pleasantly …1900 Sc.
QUEEMLY calmly, smoothly …1824 Sc.
QUEMELY in a pleasing, agreeable, or becoming manner; neatly, gently, smoothly …c1380 obs.
RENABLY smoothly; without hesitation …Bk1904 Eng. dial.
SLICK AS A WHISTLE very smoothly or adroitly …Bk1905 Amer. dial.
SLICK AS GREASE very smoothly or adroitly …Bk1905 Amer. dial.
SMACK-SMOOTH smoothly, without any impediment or obstruction; quietly, pleasantly …1802 Eng. dial.

LEVITY smoothness; an instance of this, a smooth surface …1613 obs.
SATINITY smoothness, like that of satin …1830

KEMB to trim; to make smooth or elegant …c1386 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
LEVIGATE to make smooth; to polish …1612 obs.
QUEEM to smooth out …1935 Sc.
TED to spread out; to arrange in order; to tidy, to smooth …1887 Sc.

– a smooth operator; a clever, influential person MAC 1960s African-American sl. 

– smooth-spoken but deceptive; sly and demure SMOOLY B1900 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– smooth-spoken; gentle; quiet; demure, diffident; thoughtful MOME 1864 Eng. dial.

– a smooth-spoken, deceitful person VELVET-TONGUE Bk1905 Eng. dial.

– smooth-talking, flattering, fair-spoken BLANDILOQUOUS 1615 obs. rare
– smooth-tongued, plausible, flattering, wheedling FAIR-CALLING 1814 Sc.
– smooth-tongued, plausible, hypocritical MEALY-MOUTHED 1836 Sc. & Eng. dial.

– a smooth talker; a cheat, a hustler SLICKSTER 1950s sl. orig. African-American
– a smooth-tongued or bland person; one who uses flattering, ingratiating, or plausible language SMOOTH-BOOTS 1599 obs.
– a smooth-tongued or flattering fellow GLAVERER 1544 obs.
– a smooth-tongued or flattering fellow GLAVERING FELLOW Bk1839 Eng. dial.
– a smooth-tongued person; a plausible, hypocritical tongue MEALY-MOUTH Bk1905 Eng. dial.

– smothered, overwhelmed SUFFOCATED 1471 obs.

– to smother SMUDDER 1839 Amer. dial.
– to smother, to choke, to stifle QUEASOM 1561 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– to smother, to choke, to stifle QUEAZEN; QUEZZEN 1561 obs. exc. Eng. dial. 
– to smother, to trample down, to crowd OPPRESS 1382 obs.

– to smoulder MILDER Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– to smoulder away without flame QUEZZEN Bk1905 Eng. dial.