Reverse Dictionary: SOL – SOO

– affording or giving solace, comfort, or amusement SOLACIOUS 1375 obs.

– solace, comfort MINTIE 1930s Aust. sl.

SALE-WORTH saleable; capable of being sold; fit for sale …1481 obs.
SALE-WORTHY saleable; capable of being sold; fit for sale …c1440 obs.
VENABLE vendible, able to be sold …1507 obs.
VENALITIOUS belonging to the sale of men or children, or of slaves; that is to be bought or sold …1656 rare
VENDABLE able to be sold …c1400 rare
VENDED sold …1812
VENDIBLE capable of being sold; saleable, marketable …1382

VENDIBLE a thing admitting of being sold or offered for sale …1681

– soldering paste BUTTER 1929 US sl.


AFALD single, singular, sole, only …c1000 obs.
ALL-ANERLY only, sole …1860 Sc.
ONLEPY only, sole, single …c900 obs.

ALL-ANERLY only, solely …1818 Sc.
ALL ONLY solely, without exception …Bk1898 Eng. dial.
ODDLY singly, solely, alone …a1300 obs.
ONLEPILICHE only, solely …c1250 obs.
ONLEPY only, solely, simply …c1315 obs.
SINGLY solely, only; merely …1654-66 now rare or obs.

OFF HIS OWN BAT solely by his one exertions, by himself …1845

SOLE (fish) – NOUNS
– a sole JACK OF DOVER L14 sl.

DEEDY serious, solemn …1895 chiefly Eng. dial.
DEEP solemn, grave …a1000 obs.
DUN characterized by solemn reflection; serious, gloomy …1860 obs.
FIDDLE-FACED long-faced, solemn, melancholy or unhappy looking …c1785
SAIRIE;  SAIRY;  SARRIE serious, solemn …1808 Sc. obs.
SOLEMNCHOLY excessively solemn or serious; melancholy …1855
SULLEN solemn, serious …1583 obs.
VULTUOSOUS of a grave and solemn countenance; of a heavy and sad look …1656 obs.

DEEPLY with deep seriousness, solemnly …c1300 obs.

SUNDAY FACE a sanctimonious expression; an affectedly solemn face …1756 chiefly Sc.

MOURNING COACH HORSE ‘a tall, solemn woman, dressed in black and many inky feathers’ …L19 UK middle class usage

PULL A LONG FACE to look solemn or dejected …19C colloq.

IMPORTUNELY with urgent and persistent solicitation …1464 rare

B-CASE a charge of soliciting …1930s sl.
IMPORTUNACY pertinacity; pressing solicitation …1548
IMPORTUNEMENT earnest solicitation, a beseeching …1635 obs.

BOTTLER a person who solicits and collects money from spectators or passers-by on behalf of a street performer or showman …1898 sl.
IMPORTUNATOR one who importunes, or solicits importunately …1604
IMPORTUNE one who is importune or troublesome in soliciting …1589 obs.
YACK;  YAK a telephone sales solicitor, either for a legitimate business or for a confidence swindle …1985 US sl.

IMPORTUNATE to solicit persistently; to urge, to importune …a1598
IMPORTUNE to solicit pressingly and persistently; to ply or beset with requests or petitions …1530


AFFECTING loving, affectionate, solicitous …1616 obs.
BUSY solicitous, concerned; anxious, uneasy, troubled; careful, attentive …a1000 obs.
CAREFUL full of care, trouble, anxiety, or concern; anxious, troubled, solicitous, concerned …a1000 obs.
CURIOUS anxious, concerned, solicitous …c1400 obs.
TID fond of, attached to; careful of, solicitous about …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
TIDD fond of, attached to; careful of, solicitous about …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
YEARNFUL eagerly desirous, anxious, solicitous …c888 obs.

BUSILY anxiously, solicitously …a1393 obs.
CARKINGLY anxiously, fretfully, solicitously …1611 obs.

ACCURANCE a taking care, care, solicitude …1677 obs. rare
BUSINESS anxiety, solicitude, care; distress, uneasiness …a1000 obs.
CAREFULNESS solicitude, anxiety, concern …a1000 arch.
CARK that which burdens the spirit, trouble; hence, troubled state of mind, distress, anxiety; anxious solicitude, labour, or toil …c1325 arch.
CARKING grieving, being anxious; trouble, solicitude; anxious toil …1583 obs. or arch.

– solid, massive, bulky MASTIFF 1495 obs.
– solid, not hollow MASSY 1382 obs.

ALONE of a person, place, etc.: isolated, lonely, solitary …1921 colloq.
BURD-ALONE as a solitary person or being; entirely alone …1572 Sc. obs.
DALY lonely, solitary …1781 Eng. dial. obs.
DEAFLY lonely, solitary and silent …1611 Eng. dial.
DEAVELY lonely, solitary, unfrequented, retired, remote …1611 Eng. dial.
DERN dark, dreary, dismal, lonely, solitary …1824 Sc. & Eng. dial.
ELENGE remote, lonely, solitary; dreary, miserable …c1205 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
ELENGELY solitary, cheerless, miserable, dejected …c1305 obs.
ELLINGE solitary, lonely; dreary, weird, uncanny …1691 Eng. dial.
HELANGE solitary, lonely; dreary, weird, uncanny …1691 Eng. dial.
MARROWLESS companionless, solitary …1660 Sc. & Eng. dial.
MISSLIE solitary, lonely from the absence of anything …1802 Sc.
ONLEPY solitary; single, unmarried …c900 obs.
ONLY one, without companions or society; solitary, lonely …a1000 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
SAVAGE remote from society; solitary …1667 obs.
SINGULAR alone; away from others; solitary …1382 rare
SOLITANEOUS solitary, alone, without company …1656 obs.
WAFF of persons and places: forlorn, melancholy; solitary, said of one who is in a strange place where he has not a single acquaintance …1724 Sc.

ANERLY alone, lonely, solitary …1844 Sc. & Eng. dial.
YANNERLY alone, lonely, solitary …1844 Eng. dial.

ONEHEAD the condition of being alone; solitude …1340 obs.
ONLIHEDE solitude, solitariness …1382 obs.
ONLINESS the fact or condition of being alone; solitariness, solitude …c1340 obs.
SINGLENESS the fact of standing alone; solitude, solitariness, isolation …1805
SINGULARITY a being alone or apart from others; solitariness …1398 obs. rare
SINGULARITY a solitary instance …1814 obs.

DICK SMITH a lone drinker, a drink taken alone; one who does not buy drinks for others, or who depends on others to buy them; a stingy or solitary person ….1876 Amer. dial.
HANKY a person who doesn’t seem to ‘fit in’ or who doesn’t get along very well …1967 Amer. dial.
LOBO a solitary person, a loner; an outcast …1939 Amer. dial.
LOBO WOLF n. a solitary person, a loner; an outcast …1907 Amer. dial.
OLD BACHELOR a confirmed bachelor; a solitary or reclusive rustic; a hermit  …1867 Amer. dial.
OLD BATCH a confirmed bachelor; a solitary or reclusive rustic; a hermit  …1899 Amer. dial.
V-8 a solitary woman who prefers her own company to that of others, esp. of men …1944 African-American sl.

LIKE A SHAG ON A ROCK denoting the isolation or unhappiness associated with solitude, on one’s own …1845 Aust. sl.

– solstice SUNSTAY 1577 obs. rare
– solstice SUN-STEAD c1000 obs.

QUICK-FIX of a solution: instant, if not wholly dependable …1970s sl.

QUICK FIX an expedient, temporary solution, esp. one that merely postpones having to cope with an overall problem …1965 colloq.
SALVE a solution of a difficulty; also, a sophistical excuse or evasion …a1628 obs.
SALVO a solution, explanation of a difficulty; an answer to an objection; an excuse or evasion …1659 obs.
SATISFACTION solution of a difficulty …a1547 obs.
SILVER BULLET a simple and seemingly magical solution to a complicated problem …chiefly N. Amer.

CHILL to effect a permanent solution, esp. in an emotionless manner …20C Amer. sl.

EXTRICABLE that may be solved or unravelled …1623 obs.
SALVABLE of a difficulty, doubt, etc.: that can be explained or cleared up; solvable …1661 obs.

HACK IT to solve a problem, to succeed …1950s sl.
NUT OUT to think out; to solve a problem, plan of action, etc. …Aust. sl.
PSYCH OUT to analyze or solve a problem …colloq.
PUT THE AXE IN THE HELVE to solve a doubt, to find out a puzzle …a1450
READ to explain, to solve …1800 Sc.
RIDDLE to explain, to solve, to understand …1870 Sc. & Eng. dial.
SHOOT TROUBLE to solve a problem; to repair, to mediate, to trouble-shoot …1980 sl., orig. US

– solvent; of sufficient means VAILABLE 1609 Sc. rare

– a Somali SAMMY 1990s US military sl., derogatory
– a Somali SKINNY 1990s US military sl., derogatory

– sombre, black, dark; of the colour of ebony EBON 1607 obs.
– sombre, dark EBONINE 1881
– sombre, dun-coloured DINNED 1807 Eng. dial.
– sombre, dun-coloured DINNY 1819 Eng. dial.
– sombre, melancholy MELANCHOLIOUS c1384 rare
– sombre, morose, depressing, gloomy, subdued, pessimistic DOWNBEAT 1952 sl., orig. US

– an allusion to ‘somebody’ QUIDAMITY 1892

– somebody; a certain person QUIDAM 1579 rare

– somehow, in one way, as opposed to another ONEHOW 1719 rare
– somehow, in some fashion MACKLY-WHAT Bk1905 Eng. dial.
– somehow, to some degree; in some fashion AMACKALLY;  AMACKLY 1790 Eng. dial.

BATSELBOOM a somersault …1968 Amer. dial.
BUGGY WHIP a cartwheel …1968 Amer. dial.
END-OVER-END a tumble, a somersault …1970 Amer. dial.
HAIRSPRING a childhood somersault – you jump forward, land on your hands, and turn over …1968 Amer. dial.
HANDBOW a somersault …1966 Amer. dial.
HAND LEAP a somersault …1966 Amer. dial.
HANDSAULT a handspring, a somersault …1969 Amer. dial.
HANDSPAN a handspring, a somersault …1969 Amer. dial.
HAND TURN a handspring; a somersault …1968 Amer. dial.
HEADY-CRAW a somersault …1899 Sc.
JACKKNIFE a handspring …1965 Amer. dial.
JACKKNIFE JUMP a handspring …1965 Amer. dial.
KEELY-OVER a somersault …1943 Amer. dial.
MONKEYSPRING a handspring, a somersault …1969 Amer. dial.
POPPINODDLES a boyish term for a somersault …1867 Eng. dial.
SPIN a head-over-heels movement, a somersault …1842
TECKTAIL a somersault …1877 Eng. dial.
TEETAIL a somersault …1877 Eng. dial.
TEGTAIL a somersault …1877 Eng. dial.
TICKTAIL a somersault …1877 Eng. dial.
TIPPLE-TAIL-OVER a somersault …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
WAGON WHEEL a cartwheel, handspring or somersault …1926 Amer. dial.

BEND THE CRAB to do a somersault …1968 Amer. dial.
DO A CATHARINE WHEEL to execute a series of lateral somersaults …c1840
KEEL A SOMERSET to turn a somersault …1910 Amer. dial.
KEEL OVER to turn a somersault …1910 Amer. dial.
TIPPLE to upset, to overturn; to turn a somersault …1866 Eng. dial.

– sometime SOME FINE DAY Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– sometime SOME FINE MORNING Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– sometime SOME SWEET DAY Bk1942 Amer. sl.

– sometimes UMSTOUND a1300 obs.
– sometimes; at times UMBEWHILE c1230 obs.
– sometimes; at times UMBWHILE 1393 obs.
– sometimes; at times UMQUHILE 1154 obs.
– sometimes; at times UMWHILE 1154 obs.
– sometimes; at times; after a short time UMBESTOUND c1205 obs.

– something NOTHING 2000 US sl.
– something SOMMAT 1978 UK sl.

– something ARYTHING 1938 Amer. dial.

LITTLE MITE, A somewhat, slightly …1913 Amer. dial.
MIDDLINGISH somewhat; moderately …1820 Eng. dial. & colloq.
RATHERISH somewhat, in a slight degree …1862 colloq.
RATHERLINGS rather; somewhat; for the most part …1862 Eng. dial.
SUNKET to some extent, somewhat …1686 obs.
TAIT; TATE somewhat …1722 Sc.
WEE THING, A somewhat; just a little …1894 Sc.

– somewhere, someplace ANYPLACE 1968 Amer. dial.

LADDED of a male child: born …1866 Eng. dial.

ABSALOM an undutiful son …Bk1922
AULD SON the oldest son …a1825 Sc.
BAIRN a child; a son or daughter …c1000
BATH BUN a son …1960 UK rhyming sl.
BEAU FITZ a fair son …Bk1933
BECHOR the eldest male child in a family …Bk1982 Jewish
BENJAMIN the youngest, and consequently, favourite, son of a family …1913
BIRD a young man, youngster, child, son …c1300 obs.
BUD a general nickname or term of address for a brother or eldest son, any boy or man, or a close friend …20C US sl.
BUDDIE;  BUDDY a nickname or term of address for a brother or eldest son …1858 Amer. dial.
CHELSEA BUN a sun …1998 UK rhyming sl.
CURRANT BUN a son …1962 rhyming sl.
DAD’S OWN BOY a son having his father’s peculiarities …Bk1888 Eng. dial.
DOOLA a son …1990s African-American sl.
CADET a younger son or brother …1610
HOT CROSS BUN a son …1931 UK rhyming sl.
LAD a familiar or affectionate name for a man; a husband, son, or boon companion; a fellow …1811 Sc. & Eng. dial.
LAD-BAIRN a male child, a young son …1776 Sc.
LADDIE-BAIRN a male child …1873 Sc.
LADDIE-WEAN a boy-child …1821 Sc.
LAD-WEAN a male child, a young son …1810 Sc.
LITTLE MAN a young male child …1468 jocular usage
MAB a son …B1800
MAN BAIRN a male child, a young son, a boy …1876 Sc.
MAN-CHILD a male child …a1400
MASTER the eldest son of a baron or viscount …1798 Sc.
MASTER the eldest son of a squire …Bk1905 Eng. dial.
MOTHER’S SON a son who is spoiled by his mother …1882 obs. rare
PAM-CHILD a ‘knave-child’: a male child …1760 nonce word obs.
SONNEKIN a little son …1542 obs.
YOUNG HOPEFUL a male child …Bk1922
YOUNG LAIRD the eldest son or heir of a ‘laird’ …1899 Sc.
YO-YO a male child too young to be sexually developed and therefore considered neuter …1960s homosexual sl.
ZIN a son …Bk1855 Eng. dial.
ZUN a son …Bk1982 Jewish 

GET ONE’S BAIT BACK to succeed in fathering a son …1927 US sl.

– BALLANT a ballad, a song …1814 Sc. & Eng. dial.
 ANTHEM in contemporary dance music and club culture of the 1980s, 1990s, and on: any song that fills the dance floor and gets clubbers singing along …2003 UK sl.
– BACCHANALIA a drinking song …1651 obs.
– BACCHIC a drinking song …1676 obs.
– BALLAD a song intended as the accompaniment to a dance; the tune to which the song is sung …c1500 obs.
– BALLAD a popular song; often one celebrating or scurrilously attacking persons or institutions …1556 obs.
– BALLET a song, a ballad …1866 Eng. & Amer. dial.
– BEAD-SONG a song of prayer …c1200 obs.
 BOB the refrain of a song; a chorus …1815 Eng. dial.
– CANTATA a song, chant …a1754 nonce use obs.
– CANTIC a song, a canticle …1483 obs.
– CANTICLE song; properly, a little song; a hymn …c1250
– CANTILENE an old song; silly prattle; idle tale, trick …1535 obs.
– CANTILENE a song, a melody …1635 obs.
– CANTION a song …1579 obs.
– CANTO a song, a ballad …1603 obs.
– CANTON a song …1594 obs.
– CANZON a song …1590 obs.
– CANZONET a little or short song; a short song of a light and airy character …1593
– CAROLET a little carol or song …1593 obs. rare
– CHART-BUSTER a very successful song or record …c1955 sl.
– CHART-TOPPER a very successful song or record …c1955 colloq.
– DEEDLE-DOODLE a meaningless song, or badly-played tune …B1900 Sc.  
 DOWN a refrain of a song …1611 obs.
– EAR-SPORTS entertainments of song or music …1870 Amer.
– EVERGREEN a perennial favourite, esp. a song …1940s Amer. sl.
– FALDERAL a meaningless refrain in songs …1701
– FAL DE ROL a meaningless refrain in songs …1701
– FLASH-SONG a song interlarded with cant words and phrases … Bk1893 sl.
– FOLDEROL a meaningless refrain in songs …1701
– FREAK a nonsensical novelty song …1948 US sl.
– GALE singing, a song; merriment; mirth …c1200 obs.
– GOLDEN OLDIE a song from the past that is still popular, esp. a rock and roll song from the 1950s or 1960s …1966 US sl.
– LEOTH a song …c1050 obs.
– LILLYLOO a lullaby; a refrain, a song …1818 Sc.
– MADRIGAL a song; a ditty …1589
– MOAN a mournful song, esp. a blues song …1926 Amer. dial.
– NUMBER a song …Aust. sl.
– OATER a cowboy film, story, or song …1946 US sl.
– OLDIE in the entertainment industry: an old and familiar popular song, motion picture, etc. …1939 US sl.
– OLDIE BUT GOODIE an old song that is still popular or is being revived …1957 US sl.
– OLDY any old thing or person; an old joke, story, song, or movie; an old man …20C US sl.
– RANT a lively, noisy, or irregular tune or song …1725 chiefly Sc.
– ROCKER a popular song with a strong beat; a rock song …M20
– SIDE a recorded song or tune (early gramophone records held one recording on each side) …1936 US sl.
– SING a song …1867 Amer. dial. Black usage
– TAG the refrain or catch of a song or poem …1793
– THREN;  THRENE a song or story …1720 Sc.
– TOL-DE-ROL a combination of syllables used as the refrain of a song …1765
– YED a song, a poem, a speech, a tale, a riddle …c1205 obs.
– YEDDING a song; a speech, a discourse; romance in verse …c950 obs.
– ASMATOGRAPHER a composer of songs …1656 obs.
– CHUNESMITH a songwriter …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– DOT MAKER a songwriter …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– INK SLINGER a songwriter …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– TIN-EAR LAD OF TIN-PAN ALLEY a songwriter …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– TUNESMITH a songwriter …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– TUNE TURNER-OUTER a songwriter …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– WORDS-AND-MUSIC BOY a songwriter …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
– RAISE to begin or lead a song …1847 Amer. dial.

– a songster CANARY 1862

– a son-in-law MACH Bk1845 Sc.
– a son-in-law MEW 1641 Sc. obs.
– a son-in-law ODAM c1000 obs.
– a son-in-law ZINNILA;  ZINNYLA Bk1855 Eng. dial.

SOON AS DAMMIT exceedingly quick, or almost immediate, soon …1908 UK
TITE quickly, soon …a1225 obs. exc. Eng. dial.

BAMBY presently, soon; by-and-by …1790 Eng. dial.
BEANTOTE soon (French bientôt) …Bk1942 Amer. sl.
BELIE speedily; soon …Bk1911 Sc.
BELIVE soon, by-and-by …1616 obs. exc. Sc.
BETIMES in good time, in due time; while there is yet time, before it is too late …c1380
BETIMES in a short time, soon, speedily, anon, forthwith …c1400
BIMEBY presently, soon, before long …1722 Amer. dial.
ENOW shortly, very soon, in a moment, presently, by and by …1790 Sc. & Eng. dial.
ESTITE as soon, rather …1847 Sc. & N. Eng. dial.
HASTILY soon, without delay, shortly, suddenly …1549 obs.
HASTY hastily; quickly, rapidly, soon …c1450 adv.
IN A TWITTER soon, quickly …Bk1902 Eng. dial.
RAD quickly, readily, soon …c1250 obs.
RADLY quickly, promptly, without delay, soon …c888 obs.
RATHE denoting rapidity in the performance or completion of an action; quickly, rapidly, swiftly, esp. without delay, promptly, soon …c825 obs.
SUDDENLY at an early date, early; soon, speedily; shortly (after) …c1500 obs.
TIT quickly, soon …a1225 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
TITELY;  TITLY quickly, speedily, smartly; soon …a1225 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
UNGHERE soon, quickly …c1250 obs.
YERNE quickly, without delay, immediately, directly, soon …c1320 obs.

ASAP as soon as possible …1955 US, orig. military

– sooner SANDER a1450 obs.
– sooner SONDER a1450 obs.
– sooner, more quickly; earlier TITTER a1300 obs. exc. N. Eng. dial.
– sooner, more readily, more willingly, rather TITTER a1300 obs. exc. N. Eng. dial.
– sooner, rather VENNY 1876 Eng. dial. obs.

– sooner or later RATHER OR LATER c1475 obs.

– soonest, quickest, most convenient EFTEST Bk1900 Eng. dial.
– soonest RATHEREST a1425 obs. rare
– soonest, quickest, most preferable; most eager RATHEST c888 obs.

– soonest, most readily RATHEST c888 obs.

– sooty, black BLATCH Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– sooty, black IMEY Bk1902 Sc.
– sooty, dirty BLATCHY 1790 Eng. dial.

– soot; a thin scum or coating deposited on a surface IME 1892 Sc.
– soot, dirt, smut BLATCH 1825 Eng. dial.

– BALMY deliciously soft and soothing …1604
– BALSAMIC soothing, healing, gently restorative …1667
– COMPLACENTIOUS complaisant, obsequious, soothing, and thereby, pleasing …1656 obs.
– DELENIFICAL soothing, pacifying, mitigating; making gentle; assuaging pain …1656 obs. rare
 DULCET pleasing or agreeable to the eye, ear, or feelings; soothing, gentle; mellifluous; later, used chiefly of sounds …1445
 EASEFUL that gives ease, comfort, or relief; comfortable, soothing; quiet, peaceful, restful …1375
– LEVATIVE tending to alleviate or soothe; soothing …1657 obs.
– QUEELIE cooling; soothing …1928 Sc
– QUIETANT anything that makes quiet or soothes …1875
 DULCELY in a sweet or pleasing way; soothingly …1508 obs.
 BALMEDEST BALM the ultimate in soothing …L19 sl.
– BESOOTHMENT the act of soothing; its means or resulting state …Bk1888 rare
– ACCOY to still, to calm, to quiet, to appease; hence, to soothe or coax (the alarmed or shy), to tame, to silence, to daunt (the forward or bold) …c1350 obs.
 ACQUIET to set at rest, to quiet, to pacify. to calm, to soothe …a1535 obs.
– ADDULCE to make sweet; to render pleasant or palatable; to soothe or mollify a person …1475 obs.
– BALM to soothe, to alleviate pain, sorrow, etc. …a1400 arch.
– BECALM to assuage, to mitigate, to soothe, to tranquillize …1613
– BEET to soothe; to mitigate …Bk1911 Sc.
– BEMULCE to soothe or soften …1531
– DAVE to assuage, to mitigate, to relieve; to soothe …1781 Eng. dial.
– DEMULCE to soothe, mollify, pacify, appease …1530 obs.
– DEMULCEATE to soothe or mollify a person …1837 nonce word obs.
– DILL to soothe; to allay, to assuage, to deaden or take away pain; to still, to deaden sound; to lull a child to sleep; to render insensible by an anaesthetic …1775 Sc. & Eng. dial.
 DULCERATE to sweeten; to soften, to soothe, to ease …1586 rare
 DULCORATE to sweeten; to soften, to soothe, to ease …a1425 obs.
– FAGE to coax, to flatter; to toady; to beguile, to soothe …c1340 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– LENIATE to render mild or soft; to soften, to soothe, to make calm …1622 obs.
– MEASE to soothe, to mitigate, to calm …1678 Sc.
– MULCIFY to allay, to soothe …1653 obs.
– PEACIFY to make calm, to pacify; to soothe, quiet, or subdue …1886 rare
– SALVE to soothe, to mitigate, to assuage …1577 obs.
– SHOOT THE SALVE to talk in a conciliatory, soothing manner …M19 US sl.
– SPREAD THE SALVE to talk in a conciliatory, soothing manner …M19 US sl.
– TRANQUILLITATE to render tranquil, to calm, to soothe, to mitigate, to alleviate …1657 obs. rare

FATILOQUENT declaring fate, prophetic, soothsaying …1656

FATILOQUY soothsaying, declaring fate …1623 obs.
HARIOLATION a foretelling or soothsaying …1656 obs.

HARUSPEX a soothsayer who performed divination by inspection of the entrails of victims …1584
HARUSPICE a soothsayer who performed divination by inspection of the entrails of victims …1828
PYTHONER a conjuror, a sorcerer; a soothsayer …c1475 obs. rare
PYTHONESS a woman believed to be possessed by a spirit and to be able to foresee the future; a female soothsayer; a witch …a1393
PYTHONIST a person who claims to be possessed by, and to speak the words of a spirit; a soothsayer; a fortune-teller; a conjuror …1584 rare
WITTER-WIFE a female soothsayer or fortune-teller …1891 Sc.

HALSE to augur; to divine; to soothsay …c1050 obs.
HARIOLATE to soothsay; also (17C), to practice ventriloquism …1656 obs.
HARIOLIZE to soothsay …1592 obs.