Reverse Dictionary: Z

EZOD the letter Z …1597 obs.
IZZARD an old name for the letter Z …1597
ZAD the letter ‘Z’ …1669 obs. exc. Eng. dial.

ZAIREAN a native or inhabitant of the Republic of Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo …1972
ZAIRESE a native or inhabitant of the Republic of Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo …1975
ZAIROIS a native or inhabitant of the Republic of Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo …1975

– ARDURE heat of passion or desire, vehemence, ardent desire; warmth of emotion, zeal, fervour, eagerness, enthusiasm …1386 obs.
– CACO-ZEAL perverted or misdirected zeal …1608 obs.
– CALENTURE burning passion, ardour, zeal, heat, glow …1596
– ELAN ardour; zeal; enthusiasm; impetuousness, vivacity …1880 
– JEALOUSTE jealousy; zeal …1382 obs.
– JEALOUSY zeal or vehemence of feeling in favour of a person or thing; devotion, eagerness, anxiety to serve …1436 obs.

– AFFECTIONED eager, ambitious; zealous …1534 obs.
– AFFECTIVE earnest, zealous …1549 obs. rare
– EARNESTFUL earnest; sincerely zealous; intense, ardent …1430 obs.
– FULL-HEARTED zealous, confident, courageous
– GUNG-HO very zealous; totally committed; dedicated; spirited; enthusiastic; wholeheartedly fervid about doing something…1942 US sl., orig. US Marine Corps usage
– JEALOUS devoted, eager, zealous, zealously enthusiastic …1535 obs.
– SERAPHIC ardent, zealous; burning or inflamed with love or zeal; ecstatically adoring …1659  
– AFFECTIONATELY with strong inclination; eagerly, zealously, earnestly …1588 obs.
– FAST earnestly, steadily, diligently, zealously …c1200 obs.
– JEALOUSLY zealously, eagerly …1388 obs.
– NEEDLY zealously, carefully; earnestly …c900 obs.
– YERNE eagerly, earnestly, diligently, zealously, heartily …a1200 obs.
– YERNLY eagerly, earnestly, diligently, zealously, heartily …c725 obs.
– ABDELI a hypocrite, a canting preacher; a fastidious or false zealot …Bk1892 Anglo-Indian sl.
– BEGGAR one who is over-keen or zealous …Bk1988 Aust. sl.
– BONNIE FIGHTER – an intrepid fighter, often applied to a zealot, a disputatious person …1886 Sc.
– CACOZEALOT a wicked zealot; one who suffers from perverted or misdirected zeal …1659
– EAGER BEAVER a person who is very eager to obtain something; a person who is always on time or always early; someone who volunteers for everything; an enthusiast; a zealous person eager for work …1943 sl., orig. US
– ZEAL a zealous person; a zealot …1631 obs.
– ZEALANT a zealot ..1624 obs.
– ZEALATOR a person who zealously promotes or furthers a cause, belief, etc.; a zealous defender or supporter of something …a1464 obs.
– ZEALER a person who shows zeal; esp., in later use, one who ardently praises, supports or promotes something …a1450 obs.
– ZEALIST a zealot …1614 obs.
– ZEALOT one who is zealous or full of zeal; one who pursues his object with passionate ardour; usually in a disparaging sense, one who is carried away by excess of zeal; an immoderate partisan; a fanatical enthusiast …1596-1600
– ZEALOTIST a zealot …1593 rare or hist.
– ZELANT a zealot or enthusiast …1625 obs. rare
– ZELATOR a zealous defender or supporter; one who zealously furthers the cause of …1460 rare
– ZELATRICE a female zealator …1874
– ZELATRIX a female zealator …1865

CONVICT a zebra …1940s Amer. circus sl.
PAINTED PONY a zebra …1981 US circus & carnival usage

DOODLEY-SQUAT nothing, zero …1930s sl.
DOODLY-SQUAT nothing, zero …1930s sl.
DOUBLE NUTS double zero …1984 US sl.
HORSE-COLLAR a zero, esp. in sport …1900s US sl.
NERO zero …Bk1913-17 Amer. dial.
OXO zero, nothing …L19 sl.
ZOT zero; nothing …1965 US sl.

BESOM energy; zest …1969 Amer. dial.
BIFF zest; liveliness; zip …1918 US sl.
GUSTO exuberant enjoyment, zest
MUSTARD zest or enthusiasm …sl., chiefly US
OCTANE verve, zest …1994 Amer. sl.
ZOOM zest, vivacity, enthusiasm …1960s sl.

– zigzag IZZARD 1886 Sc.
– zigzag, moving crosswise, erratic ACROSTIC 1602
– zigzag; very crooked CRINKLETY-CRANKLETY 19C Eng. dial.
– zigzag, winding QUAVE 1818 Sc. obs.
– zigzag, winding, irregular RABBLING Bk19C Eng. dial.
– zigzag, in a meandering, crooked manner CRINGLE-CRANGLE 1781 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– zigzag, twisted, askew, awry ATWINE Bk1898 Eng. dial.
– zigzag, twisting in and out CRINKLETY-CRANKLETY 19C Eng. dial.
– a zigzag; a mass of twistings and turns CRINGLE-CRANGLE 1606 obs. exc. Eng. dial.
– a zig-zag motion DIPSY-DOODLE 1989 US sl.
– zigzags INS AND OOTS Bk1902 Eng. dial.
– to go in a zigzag manner or from side to side QUAVE 1825 Sc. obs.
– to go zigzag up or down a hill QUAVE A BRAE Bk1905 Sc.
– to stagger in a zigzag course; to walk unsteadily, as a drunkard MAKE A VIRGINIA FENCE 1737 Amer. rare
– to take a zigzag course, as a drunken man does in trying to walk DARN THE STREETS 1790 Eng. dial.
– to walk in a zigzag fashion MAKE Ms AND Ws 19C Brit. sl.

– a sign of the zodiac TOKEN c1000 obs. rare
– a sign of the zodiac TOKENING c1400 obs.
– the Zodiac SIGNIFER c1374 obs.

– a person born under the sign of Cancer, June 21-July 21 MOON CHILD 1971 
– a person born under the sign of Gemini GEMINI 1894
– a person born under the sign of Gemini GEMINIAN 1911
– a person born under the sign of Scorpio SCORPIONIST 1676 obs. rare
– a Virgo POSY-WOMAN 1982 Amer. dial.

– zoology ZO 1960s US students’ sl.