Word of the Day: REJECTANEOUS

from Latin rēiectānea (things which, while not absolutely bad, fall beneath the level of indifference),
from rejicĕre (to reject) + -āneus + -ous 

“…Let them looke carefully about them, and let them be assured of this, that God will haue his glory upon them either in their conversion, if they belong to the number of his chosen servants, or in their confusion, if they be rejectaneous and castawaies.…”

From: Romphaiopheros = the Sword-Bearer.
Or, The Byshop of Chichester’s armes emblazoned in a sermon preached at a synod by T.V. B. of D. sometimes fellow of Queenes Colledge in Oxford,
and now pastor of the church at Cockfield in Southsex.
by Thomas Vicars, 1627

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