Word of the Day: RUGGY-DUGGY

from ruggy (Sc. – rough, hard, difficult) + duggy (Sc. – ? diminutive of dog)

“…Noo loudly swell’d, wi’ cheery soun’
Ye banks an’ braes o’ bonnie Doon,
When Watty, daiz’d, said, lookin’ roun’,
We’re a’ as fou as puggies!
Syne Jamie Gould, an Embro’ chiel’,
Grew fidgin’ fain at ilka heel –
Up wi’ a a dance! – a reel! – A reel!
A reel, ye ruggy-duggies!

From: The Merry Bridal O’ Firthmains
And Other Poems and Songs
By James Smith, 1866

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