Word of the Day: LABEFACTATE

from Latin labefactat-, past participial stem of labefactāre (to make unsteady, to loosen, to undermine)
frequently of labefacere  (to weaken, to impair)

“…The judgement seates of Bishops are meerely externall to the Church which they governe: But, Presbyteries and Synods are Courts internall, for the onely members whereof they consist, are the Comissioners of the Churches which they govern; these Churches they represent, the minde and desire of these Churches they doe propose, unto these Churches they give account of all their administration, they confirme and establish the rights of Congregations, they doe not abolish nor labefactate any of them…”

From: A dissuasive from the errours of the time wherein the tenets of the principall sects, especially of the Independents, are drawn together in one map, for the most part in the words of their own authours, and their maine principles are examined by the touch-stone of the Holy Scriptures
– Robert Baillie, 1645

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