Word of the Day: ORTHOGRAPHIZE

– from orthography + –ize;
from Old French ortografie, later ortographie, modern French orthographie, from Latin orthographia,
from Greek ὀρθογραϕία, noun from ὀρθογράϕ-ος (writing correctly, a correct writer, orthographer), 
from ὀρθό-ς + -γράϕος (that writes, writer) + ize

“…whiles thou mak’st a tennis-court of their faces, by brick-walling thy clay-balls crosse up and downe their cheekes; whereas, if thou wert right orthographizd in the doctors elocution, thou wouldst say, in stead of, I pray, Sir, winke I must wash you, Sir, by your favour I must require your connivence…”

From: Haue with you to Saffron-Walden; or, Gabriell Harueys hunt is vp 
Thomas Nashe, 1596

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