Word of the Day: YOX

– obsolete or dialect form of YEX – Old English ᵹeocsianᵹiscian
corresponding to Old High German geskôngesgizôn ‘oscitare’: of imitative origin

EXAMPLE (for n. 1.)
“…There throngs a Cutpurse, with his working toole,
And there’s gallant Coxcombe, there’s Fooles
There’s foure or fiue together by the eares,
And tumble in the Dirt like Dogs and Beares.
One staggering there hath got the drunken yox,
And there one swaggering’s fast within the Stocks
Thus with these Gadeymaufry humours still

From: Goose,
Goose Faire at Stratford Bow, the Thursday after Whitsuntide
John Taylor, 1621

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