Word of the Day: CONFARREATION

– from Latin confarreātiōnem, a noun of action from confarreāre (to unite in marriage by the offering of bread), 
from con- + farreus (of spelt, corn, or grain), farreum (a spelt-cake),
from farfarr-is (grain, spelt)

“…And if fell out that, that iust number coulde not bee founde, the vse of confarreation, or marriage with a cake of Wheate, either not vsed, or only of a few: whereof he alleaged many reasons, though the chiefest was, the carelesnes of men and women…”

From: The Annales of Cornelius Tacitus. The Description of Germanie.
(Translation Richard Grenewey)
Cornelius Tacitus, 1598

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