Word of the Day: PETULCOUS

from Latin petulcus (inclined to butt, butting, wanton, frisky);
(from petĕre – to aim at, assail + -ulcus (suffix forming adjectives) + -ous

“…But what does the Pape or Christian Pastour do in this case When the tumult is once raised and a disorder begun in any part of his flock by som proud turbulent spirit amongst them, the Pape first whistles him and his fellow petulcous rams into order by charitable admonition which still encreases lowder by degrees…”

From: Fiat Lux:
Or, A general Conduct to a right understanding and charity in the great Combustions and Broils about Religion here in England, Betwixt Papist and Protestant, Presbyterian and Independent
By John Baptist Vincent Canes

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