Word of the Day: MAMMOTHREPT

from  Latin mammothreptus, from Greek µαµµόθρεπτος (brought up by one’s grandmother),
from µάµµη (grandmother) + θρεπτός (vbl. adj.), from τρέϕειν (to bring up)

“…Amor. Nay play it I pray you, you do well, you do well: how like you it Sir?
Hed. Very well in troath.
Amor. But very well? O you are a meere Mammothrept in iudgement then; why do you not obserue how excellently the Ditty is affected in euery place? that I do not marry a word of short quantity, to a long Note, nor an zscending Sillable to a discending Tone

From: The Fountaine of Selfe-Loue;
or, Cynthias Reuels
By Benjamin Jonson, 1601

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