Word of the Day: SURQUIDANT

from Old French surcuidant (present participle of surcuidier
from popular Latin supercōgitāre ,
from super- (super- prefix) + cōgitāre (to think, to cogitate)

“…and yet they were but febly enformed in maister Porphiris problemes, and haue waded but weakly in his thre maner of clerkly workes, analeticall, topicall, and logycall: howbeit they were puffed so full of vaynglorious pompe and surcudant elacyon, that popholy and peuysshe presumpcion proyoked them to publysshe and to preche to people imprudet perilously…”

From: Honorificatissimo: Replycacion agaynst Yong Scolers
By John Skelton, 1528

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