Word of the Day: DRUMBLE

n. 1.: ? variant of dumbledummel (Eng. dial., a stupid, slow person)

n. 2.: a variant or alteration of dimble (a deep, shady dell, a dingle)

vb. 4.: apparently a nasalized form of drubble (to trouble, disturb), parallel to drumblydrumly (adj.) from drubly; but possibly a back-formation from the adj.

vb. 5.: blend of drum and rumble

“…Yea but what am I, a Scholer, or a scholemaister, or els some youth.
A Lawier, a studient or els a countrie cloune
A Brumman, a Baskit maker, or a Baker of Pies,
A flesh or a Fishmonger, or a sower of lies:
A Louse or a louser, a Leeke or a Larke:
A  Dreamer, a Drommell, a fire or a sparke:
A Caitife, a Cutthrote, a creper in corners,
A herbraine, a hangman, or a grafter of horners

(Note: drommell is the earliest variant of drumble)

From: A New Tragicall Comedie of Apius and Virginia
By R.B., 1575

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