Word of the Day: PAPELARD

from French papelard, papelart
as per OED: further etymology uncertain and disputed

“…Þe zeuende boȝ of prede ys fol drede and fole ssame huane me let wel to done uor þe wordle þet me ne by yhyealde ypocrite ne papelard huer me dret more þe wordle: þanne god…”

(The seventh bough of pride is foolish dread and foolish shame, when one ceases to do well because of the world, that one be not held a hypocrite or a canter, where one dreads the world more than God)

From: Dan Michel’s Ayenbite of Inwyt : or, Remorse of Conscience, 1340
Translation from: The Ayenbite of Inwyt, A Translation of Parts into Modern English
By A.J. Wyatt

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